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'''Sera:''' Her eyes opened from where they had closed earlier, and she smiled. "D-Don't s-stop."
'''Sera:''' Her eyes opened from where they had closed earlier, and she smiled. "D-Don't s-stop."

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Zach: He is dressed casually on this nice sunny day. He is walking around camp taking in the sights and sounds wondering to himself what will this new day bring as he sees a girl in the distance

Sera: Sera was just standing near a cluster of flowers, kneeling down to gently coax them around with one hand while she focused on trying to summon bones with her other hand. Sera had fit in at camp now, and could be found working around with the plants.

Zach: He walked up to her and kneeled down next to her. "Hey what are you up to?" He asks trying not to startle her

Sera: She didn't even look up at the voice, speaking as she remained focused. "Trying to figure out both of my powers. Spring/summer in left and autumn/winter in right."

Zach: Having read exhaustive reports of the powers of all the demigods in camp he smiled knowing he could help "And whose child might you be fair lady?" he asks

Sera: Her cheeks reddened slightly at his 'fair lady' compliment as she smiled, sitting back. "Persephone." Sera turned her head slightly, blinking at the other boy with dark bluish-grey eyes.

Zach: He smiled to himself knowing his guess was correct "Well I have done extensive research on your powers as a child of Athena. Would you like me to explain them to you?" he asked

Sera: She leaned back on her heels, before looking at Zach, cheeks reddening slightly as she made eye contact with him. "Y-Y..." Sera coughed, clearing her throat carefully, "yes please."

Zach: He began to demonstrate and teach her all the powers she could learn.

Sera: She listened intently with a slight smile, "so, I can access death-related powers in autumn/winter and spring-related ones in spring/ summer, right?"

Zach: "Yes thats right" he says as he sits at the base of a nearby tree and looks up at her

Sera: She walked over to him, and sat down next to Zach. "What is it like? Being a chid of Athena?"

Zach: "It's interesting, knowledge is both a blessing and a curse but yeah it sure is an interesting life" he replies looking over at her

Sera: She nodded. "Huh, sounds interesting. I heard of an attack on a demigod in the woods. Do you know of that?

Zach: He smiles knowingly "As an Athena kid I am in the nucleus of the camp's intelligence efforts so if something happens I will be briefed on it, but yes we are looking into that case and he is recieving treatment last I was briefed" he replied

Sera: She blinked. "I thought it was a girl?" Sera asked. "Is she doing alright?"

Zach: He raises an eyebrow and recalls "Ah wait thinking of a different incident but yes she is alright few minor bruises and a broken arm"

Sera: She raised an eyebrow. "I thought she was almost close to death by the time the Apollo kids got to her? I think she's a daughter of Zeus... Sakallerios or something is her name."

Zach: "Yes or as people apparently refer to her as Aurora or so I have been told the medics might have stabilised her on scene and not reported back to us yet the last report we got was from the infirmary and that was about 10 minutes ago or something" he says

Sera: She nodded. "Good, well..." Sera trailed off, fingers trailing over the grass and watching with a slight smile as small white bony spikes appeared.

Zach: Quietly noting the spikes and their potential to cause harm to him he quietly shifts his weight so he would be able to draw his weapon if needed

Sera: She spotted his movements and quickly moved away, calming herself down and watching the bones fade. "There, better?"

Zach: "Sorry training kicked in been through my share of battles" he says before relaxing "You are quite observant that will serve you very well" he says

Sera: She blushed slightly at his compliment. "T-Thanks. How many have you fought in?" Sera asked, moving closer to Zach, eyes curious.

Zach: He lied down on the grass next to her and looked up at her face "probably between 10 and 15" he says

Sera: She lifted a hand, a shy smile forming as she gently pushed a strand of blonde hair back behind her shoulder, meeting Zach's gaze. "I've only been in one for training, but I got my arse throughly kicked by two Hecate kids. Especially one with a whole bunch of puppets."

Zach: He chuckles a little "Ah I remember when they pulled that old trick on me it wasn't pretty everyone loses that fight" he says as he reaches up cautiously to move another strand of hair away from her face

Sera: She turned her head to see his movement and remained still for him to move another strand of her loose hair, a smile forming as she did so. Her heart was racing as she looked at Zach. "Yeah, I was the first one out, knocked unconsicous exhaustion of powers and also getting sent into a flying rock and cracking my skull." Sera murmured, adjusting herself so she was laying on the grass next to Zach, turning her head to meet his eyes.

Zach:  His heart starts racing also and he begins to lean in closing his eyes and tries to kiss her

Sera: She paused slightly, but moved a bit closer and felt the feeling of her meeting Zach's lips for the first time, and gently kissed him. Her eyes closed as she did so, a hand coming up to gently clasp his.

Zach: He continued to kiss her his heart racing not wanting the moment to end.

Sera: She returned the kiss, finally raising a hand to gently place on his shoulder. Her heart was racing entirely too fast, but she didn't seem to notice, instead continuing the kiss.

Zach: He finally breaks the kiss needing air but holds her and looks into her eyes "Wow" he says

Sera: She nodded, finally calming down as her cheeks reddened big time. "Yeah, wow is right." Sera wrapped her hands around Zach's, smiling slightly the entire while. "S-So... what next?"

Zach: His cheeks become very red also "Well my heart tells me that it loves you so I want to ask you out" he says

Sera: She blushed at hearing his words before nodding. "I-I would love to go out with you, Zach."

Zach: He looks at her his eyes filled with love "Kiss me babe" he says as he tries to kiss her again

Sera: She laughed, leaning in again for another kiss, moving herself a bit closer to him. "Is babe your nickname for me?" She asked with a smile, kissing him again.

