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Raeyn: Armed with some brisket and a cup of OJ, Raeyn evidently wasn't caring to intimidate anyone. The way she bumbled out of the pavilion was no ruse. Though she had slept well, her body didn't agree with this notion and complained at every movement. She's used to this. Ever since the journey to camp, it was like someone had installed a Perma-Fatigue inside of her. When she'd checked in with the infirmary, they told her what she'd been hearing from everyone she complained to: "you need to lay off the reading and sleep." Except she wasn't reading all night. She soon found that arguing her case was fruitless and settled for walking around like she had the weight of her bed on her shoulders. It was neither fun nor appreciated, and the activity of thinking about it only served to worsen her state. Solution? Eat everything she could.

Amora: It was ridiculous how the only Muse that wouldn’t keep up a decent conversation was her mother. Thalia would even talk for hours, which was why the girl hasn’t been up since 4 in the morning, Thalia waking her up, not because she wanted anything, she just wanted to talk to Amora to see how she was going. The extremely tired Amora, eyes barely open, made her way from the Bethel to the Pavilion and for the first time ever, Amora was walking. Not dancing, just walking. If anyone knew Amora as well as her friends and father did, they would immediately ask if something was wrong.

Raeyn: Tyche must not have liked her today. As she would have it, Raeyn's grip slackened enough for the cup to leap from her reach. By the time her demigod reflexes yawned and awoke, the juice that had been sloshing around was in the air and flying into the direct path of some other poor soul. Oops, she thought dumbly. Her facial muscles tried to recall how to form the appropriate expression for such an accident, but the pounding behind her eyelids demanded them to stop. The brunette found herself once again settling for what her body would permit. In this case, it was staring blearily at the new person.

Amora: If Amora was looking and paying more attention to what was happening around her, she would of easily moved out of the way of the impending doom that was the juice spilling on her but she wasn't and the juice went all over her. "What the hell?!"

Raeyn: "Oh, can't believe you people still use that one," the dazed daughter of Athena remarked. She rubbed away the drowsiness stored in her eyes and bit off some of her BBQ. "Hera's torn knitting. I don't have clothes your size." A full blown yawn cut off her last word, so it came out like "saaaaaaa-hz."

Amora: Amora almost instantly woke up when the juice went on her, which was why a look of confusion appeared on her face, specifically towards the first comment from the girl. "Why would you want to give me clothes, even if you didn't know you probably just ruined my favourite shirt?"

Raeyn: "Because, silly, I obviously can't conjure a long lasting duplicate of your favorite shirt. Too much eff-" Raeyn was promptly interrupted by another yawn, her eyes crossing. "I hate life," she said solemnly, to the empty air beside her.

Amora: "And why would that be? Because you have to sleep?"

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