Lallaine & Jonah

Jonah: He's chilling in front of his cabin, reading a book.

Lallaine: After having arranged the books in her cabin's shelves, she went outside, since the weather didn't seem so cold. She decided to meet a friend ask her for something until she passed by a boy reading a book she always wanted to read. Having no shame when it comes to literature, she asked him, "Is that a good book?"

Jonah: He stopped reading and slipped his notebook onto the page and gazed at the girl, blushing a bit since she was attractive. The book was "Turtles all the way Down" by John Green and he was enjoying the content so far. "Really nice, John Green is a great author." He said quietly, looking at the ground.

Lallaine: "I see." She began muttering to herself for the sake of remembering the book. Then she widened her eyes. "Oh my gods, I'm so sorry for interrupting you like this. Please forgive me," she said as she bowed low with her hands together.

Jonah: His eyes widen, "No no.. it's alright. It's not a big deal."

Lallaine: "Right." She tucked her hair behind her ear. "I'm Lallaine, by the way. Do you . . . do you read books a lot?"

Jonah: "I'm Jonah, nice to meet you." He said quietly. "I always read books, I love reading. You can take one look into a page and you're transported into a new dimension. It's amazing." He smiled lightly and nervously looked at her.

Lallaine: "Oh gods, yes, that's very true. It's always an escape from reality, even though my life doesn't seem so much like the reality I once knew, but books are just so comforting and relaxing and your mind just goes—" She puts her hands over her mouth. "Sorry, here I go again. I rarely meet anyone who's really into books, but maybe it's just that I don't really try meeting anyone."

Jonah: Jonah smiled as if he had met another version of himself. "Y-Yeah, I really don't like people. Books are forever, you know?"

Lallaine: "How much more of a truth can that be?" She stared at Jonah, "Mind if I ask you for recommendations? I've read almost every book in our shelf in the cabin, and—oh gods, this is wonderful." She ran out of things to say. Finally, another one like me!

Jonah: "There's this book called The Trade Aboveby some guy named Thomas Sawyer (by Atticus' pseudonym.) I think he's a new author or something, but it's about the imperialism of Congo by the Belgians.

Lallaine: "Hmm, I never heard of him. Kind of makes me remember about Tom Sawyer." She giggled lightly at the memory of her times reading it. "Is it available in the nearby bookstore? Or do you have a copy of it?"

Jonah: "Yeah, let me go get it." He heads into his cabin and pulls out a paperback copy of the book and gives it to Lallaine. "I think you will enjoy it."

Lallaine: She took the book in her hands as if it was some precious treasure. Well, it really was one. It's a book! "Thank you so much. I might give this back to you in three days, but it depends on how much I like it. I might not even give it back." She smiled. "Just kidding."

Jonah: He laughed and shook his head, "Feel free to take it, I have a hardcover at home." He leaned on the staircase for more comfort. "Who is your godparent.. just curious."

Lallaine: "Really?!" She squealed in delight as she hugged the book. "Thank you. Athena's my mom. So I guess I got it from her, but nah. You?"

Jonah: "That explains the bookworm trait, my mom is Tyche." He motioned to the cabin.

Lallaine: "That is rare . . . well, for your cabin. Most of the guys I knew there were all about adventure and more money." She laughed lightly. "So, are you the only bookworm there?"

Jonah: He nodded, aware of his half-siblings' reputation for gambling and taking risks. "Everyone's into gambling.. not my thing."

Lallaine: "That's sad." Then she perked up with an idea. "Hey! What do you say, lunch or snack together somewhere? My treat. I guess that's a good time for a book talk."

Jonah: He simply nodded, feeling hungry. "That's kind of you, thanks."

Lallaine: "But I suggest you suggesting where we're going; I mean, I'm not really familiar with eateries around here. Funny I'm treating you without knowing anything."

Jonah: "To be fair, I haven't been at camp for a long time until recently. I was with my family back in Vegas." He shrugged and suddenly thought of a place, "Hey, come follow me."

Lallaine: She jumped in excitement, whisper-screaming, "Yehey!" and followed Jonah.

Jonah: He brought her to the cafe in town, his favorite place to get some snacks and coffee. "What do you think? I know it's not as cool as the zoo, but this is my home away from camp."