Zach: "Yes cause you are absolutely beautiful, my love, and an amazing kisser so yes that and baby" he says with a chuckle before kissing her again

Sera: She laughed, a smile present on her face as she returned the kiss. The wind started to pick up, sending a shiver through her thin jacket, and she leaned into her boyfriend in search of warmth.

Zach: He smiled and held his girlfriend close to his chest so that she may be warm before looking down and smiling at her

Sera: She rested her head on his chest. "T-That was my first ever kiss. I'd never gotten kissed by a boy before."

Zach: "You are the first girl who has ever kissed me," he says as he holds her so she can snuggle into his chest.

Sera: She smiled. "I'm glad to hear that." Her fingers traced down his chest as she leaned into him, watching as flowers bloomed around them with careful traces and soon vanished again.

Zach: He sees the flowers "Wow you are quite good with your power I am impressed" he says in her mind

Sera: She looked startled, a smile forming. "Thanks. I think it's something that all the Persephone kids share... We can grow flowers when we walk if we want I think."

Zach: "And Athena kids can speak in other people's minds," he says in her mind as he tries to pull her closer to his chest so she stays warm

Sera: Sera's face lit up as she gently traced flowery designs over Zach's chest with one finger. "That's awesome. What else can Athena kids do?"

Zach: He explains all his powers to her while squeezing onto her hand and holding her close to him and after he finishes says "You can probably feel how my heart feels about having you this close to me" referring to the fact his heart was racing with happiness.

Sera: She grinned. "I can't yet. Even though I'm this close to you." Sera continued to trace designs along his chest with one finger. "You wanna take this somewhere else? Warmer, maybe?"

Zach: "What do you have in mind babe?" as he kisses the hand tracing on his chest before getting up and swiftly picking her up bridal style.

Sera: She smiled shyly, looking around the deserted camp. "I don't think my cabin would have a lot of people in there if you want to go there?"

Zach : He kisses her and takes her to her cabin and upon entering realizes it is deserted "So which room is yours?" he asks looking around

Sera: She gestured to a closed door, gently sliding from Zach's grip and walking over to open it with a smile. "Come on in."

Zach:  "Why thank you my beauty" he says as he enters and shuts the door after her and sits on her bed looking around "Wow what a nice setup you have here" he says looking around "setup is as beautiful as you babe" he says

Sera: She smiled. "I'm glad you like it." Sera turned to look at him as she stood by a vase of lilies, gently tracing her finger over them and watching them regain their former brighteness before she walked over to sit next to Zach, unsure of what to say.

Zach: He lies down and tries to pull her down next to him and kiss her missing the warmth of her closeness

Sera: She felt his grip gently pull her down so she was laying next to him, and let herself go. Sera returned the kisses, moving closer as she looked into his eyes, a slight smile forming.

Zach:  He looks into her eyes and feels relaxed and continues to kiss her with more passion wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her to him

Sera: She continued to return the kisses Zach gave to her, feeling his arms wrap around her and pull her to him all throughout this. The kisses grew in passion from her boyfriend, making Sera slightly confused at what could possibly happen. But she didn't back away, giving as much as she recieved.

Zach: He eventually pulled back knowing what his body wanted and knowing he had to control himself "My goodness I love you you are a great person, a great kisser, and amazingly beautiful" he says holding her against him with a smile trying to calm his lust filled heart.

Sera: She smiled, finally figuring out what he wanted, and rested her head on his chest, speaking. "Later, dear." Sera murmured, cheeks reddening at all of his compliments.

Zach: He kissed her cheek and cuddled with her still trying to calm down his heart and get it away from lustful thoughts

Sera: She smiled, yawning slightly as she blinked heavily. "Sorry, I've been staying up late these past few nights and haven't really gotten the sleep I need."

Zach: He pulls her on top of him and lays her head down on his chest and holds her by the waist "Sleep my dear" he says kissing her and rubbing her back

Sera: She nodded, finally closing her eyes and remaining close to her boyfriend. Within minutes, her breathing had evened out and Sera was out. A sigh of calmness emated from her as Zach rubbed her back, letting her sleep.

Time Skip

Zach: He woke up sometime later to see Sera still sleeping on his chest and smiled watching her and admiring her and how lucky he was to have her.

Sera: She stirred, eyes slowly opening as a slight smile formed. "Hey."

Zach: He smiled "Hey sweetheart how did you sleep?" he asked rubbing her back waiting for her to fully wake so he can make out

Sera: She stretched carefully, sitting up next to him and grinned. "Very nicely. You make for a very nice pillow."

Zach: "Aww thanks baby" he says before tackling her back down to the bed gently and beginning to make out

Sera: She let out a squeak as she was tackled back onto the bed, laughing slightly, returning his kisses carefully.

Zach: He again increases the passion of his kisses and moans lightly letting his hands wander as long as she approves

Sera: She stopped his hands at her waist, and gave Zach a stern look, pulling away slightly to say one thing. "Hands above the waist." Sera murmured.

Zach: "Awww fine" he says as he wraps his hands around her back and continues to kiss her

Sera: Sera returned the kisses, before sighing. "Forget what I said about the above the waist thing. I trust you." She murmured, gazing up into his eyes.

Zach: His hands immediately fall under her waist and he begins to give her a massage moaning lightly

Sera: She felt strange feelings stirring and blinked, head falling to the side, enjoying herself. Sera slowly pushed herself up to try and return the kisses Zach had given her, unsure if this is something she should've been doing or not.

Zach: He feel so much passion he eventually dives for her neck and starts sucking on it lovingly 

Sera: She let her head fall back, letting out a slight sound. "Z-Z-Zach."

Zach: He finally gets up and looks into her eyes lust coating them "Yes my dear?"

Sera: Her eyes opened from where they had closed earlier, and she smiled. "D-Don't s-stop."