Enzo and Chase

  • Chase: He's at the Camp gym, doing push ups. He's been at it for a while now, and sweat is pouring all over his body, from the top of his head to the tips of his feet, completely dousing his tank top.
  • Enzo: Enzo had been at the Camp gym for a while, doing various exercises. He, like Chase, is drenched in sweat and throughout his workouts, he has to pull up the bottom of his tank top to wipe away some of the sweat that accumulated on his forehead. He was about to start doing some weights but needed someone to spot for him and, consequently, he sat on the bench, looking around for someone to ask.
  • Chase: He pauses his work out and gets up from the floor with a groan, definitely feeling the burn in his muscles as he began to tire. He walks by his stuff to get a quick drink from his water jug before returning to where he was doing his push ups, which is when he notices Enzo sitting on the bench and looking around. Curious if he needs some help with the weights, Chase approaches him and asks, "Hey bro, need someone to spot for you?"
  • Enzo: Enzo had been thankful that Chase had walked over - Enzo wasn't really in a sociable mood and thus asking someone to spot for him would be out of the question. Perhaps if Chase had been someone else, Enzo would've been concerned if the person could handle the amount of weights he was doing but trusting that Chase's physique held up to his strength, Enzo nodded, "Yeah, that's be great - if you could."
  • Chase: "Yeah, definitely." He says with a nod before moving into position behind the bench, ready to start supporting Enzo when he chooses to begin lifting weights. "Tell me when you're ready, man."
  • Enzo: Enzo nodded before lying down, hands gripping the metal bar as he adjusted his breathing to prepare himself. With a nod, "Ready." He lifted, ready to pump some iron.
  • Chase: He supports Enzo all throughout his lifting session, making sure that his hands are ready to take some of the weight away if it ever gets too heavy for him. Standing by the son of Palaemon's head, it gives Chase the chance to admire the person he's spotting for - his magnificent physique being something that he's digested just now.

Lothario and Daniel

  • Daniel: He was working on a big project at the Armory, so he completely missed out on lunch. He's hungry though, so he makes his way to the Dining Pavilion to see if there were any leftovers. A muffin would do.
  • Lothario: Lothario hadn't moved much from the Dining Pavilion following lunch; he had been browsing various social media on his phone. There hadn't been any food when he went up for more, a good few minutes ago, but he was happy that he managed to have various snacking foods on his tray - it meant he'd be able to still have some food to eat as and when he got hungry.
  • Daniel: He curses internally as he enters the dining pavilion and sees no cloud nymph in sight, which indicates that the time to serve food has long since been over. Still, he wants to take a chance and see if there were anything left, because he's going to pass out if he doesn't get anything to eat. He sees a solitary guy with a tray of food, and he decides to ask him about it. "Uh, hey, I just wanted to ask where you got your food over there? Cause it seems that this place is now deserted."
  • Lothario: Lothario looked up from his phone to the source of the voice that had just spoken to him. He smiled a little as he looked at his tray of food before nodding at where the cloud nymphs would be, "There. Though, I got it before they all left." He narrowed his eyes inquisitively, "Did you not come here for lunch?"
  • Daniel: "Shit" He mutters under his breath after finding out that the time for serving food is over and done and the cloud nymphs had long since vacated the area. He then casts a glance at Lothario after hearing his remark, a bit embarassed. "Well, um, I'd been working hard on new weaponry down at the Armory, and I guess time slipped my mind. And it sucks because I'm famished."
  • Lothario: Lothario raised an eyebrow and he glanced back at his food before looking back at Daniel. "How hungry are you?" He asked inquisitively. He was more than happy to share some of his food but he had to know how much of his food would be shared. However nice Lothario was, he wasn't going to share too much of his food.
  • Daniel: It took him a second before he realized that Lothario was going to share some of his food with him, and as hungry as Daniel is, it wouldn't sit well with him if he took someone else's lunch away. So, with a small degree of hesitation, he put both his hands up before saying, "Oh no, it's fine. I wouldn't want to take away some of your food. I'll just- um, I guess I'll just wait for dinner."

Leollie Cont.