Lallaine: She observed the place. "No, no, it's very . . . aesthetic." Oh, this was one of the places she would prefer to stay in rather than Camp. The menu was just above the counter. "Anything you want?"

Jonah: "I'll pay, don't worry." He smiled and took out his wallet. "What do you want?"

Lallaine: She puts her hands on her hips. "Excuse me, good sir, I was the first to say I'd pay; you were just going to bring us to a good place." She took her wallet out as well. "I'll pay.

Jonah: He sighed, knowing that the daughter of Athena would successfully convince him to let her pay at the end. "Fine."

Lallaine: "Good!" She skipped to the counter and ordered chocolate waffles and black coffee. She turned to Jonah. "And yours?"

Jonah: It was his father's birthday and with the thoughts of his abuse and death, he couldn't eat anything. "No it's okay, I ate in my cabin." He said, lying through his teeth, a little guilty that he was.

Lallaine: She tilted her head, suddenly having a feeling the boy wasn't, well, really okay. Are you okay? she telepathically asked. Prying on someone while he doesn't know he is being pried was bad, so she decided to just ask him.

Jonah: "I'm fine, just not hungry because I ate too much." He simply said and played with this thumbs.

Lallaine: "Are you sure? You seem so jumpy for food a while ago," she said. "And I'm going to treat you, that's sad," she add with a pout.

Jonah: He stayed quiet and looked out the window. "Thanks.."

Lallaine: She sighed. "Okay." She turned to the counter and added one cappuccino. "I guess coffee will be good for you. Coffee clears your mind, although caffeine is not—" Shut up with the nerdy stuff! she told herself. "Coffee is good," she finished with a smile. "Want a table by the glass?"

Jonah: He nodded and followed her to the table, his eyes glazed over as a pair of Aphrodite girls walked over and looked back at Lallaine.

Lallaine: She smiled at him. She took a seat from the chair across his. "They say when you feel sad, sharing it cures the sadness," she simpered. Some campers walked in, but she didn't know them. She's not really friendly with Aphrodite's kids. "Jonah, if there's something troubling you, I can listen. I won't say anything,"

Jonah: He sighed, "Look you're nice and all, but I just met you today." He felt vulnerable and wanted to close his walls up. "No offense."

Lallaine: "Hmm, true. Sorry for prying too much." She rested her chin on her hand, looking out the glass panes. The fingers of her other hand started tapping the table. "Hey, if these kind of things, maybe, recall bad events or something, we could go out, or just stop this. You gotta rest if that is," she offered. A probable alternative for someone she never knew.

Jonah: "I mean... it happened a few years ago. I probably should've moved on, but it'll probably affect me for the rest of my life."

Lallaine: "I'm sorry." Before she could say anything else, the waiter arrived and placed their orders. She thanked him and he walked away. "Here's your coffee. Get relieved for now."

Jonah: "Thank you," He smiled for a while and looked at her while sipping his coffee.

Lallaine: She stirred her coffee and took a sip. "Is it good enough?" she asked.

Jonah: "Yeah." He said, finishing the rest of his drink. "So... tell me about yourself." Jonah wanted to start a conversation and know more about the daughter of Athena.

Lallaine: "Myself? Hmm . . ." Aw, come on. Him first before me! Whatever. "There's nothing really special about me. I  miss my dad, but I have a stepmom and two step-sbilings with him who I'd rather not meet again. Been in Camp for almost three years now, and I'm still aiming for architecture, though archeology has a nice ring to it." She started cutting her tart. "How about you?"

Jonah: "That's fascinating, at least you know what you want to do with your life." He said with interest. "Myself? Not too sure. Maybe I'll become a gambler like the rest of my siblings." He sarcastically remarked, though he didn't know what will happen in his future.

Lallaine: "Hmm. What's your talent, then? Skill? Besides the inherited one, of course. That'll help you decide." She munched on a small bite.

Ryder & Cambria (2 Years Later)

Ryder: "You'll see," he says with a smile. He knows the fireflies stay there day and night. The place is covered with the trees' thick bushes of leaves, so it's always quite dark in there, just perfect to watch the floating lights. They round a corner, near where the water touches sand. "And here we are," he announces. The insects are indeed there, and luckily, they seem to be dancing in the dark with violet flowers in the background.

