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Joseph: Joseph is walking around the camp, reading over a checkboard curdled in his left arm. He's currently in his lab gear, including his shimmering labcoat that reflect's the bright June sun's light due to its pure white pigment, and a tan pair of khaki pants. His black shoes are slightly dirty and smeared with grass, likely from treading from cabin to cabin to finish all of the camper psychological tests for the day. "Phew... all of zese psychological exams are really getting to me... maybe I should perform one on myself to make sure I'm not going crazy myself, ha ha!"

Diana: The young daughter of Morpheus frolicks merrily around a circular a clearing in the shallow part of the forest, being currently chased by "Kittykoose", her semi-living cat friend that she'd made. The cat is relatively fat and furry, it is as white as the snow, except for some grass between its fingers from running. Diana continues running in an unconventional fashion, as her feet are surrounded in some Italian black leather flats with a gold-colored bow on top of each one. She uses a tulle white crop top with a cotton layer beneath it. The outer layer has a red rose print and her legs are only covered in short jeans shorts. Her red hair flows everywhere in the air as she had let it loose, sometimes hitting her face and covering her view. The hair is so full and thick that her single dreamcatcher earring isn't noticeable at all.

Joseph: Hearing the commotion from Diana playing with said cat, Joseph decides to pause for a minute to watch the two frolick around. He does remark the beauty of Diana in his head, but still, keeps his focus on filling out a few forms on his clipboard as he keeps a curious eye on the girl. 

Diana: She starts feeling stared, so she instinctively makes Kittykoose disappear, stops running and looks arround her, trying to find the source of the one who stared at her, if there even was a person staring at her in the first place. "Ciao? Hello?"

Joseph: Realizing that the girl has noticed him, Joseph hastily replies so that he makes it clear he's just a friend "Ah... Hallo! Greetings zere! I didn't mean to sneak up on you!" Joseph, realizing what he just said probably made him sound like some sort of creepy German spy who studies his targets before assassinating them. He mutters under his breath with confusion "Uuuh...."

Diana: "Oh." she said after finding her "Starer" as she'd decided to call him. "You didn't mean to sneak up on me but you still did?" she raised a curious eyebrow as a small smirk formed on her lips. Her accent wasn't perfect. In fact, it did sound recognizably Italian, as it was rustic, slightly thick and tonal, but it wasn't really thick for someone to notice it was Italian in just one sentence.

Joseph: After hearing her voice, Joseph was somewhat glad that she sounded like a foreigner, because many of the American campers had trouble understanding his German accent. He was able to guess that her accent sounded like some of the people he met south and west of Germany, perhaps French or Italian or maybe even Swiss. Either way, he decided he'd better explain himself before this conversation went the wrong way. "Vell, uh... I just didn't notice how quiet I vas in approaching you, I suppose, ha ha! Anyvay, sorry for bothering you, I vas just heading to ze infirmary to fill out some papervork and noticed zat you vere playing around. Just got a bit distracted, I guess. Heh."

Diana: "No! Don't be sorry for it!" she laughed "Distracting? Wh- Why did I distract you?" Her consonants were punctuated and some were blunt, the words didn't roll off as easily as it did for the native English speakers, instead her talk sounded more aggressive, but at the same time sweet and bubbly. She blushed and rubbed her forearm nervously with her other arm. Was it her pimple that had distracted him?? She was sure it was that. It looked huge in the morning. But hadn't she put concealer over it? Maybe it was the incredible amount of freckles on her face. She did recognize his accent was German, as she had 2 German best friends that were here in camp, so she immediately knew what it was. She was also happy, so she offered the stranger a genuine smile, her blush not fading away yet.

Joseph: Joseph begins to sweat somewhat, not sure how to shift the awkwardness away from the entire structure of the situation. "Vell... uh... you see, I am doing some psychological tests on some of ze campers. Ze tests are getting quite repetitive, and, vell, vith some of ze rediculous answers I have been getting from some of my subjects, anything zat is sort of fun vould seem to distract me." He wipes some sweat off of his brow, lightly staining his cloud-white labcoat "I suppose I need a break, heh heh."

Diana: The daughter of Morpheus laughed lightheartedly at how weird the situation had become, added to the cute awkwardness of the German guy. “I see. You do look like you need a break.” she pointed at the sweat stain in his lab coat. “You seem exhausted and tired.” she grinned.

Joseph: He slouches over a bit and pants to the ground, sighing with exhaust "Phew. No kidding, you vould not believe ze amount of dummkopfs in zis camp. Some kid completely failed an ink blot test. He just kept on saying zat he saw blood splatters. BLOODY SPLATTERS?! Mein gott!" He raises his voice slightly, annoyed and angry at the thought combined with his stress.

Diana: She continued laughing at this quirky, yet fun guy. "Aww, poor you..." she said genuinely. "I can just advice you to have fun and be happy. Enjoy camp and don't get stressed!" She walked up to him so she could take a better look at him.

Joseph: He gets somewhat nervous when he realizing the girl is approaching him, but does his best to keep his cool "Vell, I have fun from time to time. I enjoy valking from time to time. But, other then zat, I don't know, always vorking in ze infirmary, I suppose!"

Diana: Diana cocked her head to the right slightly "Would you consider yourself a workaholic? Or why work that much?" as she did so, her left dreamcatcher earring could be noticed but just a part of it.

Joseph: He ponders for a bit, his hand on his chin as if he had a beard to be scratching "I suppose it's in my nature to help people out. Like ze hippocratic oath, "Do no harm". I only vant to help people, even if it means vorking myself to death." He shrugs a little and gives a slight chuckle about his slightly dramatic outlook of the situation.

Diana: "Well... you should really find a balance between saving lives and taking care of your own. I had an uncle who was a workaholic and died from a heart attack, due to the stress. I wouldn't like that to happen to you..." Blushing again, Diana looked at her black flats, for a second, avoiding his gaze so that he couldn't tell her face was red. "Or, like anyone, for that matter."

Joseph: The doctor gives a slight blush as well, assuming that Diana had seemed to care for him personally. He does his best to brush it off and change the subject. "So... erm... today is a nice day... right? Heh...." He blushes slightly more at how awkward the encounter has become.

Diana: She looked back at the German stranger while rubbing her left forearm with her right hand in anxiety. Being always a jovial spirit, she laughed nervously and spoke again. "Yeah, it is certainly a beautiful day. My name is Diana, by the way." she offered her hand for him to shake.

Joseph: He smiles, getting past the awkward moment and into a proper gretting "Ze name is Joseph Konig." He smiles and gladly shakes her hand in a friendly manner, luckily not as sweaty from the nervousness he had a moment ago.

Diana: "Nice to meet you Joseph... You seem to be a fun guy to be around." she admitted. "You made me laugh 5 times in 3 minutes. Thats a lot... even for me, and I laugh very frequently."

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