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Nin Daemon ~ Scrapper
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-Kombo King

 Age: 19  Height: 6'0"  Weight: 233 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Miami, FL  Main Weapon: Pair of shoes that allow the wearer to walk on any surface and because of the effect the user of the shoes will always remain upright. Also, a pair of glasses that slow down the users perception of time and can zoom in and zoom out. Lastly a pair of silver and CB batons that can fire compressed air, there is a cooldown time of five seconds on each shot as the batons store air through movement.
 Accent: Neutral
 "Fight till the last breath! That is my creed!"


Audrey: Kasey tugged on her leash, and Audrey held her guide dog in a firm grip to keep from losing balance. Audrey yawned, but felt too bashful to call out to other possible campers. From her experiance in camp, Audrey made her way towards the dining pavillion, and planned to stop by either the training arena or the lake hoping to run into someone she knew.

Nin: Nin was making his way back from training and on his way to grab a bite to eat thinking about how everyone in his small circle of friends are doing especially with what happened with Xanxus, then Harmond and Vifera being on a quest made the circle smaller. He is close to it when he sees a familiar figure holding a dog and feels happy.

Audrey: Audrey finally arrived at the dining pavillion and a couple of campers– she couldn't indentify them by their faces, though she did make out a couple of ponytails– brushed past her. Audrey felt around a bowl of fruit, grossing out a boy across from her reaching for a bunch of grapes. Kasey snatched a bbq rib off the table and Audrey found an apple to bite into as she looked around for somewhere to sit and eat her snack.

Nin: Nin came up and lifted his hand a sandwich suddenly between his fingers and he bites into it before sitting down in front of Audrey. "Hey there. How you doing?" he says between bites smiling slightly still happy to see her again.

Audrey: Audrey wiped a dribble of apple juice running down her chin as Kasey grinded her teeth against the bone of the rib messily. Hearing someone sit next to her on the breezy grass, Audrey tensed, searching for the the direction of a next noise. Instead a familiar voice spoke and Audrey felt her muscles relax and a surge of warmth run through her. "Nin! Is that you?" Audrey looked around for a silloutte, and accidentally reached out and threw her arms around Kasey, rather than her old friend. "You've certainly gotten... furrier."

Nin: Nin looks on with a smile and shakes his head "I didn't realize I had either though maybe that is because I am not on four legs or a dog for that matter." He taps her shoulder to give her a sense of the direction he is in and relaxes his body preparing for an exuberant hug.

Audrey: Audrey smiled, concealing her inevitiable blush. "That's makes more sense, I guess." Audrey twisted in the other direction, towards Nin that time, and pulls him into another sweet hug. Audrey wasn't normally so touchy-feely, infact this was the first time in quite a bit she wasn't so on edge, but that was to be expected when she was around a familar face. Or voice. Pulling away, Audrey remarked, "I haven't seen you recently. Been a few weeks, hm?" She paused, petting Kasey on her head and Kasey nuzzled up to her. "Too bad, I suppose. One could say I missed you, even," Audrey said platonically with a chuckle. "I mean, who else could be there to lead me around the dark forest?"

Nin: Nin gives a small smile "It has been more than a while since the last time we met. How have you been since that time and what are you planning to do with the rest of your day." He waves his uneaten half of sandwich at Audrey's dog hoping to pet the animal because it is the only animal not wary of his presence; a memory of a squirrel attack with Vifera surfaces in his head and he pushes it back to the corner of memories best forgotten.

Audrey: Kasey's nose jumped up at the sight of the sandwhich, leaping over to Nin and snapping at his sandwich eagerly. Audrey flinched as Kasey stepped on her leg, instinctively curling it into her chest and rolling back. Realizing it was just her trusty guide dog, Audrey righted herself and answered Nin's question. "Still quite jumpy, as you can see, and I've made myself busy by embarrassingly clutching people's arms at sudden sounds." Audrey said "embarrasingly" with distain, clearly delving into unpleasent memories. "Honestly," Audrey replied to Nin's second question, "I was kind of waiting to find someone– like you– to cling to for a little while. It's been a slow week for me."

Nin: Nin finally gets the attention of the dog and upon getting her attention has no idea what to do so he awkwardly rests his hand on her head while feeding her the sandwich his hand unmoving. "Well i would be happy to help you but Audrey have you ever considered getting powerful enough to stand on your own? Not as if I wouldn't like you to hold onto me...because it would be nice to be a-a rock for someone. Not that I asking to be yours but I" Nin traps himself in words and stops talking and forms a sentence. "Audrey would you like me to train you. Our eyesight is similar and if you let me. I could teach you. How to see." He dramatically puts his hand up in a sweeping motion across the sky but his other remains motionless on the dogs head.

Audrey: Kasey chomps on the sandwich as Audrey dips her head so she would be looking down. "I don't like to be called weak just 'cause I'm... I'm blind. It's hard to depend on people– to trust them. Like I... like I trust you." Audrey runs her hand through her cinnamon curls. "And if you can teach me how to see.... well, I wont just trust you," Audrey laughs, "I'll marry you."

Nin: Nin wonders if she is joking or not but pushes that thought to the back of his mind as he stretches his hand out to Audrey, his pinky extended. "Pinky promise on it. My dad only ever made serious promises on a pinky promise. It's an old habit but I swear by it like he does."

Audrey: Audrey fumbled around but managed to grasp Nin's pinky with her own, shaking it with a half smile. "If you say so," She said, trying not get her hopes up too much. Which was hard, considering they were already past the moon. She would see for the first time. Soon. Today. Kasey curled up at Audrey feet and Audrey felt her eyes sting. No, She chided herself, Nin hasn't kept his promise yet.

