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Hyung-Seok: Hyung-Seok comfortably seated himself in a canoe before smiling to himself and picking up the oar to begin rowing. Taking advantage of the strangely sunny day, he had decided to go canoeing to entertain himself.

Alyce:  Alyce is in her two piece bikini and swimming in the lake having fun with the naiads trying to relax and take her mind off of the mind breaking research and battle plans that she had been working on with her other siblings when she sees the canoe and ducks before it smacks her in the head,

Hyung-Seok: "Oops..." he muttered under his breath. Once the canoe passed the group and glanced over his shoulder and shouted, "Sorry!"

Alyce: "No problem" she says with a mischevious smile before whispering to the naiads a plot to go and overturn the canoe. Once they all agree, she and the naiads begin swimming underwater to implement their plan eventually ending up right under the canoe ready to go.

Hyung-Seok: More or less at peace with himself, he felt as if nothing was wrong which was quite the opposite of the impending situation. He only had a few seconds to notice the disturbance in the water before his canoe tipped over and flung him into the water. He immediately panicked because he had almost no idea how to get to the surface. In a chaotic state of mind, he flung his limbs left and right in attempt to bring himself above the water but failed.

Alyce: Having already planned for this potential problem she was ready to catch him holding on for dear life while he shook and quickly took him to the surface laughing crazily with the rest of the naiads while they turned his canoe back around "Was that fun?" she asks with a cute and adorable smile while still giggling. 

Hyung-Seok: He coughed several times, spitting out water. "No, that was not fun," he grimaced in annoyance. It was somewhat diffcult to get Hyung-Seok even the slightest bit annoyed, so this could be considered a record being able to get him angry of a world-breaking record of a minute. "I could've drowned," he continued. "And you're laughing."

Alyce: She speaks in his mind "I am a daughter of Athena you don't think I planned it such a way that you wouldn't drown? Come on I wouldn't let that happen that would be wrong" she then looks him in they eyes and smiles warmly hoping he has been soothed

Hyung-Seok: His eyes slowly widened in shock and he opened his mouth but said no words. He sputtered for a few seconds before he shook himself out of his limbo. "Y-You're speaking in my head... H-How?" He was not at all soothed in anyway. He was still a bit angry, but most of his fury had faded to surprise and curiousity.

Alyce: "Athena's domain is that sweet beautiful mind of yours so I can speak to it and feel that you are curious and still a bit angry" She says with a little sad face trying to let her cuteness soothe him.

Hyung-Seok: "I..." Unable to continue his sentence he let blush overcome his cheeks and looked away from her. Finally, he cleared his throat and found his voice. "Can you help me back over to the docks? I want to dry myself off."

Alyce: "Sure" she said with a smile putting him on her back and swimming toward the dock before lifting him up and setting him on the dock. "Take note we are going to teach you how to swim at some point" she says to him before joining him on the dock

Hyung-Seok: He just blinked at her speech. "We are? Who is?" Hyung-Seok tsked and removed his shirt to wring out the water. "So what's your name anyway?" he continued after a bout of silence. "I'm Hyung-Seok, feel free to give me a nickname or something. Most people can't pronouce my name anyway."

Alyce: She speaks his name perfectly in his mind before saying "I can teach you you know and I am Alyce Montague Daughter of Athena known to some as The Alpha and Omega" she says with a smile and a small bow before giggling.

Hyung-Seok: He simulanteously shuddered and closed his eyes. "I'm never going to get used to that," he mumbled, opening his eyes again to look at Alyce. "You sure like to laugh a lot. Do you find my struggles entertaining or something?"

Alyce: "Oh you will I feel it" she says before looking him in the eye "I tend to giggle a lot in front of cute boys" she says sticking her tongue out a little with a smile

Hyung-Seok: "You... think I'm cute?" he coughed. He had the options of laughing or just staring at the girl dumbfounded. Sure, Jay had flirted with him before, but the difference was that he knew Jay, and Jay was a boy. This was complete stranger who he had met because he had almost drowned, and she thought he was cute. He struggle to wrap his brain around it, so he just stared at her.

Alyce: She reads his thoughts "Just because I am a stranger doesn't mean I can't think someone is cute you know" she says with a smile

Hyung-Seok: "I guess not," he shrugged. "But what about me makes you pin me as cute? I'm still half convinced someone is pranking me right now. Things like this don't happen often as you can tell."

Alyce: She goes into great detail about all of his many great features that make him hot and then goes into how she found the way he reacted to be cute considering the worse things that could happen.

Hyung-Seok: "You didn't need to be that specific, but I understand now." He folded his shirt neatly and set it down besides him. "Daughter of Athena right? Because you haven't told me like three times. I'm a Son of Nyx."

Alyce: "That's awesome" he says "had a lot of experience with your powers" she says thinking to all the briefs she filed with her cabin about their powers "and sorry? I mean when you ask what a girl finds cute about you expect her to go into detail"

Hyung-Seok: "I know. That was my mistake—asking." He tilted his head as he said this, swinging his feet as they hung from the edge of the dock. "More or less. My weapons are my powers so."

Alyce: She laughs "It wasn't a mistake don't worry" she says before going into detail about how his powers can be used to his advantage

Hyung-Seok: He sighed and held up his hand to stop her, trying his hardest not to sound annoyed. "As interesting as that sounds, I don't need a fifteen page essay on how to use my powers. I think I got that covered, so can you please... I don't know... stop?" he deadpanned. "Since you're the reason I am wet and shivering, you wouldn't mind if I went to get a towel, would you?"

Alyce: Her look suddenly got darker as she nodded "Fine go on" she replied

Hyung-Seok: "—I won't leave right now though," he said after she had responded. He smiled at her shifted his sitting position to face her. He took the time now to admire the girl's looks and it didn't take him awhile to conclude she was obviously out his of his league. How did I get her to talk to me in the first place? "You're beautiful by the way, and also way out of my league," he commented.

Alyce: She looks at him with a mischevious smile "Oh I wouldn't be so sure pretty boy" she says sticking her tongue out a little teasing him.

Hyung-Seok: His face flamed and he laughed a little. "You're having way too much fun with this," he chuckled, admiring her smile. "My face is probably very red right now. Might as well resmemble a tomato."

Alyce: "Sure is and it looks very cute that way" she says lying on her back and looking up at him admiring his abs among other things

Hyung-Seok: "I dare you to find three unattractive things about me," he challenged, tapping her temple. "That Athena brain has to be good for more than analyzing information."

Alyce: "Oh it is but that might take a while to figure out" she says sticking her tongue out again playfully lying down in a way she knows his mind will like.

Hyung-Seok: "Take however long you want," he replied with a shrug. He shifted a little so he could study her figure more. "I'll give you until the rest of the day."

Alyce: "Oh but it may take me the rest of my life maybe its the one thing I never know" she says following his eyes examining her body.

Hyung-Seok: He soon noticed her wandering eyes. Although the sentence was hypocritical in itself since he was practically doing the same thing too, he said the sentence anyway. "Hey, my eyes are up here Alyce."

Alyce: "Same could be said for you I am following your eyes" she replies with a smirk adding "and your mind" in his mind.