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Pyrrha and Beau

  • Pyrrha: Pyrrha was currently sneaking out of her cabin as curfew hit. She was unable to sleep much, having been confined to her room as another injury healed, and wanted to go and visit Beau. Scampering across the grass, she quickly slid into the Cybele cabin, padding silently into Beau's room. Her faint whispers could be heard on the still night air. "Beau..." Pyrrha waited for a few minutes before calling again. "Beau!"
  • Beau: Beau had been out cold for some time now, having fallen asleep shortly after Ryder had left for the night. Having not heard Pyrrha sneaking into his room or her first call out. The second did startle him awake though, sitting up quickly and turning on his bedside lamp. "Oh my gods Pyrrha, you scared me." He said while covering his nude upper half.
  • Pyrrha: She grinned sheepishly, hair mussed with sleep. "Sorry... I just couldn't sleep and snuck out to see you." Pyrrha padded closer, sitting on the edge of his bed, stifling a yawn. "The older priests have kept an eye on me since I got injured again, you know."
  • Beau: After calming down, Beau seemed to be fine with Pyrrha coming in. "It's fine," he started while moving over a bit for Pyrrha to sit down. "That's good, they listened to what I asked of them then."
  • Pyrrha: She let out a wordless sound in response, green eyes wide. "Wha? You ASKED?!" Pyrrha screeched, keeping her tone low as not to wake anyone else. "Brotherrr!"
  • Beau: "Of course I did, if I'm not able to look out for you constantly I want them to be able to do it for me."
  • Pyrrha: She scowled briefly, before curling up next to Beau contentedly. "Please say you'll call them off... They're annoying! Always asking where am I going, if you or Ryder will be there, blah blah blah." Pyrrha muttered, irritated.
  • Beau: Beau laughed a bit, laying back down in his bed. "I'm not calling them off. Sorry but I'd rather them care rather than let you do your own thing and not care if you're okay or not."
  • Pyrrha: She grumbled, green eyes gazing up at Beau. "I just don't take to having an eye on me all the time well... I don't want to be watched, I don't need to be watched... I don't..." She began to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I-I want to a-ask you..."
  • Beau: Beau was still learning how to handle Pyrrha's emotions, he wasn't used to crying at things he thought seemed minuscule but to her they were much bigger issues. "Pyrrha it's okay, just sh okay we don't want to wake up the cabin." He started, patting her hesitantly. "You're old enough to be at camp yes, but young enough to the point where if I didn't worry about you someone else would."
  • Pyrrha: She nestled deeper into Beau's side, watery eyes gazing up at the older. "I-I need someone to take guardianship of me... My parents don't want me anymore, a-and I was hoping you would..."
  • Beau: Beau seemed surprised by Pyrrha's sudden confession. "What do you mean by your parents don't want you anymore?" Although he wasn't certain of Pyrrha and her family's relationship, he always assumed they had a good and healthy relationship.
  • Pyrrha: She hesitated. "They ignore me. Some nights, I go without eating... I walk about two miles to school everyday, to and from. They never have laid a hand on me or anything, but... I don't know, brother."
  • Beau: Beau seemed disappointed by what he was hearing about how Pyrrha's parents were treating her. "That's terrible Pyrrha..." He muttered before pulling the younger into a hug.
  • Pyrrha: She nestled into the hug, green eyes gazing upwards at Beau. "They say it's building character... All I know is that I've gotten hospitalized more from walking so many miles and getting sick again."