Nin: "When we first met I realized your eyesight was similar to mine. You are not blind and can in fact see better than others if only because of our special eyesight. However to do so, you first have to learn how not to see. I was born with my eyes black and an inability to see anything but dark figures as a child. Then in military academy I was put in solitary confinement. In the whole it is hard to see so I kept my eyes clothes for days feeling everything with my senses such as hearing, and taste, and touch." He pauses thinking about back then and how his father almost gave him a cane "When I got out. The sun was too bright for some reason. I used my powers for the first time to make sunglasses. A couple days passed like that till I snuck out my cabin in the dead of night. I opened my eyes and I could see colors I could see the world but that morning I loss that ability and everything was black and white. I mean dark black and stark white. Everything was a black figure but it was defined by that stark white and that is how in day time black figures outlined by blinding white light." He pauses again but this time he holds his hands together and in it he creates a pair of sunglasses that would fit Audrey perfectly. "It won't be easy and I am not going to put you in a holding cell with shadow shades on. However, we can train day in and day out till your body doesn't need your eyes and then when that happens...your sight will adjust."

Audrey: She gnawed on her lip as Nin spoke, hanging on his everyword. When he finished and handed her the glasses, and felt around and picked them up, indentifying them and asking, "So, if I wear these things– however you got them– I will be able to see again?" Her eyes welled and Audrey blinked a couple of times to force them back. This was a big thought for her. "I'll be able to see what you look like, Nin. I'll... I'll be able to see what look like." Audrey wrapped him into another embrace repeatedly 'thank you'-ing him.

Nin: Nin hugs her back "Audrey remember in day time I only see objects and figures outlined by white. I see everything like normal people do at night but...we never know if our eyes are completely the same. The is a fifty fifty chance of this working so please bear with me. If it works it could take weeks or months you and I are different. I prey it does." He keeps holding her but a thought dawns on him What will I do if it does not. Could shoulder her pain. Could I shoulder my own. he waves those thoughts from his mind "We need to get your body to rely on your other senses though. Are you any good in a fight?"

Audrey: After a hard swallow, Audrey no longer felt the pressing urge to start joy-crying, and she pulls away from Nin, answering his question. "Not great. Kasey's a big help and my best tactic is to just escape for a threat, if only temporarily." I don't know how I survived, but I did, even without my sight. Soon, I'll do better than survive... I'll fight fairly. Audrey's heart swelled at the fantasy. Still, she was hesitant. Audrey was jumpy and scared and had too much mercy for her own good. Plus, how could she endanger her faithful friend and pet?

Nin: Nin sees the conflict on her face and pats her hand reassuringly not good with emotions really so he is at a loss as to what to say. "Um hey don't worry about it. We will try the glasses and if you would like to know more about fighting then I will teach you. For now tell me about how you are liking camp." He lays back in the grass with his hands behind his head listening to her.

Audrey: Audrey sighs but a small smile creeps on her face. "Alright, that sounds fair." Audrey leans on Kasey, who was busy grooming her paw. "Camps been great, honestly, and I enjoy walking here, as I did the park my home. I still miss home. It has a certain smell, if you know what I mean. My house, the people. But so does Camp Half blood, I guess. What about you?"

Nin: "It's fine. I have met strange people here but made friends who I consider family. I even have family here." he has no idea how to continue due to his lack of social skills and he changes the subject. "Speaking of camp. Have you heard from James?"

Audrey: Audrey shrugged. "I've heard he's got some daughter of Hypnos in love with him, but we haven't really spoken." Audrey put the glasses on. "Uh, so what do I do with these now? Will these help me see? Or just fight?" Audrey was antsy to get Nin's plan moving.

Nin: Nin reassured her it would take time maybe a months maybe weeks but time "They will help you see and if you want to, I will help you fight." he sits up and stretches hoping she says yes to training.

Audrey: "That's fantastic!" Audrey said exstatically. "Nin... this is big...." Audrey said, almost to herself rather than her friend. "And sure, I would love if you could mentor me in fighting. I mean... If that isn't too much to ask. You already did quite a bit for me." Kasey sniffs at her leash before taking it in her mouth and nudging it at Audrey's hand. "Looks like Kasey's ready to get moving, too," Audrey said with a small chuckle.

Nin: "It's no problem. I am helping out a friend and at the same time doing what I love which is combat. We could walk her to the training field there is a park near the field." he is happy that she is happy and for some reason can't wipe the smile off of his face.

Audrey: "That sounds lovely, Nin, let's go now." Audrey grabs Kasey's leash stands up, and reaching out to link her arm in Nin's. 

They walk all the way down to the training field arm in arm talking about whatever pops into their minds as if they have known each other for years enjoying the company of one another while Nin and Audrey continue to the arena ready to begin training.

Nin: "You sure you want the dog in the arena?" he ask looking at the animal who he has come to like "I don't know if she will react well to training especially if you sound like you're in pain."

Audrey: "Well of course I want– oh, that's a good point." She paused, a slightly troubled expression on her otherwise smiling face. "Why would I be in pain...?" Reaching out for Kasey, Audrey pet her head and clipped her leash off, transforming it into a weapon. "Kasey would most likely be there when I'm attacked, but as this is only my first, uh, lesson, perhaps my trusty gal should sit this one out." If you don't mind be cling to everything for life and screaming my throat hoarse.

Nin: Nin gets flustered "No. I mean like if you fall or grunt or something like that. You know the dog will think you're hurt and." Nin falls quiet starts stretching trying to regain his cool while berating himself over losing it. "Hey what kind of weapon is that. I heard the shift but I didn't look over." he continues stretching.

Audrey:And what? Audrey wonders. The explaination never coame... nor any other verbal cues that Nin was still in front of her. She was about to reach out before he spoke again. Audrey let out a breath and distractedly answer his question. "A spiked whip. Celestial Bronze of course," She said with a try at a smile, if nothing but for Nin's sake. Now, Audrey had never seen a smile, but she imaged that Nin had a way to recieve to her– even feigned– emotions. 

Nin: Nin turns sharply when she says that and analyzes the whip giving it a less critical eye when she smiled back at him. "Whips aren't my thing. I only know how to dodge them and few basic attacks but hand to hand, how to feel the opponents movement, I shall teach you that with finesse." He finishes stretches and turn towards Audrey "What is your preferred way of warming up? Ini liked jogging instead of stretching, so we can jog if that suits you."

