Air Arena
Arenas aire2
  • The objects in the arena have been charmed to almost defy gravity, floating around, boulders, rocks, etc
  • At the base level of this arena is just normal ground with vegetation/shrubs/grass and trees, as well as varying size terrain, ranging from a few feet tall, to much taller
  • Floating high above in the air is small islands, some with greenery and vines hanging down towards the ground, ranging in size and height from the ground, so that even if a person didn't have the power of flight, if they are an adept climber, everything is spaced out enough they could climb as high as possible, as well as utilise some of the smaller floating debree to aid in their climb. Some of the floating islands even have small waterfalls
  • Between the floating islands and the tall peeks and trees, there are plenty of shadows and places to hide
  • On two sides of the arena there are 2 automaton birds stationed, currently in "off" mode, they are roughly 6 feet tall.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • On each end of the arena, on top of some large pillars, are pyres, full of fire and wood. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.

You walk into the air arena and everything from the rocks to the discarded snack wrappers are floating. The sun beams, bathing all in it's glory, the day is so perfect it'd be a ten out of ten picnic with just a sandwich. Our combatants are set! On the one hand we have Ollie the Osprey and the other Dilo, Apollo spawn. LET'S GOOOO!


[Diangelous Albright] -Demigod

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I walk in the gladiator style entrance and take a look around awe struck by what I'm seeing. Who the hell put this together? I think to myself but a more pressing though is I'm about to fight a bird that's also a man but a bird at a camp for half god children. It's Tuesday and I'm already done with the week. He chuckles to himself and shakes his head Welp I guess now we wait per quello che viene dopo.


Ollie -
-'This place roils with power and a sometimes terrible beauty. The coast remains youthful, daring, uncertain about tomorrow. The guessing, the risk; in a way, we're all thrill seekers here."

It takes Ollie a moment, drifting through the winds currents in a relaxed bliss, to notice the new guy enter the arena. This place is great. Wide open space, lively air streams to coast along. Even a few ponds, complete with fish to test his instincts on. He reluctantly tucks into a sharp dive toward the entrance, landing on one human knee before his opponent in a burst of steam and feathers. The engineer lifts a pair of aviator-like goggles up to his forehead with one hand and takes a small cod out of his mouth with the other, gesturing at the arena behind him with a wave of the fish. "Hey, hey. Welcome to the air arena." His ever-clockwork spear gleams over his left shoulder, bronze arrow fletchings over his right, and a handful of unrecognizable contraptions hang off his belt as well.


Dilo: Watching the various floating items his eyes were already upwards towards the sky which is when he notices the bird flying overhead. Keeping in mind his opponent is a bird he keeps his attention on the creature, and is still surprised when it goes from bird to man. "Hey and thanks for the warm welcome. A warning would be nice though next time you're gonna blow up like the bird from Shrek." With a grin he extends a hand "Albright, Diangelous Albright is the name. Thanks for sparring with me...Ollie right?"

Ollie: "Yep. Oliver for... long, I guess," he shrugs, shaking Dilo's hand while pulling himself upright. "You're new around, yeah? This gonna be your first time sparring against a fellow magicky dude?" He talks wth a slight, indistinct European accent - complete with animated hand waving, despite the fish clutched in one of them.

Dilo Trying his best to ignore the fish he nods in response to the questions and wipes a bit of fish juice from his cheek, that he really hopes came from the fish. "Yea, yea it is. Mostly it's just been monsters and killing the men who murdered my mother" he says with a grin. Taking a small step back after that he raises an arm above his head in a stretch and with just an eye on his opponent he asks "So do we start with a bow or something?"

Ollie: Ollie smiles and turns, leading the way a bit further into the arena. "Works for me. I'll warn you though, I'm a damn good shot." He unslings his spear and uses it as a walking stick, biting into the side of his snack like an apple. Always eat right before a fight. Or was it... never eat right before a fight? Whatevs. "You brought a bow, right? Transforming one I'm guessing?"

Dilo He follows after Ollie taking in the scenery still not any less mesmerized by the tranquility of the the floating arena "I'll keep that in mind but I think it's don't eat before you swim" he replies absentmindedly. His attention is bought back at the mention of the bow however "Yea, child of Apollo I maybe but not real big into ranged weapons. No bow." looking further ahead he sees a place in the arena where things aren't floating as much. "That the spot?"

