Cecylia: Cecylia smiles to herself and looks to Damian next to her. She starts thinknig about all the good times they've had together, but everytime she tries, it pulls her back to what happened moments again, probably the most bilssful experience she's been in. She keeps her arms wrapped around his upper body and snuggles him tighter. "Love you Damian." She says quietly, so she doesn't wake him up, just in case he's asleep.

Damian: He is in fact awake and plays it off as sleeping. Although he smiles at her words he finds himself regretting it and not wanting to hurt her when he moves on. He sighs and turns his head so he's facing away from her, not particularly wanting to see her at the current point in time.

Cecylia: She props herself up a bit on one arm, the blanket falling a bit. "Are you awake? I'm sorry if I woke you up." Cecylia says quietly, wanting to cuddle him more, but refusing to give in to her idea. It will just lead to worse things, worse comes to worse, he doesn't like me at all, just uses me for... like.. Tension. She thinks as she lies back down, turning her back to him, not wanting him to see her vulnerable as she wipes away a tear. "I'm sorry for making you... Just.. I'm sorry Damian." She whispers to him, keeping her back to him, wiping away the tears that keep flowing.

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