Audrey: Fearing she was starting to rendeour unteachable due to her weapon, Audrey set the whip on the ground and gave it a slight kick with her foot, before turning to where she thought Nin was and saying, "I'm not a huge fan a jogging– or rather the art of running into things– but, uh, stretching could work." Audrey had no clue was stretching looked like or felt like since her gym teachers basically gave up on her at least in that respect. The beginner-in-every-way suggested, "Uh, maybe you could just move my climbs into the right position or something and I promise I'll listen to your instructions." Audrey held out her arms stiffly after shooing Kasey where off into the sidelines.

Nin: Nin nods thinking this is a good idea and remembers when he did this for Ini since his little cousin didn't like stretching. He moves behind Audrey and guides her arm across her body "Each stretch should be held for ten to fifteen seconds so blood flows to that area and warms it up." he brings up her left arm so that her left arm will hold her right in place. Then his brain screams at him for being so close to a girl and he takes a step back "Um, yea then you'll want to switch arms after that." he gives a small cough and stares up at the sky.

Audrey: Audrey smiles and lets out a small laugh. "You're going to give me muscles in no time, eh?" She let Nin guide her arms and when he tells her to switch she makes a determained face and does her best to use the brief muscle memory to do so, holding it for another length of time before she muttered "10" under her breath and let it go with an exhale. "What'd you say, Nin, am I a natural?" Audrey smiled but inside herself she chided herself for having what seemed to be so much fun before she even started the hard part.

Nin: Nin smiles back happy just because she is moves on to the next stretch "Hmm muscles come more from training but a natural at stretching. It is like you were born doing this. Now since you're a beginner I will show the easiest stretches for upper body and lower body then we will train." He moves behind her again this ,time ignoring the fact he is close to a girl, and guides her arm behind her back so her fingertips touch her shoulders and her elbow is bent. "Then after ten you will want to repeat that with the other arm.

Audrey: Audrey grins and breathes a small laugh at his compliment, keeping her arms loose while he readjusts her. Something in the way he guided her arms showed hesitance, and it crossed her mind that it was a little unconventional for someone to be touching her and rearranging her like Nin was. With a small grunt as her shoulder blades started to tingle as she mentally counted to around 7, Audrey held out and did the same thing with the other arms, feeling certainly limber afterwards. "When we finish stretching," Audrey said, ignoring the fact the used "we", "What will you teach me first?" She tried to ground herself and remember that Nin was not a professional trainer, but just a helpful friend who could give a lesson or two.

Nin: "Well you stance. Which is the most important thing in a fight because your stance is the only thing you can rely or fall back to when being overwhelmed." He moves away from again "These next to you can do on your own but just touch your toes while standing then sit and touch your toes again. Then a thought occurs to him and he realizes he will have to adjust the block pattern in order to suit her "Hey Audrey who is your god parent?" he knows that if her innate powers can't help he will have to get her a shield.

Audrey: As Nin spoke she did the stretches he told her to do. "Hebe's my mother." Her muscles seemed to lengthen with our breath as she sat and leaned into her legs and reached for her toes. Curling them over, she moved onto the other leg. "Um, who's yours?" 

Nin: "My mom is Nyx. I asked because we need to boost your defense to make up for your lack of eyesight. You ever thought about using a shield with your whip." Nin tries to replicate her whip with shadows while he waits for her response, attempting to use it how he would use it had it been his own weapon.

Audrey: Audrey nods along with his explanation. "Makes sense," She said, adding, "And no, not really." Audrey picked up her whip, letting out a small whimper when she hit one of the spikes and drew a shallow layer of blood.  She hid the affected palm behind her back, hoping Nin wouldn't notice and she would just find a band-aid later. 

Nin: Nin finally replicates her whip with his shadows and checks back making sure the shadow whip looks like Audrey's when he sees Audrey make a really quick hand movement and then hide something. "Audrey you alright? What was that" he ask concerned but doesn't move towards her not wanting to force her to do anything; however he doesn't break eye contact.

Audrey: After all those years of trying to grasp what it was like to see, Audrey learned that things that she does or had happened to her are sensed by others; hence why she hid her dripping hand behind her. "Um..." It hurt a little to lie (not as much as the laseration of course) but she didn't want to interupt the lesson or waste his time. As always, she would just wing it and not use her right hand. Sighing somewhat internally, she said, "Yeah, I'm ok. That was just... uh... another stretch?" Audrey tried not to make it sound like a question. "So uh, go on, Nin." She smiled with slightly gritted teeth.

Nin: Nin raises an eyebrow but let's the hand movement slide before trying the whip; bringing his right hand back and bringing it forward like he is throwing a baseball. The whip travels straight and then suddenly comes back to him, with a soundless crack due to the shadow not making noise, the tip of the whip connecting with his stomach dissipating it before a spike goes through his eye. He is glad Audrey and no one else saw that "Audrey I don't think we will need the whip for right now. Let's try working on defense...for the time being."

Audrey: For a little while, there was no sound, and Audrey waited until she responded, saying, "Well, you know what they said... Defense is the best offense." Audrey scrunched her nose in thought. "I have nothing to defend myself with. Or from, for that matter." Sighing in frustration, she said, "Well, you know what your doing, right? Just... um, think of something. I trust you."

Nin: Nin is already molding shadows when he walks over to her "So when it comes to shapes. I think one with a lot of area would work best." Nin is holding a square shaped shield when he is in reach of Audrey "Remember I can make nearly anything with shadow Audrey so be patient with me." He reaches for her hand planning to guide it to the strap on the back of the shield.

Audrey: "I suppose that make sense," She agreed. "And of course... if you're willing to be patient with me." She flashed a smile, flinching when he grabbed at her hand but realizing it was just her trusty friend and letting him guide her to the shield. Gripping the strap, she moved the sheild up and down a couple of times to test the weight of the shadows. It was light and Audrey was thankful.

