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Avery WB!

Kara -Child of Hera
-Daughter of Hera

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Colette WB!

Colette Bellerose Daughter of Hera • Lt. Counsellor



  • Colette: Colette had been out all day, hustling and bustling her way through her camp chores, training sessions, and crafting. She was tired to say the least, and was looking forward to getting herself all nice and cozy in the comfort of Hera's cabin. Once dropping her things in her bedroom, she came out to the living room and sat down on the couch, picking up a magazine and beginning to flip through its pages lazily.
  • Kara: Trudging into her cabin, Kara put down her heavy pack with an audible thump. Groaning slightly as she reached down to take Nata out (her baby, who was happily chewing on her own fist), she pushed the door closed with her foot and walked towards the living room, ready to sit down and give her back and knees a break.
    Nata squeaked and wiggled, and Kara turned to see what Nata was fussing about - only to see another girl on a nearby sofa. Kara seen her a few times before, but had never actually spoken to her outside of her first coming to Camp Half-Blood and meeting the counselors. "Hey."
  • Colette: Colette really wasn't interested in this magazine in the slightest, she'd flipped through it multiple times since living here. Man, we really needed some new reading material, she thought to herself before setting it down and picking up a different one. She may have already read it before but at least it was newer gossip than the one prior. It was then that Kara walked in, Colette was going to do her best to ignore the girl. But the baby made it hard by fussing. She really didn't want to be rude however, so she offered the girl and her child a smile as she lowered the magazine. "Hey~"
  • Kara: "Sorry to interrupt. She's had a bit of a rough day." Pacing back and forth, Kara gently rocked Nata back and forth, causing her whimpers to die down into silence. "There we go." Suddenly, she winced and stumbled slightly. "I'm really sorry, could I maybe sit down by you on the sofa? My muscles are giving me a lot of pain."
  • Colette: Colette shrugged it off, her smile still present. "It's okay, everyone has those days. Babies just tend to have the worse~" She said with a chuckle before scooting over. "Of course of course, please sit."
  • Kara: "Thanks so much." She walked over to the sofa and sat down. "I'm really really sorry... can you remind me what your name is?"
    Nata looked over at Colette curiously.
  • Colette: Colette nodded in a way of saying no problem, smiling down at the baby in Kara's lap. To be honest, she was slightly offended Kara didn't remember her. But she had a baby so clearly her half-siblings were the least of her issues. "Colette, Colette Bellerose."
  • Kara: "Right!" Kara slapped her forehead. "Sorry. My brain's all over the place lately." She gently bounced Nata up and down. "I'm Kara, and thi-" She suddenly stopped talking as her vision blurred and she started swaying  slightly. "Whoa..."

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