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01:52, August 31, 2018 (UTC)

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Two Lil Puppies

Vicente: Since his joining of Camp Half-Blood, Vincent has made close to no friends. He's tried... OK well he wants to try but, it's not something that comes easy to the man. What was he supposed to talk about? He didn't exactly lead your normal life before camp, even for a demigod. At the moment, Vincent was perched on a bench in the nearby town - watching the people go about their normal lives.

Celaena: Her footsteps were barely inaudible against the lush green grass, her stride proving more of a lazy and slow meander rather than anything significantly quick. Plucking a wild flower from the earth, she subsonciously used a hand to throw strands of auburn hair over her pale, freckled shoulder. She looked quite adorable in her little sundress but the sight was sort of ruined by the twinkle of mischief that danced in her fiery amber eyes.

Vincent: Raising his right foot and resting it on his left knee, Vincent relaxed, deep brown eye watching as the sense went on. Of course, it didn't take long for a glint of red to shine in the corner of his eye - catching his attention. With a slow turn of the head, the son of Morpheus' eye landed on Calaena and a gentle smile came across his lips. He wasn't necessarily checking the girl out but, he did enjoy her fiery hair and freckles. "Nice day out, isn't it?" He spoke out in her direction, wondering if she'd respond back to him.

Celaena: Hoisting her crossbow up higher on the her shoulder, she adjusted the strap for a more comfortable fit and vaguely wondered what the mortals could see; the mist likely made it appear that she holding an violin case instead of a actual weapon. Celaena hesitated for a moment, unable to stop herself from nervously chewing at her lower lip as Vicente spoke up. She didn't really know this boy despite seeing him around Camp and had half a mind to keep walking, which stemmed from her lack of trust. Slowing to a stop, she made a move to join him on the other bench and sat delicately at the other end, ensuring there was adequate space between thrm. "It's beautiful out," she chimed, her sweet voice elicting a polite little smile as she reminesced of warm summer days.

Vicente: He further examined her, though mainly her facial feature and came to the realization that he had seen her around camp. Was she a demigoddess? Or maybe a nymph... For a moment, he stayed quite. “I’ve never had the pleasure of introducing myself to you in camp.” Vincent’s voice finally broke the silence. “I’m Vicente, though I usually accept just Vincent... and you are?”

Celaena: "Vicente," she tested out, her eyes curiously peering over his own frame. She vaguely wondered who his godparent could be before allowing a small smile to cross her lips, amber eyes reflected toward her shoes. "Celaena," she murmured before setting the crossbow down on the ground beside the bench. She sat back and gently adjusted some curls to fall over one shoulder.

Vicente: He watched her movements carefully, subtly, though for the soul purpose of keeping his guard up. While Vincent knew, in the back of his mind, Calaena posed no threat - he just couldn't help himself. "It's nice to meet you Celaena, might i ask what you're doing out in the near by town." He was curious, especially with the rumors of a threat looming around - though, he had no doubt in his mind that the girl before him could hold her own against any threat.

Celaena: "Since the whispers have been trickling in about a unforeseeable threat, I've taken it upon myself to patrol the borders between town and camp," she admitted, not realizing that the patrols were wolfish tendencies she had picked up after years of servitude to Artemis. "What about you?" she politely asked, eluding to her geniune curiosity as her amber eyes fixated on the male's face.

Vicente: Though he might not have even realized it himself, Vincent had also been keeping an eye out for suspicious characters - something he had learned from his years as a hire killer. “Nothing as noble as what you’re doing, that’s for sure” he began, giving her the slightest twinkle of a smile before speaking up once more “I was really just exploring the town, Haven’t really gotten to do it, despite having been at camp a few months now.”

Celaena: "I'd like to believe its a valiant effort," she mused, though it was moreso due to her wolfish tendancies and partolling territory was already programmed into her nature after years of being at Artemis' mercy. "It's teeming with people," she seemed to note, only know looking at the actual scenery rather than fulfilling her duty. "I far more prefer the park. I like trees and nature."

Vicente: Vincent enjoyed conversing with Celaena, she had been one of the first people he could say that about at camp and because of this, a small smile shown on his face as he sat there gazing at her. “I’m more of a nature man myself, though, I thought I’d give civilization a chance.” A closed mouth chuckle could be heard coming from the demigod.

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