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Atticus and Seraphina

  • Seraphina: The daughter of Persephone was facing off against two cyclopses, brand-new weapon in her hands and dark eyes fixed on her enemies. Her blonde hair was strictly tied back, blocking a sudden sweeping attack with the handle of her weapon, continuing to face off.
  • Atticus: In the forest, Atticus heard grunts and the sound of a blade slicing through flesh. He moved closer and saw Seraphina, fighting brilliantly against the monsters. He felt as his hat transformed into his sword and ran into the clearing, to help Seraphina.
  • Seraphina: The girl glanced over to Atticus before a sudden large hand slammed into her, sending her flying and slamming against a tree with a sickening crack. The girl fell limp, her weapon finding itself in the hands of one of the monsters, which soon landed blade-first into the girl's side, tearing a nasty looking injury.
  • Atticus: "Holy shit," he yelled and wanted to run to the daughter of Persephone. However, he had to fight the monster first. Atticus swung his sword repeatedly, attempting to injure the cyclopes. He rolled to the side as it tried to stab him. Leaping high in the air, Atticus finally killed the monster- creating a pile of thin dust. He ran to the injured girl and bent down, taking out a piece of ambrosia from his jacket.
  • Seraphina: The girl was completely unconscious, figure limp. Blood slowly seeped through her clothes and the ground, turning both a deep shade of brown. Her chest rose and fell weakly, rasping breathing audible.
  • Atticus: Atticus murmured curses under his breathe, looking at the extent of her injuries. He checked her pulse, thanking the gods that the girl was still breathing- barely. Atticus blessed his shoes as wings sprouted from the sides and carefully carried Seraphina in his arms. He flew quickly to the infirmary, giving the daughter of Persephone to healing spirits and nymphs.
  • Pyrrha: Luckily, the priestess of Apollo was present, and immediately took the head counsellor of Persephone into a back room, gesturing for Atticus to follow her back. "What exactly happened..? And don't leave anything out." Pyrrha remarked strongly, focusing her energy to heal Seraphina.
  • Atticus: He was still shocked and anxious for the girl and took a moment to comprehend the situation. "I don't fucking know. I saw her battling two cyclopses and I decided to help out, one of them grasped her and slammed her against the tree and she just... fell. The monster just grabbed her weapon and stabbed her. I had to deal with the monsters first so I battled them until they died, and here we are..."
  • Pyrrha: She stepped back as the young woman stirred, distinctive blue-grey eyes flickering open. "Easy there, Counselor Black." Pyrrha soothed, gently continuing to bandage her injured ribs and side. "This gentleman saved your life." She gestured for Atticus to come into Seraphina's line of sight.
  • Atticus: He stepped up to her, nervously flashing her a smile. "Hey... ?" He paused, remembering that he didn't know her name. "How are you?"
  • Seraphina: She smiled in return. "S-Seraphina t-that's my name." Sera rolled her eyes to focus on Pyrrha, who was stitching her side injury. "Alright... I guess... Thank you."
  • Atticus: He grinned and sat down on the seat near her. "Nice to meet you, do you need anything? Water? A book?"
  • Pyrrha: She turned to grab a slight pain-killer followed by a sedative, inserting both into Sera's fluidly before the red-head stood, removing her gloves easily and sliding everything away. "Alright, you'll stay here overnight and I'll come back and check in tomorrow. You can stay for a while longer, Mr. Mayhew."
  • Seraphina: She smiled in thanks, adjusting her position quickly. "Water sounds awesome. Uhhh... I didn't get your name though."
  • Atticus: "Name's Atticus, Atticus Mayhew. You probably know of my family." He smirked and left the room to get a glass of water for her. He came back and gently poured the water into her mouth.
  • Seraphina: Her eyes widened. "You're the Mayhew heir..?" She asked, recongizing his surname. Sera swallowed the water given to her, leaning back down and keeping her intense blue gaze on Atticus.
  • Atticus: "Yeah," he shrugged nonchalantly and leaned against the door of the room. His brown eyes matched Sera as the corners of his lips lifted.
  • Seraphina: She shook her head in shock, eyes still wide. Her expression begun to change, taking a turn for the worse, gasping for breath as shock finally set in, head lolling to the side weakly.
  • Atticus: Mistakening her expression for shock that he's from his affluent family, he starts to chuckle until he realizes what is happening. He starts shaking her, "PRIESTESS!" his yells echo throughout the cabin.
  • Pyrrha: The girl heard her title, hurrying back into the room and pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail, moving over to the bed, rolling Sera to her non-injured side and grabbing Atticus' hands to hold the woman on her side. "Hold her there, and DO NOT let her go until I tell you different." Pyrrha inserted an IV into Sera's uninjured arm, connecting a saline bag before moving back around to gently let the woman lay back down. "It's shock from blood-loss. I didn't realize how much she had lost, but now, she'll be on the road to recovery." Pyrrha explained, green eyes intense on Atticus. "You can stay here. She should be waking soon..."
  • Atticus: Following the priestess's instructions, he gingerly held Seraphina and frowned, worried at her state. He patiently waited for the girl to wake up.
  • Seraphina: Within five minutes, like the Priestess had predicted, her eyes were beginning to flicker open. She first noticed the IV in her arm, before blinking blearily to peer up at Atticus. "H-Hi..?"
  • Atticus: He sighed in relief, glad that she was alright. "Hey.."
  • Seraphina: She smiled up at him, relaxing into his arms. "W-What h-happened? I-I don't remember much."

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