Archived Roleplays


  • Pyrrha: The ten-year-old was sitting on the beach, relaxing under the warm spring sun. Pyrrha's red hair reflected the sun, picking up faint colors of blonde and black in her mane as she slept peacefully, curled up on the blanket she had dragged from the Cybele cabin, kinda stealing it from Beau's room in the process. As she slept, she cradled a small worn stuffed animal in her hands, tucked close to her chest and even thumb in her mouth, relaxed as can be.
  • Beau: Beau had known Pyrrha stole a blanket from his room and honestly wasn't that upset about it. It wasn't the first time and it more than likely wasn't going to be the last either, so he had no reason to be mad. However, he did want to talk to Pyrrha as he had some important information to share with her; and thus he tried finding her after a couple of hours. After going through most of Pyrrha usual spots looking for her, Beau found her relaxing by the beach. Walking over to where she was laid, Beau sat down beside her quietly as to not disturb her right away.
  • Pyrrha: Waking slowly as she heard the sound of footsteps, she blinked open tired green eyes and slowly sat up, looking at Beau curiously. "Brother? When did you get here?" Pyrrha asked, yawning heavily and stretching, watching Beau closely. "Wait, is there something wrong?"
  • Beau: As Pyrrha started to stir, Beau watched on with a smile as Pyrrha sat up. "I've only been here for a few seconds. Right after I sat down it seemed as though you started waking up." Beau paused for a second so Pyrrha wasn't having to take in so many things at once. "Nothing is wrong, in fact it's the complete opposite." Beau has had something to share with Pyrrha since they were inside the Big Brother house, but didn't want it to distract her from the game and thus chose to wait till after.
  • Pyrrha: She tilted her head, unsure at what he meant. "What do you mean?" Pyrrha adjusted her position, tucking her legs underneath her and watching Beau carefully.
  • Beau: Beau did the same, sitting crosslegged in front of Pyrrha. He was giddy to tell her the news and it was hard keeping himself so contained. Slyly, Beau tried to flaunt the engagement ring adorning his ring finger by fixing his hair. If this didn't work he was fully prepared to just tell her.
  • Pyrrha: The gleam of the metal caught her eye and she immediately shot out her own hand, grabbing Beau's, and looking closely at the ring, expression widening into one of surprise. "Brother... Ryder proposed? When?"
  • Beau: Seeing that his sly hint was caught, Beau couldn't help but smile even more than he already was. Letting Pyrrha take his hand in hers to examine the ring. "Yeah he did." Beau said at first, just bringing it up was making Beau happier, "Don't hate me... But he proposed while we were still in the Big Brother house. I know it's been awhile I just didn't want to distract you from the game with it~"
  • Pyrrha: She grinned brightly, expression delighted. Pyrrha tilted her head, admiring the ring, before looking up at Beau with an expression of elation. "Brother, I couldn't hate you, ever!"
  • Beau: Although he wasn't actually worried about Pyrrha hating him, Beau let out a sigh of relief as he too looked at the ring adorning his finger. Every time he looked at it it seemed to take on a new appearance. "That's good, I'm happy to hear you couldn't~"
  • Pyrrha: She smiled, bouncing in her seated position. "So... how's the wedding planning going?"
  • Beau: "If I'm being honest, we really haven't planned that much for the wedding just yet. I think we last discussed maybe a August or September wedding?"
  • Pyrrha: She tilted her head before giggling faintly. "If you were thinking August, I'd suggest against that. You do know how long weddings take to prepare and plan, right?" Pyrrha asked, yawning heavily and rubbing her eyes with a fist. "Sorry, I haven't been sleeping well."
  • Beau: Beau shrugged nonchalantly, "I don't think we'd be having some big extravagant wedding though. I only have my step-brother and his husband to invite, plus some camp friends. Ryder doesn't have that many family to invite either. So it'd mainly consist of campers which wouldn't be too hard to organize."
  • Pyrrha: She grinned before a thought crossed her mind. "Would I be invited, brother?"
  • Beau: "Well obviously~ Ryder and I can't have a wedding and just not invite you." Beau laughed, "That'd eliminate one of our favourite people here."
  • Pyrrha: She beamed happily, a faint giggle coming from her throat as she leaned into Beau, adjusting her position slightly, and relaxing, curled in his lap. "Brother?