Ollie: He makes his way into a small grassy clearing, turning and resting on his spear as he scans the area. "Yep. Shouldn't give too much of an advantage to my flight or anything, so good a place as any, yeah?" The field is level and clear, with the nearest major floating platforms either far above, or a good eighty feet out in each direction. A few dozen stones hang lazily in the air above their battlefield at various heights - some low enough to offer partial cover - but the area's mostly open otherwise.

Dilo He takes a look around before shrugging his shoulders and nodding Che bella giornata, che bella scena; out loud though he utters the phrase "Gemma" in his mothers tongue. Suddenly he's enveloped in shimmering armor, shifting like the northern lights, and he's holding a short sword made out of solid light. He gives a nod to his opponent to signal he's ready.

Ollie: Ollie raises his eyebrows at the armor, giving an impressed whistle as he tosses aside his fish. "Awesome gear, mate." With that, he casually flips his spear into the air, letting it eject a cloud of steam as it twirls - just masking its clockwork transformation as hundreds of impossibly complex parts click and whirr. In a heartbeat he catches it again and dives sideways out of the steam cloud, now holding a gleaming bronze bow with an arrow already knocked. He twists its string during the draw, cracking forth a whistling metal arrow - a wide shot that seemingly gains speed in midair as it curves toward its target.

Dilo Tracking arrows? he thinks with a raised eyebrow but he shrugs and vanishes up above to the rocks nearby trying to gain the height advantage and force his opponent up. "Can you call yourself that good if your arrows do the work?" he calls out to Ollie while creating a chain his short sword becoming a dagger attached to the end. Swinging it around his, he then let's it loose striking a platform and pulling himself further away.

Ollie: "Of course not!" he laughs, knocking his next arrow as he kicks off of a lower-hanging rock in pursuit. "Where'd the fun be in that?" He snaps off a second shot, curving this one not toward Dilo himself, but toward the next foothold the boy was moving to. Just like the last, a thin current of steam jets off of the arrow, propelling it faster as it travels - perfect for pushing the target stone out of place underneath him.

Dilo On his next leap just as he's landing the floating stone beneath him explodes and he feels himself go weightless for the briefest moment before gravity begins to drag him back towards earth. Scanning the surroundings quickly, a plan comes to mind, and he allows himself to fall a few feet. His descent, if his timing is right, brings him somewhat closer to his pursuer allowing him to set off a flare in attempt to blind him for a bit. It's while he sets off the solar flare he also whistles very loudly hoping to stun his opponent by robbing him of two senses temporarily. All of that is to aid and mask the next move he makes bringing himself even closer to the very edge of the arena with a teleport to a platform a few feet away.

Ollie: Ollie stops on his nex foothold, balancing on a small stone as he blinks the stars from his vision. Dirty. Nice. Content not to get blinded again, he puts his goggles back down over his eyes and takes off skyward in bird form, dropping back to human on top of the highest decent-sized platform in the area. An invisible sonic pulse from his goggles outlines everything nearby, saving him valuable seconds reacquiring his target. He had to admire the new kid's guts - he was facing off against a high-flying bird engineer, and for some reason chose to go airborne, toward... the... engineered birds. Ollie smirks and pinches a handfull of arrows, shooting two volleys of three at a time from his massive bow. The first three aim intentionally wide toward various rocks around Dilo, to minimize his escape options against the second three - a horizontal arc with the centermost aimed straight for his back.

Dilo Unsure what it was that made him exceptional at ranged combat he was more thankful for it now than any of his other fights. He spins 180* and closes his left eye, squinting his right like a quick-draw from the west, he makes a finger gun and mouths pew pew noises while firing beams at the incoming arrows. Not much power behind the beams they were simply to knock the arrows off course downwards but then he clenches his fist, drawing it back to build power, and sends a charged beam at Ollie more towards his platform. Dilo then just drags his arm sideways, not knowing if the platform would split in half, but more just trying to set it on fire and disturb the archer. He quickly rises and turns on a heel running full speed to next one and going air-borne recreating the knife chain construct and swinging spider-man style to another large platform with the bird on it.

Ollie: Not wanting to stick around and find out how much damage the beam could do, Ollie readily dives off his temporary perch, spinning in the air as he falls and burying a half dozen arrows into its earthy underside. A brief swoop in bird form flings him back skyward. He lets his momentum carry in in a great arc toward the automaton's roost as he snaps off his last two arrows - one at the ground between himself and Dilo, the other between Dilo and the bird - that vent hot clouds of steam like a smokescreen. Ollie sees his prey's illuminated silhouette just fine through his goggles and drops toward him, his weapon a spear once again as he dives in for a falling strike.