Nin: "No problem. You can't be any worse than my cousin was. Time to get serious though." Nin releases the sword in his gauntlets and they slide over his knuckles allowing him to move his wrist again which he stretches immediately. "When you get into a fight ,especially against demigods, it is not about if you get hurt it is about when. You can't fight or battle without accepting the fact you will get hit. What you can do is defend yourself from being attacked in a manner that can end your life or take you out of the fight. I suggested a shield because that will cover a lot of your body and since the whip is a long range melee weapon you won't have to worry too much about your other side." He touches the shield with his sword "What I am going to teach you is the best way to use the shield and the proper way to stand and move while holding one."

Audrey and Nin finished training, and though nothing revalating occured, Audrey made some progress with their training, and in a feat of appreciation, invited Nin on a gratitude trip to the beach, where they are found now, close to sunset.

Nin: Nin had believed it was a good idea to come with Audrey to the beach but after getting there he remembered he sucked at talking to the girls. He figured if he said something before they reached the sand they would have something to talk about, he looks around for a moment. "Squirrels are nice." then immediately he brain backhands him.

Audrey: Audrey's footing was careful, but much less so as she was surrounded by her trusty guide dog and friend. Stumbling on a pebble, Audrey wasn't sure she heard Nin correctly. "Uh, right." Audrey gave him a toothy grin as she recalled, "In 2nd grade, I heard Kasey chased a squirrel all the down the block and ending up being chased back by an angry pack of 'em." Audrey left out the I heard part, since of she of course wasn't able to witness this. Feeling the uneven padding of crunchy sand beneath their feet, Audrey turned to where she suspected Nin was and suggested, "Let's sit down here, where I'm sure the waves can't get us." Audrey took a quick breath, almost faster than the sudden urge that drew her to grab his bicep, perhaps a little too hard, and help herself to the ground and pull him by the wrist with her.

Nin: Nin allows himself to be pulled and sits plops onto the ground next to Audrey "Let me be honest with you Audrey." He gulps wondering if he should really say this "I suck with small talk."

Audrey: Audrey stifled her laugh as she bit her bottom lip, though her nose scrunched as she said blatently, "I know." Audrey scooted closer to Nin but faced her body forward, "looking" at the hazy horizon, a stark blue in the warm pinks and orange hues painted across the sky, blurred together by clouds far away. "Well," She offered, "we can always skip the small talk all together." Audrey was tempted to say more, but she left it for him to pick up.

Nin: Nin turns towards her and cocks his head to the side before finally catching her meaning "I-I have never actually." He mentally kicks himself and thinks Just go with it. He pulls her to himself gently and leans in trying to gently press his lips to hers.

Audrey: Audrey waits a couple heartbeats to add something else, perhaps a well needed confession she was sure to reciprocate, until she felt herself being nudged towards him, and slightly hesitant lips touched her smiling ones. Freezing momentarily in shock, Audrey reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, finally kissing back with the most trust and safety she had almost ever felt around another human being. Well, almost human.

Nin: Nin feels the pressure of her lips on his and deepens the kiss leaning in to her and wrapping his arms around her waist; the only sound his own heartbeat and hers in his world. Th-this is what dad meant. This is what he felt with mom. It is different than battle. This is... he never finishes because he pulls back breathing as if he just started working out. "That was first kiss" he admits to her.

Audrey: She seemed to melt into Nin, but Audrey forced herself to straighten her spine and pull back. "Mine too, but..." She dipped her head so that she would be looking at the almost still warm sand beneath them. "Even if I'm blind I swear I saw just now... because seeing is the best feeling in the world. Seeing isn't just looking at how handsom I'm sure you are... It's feeling how much I..." Audrey caught herself. How much she loved him? Who was she? Being a lonely teenager had really gotten to her, she thought, wondering if she was falling too fast for the first whiff of protection that was extended to her.

Nin: Nin clears his throat after she stops "It's okay. I understand it. I will say this though. Whether or not your eyes heal, whether or not you were serious about being with me, whether or not you want to actually marry me." He pauses breathing in deeply "I like you. I think I like you more than just being friends at camp. No, actually I know I do. So I want to take time, I want to get to know you. When I see you I am filled with the desire to bring you this world or protect you from it." He bites his lip "Me and my dad didn't talk about love much or anything really because he wasn't a man of many words. If what he told me about love is even half of what I am feeling." He rests his forehead against hers "Then I never want to let it go." he swallows and sits there waiting for anything to happen.

Audrey: Audrey laughed internally as she thought to herself, wow, he really checks off my list; trustworthy, protective, understanding, and apparently romantic too. "Nin... I am serious about being with you. I think this can really work out. I... Ilike you too. A lot. I want to see the world through your eyes, I want to get to know you in every way I can... I don't want to let this go either. Let you go." Audrey felt a surge of euphoria, her lips still tingling, her heart still fluttering, their foreheads touching but their minds even closer. Feeling spontanious, she told Kasey to "go home" which Kasey took as the command to head to the Hebe cabin without her. "Looking" back up at Nin, more for his sake than hers, Audrey smiled like she'd just won the lottery. Reaching out for Nin's hand, she admitted, "I was never really allowed to swim, not without someone else anyways..." She motioned to where she thought the water was. "Do you want to come swimming with me? Right now? We're all alone and Kasey's gone back to our cabin." Audrey didn't exactly imply anything, but she did hope that besides the rush of being almost with her life in his will, she could really get to know him as a person.

Nin: Nin looks at the water and shrugs smiling at her sudden idea "Alright, but let me take off a couple items first." Immediately his face burns hot having never taken clothes off around a girl or anyone really "I-if that's okay with you." He says knowing he will have to pull away for a moment to take off his shirt Should I go in with my gym shorts....I wore briefs...decisions.

Audrey: Audrey made a passive face. "Well... I can't exactly know the difference between you with clothes on and you without... should I take something off too?" Audrey thought of the comfortable fitted grey t-shirt, black leggings, and nude flats she was wearing, though of course she didn't consider their color. Not knowing what she looked like was great for her confidance, or deathly embarrasing like she forgot to brush her hair and showed up at school with a terrible bed head. She didn't know until a nice boy informed her gently, and helped her fix it.