Cambria: "Wow," Her eyes light up as she sees the beautiful fireflies flying around in colorful hues. Her lips turn up as she watches them for a long time.

Ryder: He stares at Cambria for some time as she watches the flying lights. He blinks away as notices how creepy he might be and asks, "What do you say?"

Cambria: "It's so beautiful... there are no words to put it." For Cambria, she has never seen how truly nature could be since she lived in New York City- a concrete jungle. "Thank you so much for bringing me here." Cambria moves closer to the son of Nike and kisses him on the cheek.

Ryder: His knees almost give up under him as she kissed him. He is pretty sure his ears and nose are blowing out steam from the pressure and the heat and the embarrassment he has right now. "Y-You're w-welcome," he manages to say, covering his mouth with his hand. "Sorry."

Cambria: She strokes his face and beams, "You're really cute." She pokes his nose. "Boop!"

Ryder: Calm down, Ryder, calm down. "Thanks, I guess . . .?" Damn it, calm down! He sighs, and waits for a few seconds before speaking, "Sorry if I'm not that used to these things. I'm pretty nervous around girls, in general." Ahh! Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing!

Cambria: "Don't worry, you're acting as if I don't feel nervous around you." She chuckles and leans her head on Ryder's shoulder. She twirls her hair around her finger as she watches Ryder.

Ryder: "I do?" For some reasons, Cambria's calm and happy demeanor makes him feel less agitated than he normally would. Is it part of her abilities as Eros' child, or it's completely just her? He doesn't know, but that's good news. "Say, what do you want to do now?"

Cambria: "Not sure, do you want to grab something to eat? We could head into town."

Ryder: "Hmm . . . the town sounds good." He smiles and looks at Cambria. "My treat."

Cambria: "No way, you already took me to this beautiful place. I'll pay, no biggie." She says and grabs his hand again, leading the way to a restaurant in town.

Ryder: He almost trips himself on a rock as she dragged him with her. "Are you sure? I eat a lot, that'd be a big amount, I swear."

Cambria: "Money isn't the biggest issue for me, I got to spoil my boy sometimes." She blushes and stops to rest by sitting on a bench. "Wait a second I'm tired.

Ryder: "Well, then." He's hungry. The idea of getting to the restaurant in a few minutes lessened his patience. He scooped Cambria up in his arms, under her knees and on her back. "I'll carry you," he says as he continues walking.

Cambria: She groans and lays her head on the his shoulder. "Noooo Ry-ry. She tries to escape from his arms but fails to do so. "I'm going to pay for our next date then."

Ryder: "Fair enough. And nobody's ever given me a nickname before, except for Xander, of course. " The restaurant was already in sight as he turned a curve. "There it is! More pasta for me!" He shifted to a sprint; Cambria wasn't much of a heavy weight for him.

Cambria: She feels warm and comfortable in her arms and snuggles closely to him. "OOF!" She feels the acceleration and grips tightly.

Ryder: "And here we are!" He gently puts Cambria down just before they arrive at the door. He jogs towards the door and opens it. "Ma'am," he says, gesturing for her.

Cambria: "Thank you, kind sir." She giggles and does a mock curtsy. The two are directed to their table by the waiter and they sit down. Cambria opens up the menu and ponders about what she should eat. "Hmmm... what you getting?"

Ryder: He scans the menu. They have lots of delicious stuff. "Hmm . . . I guess I'll get this eggplant pita sandwich, Italian lasagna, and shrimp scampi." He finds the beverages and dessert part. "Oh, and chocolate mousse!" He looks at Cambria. "Uh, sorry for that. Told you I eat a lot."

Cambria: "Hmm.. I think I'll just have a salad." She says meekly to the waiter. "No worries, mom can afford it all and I'll work it off." She shrugs.

Ryder: He frowns. "You have to work?" He shakes his head violently. "No, no, no. I'll be paying now. I was the first to say it's my treat, and so it must be."

Cambria: She laughs, "Aww don't worry. My mom owns a fashion line and I'm expected to take over in a matter of a few years and she pays me to do some work. I just hop on my computer to help with financials."

