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Snow crunches underneath his feet as Alexander marches solemnly through the Camp he used to call home. He's seen plenty of campers, but nobody he could recognize. Judging by their lack of interest, he assumed none of them had been around when he was a regular in these parts. He eventually finds his way to the Pavilion and sits alone at the Thanatos table. A warm glow illuminates his face as he sparks up another cigarette. He decides he's going to have to be more outgoing than he was if he wants to make any friends.

  • Pyrrha: The priestess of Apollo was sitting on a near stump, waving her hand at the smell of the cigarette smoke. Her faint facial expression was screwed up in disgust as she sent a small gust of icy wind towards Alexander. "Hey, watch it..!"
  • Alexander: Goosebumps appear on Alexander's forearms and his body vibrates in a small shiver. Spying the cause, a pale-skinned, fiery haired girl upon a stump, Alexander dramatically dropped his cigarette onto the floor of the pavilion and stomped it out with the toe of his boot. Alexander then stood and bowed, "My apologies, Princess," He said, sarcastically.
  • Pyrrha: She merely gave him a flat stare in return. "I'm not a Princess, mind you. Just the priestess of Apollo and daughter of Boreas." Pyrrha almost dangerously hissed. "Just don't let your smoke bother other people and damage other people's lungs."
  • Alexander: "Priestess, my bad. Freudian slip and all that." Alexander shrugs at her mention of smoke damaging people's lungs, "We have more than enough access to fix our lungs if we wanted to. I don't think that's a good enough excuse to not do it."
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