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Joseph: Walking towards the Hermes shack at an average speed, with his trusty pen and clipboard curdled in his left arm, Joseph adjusts his labcoat as he approaches the door and knocks on it "Hello in zere? Zis is Dr. Konig. I have come here to do ze Offical Camp Psychology Check-ups!"

Devon: Hearing the german accent outside his door, he opens up thinking, Paging Dr. Zoidberg.  "Um...hi, Psychological Check-Ups?"  He was about to look back in and ask one of the other members of the cabin, but then he remembered that he had stayed in to work on his YuGiOh deck.

Joseph: He nods with a passionate smile as if he was in medical Disneyland "Yes, it is a standard test for all cabins. I've already run by ze Hephaestus crew and zose dummkopfs from ze Ares cabin. Next on my little checklist vas Hermes."

Devon: "Well...I'm the only one in right now," he opens the door for Joesph, "I'm Devon Summers by the way, son of Hermes and part time underwear model." He gives his typical smug smile as he says that last part.

Joseph: Joseph listens intently, though gives a slight wince at the mention of underwear "Erm... right then. Vhy don't you take a seat over zere" he motions towards a chair in the cabin "so zat we can begin". He mutters under his breath "and get zis over with..."

Devon: Shrugging he takes a seat in the chair, " does this usually go?  I've never really talked to a shrink or psychiatrist before."

Joseph: He takes out his clipboard with a checklist ready and his pen grasped in his right hand, and scratches down Devon's name. He clears his throat. "Vell, first let us begin vith ze basic questions. Have you ever been diagnosed vith any psychological issues?"

Devon: He thinks and shakes his head, "No..I don't think so.  Not sure if mom being a daughter of Aglaea matters or not though."

Joseph: He shakes his head with a slight chuckle "Nein, zat most likely vill not have any effect on your psychology. Now zat I can keep the true test normal, let's truely begin." Joseph pulls out a few ink blot cards from his lab coat and begins to cycle through them with Devon. "Now, vhat does your mind associate zis blot vith?"

Devon: He looks at it for a few seconds, "A four eyed bat."

Joseph: Surprisingly not finding the answer to be too odd, at least compared to some of the distrubing images some of the Ares cabin reported, he writes down the first answer. "Alright, how about zis one?" This blot image is a bit more spaced out, so the image might be more clear in the white space rather than the ink itself.

Devon: His eyes go a bit big for a second, then he chuckles a bit, "Two girls twerking."

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Joseph: His eyes go wide like a pair of golf balls with a little black sharpie mark for pupils, and he awkwardly blinks. His face goes back to normal with a cartoonish face-palm, and he scratches down the recording with a small sigh. "A-alright zen... next card...." Pulling up one final ink blot, this one is multiple colors unlike the generic black and red streaks from before.

Devon: He tilts his head again, then smiles, "That'd be Caleb's and my underwear pile on laundry day!"

Joseph:  He squints his eyes with annoyance, unsure if these answers are accurate representations of Devon's neural functions or him just joking around. Regardless, his writes down the final answer for the ink blots. "Very well... next test! I'm going to say a vord, and zen you must INSTANTLY say whatever thought comes to your mind first. No buts, it has to be ze very first thing you think of!"

Devon: He nods, having answered truthfully so far.

Joseph: "Ready? Here is your first vord." He clears his throat "Half-blood".

Devon: "Camp."

Joseph: He happily nods as he writes, finally hearing a "normal" answer from his subject. "Very good. Here are ze next vords: Satyr. Sword. Hermes. Covenant."

Devon: "Babysitter, shield, father..." the last one wasn't a term he was familiar with though, "chruch?"

Joseph: He nods his head in agreement as he writes down each word at a quick pace "Yes... yes..." after putting down the last reply, 'Joseph gets up from the chair and holds out his hand to shake. "Alright, zen, you passed ze test vith a normal score." He also hands a note to Devon "I vant you to tell ze rest of your cabin memebers zat they must see me at ze infirmary by Saturday." Before he leaves, however, Joseph rememberred something rather... interesting... he needed to ask his patient. "Erm... zere vas one more thing I vas curious about. You said zat you used to be... a model for undergarmentz...?"

Devon: He nods, "Yeah, me and my twin are kinda part time models.  We get the packages in the mail, we're photographed, and then we send the pics to the company.  We've been in a few cataloges before."  He smiled, proud about his work.

Joseph: Joseph wonders how this job could have an influence on him physically "Tell me, mein friend, do you have to keep your body in ze healthy shape for zis proffession?"

Devon: "Yeah, the company prefers their models to be in good shape, not only does it make the brand look good, but also acts as eye candy to the girls." He could remember a few times he'd run into a fan with his picture.

Joseph: He gives a slight smile, though keeps his eyes focused "In zat case, I vant you to keep doing zis job, then. Unlike ze other dummkopf excuses ve have for certain campers, you might actually keep your health in tact. Ze body is ze top priority!" He raises his fist in the air slightly, like he had just given a professional-grade speech at the United Nations

Devon: "Okay then," he leans back a bit, "What do you want to know?"

Joseph: He scratches his chin for a brief moment before recolleting his ability to speak "Vell, I vant you to tell me ze exercises you do to stay in such good shape. It vould be helpful for keeping ze other campers healthy as vell. Zis could make our warriors much stronger than ze opponents we'll likely face in ze coming days."

Devon: We going to war or something? "Well, at the gym I usually do basic stuff, hand weights, sit-ups, leg press, and swimming all finished off with the sauna to unwind...Caleb, my twin, did sports, so he's in better shape than me."

'Joseph': Joseph ponders for a minute, but then he gives another smirk as if a lightbulb had just lit up in his head "Vell, I have... ah heh... something to do, in zat case. I vill talk to you later...." He gets up from the chair, about to take his leave.

Devon: Watching the doctor head out, he tilted his head, "Um...okay?  Will you be coming back or is our session over?"

Joseph: He raises his hand in as a passive signal of assurance "Don't threat, mein friend, you passed ze test vith flying colors; you're quite healthy, I assure you. Just be sure to get some rest, continue to exercise ze vay you do, and..." he takes one last look around the cabin, recalling that everybody else was gone "remember to tell your cabin mates to see me at ze infirmary as soon as possible. It is vital zat ve get all of ze tests done as soon as possible."

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