  • Leon: Leon massively enjoyed the kiss and how it was deepened. As someone who, really, was never appreciated in any shape or form, the fact that Ollie took care in kissing him and let his hands roam about made Leon feel just that little bit more special. When the kiss ended, his lips bruised also, it was clear he was shaken by it - in a good way of course. He nodded, smiling slightly, "Yeah, that was...amazing."
  • Ollie: "You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that," the son of Apollo reveals with their faces still in close proximity, giving him an up close and personal view of Leon's breathtaking facial features. His vision shifts from the son of Athena's eyes, and then to his cute nose, and ultimately back on his mouth, teetering with the idea of kissing him once again. He restrains himself for the moment though, because first, he doesn't want to seem overeager, and second, they need to talk. "So, um...what does this mean? For us, I mean...." He gets shy all of a sudden, blushing deeply.
  • Leon: Leon blinked a few times at Ollie's confession. Not because he was disturbed by it, no, but more because it was weird for him to think that Ollie had been harbouring the same feelings that he himself had been harbouring for the other. Like Ollie, his gaze switched from the various parts on Ollie's face before settling back on his eyes. He shrugged, rubbing his back awkwardly just because he didn't know what to do in a situation like this, "Um, I'm not sure? For all the wisdom Athena's passed onto me, dating stuff isn't a sphere included..."
  • Ollie: "Um...would you be interested though? I-in dating, I mean. Cause I know I would be." His blush deepens, and he's still trying to avoid Leon's eyes because he knows he probably gonna make a fool of himself and squirm.
  • Leon: Leon thought about it for a second, consciously aware that Ollie was avoiding his eye contact. Deciding to take the plunge despite being unversed in love, he nodded, "I, uh... Yeah. Yeah I would be."
  • Ollie: Hearing those words, Ollie felt like a huge weight has been lifted off his chest, and so he was finally able to lift his eyes from the ground and look at Leon, the edges of his mouth curling to form a shy smile. "Yeah? I'll like that very much." This has been a long time coming, and Ollie is really happy to know that the person he's crushing on likes him back. It's surreal.
  • Leon: Seeing Ollie smiled caused Leon's face to shift into a similar smile, perhaps replicating the one Leon saw before him. "Shouldn't we go on a date first?" Leon asked, a growing anxiety forming just in case jumping straight into a relationship without a date was a bad decision, "Just to make sure it'd all work? I mean... I'd hate for us to commit and find out that we're just great friends." He paused, going red out of embarrassment and fear he was ruining things, "I'd pay! O...Of course..."
  • Ollie: "That's kinda the idea..." Ollie says with a grin, liking how extra cute Leon is being. "Oh and also, I'm the shy and stuttery one, remember? Not you," He laughs lightly. "Although I must say, you look adorable, especially with that blush of yours." He then uses his index finger to lightly tap on the son of Athena's nose.
  • Leon: Leon's face went a bit redder and, when Ollie tapped his nose, he scrunched his face up. "I just don't know what to say in this sort of situation," he said, "Athena's the goddess of wisdom but love is Aphrodite's domain." He couldn't help but smile somewhat cheekily, "Are you implying I'm not adorable anyway?"
  • Ollie: "Let's just give it a try, okay? We can have dinner tonight?" Ollie is surprising himself with how confident he's being right now, but then again, he's always been like this whenever he's with Leon - because he brings out the best in him. "And oh let me rephrase, then. I meant that you are more adorable when you get all shy and stuttery. I always found you cute and adorable. Ever since that day you greeted me at my Cabin." He has a small smile and a loving look on his face now, admiring the man in front of him. Jesus Christ, he might just be in love.
  • Leon: Leon nodded, "I like the sound of that." He thought mentally for a second as to whether or not he had any plans and, when he confirmed to himself that he didn't, he smiled. He laughed at the correction, "See? That's better." After smiling at Ollie for a few seconds, he looked around at the empty trail before looking back at him, "Maybe we should be getting back soon? As much as I want tio stand out here for ages to talk, I'm sure it'd be more comfortable inside or something."