Dilo Before he can react he's surrounded by a screen of steam; the heat does him little affect thanks to the blessing of the sun but his visions reduced. Knowing somethings coming but not knowing from where he's surrounded in a dome of light that extends around himself and the bird, and with precious seconds he clambers onto it and begins wildly throwing switches and pressing buttons. He hears a creek in response and the bird comes to life with a loud caw, he drops the dome, a wild grin on his face now.

Ollie: Ollie's spear embeds itself a foot through the dome of light and stops solid, taking a few pulls to dislodge. The animal spirit finally pulls it free and jumps back, watching with amusement as Dilo haphazardly trial-and-errored the automaton to life. Now I am like ninety... two percent sure he won't know how to control that thing. But! What could go wrong? He laughs to himself as he fidgets with his spear, twisting and clicking its innumerable parts in preparation. One combination causes a mechanical whirring in his quiver that pops up another dozen collapsible arrows. Another loads that batch's arrowheads with pressurized liquid nitrogen, and a third transforms the weapon back to a bow. But on second thought... that'd be pretty cheap, yeah? Should at least let the new dude try out his strats. Ollie shrugs and splits the bow in half, transforming the two ends into a pair of identical bronze hatchets. Just in time, too - when the shield drops in front of him, Ollie throws a hatchet through the steam at Dilo, following behind it in bird form after it leaves his hand.

Dilo He knew that as soon as he dropped the shield Ollie wasn't going to give him a chance to breathe but a hatchet to the face is slightly overkill. He's got a light shield blocking his face in seconds, but one with increased thickness, and as he saw earlier with his dome the hatchet bites into it and gets embedded there. Like a Frisbee he throws it back with some force behind and it accidentally goes wide unsure how much time that buys him he kicks his heels into the griffins side thinking it'll act like a regular animal. It sits there and he let's out a groan, slamming his fist on it in frustration, but out of stupid luck he hits a button that sends it skywards. In the air you could see him throw his fist up in triumph enjoying the moment for a bit.

Ollie: Ollie bumps beak-first into the second barrier, switching back to human form to rub his jaw. "Yknow you play really defensive. That's alright and all but you're not going to beat anybody if you don't fight back n' stuff," he calls up as the automaton takes off. His hatchet flies through the steam nearby a second later, forcing him to dive sideways to catch it. He takes a few experimental swings with the two weapons, re-familiarizing himself with their balance and weight. He'd always prefered its spear and bow forms over the rest - not that he was at all for lack of practice with every feature he'd designed. Content to force his opponent to start fighting proactively, he takes up a ready stance at the center of the large platform, staring up through the steam cloud at the beautiful flying machine.

Dilo He has to strain to hear but hears his opponent nonetheless and laughs before replying "I was thinking the same thing! How about you sing and dance for me!" Dilo yells to Ollie. With a thought he forces the little birdie to give him a song and he plans the steps himself peppering the him and the ground around him with a barrage of lasers from up above.

Ollie: "What did you have in-" Ollie frowns as his words catch in his throat, then come out a lot differently than intended. "... Tonight~♫... Gonna have myself a real good time~♪..." And with that the osprey burst into laugher - or tried, at least, but the show must go on! "I feel ali~i~ive... And the world... I'll turn it in-! side-! out-!" Each punctuation of the lyrics danced out enthusiastically as he deflects the first three lasers with his hatchets. Nobody interrupts Queen! "I'm floating around, in ex-ta-syyyyyyy, so don't! Stop! Me! Now! Don't! Stop! Me-" He flourishes his way toward the edge of the platform, then leaps into action, bounding up floating rocks in a smooth sprint, dodging some lasers and parrying others on his way toward his flying opponent. "Cause I'm havin' a good time, havin' a good time!"

Dilo If he wasn't the one to make him sing then Dilo would be slightly unnerved by the singing boy running at him but he gets over the shock knowing the laser weren't and aren't slowing him down much. He stands on top of the bird before diving at Ollie and joining his singing very loudly as much because of the fun and to prompt his next moves "I'M A SHOOTING STAR!" he yells before teleporting behind Ollie. A daggers in his hand when he pops back up and he flings it at his back before teleporting again to the back of the bird and pressing his hands together quickly "Watch your back!" he yells in warning then lets loose full force with a beam.