Ryder: "Oh, is that so? Can you talk about yourself? I'd like to know you, well, a bit more, please?"

Cambria: "Well I just turned 18 and I'm from New York City. My mom is a fashion designer and I like to model and dance in my free time. Also, I have a crush on this cute guy, I think you might know him.

Ryder: "Cool. Who's the cute guy, then? A friend of yours?" Sadly, Ryder is a completely dense person.

Cambria: "Let's see... he has blonde hair and brown eyes and his mother is the goddess of Victory?"

Ryder: "Goddess of victory?" He knits his brows as her description went around his head. Then his eyes light up. "Ohhhhhhhhh . . . wait, are you talking about me?"

Canbria: She mentally facepalmed. "Ryder.. you make it sound like I spend this much time and flirt with so many guys."

Ryder: He face turns to a deeper shade of red as he waves his hands in front of him. "No, no, Cambria! It's just that . . it's just . . ." He let his head hang between his shoulders. "I'm just not used to these things, and you're . . you're so pretty and smart and cool that I don't even know what you saw in me . . . there're probably other guys out there who you deserve more than me," he says in low voice.

Cambria: She frowns, "I'm not perfect, just because I'm a daughter of Eros doesn't mean I would be out of your league. You're so hot." She starts to blush. "You're so kind and thoughtful and not douchey- you're the guy girls want to marry not just sleep with."

Ryder: He wanted to cry. Like, tears and all. That was the nicest thing he'd heard in years. But he just gawked at Cambria like he couldn't believe she was actually talking about him. He didn't know what to say, or do . . . it was completely embarrassing. What she was saying—was it really true? He pushed that thought aside. Of course, it's true, dummy! a nicer part of him reassured. " . . . Thank you. You really made me happy this time," he finally whispered.

Cambria: She had no idea what possessed her to do thing especially in the middle of the restaraunt, but she stood up and went to Ryder. She smiled as she stared at his brown eyes and kissed him right there and in front of everyone.

Ryder: He sat there, surprised and stunned, with his mind melting into a complete blank. So this is what it feels like, he thought, suddenly not caring about the world but only Cambria and Cambria alone. Her lips were soft, and he knew he didn't her or himself to break it but unfortunately, they weren't in somewhere private. Suddenly, the waiter came, speaking, until he realized what was happening. "Oh, sorry," he muttered.

Cambria: In the middle of their make-out, she somehow got on his lap. Cambria gives Ryder another peck and sits on her own spot. "Don't worry, we're good now." She turns to Ryder. "Are we ready to order, sweetheart?"

Ryder: His face was furiously flushing. He pursed his lips and nodded to Cambria. "The food is ready, then?" he asked the waiter.

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Cambria: He nods and brings out their dishes. Cambria smiles at hers and takes out her phone to take a quick picture, "Your food is good?"

Ryder: He rubbed his hands together as he savoured the sight of it. "Indeed, it must be. Thank you for the food!" Then he dug in, minding his manners, fortunately.

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Cambria: "No problem." She grins, satisfied with her salad and takes a few delicate bites. "What do you want to do after, do you want to come to my cabin?"

Ryder: "Your cabin—" He almost choke and remembered not to talk while eating. He finished his spoon of food. "I've never been in the Eros cabin, so yeah, I'd like to see the interior."

Cambria: It's really cute and it always smells really yummy for some reason? I don't know. You'll see some of my siblings, I think you'll like them!" She exclaimed and took another bite.

Ryder: "That sounds nice." He took his last spoon of lasagna. "Man that's too little. Anyway . . ." He held the glass of chocolate mousse. "Don't you think I might never leave there if it smells yummy? I'd give anything to stay away from my cabin, unless a someone in there leaves."

Cambria: "What?" She asked curiously. "Is there anyone giving you a hard time? You have every right to feel safe there."

Ryder: "Well, there's a really loud idiot there and I can't believe he's my half-brother 'cause he's a douchebag. He's irritating me to no end, so . . . that explains it," he said as he played with the mousse, contemplating on how he even managed to stay a day in that cabin with that idiot.