Pyrrha and Beau

  • Pyrrha: Limping to the top of Half-Blood Hill, the girl's leg was tightly wrapped in black bandages running down from her thigh to her ankle, holding the injured knee in place. Pyrrha sighed, still quite drowsy from her surgery the previous day, red hair mussed up and in quite a bit of pain. She looked down the hill, sighing and attempting to maneuver the crutches and still leg down the slippery slope.
  • Beau: Beau had just so happened to be running the perimeter of camp for his daily run. He had started a bit later today, and had he started at his usual time he probably wouldn't have been at Half-Blood Hill when Pyrrha had arrived. Taking out one of his earbuds, Beau watched for a few seconds before approaching her after noticing she had crutches. "Hey, do you need some help getting down the hill?"
  • Pyrrha: She looked over her shoulder and gave Beau a thankful smile and nod. “Please.” She sighed. “Stupid military doctors insisting surgery...” Pyrrha hissed in frustration, looking up at Beau with a bright grin. “You’re the Big Brother guy I supported, right?”
  • Beau: Beau smiled as he slung one of Pyrrha's arms around his shoulder to support her down the hill. "I've heard military doctors can be quite insistent." He said with a slight laugh as they began to walk, "That's me. I have to say, when I entered that competition I didn't think so many people would recognize me after."
  • Pyrrha: She shrugged one-shouldered, leaning heavily on Beau to take the weight off her injured leg. "Believe me, they almost had to hold me down to get into the pre-op area and drugged." Pyrrha remarked, looking up at Beau. "I don't think we've met before, I'm Pyrrha."
  • Beau: "That must of sucked, I can't imagine a basic surgery let alone in a military setting." Beau paused for a second, looking down at Pyrrha, "Name's Beau, it's nice to meet you."
  • Pyrrha: She tilted her head slightly in a so-so manner before speaking. "Eh, not really. One thing the military's good at is getting in and getting out, so considering I underwent it yesterday, you wouldn't guess, would you?" She asked, looking up at him. "Nice to meet you as well." Pyrrha suddenly winced in pain, needing to stop as small tears begun to form at the corner of her eyes. "By Olympus..."
  • Beau: Beau nodded his head, "Not at all, you're in pretty good shape for just undergoing surgery if I do say myself. Mind you I don't know much about heal times post surgeries." As Pyrrha winced, Beau looked over at her and moved closest to the nearest tree so Pyrrha could lean against it.
  • Pyrrha: She leaned against the tree carefully, taking deep breaths. “I swear next time I see my father, I will damn flip him for this.” Pyrrha hissed angrily, struggling back to her feet. “Okay, I think I'm good. Let’s keep going, Beau.” She said, moving back to her position for support.
  • Beau: Beau seemed surprised when Pyrrha mentioned her father did this. "Your father did all this?..." He asked as he got back into a position to support her. "I think maybe it's best you don't try anything if he can do this with ease."
  • Pyrrha: She nodded. "Basically arranged everything, didn't leave me a choice in the matter." Pyrrha explained as the two made their way down the hill. "He's an Air Force officer and has connections." She said by way of explaining how everything's happened.
  • Beau: Beau furrowed his brows in frustration. "I don't mean to sound rude or insensitive, but I never understood military or air force officers forcing their kids into becoming a military brat... It just never seemed like it worked out well for anyone involved."
  • Pyrrha: She laughed suddenly at his words. “It’s how things have been done, so we don’t protest them. But yeah, it usually doesn’t end well for the kids involved. Most of us leave when we can, so we can get out of the lifestyle that led us into drama.
  • Beau: "And I'm assuming that's what brought you here? Escaping the drama that is." Beau asked curiously as the two managed to reach the bottom of the hill, it'd be a lot easier from here on out.
  • Pyrrha: She nodded. “That and the fact that I've been the priestess of Apollo since I was ten. He called me to come here finally.”
  • Beau: Beau nodded his head as he listened, "I see... So are you a daughter of Apollo as well then?"
  • Pyrrha: She shook her head. "Former daughter of Boreas. How about you?"
  • Beau: "Former as in... You're now a nymph or something of the sort? Or still a demigod just being Apollo's priestess is your first priority?"
  • Pyrrha: She shook her head. “I gave up my Boreas powers for those of a Priestess, so technically I’m not quite a demigod, but at the same not exactly a nymph. If you get my meaning.” Pyrrha explained, “but it’s cool at the same time because I cannot technically be killed without irritating an God.” She grinned.

