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Leo: He kisses her temple and nuzzles the top of her head. "I can say the same about you." He wraps his arms completely around her and holds her tight.

Rora: She smiles. "So what are you thinking?" Her body relaxes and her breaths slow and so does her heart rate. This boy is either going to end up killing me, or giving me another good time. Probably both if I were to be honest with myself.

Leo: "Thinking? I mean, I don't mind just being like this for a while if you don't mind." He smiles and kisses her. "I'm up for anything."

Rora: She laughs. "You're always up for anything." She smirks. "Oh, was someone thinking of the night we spent together?"

Leo: He chuckles, and nuzzles her. "I was quite memorable, and I wouldn't mind have a follow up to it." He winks and kisses her softly.

Rora: She groans softly. "Alright, if you wish." She winks.

Leo: He smirks and repositions her so she is straddling his lap. He leans up and kisses her deeply with a hint of hunger to it. He sets his hand on her side, holding her close as a low growl escapes him.

Rora: She whimpers softly and kisses him back just as hard. "Leo..."

Leo: He holds her body against him, continuing to dominate her mouth fiercely. He rolls so she is laying down lengthwise on the couch with him holding himself over her. "Rora.." He kisses her neck, biting and licking her skin.

Rora: She whimper again and closes her eyes, arcing into Leo.


Leo: They had made the way to her bed. He lays beside her with his arms wrapped around, gently rub his thumb against her skin. He looks down at her and kisses her cheek.

Rora: She smiles sleepily. "I think I love you Leo..." She closes her eyes and snuggles into him, yawning.

Leo: He snuggles back and chuckles. "I think I'm falling for you too." He gently kisses her lips before closing his eyes and drifts off to sleep.

Rora: She falls asleep curled up in Leo's arms.

*The next morning*

Rora: She slowly stirs, used to waking up to go practice her powers and to train a little on her own. She opens her eyes and grins as she sees Leo's sleeping face, right in front of her.

Leo: He breathes deeply and slowly. He subconsciously snuggles up to her and hums in his chest.

Rora: She giggles softly and tries to wiggle out of his embrace. Oh come on. I have to go shower. She thinks. Then go practice. I can't miss a practice.

Leo: He groans as he wakes up, looking down at her. He grins at her and lets her go after giving her a kiss on her lips. "Morning Rora, got somewhere to go to?"

Rora: She smirks. "Well, I'm all sweaty from last night, so I have to go take a shower. Alone." She adds. "Then I need to go practice. I do that every morning, in case something comes up and I need to fight. I've been getting stronger with my powers. I can hold them for longer than when I first started. A lot longer. So yes, I do have to go somewhere."

Leo: He crosses his arms and leans back on them. "Alright, mind if I use your Shower after you?

Rora: She nods. "Sure. I don't mind. Stay as long as you want." She winks and crawls out of bed, teasing him a little. She yawns and goes to her dresser and grabs her workout cloths before heading into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She starts up the shower and steps in.

Leo: He grins as he watches her leave. He quietly gets up after she gets in the shower and put on his boxers and shorts and waits on her couch to pounce on her when she gets out.

Rora: She finishes and gets dressed, opening a window, using the wind to dry her hair quickly. She grabs her bow, arrows, and sword heading out to the living room, wondering where Leo went He didn't leave, his stuff is still here, so where is he?

Leo: He playfully pounces at her, picking her up and holding her as he twirls you around a few times. He sets he back down and kisses her deeply. He grins as he pulls away. "Have fun with practice. See you later then?"

Rora: She giggles and nods. "Yup. I'll need to take another shower when I get home though, so be warned." She double checks everything then grabs an apple from the counter in the kitchen. "Hey, go take a shower, hang around, do whatever." She calls as she heads out the door. "Later!"

Leo: He smiles as she walks out and stretches before head to the shower himself. He gets dressed and goes to her kitchen and grabs a couple granola bars. He lays down on the couch for a bit thinking before his falls asleep for bit.

Rora: She heads out into the ruins to where she normally goes. After about two and a half hours of practicing, and after about three tries on a specific move, she gives up and heads back to her place, traveling faster by changing into a cloud. She reaches her place and heads in, going upstairs to take another shower.