Cambria: "Just ignore him.. don't give him the satisfaction of annoying you. If he keeps doing that, then we'll have a nice visit to your cabin." She eats the rest of salad and sips on her drink.

Ryder: He nodded. "Right." He sipped on his drink, then realizing his food was no more. I'm such a glutton. He rested his arms on the table. "So . . . we're done here?"

Cambria: "Food is the best and yeah, I'm done." She signals over the waiter and pays for their meal, narrowing her eyes at Ryder if he dared to say anything and also included tax. "Ready to head off?"

Ryder: He almost stopped her from paying until she gave that glare. So he shut up and put his hands on his lap. "Ready as I'll ever be," he replied, and stood up, running towards the door in order for him to open the door once again.

Cambria: She blushed at this gentlemanly behavior and grabbed his hand to drag him to her cabin. There, she opened the door and the room was scented like chocolate and was designed in a regal style. She rushed to her room and plopped on her bed. It was your standard room with a bed with pink bedsheets, a white desk, vanity and dresser. Her closet was filled with her clothes and some boxes were unopen as she just came back from the city.

Ryder: "It does smell like chocolate," he stated, sniffing the air even though his stomach was rumbling again. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Cool. I wish my room could smell like this."

Cambria: "Yeah, you can always get some chocolate scented spray?" Hearing his stomach rumble, she giggles and tosses him a pack of chips from her drawer. "Ry, we literally just ate.. how are you still hungry?"

Ryder: "I'm sorry." Yey, chips! He tore it open and munched on two. "I told you I eat too much." He put the pack of chips on the bed, maybe for a share. It belongs to her anyway.

Cambria: She took a few chips and ate them, smiling at her crush. Cambria dared to grab his hand and rested her head on his shoulders. They were inches apart.

Ryder: Oh my gods, she's so close. His mind was going crazy as he gulped in the chips. His heart beat so fast and hard that he was sure it could be heard from far away. What do I do? He found himself unable to speak.

Cambria: She leaned forward as if it was the answer to his question. She felt his soft lips as she smiled through the kiss.

Ryder: He leaned in to the kiss, cupping Cambria's face on one side. How do you even passionately kiss a person? he asked himself. He tried not to be so nervous at this time.

Cambria: She leans closer and accidentally falls on top of him. She laughs nervously and leans her head on his body and gives him another peck. "Ryder?" She asked nervously.

Ryder: His brain would probably explode as these things kept happening. He wrapped his arms around her. "You okay, Cambria?"

Cambria: "I like you." She starts laughing, "Heck, I think I even might love you." She looks away and frowns, "I might be crazy, you might think I'm crazy because we just met after two years, I just felt this spark when I met you and you're just so genuine..."

Ryder: He smiled. "I felt, and still feel, the same way. My brother thought I was out of mind, falling in love with someone I just met, but it seemed like I couldn't get you out of my mind. And then I saw you again, and my heart almost leaped out of my chest. Thanks for coming back." Ooooohhh, did I just say that all?

Cambria: She just smiles and kisses his cheek, feeling the tiredness come in. "I love you, Ryder."

Ryder: He kissed the top of her head, embracing her tightly. "And I love you as well."

Cambria: She smiled and fell asleep on the bed.

The next day...

Ryder: He slowly opened his eyes. He wasn't in his room. He tried to recall what happened. Oh, right. He carefully looked to his side, and there she was. Still asleep, he stroke her hair lightly while examining her face. He smiled to himself. Gods help me with this beautiful girl.

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Cambria: She was still sleeping, a smile on her face. "Ryder," she murmured and accidentally grabbed the son of Nike closer.

Ryder: He almost made a sound that would wake her up. She called my name. He raised his arm and took a look at his wristwatch. It's still early. He continued what he was doing, but this time even lighter. "I love you," he whispered.

Cambria: Hearing noise, she woke up and smiled at him. "Hi... I love you too." Cambria stood up and placed a sweatshirt over her shirt and yawned, "I'm just confused about one thing."

Ryder: He sat up and tilted his head slightly. "About what?"

Cambria: She started blushing. "Are we dating? I'm just confused.."

Ryder: I guess this is it. Spill it out, Ryder! "Okay, okay. Let me, um, make this all clear." He took Cambria's hand in his. "Will you be my girlfriend, Cambria?"