Dakota and Elliana

  • Elliana: Elliana was out in the sound, messing around happily on a large surfboard. She seemed to need this, a way of relaxing from the traumatic events of the week previous. Her brown hair was soaked, including her clothes, something too cold truth be told. Elliana ignored the shivering, continuing to mess about.
  • Dakota: Dakota was feeling quite lazy today. He had been lounging about in his room for hours before he had finally decided to get up and do something with himself. Choosing to go to the pool at the gym, he made his way there. Along the way he saw someone fooling around on a surfboard in the sound. Given the time of year this seemed a bit crazy to him so he made his way over to observe.
  • Elliana: She looked up at the prickling of her neck hairs at feeling eyes on her, and waved a hand at Dakota. The surfboard went under, sending the girl into the water, vanishing underneath the surface quickly before surfacing again, soaking wet and sneezing several times in quick succession. "H-Hi-Hi!"
  • Dakota: Dakota was originally sporting a face of panic when Elliana went under, temporarily forgetting that she was a daughter of Poseidon until she resurfaced. After letting out a sigh of relief, Dakota waved at Elliana. "Hey."
  • Elliana: She let the currents bring her and the surfboard back onto land, standing and looking up at Dakota with intense green eyes, giving a sheepish grin. “Sorry 'Kota.” Elliana was known for giving nicknames for people she knew/trusted, even if she hadn’t talked with them directly before. “Whatacha doing?”
  • Dakota: Dakota smiled at the nickname given to him by his half-sister, looking down on her. "Not much, I was just heading over to the pool though. I can't believe you're out here surfing though in this weather."
  • Elliana: She shrugged, raising a hand to take Dakota's hand in hers. "Can I come with you? It's getting too cold to surf out here." Elliana asked, teeth chattering and visibly shivering, intense gaze on her older half-brother. "Unless you don't want me to?"
  • Dakota: Dakota shook his head, "Nah it's fine you can tag along. Not like I'm going to be doing laps in the pool or anything, just a leisurely swim."
  • Elliana: She beamed. "Yay!" Elliana walked closely to Dakota, almost relaxing with the warmth that came from her older half-brother. "I'm turning 10 soon, Kota." She remarked, almost trying to start a conversation through her chattering teeth. "How old are you?"
  • Dakota: Dakota laughed at his half-sister's excitement, and was almost in shock at the fact he was sharing a cabin with an almost 10 year old. "I honestly don't even remember life when I was 10... I'm 21, but if you want to get technical, I'm-" Dakota stopped to do the mental math, "71."
  • Elliana: She tilted her head at his expression, before his age brought a wide eyed look. “You're old! Why are you surprised? I’m probably not the youngest sibling you've had before, am I?”
  • Dakota: Dakota shook his head. "No you're definitely the youngest sibling I've ever had here at camp, there's no way there's been younger ones. And for the record I am not old. I still look and feel young so get off my back." He said with a snicker.
  • Elliana: She giggled at his retort, a bright smile lighting up her face. "Yes you are! You're o-o-oldddddd~" Elliana sing-songed, much more energetic and happier than anyone had seen her since her arrival at camp, almost skipping alongside Dakota on the way to the pool.
  • Dakota: Dakota rolled his eyes playfully, enjoying Elliana's company and child like innocence. It was rare to come by here at camp so whenever he talked to her it was a nice break. "I'm not old, and even if I did consider myself as old I've got nicer assets then some of our other siblings so really I'm winning regardless."
  • Elliana: Elliana tilted her head curiously. “Like better than Cassidy and Torres?” She asked, suddenly shivering much stronger than before. “C-c-c-cold, Kota...”
  • Dakota: Dakota hmm'd and huh'd for a second before nodding his head, "Yeah, better than both of them." He said confidently before watching Elliana shive. He didn't have much to offer her, sure he was wearing his jacket but underneath he didn't have a shirt on considering he was only going to the pool. "I'm probably gonna regret this-" he started as he unbuttoned his jacket and gave it to Elliana, exposing his nude upper half to the cold winter air as he held out his jacket for Elliana. "-But I'd rather myself freeze over you."
  • Elliana: She nestled into his offered jacket, being swamped by the fabric. “T-Thank you, Kota.” Elliana chirped, relaxing into the warmth and relaxing scent that has soaked into the fabric.
  • Dakota: Dakota nodded his head, a slight smile talking at the corners of his mouth. "No problem, enjoy the warmth." He said as he covered his upper chest with his arms, trying to keep some of the body heat he once had before his nude upper half froze.
  • Elliana: She suddenly scrambled up Dakota, wrapping her arms around his chest. She was trying to block the cold from her half-brother. "Hope you don't mind, Kota." She chirped happily.
  • Dakota: Dakota laughed as Elliana wrapped her arms around him like a koala. "Elliana, you don't have to do that~ We're about five minutes away from the pool, I can manage."
  • Elliana: She gave a bright smile at her elder brother, shaking her head. “No thanks. You’re cozy.”