  • Ollie: He laughed slightly before nodding his head, "Yes, I agree with that. Wanna go back to my cabin? Or yours? I believe you haven't given me the Grand Tour of your room yet," he replied with a teasing tone.
  • Leon: Leon rolled his eyes slightly and laughed. "Uh, if you really wanna come back to my room then we can? I mean, it is bigger than most because I'm the counsellor..."
  • Ollie: "I'd love that, yeah," he said with a nod before extending his arm out so they could hold hands as they walked back. "Let's go?"

Hunter and Valencia

  • Valencia: Valencia was nervous. She was never called to the Council Room - she thought she was above that. She was one of the Champions' longest standing members, perhaps the longest besides The Councilmen themselves. She kept herself to herself and did what was asked of her. She knew everyone saw her as her deceased lover's girlfriend and nothing more, but she never let that get to her. With a sharp inhale, she knocked on the door and waited to be summoned inside.
  • Hunter: "Come in," Hunter says, loud enough that he could be heard from outside the door. He'd been sitting at the head of the council table for a couple of minutes now - wearing an elegant black suit - patiently waiting for Valencia to arrive. Now as for the purpose of this "meeting", Valencia's been a member of the Champions for a long time, but ever since her boyfriend died, she doesn't really serve a purpose to them anymore, hence, the council has decided to have her dispatched - meaning, killed. She doesn't know that yet, though, and Hunter is very excited that he's the one chosen to do the job. He knows he'll enjoy every second of it.
  • Valencia: Valencia took a deep breath before she opened the door, running a hand through her hair as she did so. She made sure to close the door behind her and she stood at the side of the table, looking over at Hunter. "You needed to see me?" She asked, clearing her throat. She could tell by the atmosphere in the room something was wrong but, in The Spire, when was anything right?
  • Hunter: "Yes, yes, take a seat, dearie" he says, before standing up himself and pulling one of the council chairs so that Valencia could sit down. He then walks on towards the wine table in the corner and takes two glasses from the small cupboard, twisting his body momentarily so that he could face Valencia and ask, "Fancy a drink?"
  • Valencia: Valencia shuddered at being called 'dearie' but she pushed it aside, sitting down in the chair that was pulled out for her She tucked some hair behind her ear as she watched him intently. She shook her head at the offer, "No thank-you - I drank some water just before coming here."
  • Hunter: "If you say so." The son of Lelantos simply shrugged before he went back and took his seat at the head of the table, a solitary glass of wine in tow. He sipped from his drink and set it down the table, his fingertips playing absentmindedly with the stem of the glass as he settled into a more comfortable position - his legs crossed and his back laid quite snuggly against the backrest of the chair. He stares intently at Valencia with his steel blue eyes, a smirk visible on his face. "So, sweetheart, do you have an idea why I called you here today?"
  • Valencia: Valencia shook her head lightly, eyes not leaving Hunter's. "No. No I don't," she replied, trying in her mind to analyse the smirk on his face. What did it mean? What did it suggest? Everyone knew being called into the Council Room on your own was bad news, especially when it was one of the male councilmen. "Though I can guess you wanted to see me privately for something?"
  • Hunter: Hunter knew that he was given a mission of great importance, but it didn't mean that he couldn't play or have fun, even for just a little bit. "Yes, I did want to see you, in private." With that, he slid his hand across the surface of the table, lightly touched the daughter of Lelantos' hand, and started playing with her fingertips. His eyes are set on her, and tried to gauge what her reaction would be. Would she think that this was all just a ploy to seduce her? Or does she suspect, at all, that her death will soon be upon her?
  • Valencia: Valencia watched intently as he played with her fingers, daring not to move them away in fear of aggravating him. His reason? She didn't know - her mind was trying to think of any explanation as to why this was all happening. She knew one thing, though, and that was that she was about to be punished somehow. That was the only reason her mind could give her. "To talk about what?" She asked, eyes still on their intertwined hands.
  • Hunter: "Oh you know, things," the son of Lelantos replied vaguely as he slowly dragged Valencia's hand so it'd be at the same level as his mouth. He rubbed circles into her skin and he stared at her quite intensely before he pressed his lips onto each of her fingers.