Cambria: She turned away and said, "No." After a moment, she looked at his crestfallen expression and says, "Just kidding, I've been waiting forever."

Ryder: His heart almost broke into pieces when she replied a single, two-letter word. And as she took it back, he exhaled deeply and closed his eyes. "C'mon, don't scare me like that," he murmured.

Cambria: She stuck out her tongue, "Revenge for you taking too long."

Ryder: He sighed. "I actually wanted to ask you that a long time ago, but I figured you might not, well, not want it, and that I'm too embarrassed to ask you." He faced Cambria. "So sorry, really."

Cambria: "When a girl spends this much time with you, she likes you," she gave her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek as she got up from her bed. Going over to her coat hanger, she grabbed the coat and placed it over her outfit.

Ryder: "I'll keep that in mind." He frowned. "I have to go back to my cabin. Xander might be rummaging through my things and I gotta take a bath," he said as stood up from bed.

Cambria: "Oh," she pouted, biting on her lip. "Am I going to see you again today?"

Ryder: "Sure. It's been two years; how can I not see you?" He turned the knob. "I'm gonna come back in a few minutes."

Cambria: "Alright, see you soon." She said, watching him leave her cabin. In that time, she sprayed on perfume and redid her makeup to look more presentable.

Ryder: He ran to his cabin and burst though his room. Xander wasn't around, so he immediately jumped in bath, making sure he's all good after. He found some good clothes. Xander found him and teased him really bad as he tried to think of what to do later. Then he ran out of the cabin and knocked on the Eros Cabin's door, looking around for his brother, just to make sure.

Cambria: She opened the door to a startled Ryder, "Ooh." She looked at him with a smirk on her face, "You look good."

Ryder: He looked at his outfit. "Do I? I thought I looked ridiculous, but—" He raised his arm, gesturing for her to take, "—let's go out for now," he said with a smile."

Cambria: "Where are you taking me now?" She asked curiously, taking his arm and placed a quick kiss on his cheek.

Ryder: He looked up. "For breakfast?" he retorted with a chuckle.

Cambria: She blinked a few times, "I kind of ate a yogurt back in my cabin, but that sounds good too."

Ryder: "Yogurt is enough for you?" Considering he was a glutton, he would always think other people are that way as well. He started walking. "It's still early. Want a jog?"

Cambria: "Yep, I'm not like a garbage machine like you." She laughed and nodded to Ryder's suggestion of a jog. She needed some good exercise.

Ryder: "Okay. Race you to the lake!" he yelled as he took as step before dashing out.

Cambria: She laughed at his childish behavior and immediately sped towards to match his speed.

Ryder: He looked back and his eyes widened. "Hey, is it just me or are you faster than the last time we did this?"

Cambria: "Guess that's what happens when you go to the gym." She remarked with a grin. "You should be faster, your mom is Nike.

Ryder: He frowned. "Running ahead of you sounds bad." He started to run backwards, with him facing Cambria. "I gotta watch over you, who knows what might happen."

Cambria: She giggled. "Oh my knight in shining armor! Don't worry Ryder, I can handle whatever comes in my way.

Ryder: "My dear warrior princess," he started, still continuing the fast pace of his backward run, "Warrior princesses fall and the job of the knight is to make sure that doesn't happen."

Xander & Cambria

Xander: He tilts his head. "Ryder? Oh, lil' brother!" He eyes the girl, and wonders, She might be the one Ryder babbles on about for hours. He smiles. "Ryder just left the cabin, I guess. Does he seem to be a problem, now?" he asks, like he doesn't know anything.

Cambria: She shakes her head and frowns slightly. "No, of course not. I was just wondering where he was so we could.." She stops talking, not knowing how to say the next word without seeming awkward.

Xander: He gives a wider smile. "Have a date?" he finishes. "I suppose you are Cambria Wilkins of the Eros Cabin? Please don't be surprised why I know. Ask Ryder." He chuckles at the thought.

Cambria: She blinks a few times. "Does he talk about me?" She turns a bit red and shyly looks away. "Yeah I'm Cambria, who are you if you don't mind me asking?"