Leo: He snores lightly as she walks in and heads to the shower. He stirs a bit and turns over to his side, as he naps.

Rora: She finishes then heads back to the living room. She smirks when she sees him sleeping. Walking on air she sneaks up on him and then jumps on him, keep her body light enough so she didn't hurt him.

Leo: There is an uff and groans from under her as he gets pinned under her. He opens his eyes and turn to face. "Thanks for the wake up call." He grunts and lays in his back and wraps his arms around her.

Rora: She giggles and smirks. "You looked so cute I just had to do something." She sticks her tongue out a little, as if to say you can't do anything about it.

Leo: He smirks back as he takes her challenge. He leans forward and takes her tongue with his mouth sucking on it lightly before going into a full french kiss, claiming her mouth with his.

Rora: She groans softly and presses against him. "Are we going to start this now?" She looks at him, her eyes half closed, but staring right at him.

Leo: He grins at her. "We can if you'd like, but that was just my revenge for you falling on me." He winks and laughs lightly.

Rora: "Oh, that was revenge?" She smirks. "It sure didn't seem like you were very angry."

Leo: "A small revenge, but i can certainly f**k you like I'm angry if that would satisfy you more." He grins devilishly and lets his hands wander down to her rear.

Rora: She giggles softly. "Hey, I'm not the one who was seeking revenge." She winks and starts to get up.

Leo: He grunts and holds her back down, leaning up to ear, whispering. "Come on, promise it'll be fun for you babe." He grins and kisses her neck sensually.

Rora: She shivers and closes her eyes. "I never doubted that." She nods once, and moans softly.

Leo: He grins and sits up, carrying her over to her bed and sets her down as he takes off his shirt. "So let's have at it then." He grins as he gives on top have her and kisses her hungrily, letting his hands roam her body.

Rora: She whimpers and kisses him back, aching for his touch.


Leo: He has his arms wrapped around her, lazily nuzzling the top of her head. He holds her close and strokes her back gently. "You are amazing, you know that."

Rora: She blushes and just snuggles closer to him. "Yah know, with all of what we do, how do we not consider ourselves dating?"

Leo: He chuckles and snuggles back. "I just haven't asked. Would you like it if I was your boyfriend?" He smirks a bit at her.

Rora: She rolls her eyes playfully. "You already know the answer to that one." She smirks back at him and gives him a quick kiss. "Of course I would."

Leo: He kisses her back and hums in delight. He holds her closer and nuzzles the crook of her neck. "Great."

Rora: She sighs. "I love you Leo." She closes her eyes and starts to drift off to sleep.

Leo: He smiles and kisses her cheek. "Love you too Rora." He sleeps asleep with her, holding her close.

Rora: She drifts off to sleep, purring softly.

*Time Skip*

Rora: It's evening when Rora wakes up. She yawns and stretches, nuzzling Leo.

Leo: He rumbles and snuggles back. Still mostly asleep as he dips his head and nuzzles the crook of her neck.

Rora: She grins and squirms out from under his arms. "Wake up sweetie. It's time for real food." She winks.

Leo: She said one of the few things that would get him up at that point and he starts to stir. "Hmmmmmmmmm, food?" He opens one eye and groggily smiles at her.

Rora: She laughs. "Boys, always the same." She squirms a little more out of his grip and gets up, not bothering to get dressed. "Come on big boy." She winks and heads to the kitchen.

Leo: He hums as he slowly gets up and follows her, wrapping his arms around her from behind and kissing her neck then her cheek. "Morning babe."

Rora: She hums softly and turns around. "It's not quite morning hun." She winks. "But if you want me to, I can make sure that you are tired and sleep till morning."

Leo: He growls low and kisses her lips. "You're amazing you know that." He moves his hands down and claps her rear with them. "But food first, please babe?"

Rora: She giggles. "Alright, what do you want to eat? I can make most anything." She heads to the fridge. "Name it and I'll make it. Well, I don't carry a lot of meat so that one is limited."