Nin: Nin stutters out his reply "I mean yea, sure, if you want to, I can just, uh yea swimming..." He pulls away from her to giver her space and busies himself with is own shirt fumbling around to take the fabric off. What do I do...Just roll with it he fills himself with determination and still manages to fail a removing the shirt.

Audrey: Audrey shrugged, never really understanding the concept of modesty but always have been a mostly shy girl. She started to lift her shirt up, but suddenly stopped, just as the underwire of something under her shirt was just barely seen. Audrey let her shirt fall back down, then reached down to take off her shoes. "I think we'll be fine... now c'mon, before I regret going into this cold water." She reached out to Nin, but inside of finding his arm or his hand, Audrey's palm was met with the skin of his side, and she quickly recoiled, not so much out of disgust but more out of mortal embarrasment.

Nin: Nin has his arms in the air and his shirt over his head when Audrey touches his side startling him into stillness. After a deep breath he gets the shirt off exposing his chest to the elements and the girl next to him; his body is solid with muscle from a year of fighting constantly but also marked with scars and scratches. He kicks his shoes off without unlacing them and , his socks going with them, before he reaches for her hand. "D-did you want to feel my chest oorr were you reaching for my hand. I mean I am cool with either if you really want to." His eyes roam around the beach looking anywhere but Audrey because he doesn't know quite how to deal with the feelings he is feeling at the moment.

Audrey: Rolling up her leggings to just below her knees, Audrey said, "No, I just uh wanted to grab your hand or something I guess so I could get up and pull you with me." It wasn't really out of the ordinary that she used a lot of filler words, but it was apparent the air was tense between them. "Did, um, you want me to?" After she realized exactly was she said it felt like someone kicked her in the stomach. Audrey rolled a black hair tie off her wrist and scrunched up her shirt to about where her ribcage started, exposing her stomach. She took the excess fabric and tied it with the the hair tie. Sure that as little of her clothes were wet as possible, Audrey held out her hand to Nin so he could help her to her feet. "Forget it... lets go now."

Nin: Nin smiles when she offers her hand and grabs it chiding himself for being awkward around her Just be yourself and play it cool. he repeats as a mantra in his head. It disappears as soon as his feet touch the water and the cold liquid wipes every thought from his mind like a sharp breeze. It revitalizes him and makes him a bit more at peace "Audrey. This is amazing. I am glad I get to share it with you."

Audrey: Audrey beams as Nin's fingers lace with hers. She let him guide her into the water and soon cool waves rush through her toes. A shiver works it's way up her spine but her cheeks are still a burning red. "It's not just amazing... it's beautiful." Audrey took a deep breath. "And a little frightening." Puffing her cheeks out, Audrey practiced holding her breath. She exhales and made the best eye contact she could with Nin. "I'm going under..." She squeezes his hand, realizing the water was up to around her waist. "Don't let me go." And with that she plunged into the salty water.

Nin: Nin is a bit startled when she plunges under the water but doesn't miss beat holding her hand a bit tighter while she is underwater. I want to join her. Should I....should I not? Nah I am not going to miss this chance. Nin dives under the waves with her and it sends a shock through his body almost making him let go but he tightens his hand again before his fingers loosen and let her slip away. I wish I could see underwater. I hear some people can do that.

Audrey: Audrey held her breath for longer than she expected, and sqeezed Nin's hand back. Feeling him slide away, Audrey suddenly panicked and bobbed up for air. "Nin?" She asked worriedly before diving back down, swimming in what turned out to be the opposite direction of where Nin safely was.

Nin: Nin feels Audrey slip through his fingers and his heart constricts for a moment. He comes up from under water and breathes in explosively scanning the water for Audrey before he had released that breath. His eyes prove useless in that moment and Nin closes them listening for anything sounding like a paddle; the waves wash and the wind blows. Then he hears a distant Nin before a splash meaning she dove underwater and Nin shadow travels to that sound "Audrey I'm here! Where are you?!"

Audrey: Feeling her pulse thrum through her ears, Audrey came to the realization she obviously wasn't getting any closer to Nin. Her shirt was heavy with water and the panic shortended her of breath, so in order to make the couple feet up to the surfact easier, she slipped off the shirt, swam up, and gasped for air. Hearing his voice, Audrey sloshed to Nin, despite only being in a couple articles of clothing, and when she knew he was near, grabbed at his torso and pressed her cheek into his chest, squeezing the life out of him.

Nin: Nin forgets everything and wraps his arms around her, glad she's back, before shadow traveling again to the shore, his arms still around her tightly. "Audrey. I thought I lost you." is the only thing he can whisper unable to do anything but hold her the shock of what just took place wearing of slowly. I would fight Poseidon before losing you to the sea and I would beat Hades before losing you to death. He doesn't say the last thought out loud but he means it all the same and mentally dares anyone to try and take her.

Audrey: Suddenly feeling the sand under her wet feet, Audrey found herself still clinging to Nin and reluctantly let go, crossing her arms around her torso and shivering. Forcing down her blush, Audrey said, "I thought I lost you..." She felt around the ground, kneeling. She mumbled, "Well, he's not lost, but my shirt is." Audrey sighed, standing up and clapping the sand off her hands. With a pang in her chest and not really thinking about what she was saying or what it meant, Audrey flatly stated, "This is all my fault. My sight has made even simple tasks inconvienant, endangered my life– many times, and now messed with you. " Audrey groaned. "My eyes just can't agree with my heart." Audrey turned around towards the exit of the beach, and started walking before she stopped again. "And somehow I want to spare you for... for looking out and taking care for me– which you shouldn't have to–, and yet it's almost painful to admit how much I need you."

Nin: Nin listens to what she says and watches her walk away, now numb from the chest to his head. He nearly let's her go but his determination to be there for her burns across his mind prompting him to sprint across the sand reaching for her hand. Nin doesn't know if she will accept him or not but he plan to kiss her, to convey everything he has felt about her in the short time he has known her, through their lips locking.

