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Zahara: being new to camp she went to the strawberry field hoping by going there she would have some sort of serenity from her chaotic world

Ryan: Ryan was also new and he had just dropped his one bag into his cabin and decided to stretch his legs, the taxi ride here had been hell on his knees so he went for a small walk. 

Zahara: She was wearing this it was one of the few dresses she receive from the monastery as she stares blankly at the field thinking carefully about everything Am I really worth it....she asked herself slowly not really expecting someone to reply

Ryan: His ears picked up and he turned to face the girl in the dress "Stop being so ubsured. Am I really worth it? Yes. Stop asking stupid questions" He walked towards the girl with crossed arms

Zahara: upon hearing an answer she was shocked and looked up seeing a boy about her age huh? she said quickly before shaking her head and laughing you heard that I was just practicing for a play I'm doing ! she lied as quick as she can smiling her famous fake smile I'm Xing Ai and you are??

Ryan: He smiled and nodded "I'm Ryan Lewis, you sure you were practicing? What's the play called? Can I come watch?" He tried to corner Zahara so that she would talk honestly with him - he knew a fake smile when he saw one

Zahara: you wanna see my play? she said laughing she wasnt one to give up her lie as she had years of practice from those all My play isn't done yet I was just thinking about the main character he's this dude that fell in love with a goddess but because she's a goddess they cant marry so now he's gloomy cause his one true love isnt there anymore she lied as if it was nothing

Ryan: "Oh" He mumbled being fooled "Sounds like a good play - I hope it goes well and you find actors and everything. S-Sorry I can't act so please don't ask me but I'm sure if you put like a poster up people will join" He smiled

Zahara: she laughed hearing his words everyone can act she said slowly to ryan cause acting is a lot like playing pretend you someone else she continued before she pretended to be on a tightrope you pretend about stuff she grins before offering her hand to ryan come on lets play pretend

Rayn: He crossed his arms "No really I can't act - and I can't 'play pretend'

Zahara: she paused thinking of a way to trick the boy how about I make a deal with you? if I can do a backflip you can play pretend? and if i cant you can make me do anything you want agreed? she asked as she offered her hand to shake ryan's hand hoping he'll agree with the deal

Ryan: He couldn't help but smile and nods. He laughed "Yeah fine then - okay okay it's a deal" He shook her hand with a smile "I bet you can't do a backflip"

Zahara: she grins knowing fully well that a backflip was one of the few things she learned back at the monastery. She took a few step back and upon balancing herself she done a backflip successfully. She smiles at ryan before walking forward offering her hand to him once more you have a choice of acting or dancing my f....she paused not really liking the word friend after all that she went through her face was a bit grim yet she was quick to hid it with a smile dear ryan she giggles or I can teach you how to backflip?

Ryan: He sighs loudly and shakes his head "I'm not doing a backflip, I'm not flexible enough for that at all. But I can dance or act as long as we don't have to do it in such an open place" He shakes his head and rolls his eyes

Zahara: she smiles gently we're not going on a stage we're playing pretend here come on there's no harm in trying right??? and nobody can see us

Ryan: He nodded and shook his head right after one another "Fine- fine wait I'm coming" He slowly walked over to Zahara with an unamused look on his face

Zahara: at the sign of victory she smiled as she awaited ryan to come close wanting to see what the boy is capable off

Ryan: he slowly stepped forward, rolling his eyes and sighing as he walked infront of Zahara. "Don't make me do anything too stupid please?"

Zahara: she laughed whats more stupid than doing a backflip in a dress?? she asked the boy simply and directly

Ryan: Yes, acting infront of people is acting - or acting like a chiken or something is more stupid

Zahara: she tilts her head I dont understand your logic..

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