Leo: He shrugs. "Some kind of pasta sounds good." He walks over and kisses her lips before going over and sitting in a chair at the table.

Rora: She nods. She grabs cheese, butter and milk. She grabs the rest of what she needs for homemade mac&cheese before starting to boil the water. When that's started she sits on the counter, facing Leo. "Hey, we should train together one day. I need the practice against a person, and not just air."

Leo: He nods his head. "Sounds fine to me, could be fun." He smiles at her and sits back.

Rora: She nods. "Hey, now that I think about it, as much as I know about what you like in bed, i don't know much else about you." She cocks her head to the side. "I'd like to get to know my boyfriend a little more." She smiles sweetly at him.

Leo: He chuckles. "Not too much to me. I'm a son of Phlegethon. Mom was a fire dancer and I grew up with fire all the time. After I caused a fire in my school once, I meet up with this girl named Belladonna. We ran away from normal life and eventually started a gang of demigods that roamed around. That is until we got here."

Rora: She stands to stir the noodles but nods. "What led you to the BC? It doesn't sound like you had any bad experience with the gods." She spits out the last word and takes a deep breath to calm herself down. She didn't get angry often, but on the subject of camp and the gods, she was pissed and angry beyond reasoning.

Leo: He gets up and walks over to her, hugging her from behind again and holding her close in hopes of calming her down. "Not everyone here comes in hate of our parents. I'm here because the mortal world is to weak and bland for my tastes." He kisses her cheek light and nuzzles her neck.

Rora: She takes a deep breath. "Yeah, it's just hard to understand." She steps away to drain the noddles and finish making dinner. "Go sit. You said you were hungry." She gives him a small smile.

Leo: He smiles back at her and goes to sits at the table. "That I am, and thanks for making food for me Rora."

Rora: She finishes up and sets a bowl in front of Leo, then taking a seat across him. "Any time." She yawns once and then starts to eat. "Anything else I should know?"

Leo: He thanks her and grabs his fork, shaking his head. "That's about it for me. What about you?"

Rora: "Well, my mom was a gardener, through and through. She loved spring, and everyone. And everyone loved her. I grew up with my babysitter being a demigod. She taught me everything I know. Then mom died because of a hellhound attack, then as Rebecca and I were heading to camp..." She trails off and picks at her dinner. "We were attacked." She blinks tears from her eyes. "She died too."

Leo: He reaches across the table and puts his hands on hers. "I'm sorry Rora. That's just life. There is an beginning and end."

Rora: She smiles at him sadly. "They shouldn't have died. My father could have done something, but he didn't. no help, not the slightest thing to show he cared." She looks away. "I think it's time for a new topic."

Leo: He nods and rubs his thumb against her hand. "Sure, sounds good." He takes a few more forkfuls of the mac and cheese.

Rora: She smiles. "How is it?" She brushes the hair away from her face and blinks once.

Leo: He smiles at her and nods. "It's great Rora. Thanks again." He goes back and finished his bowl.

Rora: She grins. "Any time." She finishes and stands, going to clean up.

Leo: He gets up and goes to the sink and cleans his bowl. "Anything else you want to do?"

Rora: She smiles. "Well... I think I can do with a movie right about now. Anything you want to watch in particular?"

Leo: He shakes his head. "I'd be fine with whatever. And do we want to watch this movie as we are or at least get something to cover ourselves." He smirks at her and holds his arms out as if to present his state.

Rora: She grins. "I like the 'as we are' option better." She steps closer, teasing him with her body before quickly turning on her heel, and heading into the living room, swaying her hips. "Come on big boy. Let's go and try to watch a movie, but somehow I don't think we'll be watching much of it."

Leo: He grins wide as he walks closer to him as just about gets his hands on her before she walks away, growling low as he watches her do so. He walks over to the couch and sits down in it. "Hey, you make it sound like it that's a bad thing."

Rora: She shakes her head. "Oh it's definitely not a bad thing." She winks and squats in front of the tv, giving him a perfect view of her backside. She browses through the movies, eventually choosing the disney movie Mulan. "You are going to sit through this entire thing." She smirks. "But there are always ways for you to get out of it."