Audrey: Audrey freezes and turns around, still holding onto his hand. She brings his hand up her cheek and nuzzles it. "Ok," Audrey resigned with a coy smile and dipped chin, letting his hand fall. "Maybe it's not that hard to admit how much I love you." Audrey's eyes widened. She meant to say "need you" and somehow the word love came out instead. Expect she didn't want to correct herself, even if she was just a teenaged girl and suddenly entranced in some boy. Because it was true. Audrey loved Nin.

Nin: With that Nin kisses her, all the emotion he can't explain in words in that kiss, his hands find their way to her face while they kiss before he pulls apart still cupping her cheeks. "I don't know what life has in store, what the fates have planned, or what we will do going forward. I don't know if your eyes will heal or if you will ever be able to fight. What I do know Audrey. Is that I want to be there. I want to be beside you for all of it. Come hell or high water I want you to be my heart and the reason I want to live. I want you to be more important than fighting to me and, for some reason, you are. This entire time I have been telling myself take it slow but I feel as though somethings are just meant to you and me." His hands move from her face to wrap around her waist, pulling her into a hug, and Nin rest his head on her shoulder. "I fight so hard because I never want to lose anything or anyone close to me" he whispers "It has made me cautious towards love and very aggressive as a person. Despite how much loving someone terrifies me." He takes a deep breath and raises his head looking her in her eyes "I love you to".

Audrey: Audrey kisses him back with deep ferocity. As his hands find her red face she knits her fingers in his hair, dropping them to hang around his neck as he vows the words she'd never thought someone could ever say to her. Taking a deep breath to even out her raging heartbeat, she said, "Nin. Take me somewhere. Anywhere. The forest, your cabin, I don't care. But I want to spend the night with you." It just feel surreal to say, but Audrey repeated, "I love you," Like it was going to go away.

Nin: Nin doesn't hesitate and shadow travels again, him and Audrey now in his cabin. Both of them are mostly undressed but Nin doesn't pay much mind to it already kissing her while she stands in front of him. She's amazing! is the only thought going through his mind while they kiss passionately.

Audrey: they wouldn’t see each other again, and it was a strange feeling, an intimate feeling of skin on bare skin. Audrey pulled away with a deep ragged breath. She trailed her fingertips down his arm and grabbed his hand, walking slowly until her knee hit a bed frame. She hopped onto the slightly messy bed, hoping she wasn’t getting it wet with her hair. Audrey “looked” up at Nin, and realizing how odd it sounded, asked, “Can I, um, touch your chest?"

Nin: Nin stands in front of her while she sits on the bed and cocks his head to the side at her question but doesn't deny her it. "Um ye-yea sure go for it." Nin is sure whether to flex or not but decides not to instead just letting it happen as it does but he thinks of his scars briefly. I wonder what she will think of them. he looks at the large three striped scar in the center of chest from his first monster fight I wonder.

Audrey: Audrey scooted back on the bed and attempted to pull Nin with her, running her hand over his chest. "Not bad," She said with a smile, then added as she felt something rough,These are... scars?" She looked at him with concern. "What these from?" She asked in a quieter tone.

Nin: Nin feels her hand on his chest and knows which ones "Those are from a flock of harpies. Back when I was still young and just getting to camp." He swallows and clenches his teeth "I have scars everywhere. They're what make up my person really. Signs of who I am; they define me" He moves her hand to his side "Got this from an Amicoid who caught me off guard but it was also when I met Vi." Nin moves her hand to his right arm "This was a hell hound" he sits down beside her "I have too many to tell the stories of. It would last all night." He takes her hand gently and presses it to his face, just enjoying her touch, "This is who I am."

Audrey: Audrey at the most saw Nin in a whole new light. He wasn't just a structure of muscle and power, he had a past and he could get hurt and he could love too. She almost felt to cautious to really touch him, contrasting her boldness earlier. Audrey had scars too, claw marks from a monster, raking at an angle down her side. She rubbed her thumb over his cheekbone and gave a small smile. Not really a happy smile, just a smile. Because he made her smile like a magnet on her mouth. She brought her lips to a scar on his collar bone, then said, "I have scars too. But I think I like them more now. Because it isn't just who I am, it's a connection between us. It's who we are."

Nin: Nin feels his vision blur for a moment but shuts his eyes tightly and the feeling passes. He wraps his arms around Audrey and hugs her tightly "I appreciate you. All of and every bit of you." He pulls back after a moment and looks at her with admiration but somethin clicks and he remembers she is in his bedroom. The first girl in his bed room actually and that realization hits him like a truck ", where do we go from here? Um what now?"

Audrey: Audrey smiled. She wasn't confidant, but she was pretty sure that Nin had (if only inadvertantly) called her beautiful. A silence follows but rather than say something, she lets it hang. Then something changes, and Audrey remembers where she is as well. "Well, apparently I'm staying the night, so I might as well get comfortable." Audrey felt around for the sheet endings and when she finds them, gets underneath the covers, despite being arguably sandy, wet, and by those standards inconsiderate. "I mean if this is a sleepover, I packed poorly. No change of clothes or a tooh brush for that matter." Pulling the sheet up to her neck, Audrey laughed, facing up at the ceiling with her head on a pillow. On a normal day, when she was all alone in her bed room, it might not faze her as much to sleep without clothes, but as she in someone else's bed– a thought she never expected to have–, Audrey resolved to sleep in her day clothes.

