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The Princesses Are In Town Camp

  • Demetria: Dionysus' daughter had temporarily set aside her own excitement to see her father's cabin (more so that than meeting her siblings, but what Dionysus could be proud of, Demetria could find pride in too) in order to make sure that her siblings found their cabins safely and got themselves settled. While she was a little put out that Dionysus' cabin had in fact not contained a wine fountain, she supposed it did not much matter when she could change any beverage whatsoever into it at her behest. (Inform Demetria of fountains on the grounds of Camp Half-Blood at your peril.) Now, reuniting with both of her siblings at the centre of camp, she grinned. "So, tell me what they're like...!" Cabins, siblings, or both.
  • Atalanta: Arriving at Camp Half-Blood had been a very draining experience, but incredibly worth it. She couldn't put enough emphasis on how relieved she had felt to step on land that wasn't Olympenian territory. Land that, rather than being cursed by Olympus, was actually appreciated. Taking a leisurely stroll around the grounds had been very surreal, but it was nothing like what she felt when she arrived at what would now be her home. It was downright perfect for her; it wasn't too showy unless the sun hit it in the right angle, there is always sunlight, the right music is constantly playing, and there were cabinets filled with medicine in cases of emergencies. It was - well, perfect for her. All her half-siblings had been out when she arrived giving Athena children archery lessons, hence why she didn't have the opportunity to talk with any of them. Not like she would have had the chance; between unpacking, getting lunch, and going to the Big House for the orientation video, the day had gone by in the blink of an eye. It was now that she had the opportunity to unwind and catch up with both her sisters, thank gods. "Where do I even begin?" she laughs, "Camp is beautiful, and my cabin - dad's cabin - is just stunning. The history books back home didn't do it justice."
  • Theia: Theia wanted too sleep, though she knew sleep won't be coming any time soon. She might get a few hours sleep that–if she was lucky. She found camp...overwhelming, to say the least. From the moment she stepped foot at the place to now, she hadn't stopped moving. The only time she stopped was to stare at the cabin she was meant to live in. She found it kind of intimidating. She didn't mind the interior, though. Theia'd seen a few of her siblings but hadn't really talked to them and her only thought was, well, that they were nice to look at. The ones she had seen, anyway. The one highlight of the day, though, was when someone gave her a piece of gum. She liked it...except they didn't tell her she wasn't meant to swallow it. When Theia had met up with her siblings, she listened to Atalanta, biting back a cringe. At least one of them was enjoying it. "It's great," she eventually said, not sure how to continue off from that, "the training arena seems pretty good know, the place looks nice." Her eyes were turned away from them, watching the events around her. "My...cabin mates–" she wasn't yet at a point where she was going to call them siblings "–seem good too. Not as blood thirsty as I expected."
  • Demetria: "My siblings are riots and there's not that many of us. Safest for the rest of the camp, really," she beams, broad and bright. "Well, Ares is the god of civil order, right? Might be gettin' that wrong, but I'm pretty sure." The brunette has a hairbrush in her hand, sorting it back into order after it had gotten mussed earlier, sorting her room out and organising the loose floorboard in her room (luckily she hadn't had to put that there herself. ) "There's a giant statue of my dad in there, so it really makes ya feel close, y'know? An' all the furniture's made of grape vines, which shouldn't be comfortable, but...really is." Demetria's own walk across the grounds had been to find the best places for possible gatherings, drinking alone, and impromptu naps in the middle of the day when the cabin's too raucous.
  • Atalanta: "Dad's cabin is enchanted, so it's always sunny through the windows and wherever else we can see the sky. There's these four massive statues of him in each corner, too, and it's apparently spots for praying and sacrificing meals, which is very interesting," she pauses, thinking about everything else her cabin has. "There's big speakers, and I think Alexander said they were enchanted to play anything the recipient wanted to hear. And - thank father for this - there's a a medicinal cabinet with first aid, ambrosia, nectar, etcetera," Atalanta is aware by now that she's rambling, and effectively shuts herself up, smiling bashfully. It's a bad habit, she recognizes, but it's not one she can help. Her sisters know this. Doesn't make it any less humiliating, though. "Grape vines? That's interesting," she smiles a little brighter. "It sounds totally like you."
  • Theia: Theia listened to them both gush about their cabins when all she could really say was 'we have a lot of spears on our roof' or about their secret stash of weapons. Of course, there were statues of Ares, quite a lot of them, not that she was surprised. Ares seemed the type to want himself represented everywhere. Theia kind of found them...intimidating. As with everything else about the cabin. "It does sound like you," she agreed. Both of the cabins seemed like they'd suit the two. Finally, Theia turned her head to smile at the two of them, "they both sound like you guys really." She was kind of worried, though. Demetria was a handful herself and...being around others like her? Hell in the making. At least Atalanta was still around.
  • Demetria: "Yeah, I feel right at home." With how clearly comfortable Demetria is, you'd think she'd been here months rather than a few hours. The eldest of the trio listens curiously to Atalanta's recount of the interior of Apollo's Cabin, having run out of things to gush about within her own. "Hey, you're all set then," she says brightly, referencing the extensive stock of healing supplies, "I want one of those speakers, though." (Undoubtedly to throw a party, as well as to learn what sorts of music she has missed whilst living out her life on an ever-moving cursed island surrounded by stormy seas.) Theia's concern is certainly not misplaced –– if she teams up with even one of her half-siblings in that cabin, carnage is a real possibility. "It's gonna be weird not livin' with you guys in quite the same way, y'know? Goin' from havin' rooms right next to each other to entirely separate little households."
  • Atalanta: "I don't think the speakers are moveable, but perhaps a Hermes kid will be able to help change that," she smiles brightly at her eldest sister. Theia's lack of excitement does not go unnoticed. Atalanta has been attached to her hip for sixteen years, going seventeen come next February. She nods in agreement to Demetria's remark, but her attention flies back to Theia in milliseconds. "You don't like your cabin?" she guesses. It wouldn't surprise her; she'd seen it, from afar, and it didn't seem very like her pseudo-twin.
  • Theia: Theia was on the verge of responding too her older sister until Atalanta directed the conversation onto her. The thought only just hitting her that for once in her life she wasn't going to be living with her siblings. That was going to be a change. "It's very...antagonistic," she confessed after a moment, "we have spears decorating our roof and bombs in the ground. Land mines."
  • Demetria: What Theia calls antagonistic, Demetria calls cool. Except for the land-mines; she doesn't want to go into a cabin to die unless it's a cold and snowy winter and she's getting frostbite. "Edgy," is her comment after a while, "and definitely not as tailored to you as ours are to us. I've heard Elpis' Cabin is a pretty good substitute for a discotheque, so I'll be seein' if I can check that one out. I thought cabins'd be all...secretive, but they're really not. Not that I mind the fact the Elpis kids are willin' to share their discotheque, of course."
  • Atalanta: "Hey, maybe you'll warm up to your Ares heritage," Atalanta proposes, smiling at Theia. "If anything, you've got a place in the Apollo Cabin with me. I don't think my siblings would mind; especially if they knew you felt uncomfortable or intimidated. I mean... I saw you guys headed to the Arena a few hours ago, and they're... wow, you know? Not what you see back home."
  • Theia: Theia's mind already jumped to the question on whether it's possible to just move into another cabin. Watch her sneak out of the cabin to go to her sister's bedroom every other night now. "They're certainly a sight," she agreed, though part of her mind was now going 'what's a discotheque?' but figured it was some modern device and let it slide. "Kind of impressive, really."
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