Leo: He smiles at her as she picks out the movie and hums to himself. "You say I have to sit through the entire thing, but do I have to be watching it the entire time?" He smirks and winks at her. "And what way might that be."

Rora: She just smiles and shrugs, saying nothing. She sets up the movie, then grabs a blanket, curling up with it and next to Leo.

Leo: He snakes his arm around her and kisses her cheek. He leans back into the couch and watch movie, his hand stroking her back gently.

Rora: She tries to concentrate on the movie, but she knew it by heart, and Leo stroking her back wasn't doing her any favors. She glances at him.

Leo: He watches her for most of the movie, drinking in her features and curves. He looks over at the movie occasionally. When she glances up at him, he smiles at her and leans down and kisses her cheek right next to her lips. He leaves his lips less than an inch from her skin, smirking as he teases his closeness.

Rora: She groans and rolls her eyes. "If you're going to tease me, just f**k me already." She tries to ignore Leo, failing. She groans again. "Screw it." She turns and straddles him, looking at him hard.

Leo: He growls low and places his hands on her rear, holding it tightly. He grins devilishly at her. "You look so sexy when you're frustrated." He leans forward, kissing and biting her neck.

Rora: She whimpers and presses against him. "No teasing Leo. I want you." She grinds against him. "F**k me. Hard."

Leo: He pulls her pelvis right up against his, grinding his hardness against her hard. "Are you telling me what to do Rora?" He spanks her hard, then lifts her up and lays her out on the couch holding himself over her. He kisses her deeply and hungrily, sliding his tongue into her mouth and looking to play with hers.

Rora: She lets him play with her tongue, groaning in pleasure. She presses against him, begging for his touch. "Leo..."

Leo: He takes her hands and lifts her arms above her head, locking her wrists together in his hand. He kisses down her exposed underarm. His other hand caresses and fondles with her chest. He makes his way with his lips to her her neck, biting and sucking hard, marking her skin. He positions himself and prods his hardness right at her entrance. "Rora..." He thrusts hard and buries his full length inside of her.

Rora: She cries out, squirming beneath his touch. "F**k Leo, just like that." She tightens around him, heightening the pleasure even more. "Aaaaahhhh"

Leo: He uses his free hand to wrap her legs around his waist and he start to thrust in rhythm into her. He growls low as he marks her neck again before kissing her passionately and hungrily.

Rora: She moans low and closes her eyes, basking in the pleasure.


Leo: He pants as he pulls out of her and holds himself over her, looking down at her beautiful face. He brushes a bit of her hair out of her face. "Bed?"

Rora: She gasps, trying to catch her breath. Nodding she looks back at him.. "I'm alright with that."

Leo: He smiles and kisses her softly before moving to the side and picking her up bridal style over to the bed. He lays her down gently and crawls in next to her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly.

Rora: She smiles and shifts a little, sore. "Well, I'm going to feel that tomorrow." She jokes. She snuggles into him and sighs contentedly.

Leo: He laughs lightly and kisses her lips. "Just how you like it." He winks at her and nuzzles her affectionately.

Rora: She laughs and nuzzles him back, loving the warmth and security. "Of course I like it like that. How could anyone like it any other way?"

Leo: "Well some people like a gentlier kind of love. Clearly that isn't us though." He smiles and kisses her long and slowly, hold her tight against him.

Rora: She laughs. "What is this thing called gentle that you speak about?" She kisses him back and then snuggles up to try and sleep.

Leo: He snuggles back and closes his eyes, drifting off to sleep with her.


Rora: She slowly wakes up with the sun, yawning. She licks Leo's nose, snuggling closer to him.

Leo: He grumbles and wrinkles his nose. He leans his head in and nuzzles her neck affectionately. He groans lightly as he is still mostly asleep.

Rora: She laughs and licks his nose again. "Wake up. It's morning. New day. Time to play." She winks.

Leo: He grumbles low and smiles a bit against her skin. He starts to press kisses against her neck and shoulders, slowly covering all the exposed skin there. "Morning."

