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Jack: After having left for a few days to visit family, Jack saunters back into the cabin with his backpack and duffel. He drops his stuff off just inside his room before heading over to his step sister's door, knocking on door before peaking his head in. "Hey Kat. I'm back from my trip."

Aikaterine: She was swift to stash whatever it was she was looking at beneath her pillow just as the knocks rang through her entire room. Kat got up and quickly moved to greet him, her arms delicately linking around her step-brother's neck to draw him into a hug. "Surprised your not dead," she commented with a grin. "Half wondered if I was going to have to dip into this huge bottle of aged bourbon I won in a bet all alone."

Jack: He wraps his arms around her, giving her a good squeeze as he hugs back. "Oh come on now. You know I'm not that easy to kill." He smirks at her. "And you say the like you wouldn't still do that with me back." He chuckles before giving her another bear hug, lifting her off the ground a bit.

Aikaterine: "I mean... you're not wrong," she mused and allowed him to pick her up, nose wrinkling with mild amusement. After a few moments, she was quick to escape his hold and affection and opted to snag the bottle off her nightstand. She held it out to him with a grin, "it's real old."

Jack: He looks quizzically at her then the bottle and back at her. "What century? It's if it's older than 600 years, I'm going to need some convincing."

Aikaterine: She slipped the bottle into his hands and moved toward her vanity to fix brown curls that had been expertly created mere hours earlier. "It's closer to 500 years old," she mused but never gave away if it was a joke or the truth.

Jack: He looked down at the bottle with a sigh. "I guess I should count myself lucky that I trust you not to kill me with liquor." He turns to her and see her active of making herself preaentable. "You have a date with someone or just trying out the whole pretty girl look for a change." He gave her a playful smirk as he started to open the bottle.

Aikaterine: "I would kill you in your sleep rather than spike liquor and waste it," she mused and sat on the edge of her bed with an inclined head, brow quirking. "Sometimes girls just wanna' look pretty."

Jack: "Fair. And you're as cute as a button, Kat." He smiled as he gave her a quick pat on the head, before sitting down next to her as he smells the liquor. "Hmm. Earthy, not the straight paint thinner I was expecting." He took a sip, surprised a bit by the fact it was palatable, quite taste even. He enjoyed the warm feeling it left. "Not bad."

Aikaterine: "Cute as the kind of button that can turn into a shield with spikes," she confirmed with a nod before allowing a grin to form. "My mum's recipe," she said with a casual shrug. "Found it in a book ages ago and that's the product. Probably should have mentioned that no one has tried it until you." She winked and snagged the bottle before taking a swig. "You're right, ginuea pig. It's not bad at all."

Jack: He narrows his eyes at her before rolling them. He wraps his large arms her and squeezes her extra tight. "You are so thoughtful." He takes the bottle back, giving her a kiss on the cheek before taking a a couple big gulps. He let's a big shiver shake through his body.

Aikaterine: She vaguely wondered if she would ever get used to affection, as it is something she had gone without for so long. It almost made her awkward and unsure of what words to say so she settled for her usual quips and shady side-eyes. Snickering softly, she stretched and let out a yawn. "I spent all day training some new campers and I can officially say we are doomed if anything were to happen to Camp."

Jack: He shrugs and takes one more sip before handing the bottle back to her. "That's what you and I come in, right?" He chuckles and pats her arm. "Give them some slack, they haven't had a millenia of practice and experince"

Aikaterine: She took the bottle gently from him and took a comically long swig before handing it back. "I'd rather drown them at the beach," she admitted with a groan and fell back onto her bed with a huff of annoyance. "Why can't everyone just be perfect and amazing like me?"

Jack: He looked down at her and shook his head. He turned and tucked one of his legs under him as he faced her. "You know drowning them all would take effort. And come on, you can hold everyone to that high of standard, Kat." He smiled at her, genuinely enjoy his time talking with her.

Aikaterine: "True," she agreed with the effort part and lifted only enough to take a swig without spilling it down the front of her shirt. She capped the bottle and fell back once again, screwing up her face ever so slightly. "Some of them don't have the drive to train. If you don't train than you won't be good. If you aren't good than you will wind up dead."

Jack: "We both know that, but do the people you're teaching understand that fact? Most people come here being a normal humans for all of their life and camp is the first time they are a demigod." He tried to looks sympathetic to both her and the other kids. "If yhey don't understand it, the. We have to convince them before yhe worst happen. Experience is a burden to share." He looked her in the eyes for a moment. "It's good to see you uoset at it though."

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