  • Valencia: To say Valencia was resisting the urge to scream was an understatement. Every part of her was repulsed and she wanted to push him away and run. But, there she sat, letting him stare at her with an impenetrable stare and kissing her fingers. "What things?" She asked, eyes diverting away for a second for there to be some break in what was happening before she looked back at him.
  • Hunter: Hunter sensed Valencia's nervousness - he could pretty much smell it in the air - and it got him really excited. He slid his right hand, the one he's not using to hold Valencia's, down to his pocket to grab a hidden Celestial Bronze knife, and grasped its hilt tightly as he slowly prepared to deliver the killing blow. He grinned at Valencia as she asked her question, and he responded with, "Oh you know, nothing quite complicated. Just your death."
  • Valencia: Valencia's eyes widened as she moved away quickly, trying to push the chair she was sat on in between them. She knew she had one power that could dull the blade for a short amount of time and she was wholly prepared to do so. "Why me?" She asked, voice frantic as she kept on moving backwards into the room, daring not to open the door and run, "I've been loyal, I'm one of the oldest members. Why me?"
  • Hunter: "Because, Valencia, dearie, we all know you never wanted to be here. You are unloyal, and frankly, useless to our cause. Ever since your sweet, sweet boyfriend died, you've been shifty and uncomfortable, and honestly, I think we should just put you out of your misery." And with that, Hunter stood up from where he was sitting and threw the knife with great precision, channeling his demititan powers, and aimed directly for the daughter of Leto's heart.
  • Valencia: Valencia's body went numb as she learned her fate and she immediately tensed for the worst. She knew what Hunter said was true; ever since her boyfriend had passed all she wanted to do was go but was afraid of the consequences of doing such. She didn't see the knife being thrown but she used her child of Leto powers to dull the knife so, when it hit her, it did nothing. She looked down at it as it fell to the ground and moved to the other side of the room, a table in between them.
  • Hunter: He'd already expected Valencia to at least put up a fight, so he wasn't really surprised with his knife did nothing. Still, the son of Lelantos believed that he had this one under control, and was confident that he'd be adding another person to the list of people he's killed before the day ends. And so, he leapt onto the air and landed gracefully on top of the Council table, afterwards activating his fountain pen which then transformed into a spear. With that, he thrusted his weapon forward in hopes of stabbing through Valencia's midsection.
  • Valencia: Perhaps the delayed reaction to the spear was all it took for Valencia to succumb to it. The spear plunged into her midsection and immediately she let out a scream of pain. She didn't know what else to do other than clutch what she could of her midsection. In a rush of energy, she pulled her knife that she always concealed in her boot and threw it in Hunter's direction. The throw wasn't entirely accurate and was only in his general area, in her last ditch attempt to harm him.
  • Hunter: Hunter was caught off guard, but his good senses saved him from serious injury and allowed him to move so that the knife would only graze his shoulder. He was left with a long, bloody gash, but the son of Lelantos had a high tolerance for pain, so he didn't really care - he'd deal with it later. Moving forward with his task, Hunter activated his other pen, which transformed into a scimitar, and knelt down besides Valencia. He grabbed the base of the woman's neck with his right hand started tracing a line down her cheek with the tip of his weapon's blade. "It's such a shame that such a beautiful body and face has to go to waste. But, oh well, I was given an important mission, and I intend deliver." He grins evilly as he stares down at the daughter of Leto. "Now, dearie, any last words?"
  • Valencia: Knowing now that any chance of escape was futile, all the daughter of Leto did was mutter silent prayers up to the gods in her head, begging them to help her. In her head she professed her loyalty to them and how, even in her journey from Broken Covenant to Champions of Othrys, she never once hated them. She prayed that she could find peace, perhaps in Elysium or be allowed a chance in Camp. His words brought her back and now, seemingly without fear, she just looked at him. She felt her mouth beginning to pool with blood and, in response to his question, she simply spat at him, said blood going directly towards his face. She remained silent, but the look she wore could kill.