Rora: "Mmm. Looks like I know how to wake you up." She squirms and sit up, straddling his hips. "See, isn't this such a nice way to wake up?" She teasingly rolls her hips against his.

Leo: He hums in delight as his hands cup her rear tightly. "It's a very nice way. But I'm sure it because you know I'm always up in the morning." He looks up at her and winks before spanking her hard.

Rora: She jumps a little and smirks. "Oh, you're always up in the morning? Who always wakes up first. Right me." She rolls her hips again and winks. "Now, if you were referring to that delicious piece of heaven you have, then yes, you're always up in the morning." She winks.

Leo: He lets out a low growl. "Yes, I am talking about the thing that drives you insane." He pushes her hips down hard and grinds against her roughly. "Now you're going to be good and put me in so we can start having fun."

Rora: She moans softly and her head falls back. She raises her hips slightly, and finds his large member standing up straight for her. She moans louder as she slowly sinks onto it. "F**k Leo. Take me to heaven."

Leo: He groans at the return of her tightness around him. He swings his hand back and spanks her hard a couple times, now a red hand print on her rear. "No, you will take yourself for now. Ride me as hard as I know you want to. Then I'll show you how I can f*ck you better than anyone else." He spanks her more until there are dark red handprint on both of her cheeks.

Rora: She cries out a little, the pain adding to her pleasure. "F**k." She breaths. She grinds her hips against his before lifting her hips and slowly riding him hard. Her cries of pleasure ring throughout the room as she f**ks him hard.

Leo: He growls loud, watching her ride him for a bit before pulling her down so he can french kiss her hungrily. As their lips are locked, he starts to thrust up hard to meet her as she moves her hips down, pounding her tenderness.

Rora: She moans against his lips, almost begging him to go harder and faster. She tightens herself around him and digs her nails into his chest a little, trying to keep steady. "Leo-"

Leo: He pants as he thrusts hard for a bit, grabbing her rear tight as he pushes her down harder and faster onto him. "F*ck, Rora.." He locks his lips to hers, needing the connection as badly as he needed air.

Rora: She whimpers, close to the edge. She tightens around him harder, trying to make him c** before her. She wanted to feel his hot seed deep inside her. Her nails dig deeper into his chest and she kisses him back harder.

Leo: Her sudden tightness throws him as his core tightens as he thrusts a few more times before slamming up into her as he pushes her down hard as he releases his load inside of her. He groans hard and low with his lips still locked to hers.

Rora: She finds her release right after Leo. Her scream fills the room and her body tenses. When she comes down from her high her face if flushed and she's panting. "F**ck Leo. You certainly know how to please a girl."

Leo: He breathes heavy as he looks up at her with a smirk. "I haven't even started yet." He rolls them over, letting himself grind inside of her as he lifts up her legs to where her knees are on either side of her chest. He pulls himself out of her and runs his length against her now soaked folds. "I'm going to show you just why you love me so much."

Rora: She groans and arcs her back. "Then quit teasing already." She gives him a lust filled look. "Do it Leo."

Leo: He grins devilishly and starts thrusting hard and fast. He uses his position to force himself deep and hard into her.

Rora: She screams and tightens around him. "F**k Leo! Just like that. Oh f**k."

Leo: He groans hard as he thrusts faster and faster. He holds himself over her as he pounds her. He leans in and bites her neck.

Rora: She moans and cries out, so close to her release. "Oh f**k Leo, don't stop. Please don't."

Leo: He pants as he goes all out, pressing his body against hers. "C** for me Rora."

Rora: She cries out again and tightens around his member, feeling her release wash over her. "Oh f**k Leo. Oh f**k."

Leo: He thrusts hard a few more times, before slamming his entire length into her and releasing inside of her once again, groaning loud as he does.

Rora: She moans and pants. "Ungh. Gods that was amazing." She looks at him and smiles, tired.

Leo: He pants as well, looking down at her and smiles back. He leans in and kisses your lovingly. "Aren't I always." He winks and slowly pulls himself out of her and lays down next to her.

Rora: She laughs. "Yes you are sweetie. Now I think we have things to do today. Up up. I need a shower. And no, you aren't going to join me." She winks.

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