Nin: Nin was feeling tired and decides to climb under the blankets with her but two thoughts hit him hard. The first was the fact that he sleeps naked and the second was the fact that in order to sleep he would have to climb in behind her. He sits on the edge of the bed before making up his mind and standing up. Nin walks over to his dresser and pulls out a pair of gym shorts before making a shadow curtain from the waist down. He steps out of his wet clothes and slides on the gym shorts before climbing into the bed behind her. Thoughts of natural reactions from guys flash through his head but will power shuts off those thoughts and replaces them with kittens. After a moment he wraps his arm around Audrey by her waist and slides up closer behind her, curving around her bodyI think this is spooning. Am I doing this right.....I think I am

Audrey Audrey tapped the sheets to a steady beat, since she wasn’t asleep yet and adrenaline was still coursing through her veins. She heard a faint creak of steps getting farther, and her mind immediately went to, Is someone there? Am I in trouble? but soon after, the steps get closer, and Nin got back into bed. She soon after felt him slowly come up behind her as the mattress dipped, then felt him for real as her curled into her, hugging at her waist. Audrey smiled and put her hand over, and yet suddenly self conscious about how she looked to him. Audrey pulled the sheets up more and turned around with a concerned look on her face, looking up at Nin and asking, “What do I look like?” Then after a pause, “Am I beautiful?"

Nin: Nin looks at her closely for a moment and kisses her nose before smiling "Yes. You are like the night endless and constantly fascinating. I don't know how exactly to describe your beauty Audrey, but I can describe what you look like. You have fair skin that is complimented by wavy brown hair." He runs his hand from her face to her hair "You have a smooth forehead" he chuckles and moves to her forehead with a finger "And unlike my forehead and eyebrows" he traces her eyebrow "Yours have no furrow." He blinks slowly just admiring her "Your nose is cute, like a button and you have piercing grey eyes." he pokes her nose "Your lips thought, your lips are pouty like you want to say something or perhaps..." he trails off before kissing her. "Perhaps like you need someone to kiss them and make you smile." he smiles at her just taking the moment in.

Audrey: Audrey couldn't really picture a lot of what he was saying, but she tried not to dwell on that. She nuzzled up to him as he touched her, kissed him back when he kissed her. Leaned forward, pressing a kiss into his lips and as she started to pull away, brought a hand up to his face. "You have a strong jawline," She felt around with touch as her only sense of how he looked, "Soft hair and," Her hands brushed gently over his eyes, knowing he would close them, "Eyes that can see..." She trailed off, even though she hadn't much else to say, her throat choking up, she ducked her head, a steady couple tears rolled down her cheeks and she didn't wipe them away, because in a way she wanted him to comfort her, to tell her something that she could hold onto.

Nin: Nin wipes away her tears gently "You have eyes that can see as well my love. Even further into this world that I can. Soon though, surely, you too will see". Nin kisses her cheek "Don't lose faith Audrey because come what may I will be here for you. If you should ever find yourself without sight, then I will be your eyes." Nin holds her closely to him running his fingers through her hair to comfort her.

Audrey: Audrey reached forward and wrapped her arms around Nin's torso, her shoulders shaking as she surpressed her tears. "I'm... sorry. This... happens a lot at... night," She said when she could get a breath. There was a long silence before she said, "Goodnight Nin... I love you." She gave him a kiss and turned around before curling up in a ball and falling asleep.

Nin: Nin slides closer to her and wraps his arms around her "It's okay. I'm here now love." and with that Nin drifts off to sleep thankful for everything that happened today.

After a crazy rollercoaster of a day, the two had a peaceful night until the next morning, where some of the Nyx children had gotten up early. There was a rumour that Nin wasn't alone in his bedroom the night before, as they were sounds of talking, crying, and other emotions, so the fact the couple had slept in late didn't help much. Two cabin members were laughing outside his door, which was almost loud enough to wake someone up...

Nin: Nin blinks awake slowly an for a moment doesn't remember where he is having rarely spent time in his room. His confusion is increased by the sight of someone in his bed but yesterday comes rushing back to him and he smiles softly. Hmm, she even got me to spend time in my cabin. I rarely spend nights here...I need a shower and to brush my teeth....I know I could get her breakfast in bed. Nin visualizes the bathroom and is there suddenly, much to his dismay his brothers and sisters are there, they haze him while he showers up and brushes his teeth but he finishes quickly and shadow travels to the dining pavilion to get her some breakfast. How about a little of everything....

Audrey: Audrey woke up with a small snort to the sound of a tray rattling. She immediatedly sprung up to a sitting position, turning her head around to see if she could hear something else. Audrey then thought a couple seconds later to bring the sheets up again. "N-Nin?" It occurs to her that she needed clothes if she were to leave the cabin with her dignity, looking like a frumpled half naked mess. Running a hand through her slightly knotted hair, Audrey felt around the sheets for Nin. Feeling an empty depression in the matress, her heart clenched and her stomach dropped. Basically all her organ rearranged. "Nin??" Audrey started to think of the offensive fighting powers she learned how to use with Nin.

Nin: Nin shadow travels directly back to the room with hot and col assorted foods and a shadow appendage carrying a pitcher of juice and a pitcher of water. He planned to wake her with a kiss or something equally romantic but when he comes back she is already awake and looking for him. He creates an end table and sets the tray and pitches down before coming to the side of his bed on his knees "I am here love. I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed but you woke up.". He smiles and props himself up on is elbows leaning towards Audrey to kiss her nose "I am glad you're awake sleepy head."

Audrey: She let out a shaky exhale that turned into a laugh.  "You scared me!" She leaned forward, cupping his face and kissing him, her eyes closed for a second. "That was my thank you. For breakfast in bed and not being dead" She hestitanly reached out to look for the food, trying not to knock anything over. As she felt around, around said, "Kasey's probably missing me, but I'm sure Dove'll come over to check on her like the normally does with me." After a pause Audrey made semi-accurate eye contact with Nin. "I know I'm a little trouble but I promise you won't have to spoon feed me... just tell where the food is. I haven't eaten since that late lunch yesterday."

Nin: With a thought he alters the shadows and give the tables wheels which go into motion with another thought. The hot food slide in first and then the cold food and the pitcher table slide in behind those. "Well madame" he gives her an extremely bad French accent "Today to your right, we have a selection of hot foods such as meats and cheeses and" he grins "crossants". "To the left we have the cold selection like your fruits, vegetables, jam, jellies and grapes." he can't help but laugh and drops the accent. "Oh, and you may think that grapes are a frit but no grapes are a super food and my favorite food. He lays on the bed with his head across her legs and uses a shadow tendril to feed grapes to himself "This is the life."

