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Aurora: She was standing by the ocean, having snuck out of the infirmary despite her still severely-injured state, watching over the water as she sighed, remembering many things out of her boredom.
Zeta: Zeta was out and about, quite possibly looking to anyone to really talk to. She'd come by the ocean shore, and it quietly reminded of home in a way, but she also happened to notice Aurora. Approaching Aurora, she'd say, "Hello."
Aurora: She whirled around with a distinct limp, startled. Her eyes looked like a baby deer's, all wide in slight fear, but blue instead of brown. "H-Hello."
Zeta: Zeta would try to give a more reassuring and friendly smile. "Hey, it's okay... I don't bite."
Aurora: She looked down at the ground, slightly scared still as her fingers twisted around one of her wrist braces. The dark brace around her neck was defintely easy to spot, Aurora being afraid to talk much. "I-I..."
Zeta: Zeta was at a small loss here. "Is... something wrong?"
Aurora: She blinked. "N-No. W-W-Why do you ask?"
Zeta: Now Zeta was at a slightly greater loss. "I'm... just wondering."
Aurora: She swallowed. "W-Wondering t-things w-would s-sometimes c-c-cause m-more p-p-problems t-t-than good. A-Ask a-a-away i-if y-you w-w-ant."
Zeta: "What's with... the brace? On your neck.
Aurora: "A-A-A h-h-hell-hound a-attack. I-I w-w-was almost killed." The younger girl stuttered, swallowing back her fear.
Zeta: Zeta shallowed for a moment. "Oh my... I'm so sorry."
Aurora: She sighed. "I-I-I was s-s-saved by B-Blodwen, a-a-a snow n-nymph. I-I technically s-s-should be in the infirmary a-and all."
Zeta: "Why... aren't you there right now?" she'd ask, curiously.
Aurora: Aurora looked down at the ground. "I-I-I h-had a n-nightmare and t-the Apollo kids sent me out to g-get s-some air. O-One o-of the other h-healers wi-will come out to g-get me s-soon."
Zeta: Zeta frowned slightly. "That must suck really bad. I hate nightmares, but they happen."
Aurora: She nodded. "I-I-It does."
Zeta: She'd nod to that.
Aurora: "W-Who?" Aurora asked, looking up to meet Zeta's eyes with her own electric blue ones and tilting her head as much as she could with the brace in curiousity.
Zeta: Zeta would meet Aurora's glance with a steadfast one of her own, before quizzically asking, "Hmm?"

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