  • Hunter: He simply grinned after the blood made contact with his face. If he's being completely honest, he likes it when the blood of the enemy gets splattered all over himself. It's like a prize to him - a reminder that he's successfully dispatched yet another unfortunate soul. "Well, I guess this is it then," he muttered, chuckling. "Say hi to Charon for me. Bye!" His hand moved in a quick, horizontal movement and dragged the Scimitar across the skin on Valencia's neck. His goal: to slit it and make her drown on her own blood.

Crest Twins

  • Ryder: As Head Counsellor, it was Ryder's job to meet and greet any new cabin mates and get them familiar with the cabin and Camp in general. Not looking up from his list, he knocked on the door that was ajar slightly and called in, "Head Counsellor!" He then, still looking at his list, waited outside for the occupant to come to the door - unaware on who it'd be.
  • Warner: He was still fixing the bedsheets when heard the knock on the door and the 'introduction' made by the person, who apparently, is the Head Counselor of the cabin. He had just arrived that same day, and has yet to see Ryder - something he's not looking forward to, so imagine his surprise when he yanks open the door and sets his sight on his estranged twin brother standing in front of him. They might have grown apart, but their stark similarity when it comes to their appearance sent an eerie chill down Warner's spine. It seems that both of them have grown in all the right places, and pretty much has the same body type, which is muscled and athletic. Well, perhaps all those trainings at Camp proved beneficial for Ryder, then. Warner just stares at Ryder, not knowing what to say. He's debating if he should just slam the door right there and then, but a part of him is stopping him from doing it. For whatever reason, he doesn't know.
  • Ryder: "If you have any queries about our cabin or Camp in general, come to me as and when you nee-" It was at this point that Ryder looked up from his list and laid his eyes on Warner. Not seeing his twin in no less than five years meant there was a lot to take in. Obviously staying true to the whole identical thing, Ryder couldn't spot anything that would make Warner distinct from himself. Ryder stood up a little straighter and nodded. "Warner," he said in a low tone, obviously surprised to see the other there.
  • Warner: To say that Warner was speechless would be an understatement. He didn't know what to do, let alone what to say, so basically, what he did was he just stood there for a full minute before he finally managed to gather his thoughts. "Oh wow, Ryder." He blurted out, in a hushed and low tone. "It's you. It's really you." He sounded a little bit disbelieving, because well, it has been a while since they last saw each other, and truth be told, they didn't part on good terms, so really, this was a very awkward reunion.
  • Ryder: Ryder made sure to look Warner up and down, confused on where they stood. He had a distrust for him but he never knew if Warner reciprocated such things - their mother had indicated such in letters but, from Warner's words, Ryder couldn't detect anything. He nodded. "Who else would it be?" He replied in a somewhat sarcastic tone, perhaps one he would've used when he first came to Camp and was angry over the whole thing, "Someone that just happens to be a kid of Ares and identical to you too?" A small smirk on his face would give away he wasn't completely serious, but still. It took him a few seconds before he rolled his eyes, "If you need anything find Zeta, the lieutenant." He went to walk away, half hoping Warner would stop him.
  • Warner: You sarcastic little bitch, he thought as Ryder stepped away. He stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do - as he had been this whole time, really - before deciding that he's not done with him just yet. And so, before his twin completely disappeared from the scene, he stepped onto the corridor and said, "You haven't changed a bit, have you? Still mean and aggressive, I see." He slipped both his hands into his pockets as he stood there, facing his twin brother. "Oh and look, you were walking away from me again. A very Ryder thing to do."
  • Ryder: Ryder was prepared to walk away and let it go. At the end of the day, he was the counsellor and Warner was just a new camper but the other's words struck something in him that caused him to turn around. He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms as he sized Warner up from the other end of the corridor, wondering why he decided to start a confrontation at that current moment in time. He knew he should choose his battles a little better, but this one was personal. "Still looking for arguments and trying to poke nerves, I see," he said, having a look that could kill, "Considering all I said was talk to Zeta. And going for a low blow, what a very Warner thing to do." Ryder smirked a little, mostly out of disbelief, "Maybe next time you can get your head out of your ass and stop me from nearly dying, yeah?"