Xander: "I wouldn't know you if he doesn't," he retorts. "Don't worry, I'm just another normal camper. Specifically your boyfriend's half-brother whom he grew up with." He stops as he thinks what he said over in his head. "Has he asked you out already? That guy is to weak to these things."

Cambria: "Unfortunately, we 're not dating," she sighs and leans against the cabin wall. "He hasn't asked me out and that's fine. If he's not ready, he's not ready."

Xanders: He crosses his arms over his chest and leans on the threshold, facing her. "Ryder is very, very nervous around girls, just to let you know. That's why I was shocked, yes shocked, when he told me he's meeting with you. Although he'd like to ask you out, he's too shy to do so. All the more reason for me to push him and be a man," he says, laughing,

Cambria: She nodded, remembering how he panicked during their first date. "A man? He is already a man. I find it endearing that he's shy, it's so much more refreshing then those arrogant douche bags." She shivers, remembering her ex-boyfriend, glad that Ryder was so much more different than him.

Xander: "Oh?" He looks up, thinking of possible reasons why she said such. "Got an experience with those arrogant douche bags?" His put his hands in his jacket's pockets. "Well, good luck with Ryder. Not scaring you, but he's just really hard to help to be . . . not that perturbed." He sighs. "But maybe's he's changed, I don't know. Can't say we're that close."

Cambria: She frowns and looks off at the distance. "That's sad.. just try to talk to him? You guys must love each other."

Xander: He shrugs. "I don't know about him, but there's no one I love more than him. I mean, besides the half-siblings and all, he's the only family I have." He frowns when he suddenly notices how he's telling all this to, well, someone he's not really close with. "Don't tell him I said all that or else I'll cut that tongue of yours, understand?"

Cambria: She makes a O_O, "Okay... if you even manage to." She smirks, "What's wrong with loving someone? That doesn't make you vulnerable, you know?"

Xander: He glares at Cambria, but his dejection he can't keep in. "I know it's not something to be afraid of, but . . . I just don't want to—gods, why am I talking about this? Hey, you—" he points his finger at her, "—don't make me talk about this, it's ridiculous."

Cambria: "You're the one spilling the beans." She smiled as she rolled her eyes. "Love is beautiful, don't you think?"

Xander: "Okay, that was unwary of me. The most I could ask of you is to make Ryder happy, because like you said, love is the most beautiful thing for him."

Cambria: She smiles and crosses her fingers. "I, Cambria Wilkins promise not to break Ryder's heart because I lo-ike him. " Cambria, you idiot you only just met him again after two years. She nods slowly and ignores the flushing in her cheeks. "It's been two years since I've been gone and I intend to make up the lost time."

Xander: He starts picking on his nails. "Sounds good. But if you do other than that, you'll get more than a literally broken body, k?"

Cambria: She makes a mental note not to cross Ryder's brother. "Okay?" She laughs inside remembering similar scenes in movies where the older brothers threatened their sister's boyfriend. "Don't you think he has the power to break mine?"

Xander: "Well." He looks up, wondering of what his brother can do. "If he really likes, or even love, you, I believe he's not the type of person to do such. He might if it's really necessary. It's always others' lives over his. So . . . maybe he won't. Maybe he would." He smirks. "But one thing that's certain is that he's not bad as me."

Cambrua: "I hope he's not as bad as you.. going around saying you would hurt me." She says with a bit of sass. "I know he won't hurt me and I won't ever hurt him. That's all I know."

Xander: He laughs at the comment. "Yes, yes, expect that from me, not him. Well, if you've got any problems with him, I'm here to help. Not that I'm meddling with your lives, but, sometimes I get to be the only one who lets him have the beans spilled."

Cambria: "What are brothers for? You and Ryder have an interesting relationship." She muses.

Xander: "Do we? That's pretty rare for someone to say. Plus, I tease him all the time that I suppose he's starting to hate me. But whatever."

Cambria: She could feel Ryder and Xander's bond and she smiles a bit. "Well.. I don't think Ryder is due anytime soon so I'm going to head back to my cabin. It was nice meeting you!

Xander: He nods. "Good meeting you, too." He waves a hand nonchalantly. "Bye."

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