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Annabelle and Jayden

  • Jayden: It'd been a while since Elliott had left Camp and, in turn, breaking up with Jayden and the son of Aphrodite had surprisingly held off on going after anyone else. For the most part, he hadn't the desire to and that stayed a constant until he and Annabelle eventually rekindled their relationship... slightly. It was always flirting, fleeting kisses that never amounted to anything more. It was obvious that both were weary of one another but for different reasons and, subsequently, they went through periods of hot and cold. Right now was a hot period, largely influenced by Christmas followed swiftly by Valentine's Day. With it settling down - the onset of a cold period seemingly inevitable - Jayden pushed the thought to the back of his head as he knocked on her cabin door. He had wanted to take Annabelle to a restaurant but, seeing as the Nearby Town had been destroyed, a homemade picnic in her room had to suffice.
  • Annabelle: After their conversation at the beach, Annabelle felt some sort of closure and thought that they wouldn't get back together, they had a long history where both sides had hurt each other; plus, it didn't help that he had a boyfriend... a certain son of Mnemosyne. It was awkward and hurtful to see them together when they passed by each other in camp, but they eventually broke up and it would be a lie if Annabelle wasn't happy about it. Recently, they've started talking to each other again, but they weren't official. They were on and off, Annabelle knew that it wasn't healthy, but this was her soulmate. Annabelle was lounging around in her cabin, playing some games on her mobile device. She heard a knock on the door and went to open it, smiling once she saw that it was Jayden. "Hey," she said, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.
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