  • Warner: "Oh my god, Ryder, when are you going to get over that? That wasn't my fault, we were both cornered!" He shouted as he balled his fists. "And I would've done everything to make sure you were safe that night, but I was weak, Ryder! Hell, I am weak, even today! But you know what, I wanted so badly to apologize and make it up to you. But I wasn't able to. You know why, Ryder? Because you fucking ran away! And if there's anyone to blame why our relationship is fucking shit right now, it's you. It's your fault!" Warner gritted out, trying his best not to cry or tear up because once upon a time, he and Ryder were the best of friends. And now, seeing this madness occuring between them, he just couldn't help but feel bad for all the fuckery that has happened and is going to happen to their relationship.
  • Ryder: Ryder, for the most part, remained level-headed. "You want me to get over something when you refuse to get over that?" He asked, taking a step forwards with his head tilted because, honestly, Warner's hypocrisy was getting to him. His voice was low, dangerously so but his tone was all but soft. "I took the chance that was given to us and you didn't. That's not my fault, that's yours." Ryder stopped and looked Warner up and down, "But then again, do I really want to talk to you when you're being such a hypocrite? Your double standards amaze me Warner."
  • Warner: "Don't blame this on me because I actually wanted to mend our relationship, Ryder! But you didn't let that happen because you left me! Without saying goodbye! That was selfish," he replied almost immediately, yelling out most of his words. "And for what, Ryder? Because I almost let you die? Did you honestly think that I wanted that to happen? Because I never did! Jesus Christ, I would've killed myself if you'd died because I couldn't bear the thought of losing my brother. But guess what? I still did! Because you left." He started panting a bit after that, trying to catch his breath. He paused for a few seconds - just to calm himself down, before proceeding with, "You left me, and you abandoned me, and never looked back. Now, tell me, is it still my fault that our relationship is shit, right now? Huh?"
  • Ryder: Ryder was silent through Warner's monologue, letting his twin get out everything that needed to be said. It became clear to him that nothing would resolve; he didn't see why Warner was upset with him and the vice versa was obvious too. He remained emotionless, expression unreadable. He simply shrugged, nonchalantly, "In the letters and stuff I got from mum, she said how much you hated me in the following months - doesn't sound like wanting to apologise to me." He turned around slightly, so his side was facing Warner, "Also think twice before speaking to the counsellor like that, you should know better than not to cross me Warner."
  • Warner: "I wanted to apologise after that night, but now, not anymore. And really, who could blame me? I hated you so much for deserting me." Warner then snorted at Ryder's "threat". "Ha, you don't scare me. You may be better at me when it comes to fighting, but I am not afraid of you, Ryder." He said in a low tone, stepping forward slightly. "Oh and please, stop flaunting your title. It makes you seem like a boastful dick, and quite frankly? It's not a good look."
  • Ryder: "If you don't want to anymore then why are you getting so worked up over it Warner? Make up your mind! Do you care or don't you?" Ryder gritted his teeth before rolling his eyes. "You don't need to be afraid of me. It's not a threat, it's a warning. A promise, if you will." Not backing down from the challenge, he too took a step forwards. "I'm not flaunting it, I'm just reminding you of what I am and what you are. And as we're still like this? In the eyes of the cabin, you're below me, not my equal."
  • Warner: He laughs, "Really? So, are hierarchies and positions really that important to you? I never would've pegged you as the power hungry kind. But then again, I barely know you anymore, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised." He has calmed down considerably, as compared to how he was a few minutes ago. "So, what? Do you run this place like a dictatorship? Do you look our other siblings in the eyes and tell them that I'm high, you're low, we're not equal, too?"
  • Ryder: "When you've worked hard to get where you are, you like to take pride in what you've achieved," Ryder defended, beginning to feel frustrated, "But then again, you wouldn't know since you decided this Camp was weak." He ignored the comment about Warner not knowing him anymore, it was aimed to strike a nerve and Ryder knew the more it was struck the more likely he'd be to explode and that wouldn't help either of them - no matter how much he disliked his brother. "Our other siblings don't waltz in and offend me within the first half an hour of them being here. Our other siblings actually have some respect for their counsellor. Don't make it something that it's not and don't make me out to be something I'm not because I'll make sure you regret it."
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