Audrey: Audrey laughed toothily, breathing in the aroma of it all. "Goodness how can I ever start?" She picked up a crossant and felt around for a knife and jam, starting to spread it on. "That's so funny, I love grapes too! They do come after green apples and bacon puff pastry, though. I swear I could live off of that. Well, that and water. Speaking of..." Audrey said, pausing midsentence to take a bite of her crossant, swallow, and wipe the crumbs away, "Do you have something I could drink?" Audrey wondered if she was making a mess of the crumbs, so she took another bite of the crossant and put it down.  "And yes, this is indeed the life," Then, trying her best at a french accent, "Or should I say oui."

Nin: "How could I forget the liquid of life. It is just past the food Audrey." he thinks to himself for a moment and decides to combine all three of the tables. "I did a little rearranging the water and juice, I think it is peach, are in the middle cold to the left and hot to the right." Nin goes back to being content laying across her and eats more grapes "Audrey, you know this is the first time in like...a month I have spent the night in my cabin."

Audrey: "Right, yes..." She added after a short pause with a smile, "Thank you darling. Do you want any of this feast?" She fills a glass with the juice and after taking a hearty gulp of the cold stuff, leaning over and petting his hair just before he started to speak. "Oh Yeah? And why is that?" It was an odd thought to think that was the first time sleeping in the same bed as someone else, a room not her own. Then Audrey remember her non exsistant shirt, and Audrey recoiled so quickly she knocked over her cup of juice onto herself again. "Great..." She muttered.

Nin: Nin can't help but laugh but it dies out quickly when he realizes she has no shirt. "Oh, um ahhh Audrey. You, hmm you have no shirt." He rolls off the bed and looks through all of his clothes his back to her "Do you want to shower first. Should I hand you a shirt then shower or should...." he leans against the dresser. He smiles and breathes in deeply calming himself "You know I am never nervous around anyone. You're my other half in so many ways." he makes a blind fold out of shadows and walks over to her. "Well here is a shirt. It will be a bit big I think but it will suffice. You wash up and I'll clean this babe."

Audrey: Audrey shook out her wrists trying to vain to get off some of the juice. Despite being cold and furiously embarrased, Audrey couldn't help but laugh along. "I'm a little nervous too, if you couldn't tell. But right now I just..." She sighed. "Where is the bathroom... preferrably one I don't have to walk into the hallway to?" She accepted his shirt. She blushed through her bashful smile. "Really sorry about the mess, a bit rude the host you might say?" She smiled to show what her light tone might not've conveyed. "I don't suppose I'll be invited back, but hey, maybe he can come to my cabin sometime too." 

Nin: "Oh, I think the host has an open invitation for the girl he loves. I would be so bold as to say he wouldn't want you to leave" He grins and shakes his head "As far bathrooms go we just use the comm. bathrooms. We build and create everything we need so we don't really need them." He grins sheepishly "I made this room as we got in actually but I can teleport you to the showers now if you'd like? I'll come and get you in twenty maybe thirty minutes?"

Audrey: Audrey beamed at him, asking rhetorically, “Well who could say no a host like that?” Then she replied to his next offer, answering awkwardly, “Yes well, um, as long as I’m alone I should uh be alright… just, uh, don’t teleport into the showers when you come back, alright?” She returned the sheepish smile at the end. A couple seconds later Audrey realized how easy it would be for Nin to trick her, to humiliate her in front of camp, so Audrey wanted to make sure wherever she was going wouldn’t have any laughing people waiting for her.

Nin: Nin takes her hand then grabs the shirt, a towel, and recreates her shadow shades. He hand her the shades "Just do this for a week. I think it will work Audrey, I have faith it will. Oh, here's a towel and the shirt and...." he reaches in his drawer and grabs his sweatpants and a hoodie. "I think it is kinda cold out. So you could wear these with the shirt till I show up. Maybe wait outside of the bathroom since you have appropriate clothes?" He looks at the ceiling since Audrey is still half dressed and teleports to the bathrooms just outside the girls stall door "We're hear."

Audrey: Audrey wrapped her hand around the glasses with an almost bitter laugh. "Well, that's just too easy. And, um, yeah."  And felt a difference in flooring again and assumed that they arrived. "That shadow travel really does come in handy, huh?" Audrey takes the clothes from Nin and goes inside, calling back "Thanks!" before disapearing through the door.

Nin: Nin doesn't really know what to do at that point and shoves his hands in his pockets looking left and right before deciding to just walk around for the next twenty min waiting for Audrey. It is a couple steps away from the bath house that he realizes he still has no shirt and doesn't have shoes either; much to the pleasure of some males and some females coming to take a shower at the moment. In embarrassment Nin turns invisible and jogs towards his cabin.

Twenty five minutes later, Audrey is freshly restored and waiting outside with oversized shirt, overly sitched sweat pants and hoodie tied around her waist, waiting for Nin, or even someone else to come find her.

Nin: Nin shows up from around the corner having decided to bring the rest of breakfast since he had a little extra time. "Hey, there you are. I bought breakfast again. I stopped by the dining pavilion to get fresh hot food and you know...The park is not far from here if you want something romantic?" He finishes that sentence hopefully.

Audrey: "Goodness Nin, your trying to fatten me up aren't you? But yeah, sure, I guess the shower made me pretty thirsty." Audrey held out her hand for Nin to take. "And to think just yesterday I had seen you for the first time in weeks."

Nin: Nin laughs and takes her hand the food being held in the air by a shadow clone "Nah love, I just forgot everyone doesn't eat as much as me." With that he kisses her hand before travelling up her arm to her cheek.

Audrey: Audrey grinned, taking his face in her other hand and directing his lips onto hers, kissing for a couple moments before remembering where they were and pulling away. "Alright love, show me what you've got in store."


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