Ollie: Far from new to this teleportation business, Ollie spins in the air as he matches Dilo's verse, blasting the knife off course with a burst of steam. He lands with one foot on his next stepping stone, twiling back around without missing a beat. "Leapin' through the skyyyy, like a-" The next word is quite fittingly cut off as he's forced to transform again, barely escaping the full-force beam with just a charred leather chestpiece by flying upward. A beat later though he's back on track, using his momentum from bird form to launch toward the automaton with axes poised to swing. "Defying the laws of gravity!"

Dilo He's stops the beam and sees his opponent gone but knows he could have been turned to ashes; that's when he hears Defying the laws of gravity loudly from above himself. He looks up quickly and is about to throw up a dome, suddenly his mind changes, Dilo sets off a flare and simply falls backwards. Smiling that wide wild smile I wonder if a race car will save me? he thinks to himself.

Ollie: Ollie lands on the bird, hatchets biting slightly into its back, but Dilo's already gone. The creature's seemingly been on a sort of non-hostile autopilot setting - just flying aimlessly. But Ollie could change that pretty easily. He'd hesitated to do so while Dilo was actually using it, since it seemed a bit cheap, but whatevs. "I'm a racing car, passing by like Lady Godiva," he sings to himself as he fidgets with a hidden panel at the base of its neck. "I'm gonna go, go, go, go!" He urges as the automaton drops rather sharply into a descent. No full control yet - it was neutral but set to follow them both essentially - but that'd do for now. He unclips one of the small contraptions from his belt, letting it unfold into a tiny bronze automaton of his own. The little cloaked metal figure hops to the control panel and starts tweaking things further, leaving Ollie's hands free to turn his hatchets back to a spear. "There's no stopping meee~♫!"

Dilo Seeing his robot drop into a dive surprised him a little but he only had to adjust plans a bit and dropped into a sharp dive himself gaining speed towards the ground. Not he's diving pretty rapidly thanks to his to his form and he spins mid-air so he's dropping foot first. From both hands he blasts upwards with his beams adding even more speed and fucking with Ollie before teleporting above him "Falcon Kick!" he yells out while gravity momentum and force drag him down.

Ollie: Noticing from Dilo's movements what's coming from below, Ollie commands the automaton to spread its wings and level out, tanking the beam of light with its metal underbelly as its rider continues his song. "I'm burnin' through the skyyyyyy, yeah! Two thousand- degrees-" Then Dilo's flying kick hits him square in the back and he's sent staggering forward. "That's why-" One foot slips off the eagle's beak and Ollie teeters, thinking fast and bringing his spear around. "They- call-" Then he tips, in free fall for just a split second before a jet of steam erupts from his weapon. "Me- mister Fahrenheit!!" With that, he rides the steam upward, practically running back onto the automaton and bringing his spear around in sweeping bo-staff-esque twirls toward Dilo. "I'm traveling at the speed of light, I'm gonna make a supersonic man out of you!"

Dilo He makes contact with Ollie and lands breathing hard Damn! This guy is tou- but he doesn't even get to finish the top when he hears music coming back up over the side. Not even having to peer over the automaton to check the location of his enemy; Ollie reappears twirling like a spinning top. On the back of Ed the automaton he didn't have much room to move but having been trying to get close quarters the whole time he seizes the opportunity. Creating a shield of light, Dilo dashes forward trying to disrupt the spin but also get inside of range. Impulse leads him to throw his hand forward trying to catch Ollie in the face with a mean sucker punch not knowing how he'll react after the spin is suddenly stopped.

Ollie: Fully expecting his spear to meet another light barrier by now, Ollie takes it in stride and lets the blunt end ricochet back. "Don't, stop-♪" Instead his simply takes a half-step back and repeats the same horizontal sweep from the opposite direction, carrying the momentum of the first strike's deflection into a quick swing with the other that bats aside Dilo's fist. From here he's in the perfect position to brace the blunt end onto the eagle's back. He wastes no beat pushing off for two high bullet-kicks toward the chest: "-me now~♫!"

Dilo He gets hit with two kicks faster than he can blink, having had his arm knocked aside he was completely left defenseless. He falls back and hits the bird hard and he grits his teeth trying not to yell out in pain. A thought occurs to him and he opens his mouth to roar at his opponent loudly before he pushes himself off the bird kicking his feet upwards for a return kick to the gut.

Ollie: Ollie lifts his spear at the peak of his push-off, but never gets the chance to slam it down when Dilo's kick shoves him out of the air. He lands in a crouch with a grunt of pain, shaking the ringing from his ears as the ironic timing of his next line dawns on him. "I'm having such a good time..." the engineer smirks as he brings his spear point into a defensive position.

Dilo: Dilo bends his hands back and kicks up into a standing position his eyes lock with Ollie's and his head cocks to the right. A shiver runs through him and he recognizes it for it is I'm too close. This isn't supposed to be fun that's when he materializes a throwing dagger aimed for Ollie's head. He wills it to disappear before contact but lunged when it was thrown hoping to double bluff his opponent, the dagger disappears only to become a boxing glove on a staff. Aiming straight for the gut with the momentum he built up he plans on pushing straight through his opponent trying to knock him off the griffin and follow him to the ground.

Ollie: Youdon'tseemtolikebeingontheattackhuh, Ollie thinks in adrenaline-fueled rapid fire, scanning his opponent's every muscle movement with the literal eyes of a bird of prey. The anticipation of the staredown is one of Ollie's favorite parts of a fight (aside maybe from all the other parts) - it's a shame this one only lasted for barely a second, but their whole fight seemed to fit the tempo of his song pretty spot-on. The sheer force and power of pressurized steam locked inside his spear makes it almost hum silently in his grip, yearning to be released. He inhales. "Don't." It was a lyric and a hair trigger.

Dilo's arm moves. Ollie slides his lead-foot forward and ducks down and left at the telltale flick of a dagger, moving clear of that threat while starting to lunge forward. It's then that Dilo converts the dagger into a polearm and brings it down, which keeps the attack on target through Ollie's dodge. It doesn't change things. Dilo stepped in against a braced spearmaster, without raising a proper defense during the strike. The osprey barely even registers the change until the boxing glove passes right by his face. His own weapon covers the distance to Dilo's solar plexus on a burst of steam even as Dilo's own momentum brings him closer. It wasn't a conscious decision on Ollie's part, but a blunt blow to his right shoulder was more than a worthwhile trade for a strike to his opponent's chest with a spear-point. The former would surely throw him off balance and dislocate his shoulder, possibly sending him off the automaton - the latter could legitimately be a fatal blow.

Dilo As one of his most used powers it's instinctive when he calls up a dome but even with it, even with the *Gem Armour* activated, the spear finds itself stopped a centimeter from the skin. The force of it doesn't negate his forward momentum and he finds himself inches from his opponent. Not knowing if Ollie realized he wasn't pierced yet he pitches towards him with a hand outstretched above his opponents heart. His hand is glowing brightly and though winded his gaze is level "It'd be my loss without the Armour good buddy. I'd call it a draw but we both know it's your win." his hand stops glowing and he drops it.

Ollie: Ollie eyes are forward and fierce as he grunts, his spear jamming into something while something else slams into him. "Stop-unf! Dilo made no attempt to stop his spear, but then, Ollie made no attempt to avoid a forceful blunt impact to his own shoulder. "Me..." His expression narrows as he realizes in the heat of the moment that he might've just outright impaled the new guy, but then his senses catch up to him and he notices the light-barrier. He knew his weapon like the back of his hand - better, even. It hadn't quite punched through. Whew. Okay. His instincts were to pull back and guard again, but he was pretty sure this was a break point for both fighters. Or he probably would've got fried the moment he hesitated. "... now." He exhales a long sigh of relief and tries to give a thumbs up with his right hand, only to be met with a jolt of pain. Eugh crap okay yeah, that's dislocated. Instead he just laughs. "Fair. I think I just messed up the song, anyway. There's supposed to be a `having a ball` in there somewhere..."

Dilo Dilo just chuckles and shrugs "It is what it is my g." then he looks over Eddie's side before turning back towards Ollie. "I'd say it's as good as time as any to make an exit" with that Dilo spreads his arms and whispers Gemma deactivating the necklace while falling backwards over the side. "Ciao"

Near the entrance of the arena a figure smiles a bit and shakes his head thinking that the fight was a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the camp. He walks away seeing Dilo free-fall over the edge shaking his head thinking to himself "The kid has got charisma. I'll give him that."

OOC & COMMENTS Neither of their blows have technically hit yet, though we're dealing with an incredibly small time frame here since they both committed to their strikes (thus why there's only one word of the song here). This feels a bit unfair but I've been wracking my brain for five days now trying to think how else Ollie would react. He'd get twisted around but not soon enough to stop his counterattack.

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