Edison and Kiran

  • Kiran: Kiran had managed to head out to the training grounds, wielding her sword with both hands as she lashed out at the dummy. Despite just coming out here about ten minutes ago, her skin had lightened dangerously as sweat formed over her forehead, not wanting to return back inside and still continuing training.
  • Edison: With the training grounds essentially being Edison's territory in the Spire, it was a give in that he would make his way there. As he was putting some tape around his hands, he made his way over to a punching bag paying no attention to Kiran.
  • Kiran: She turned her head to watch Edison go at the punching bag, letting her blade drop heavily and embed into the ground, using it as a crutch to lean on. "Good afternoon, Edison!" Kiran called, trying to disguise her tone with a cheerful voice, swiping the sweat off her forehead.
  • Edison: Having lulled himself into a trance like state while punching away at the bag, Kiran's voice brought him out of it as he looked over to her. A smile appeared as he grabbed on to the punching bag so it'd stop moving. "Good afternoon to you as well, Kiran."
  • Kiran: She tilted her head slightly, watching him with intense blue eyes. "Have you heard from the questing group at all?" Kiran suddenly gasped as the pain returned, paling and staggering slightly, regaining her balance quickly. "I'm fine, just some manticore poison still not fully recovered from an attack."
  • Edison: Edison nodded his head, "Everything is going well as far as I know, things are going according to pl-" he stopped abruptly as Kiran staggered and her condition visibly declined quickly. With quick reaction time Edison reached out to help Kiran, "-Are you sure?" He asked, worried for his fellow council member.
  • Kiran: Kiran nodded, but still leaned heavily on Edison for support, knowing that she couldn't stand up on her own. "I'll be fine in a few days, Edison. Don't worry." She murmured, just loud enough for him to hear but no one else.
  • Edison: Edison wasn't convinced in the slightest, he hooked his arm around Kiran's own for better support. "Come with me," he said as he started walking towards the sitting area. "I don't think it's smart to be standing up right now in this condition."
  • Kiran: She sighed, but leaned into Edison until she sat down on the couch, staying away from laying on her injured side. "Mmmh, I guess you're right. It comes and it goes." Kiran said, eyes fixed on Edison.
  • Edison: Edison watched as Kiran favoured the non-injured side. "As much as I love seeing everyone out here training and admire your will to continue, you certainly shouldn't be out here in such a condition."
  • Kiran: She gave him a burning blue look, sitting up quickly and trying to stand, nose to about Edison's shoulder, looking up at him. "I'm not just going to sit back while we're planning on missions. I want to help, and even if that means pushing myself, then whatever." Kiran was in one of her extreme stubborn moods, a common thing to be seen throughout her childhood during WWII. She kept her breathing slow and deep, trying to hide exactly how much pain she was in in hopes of convincing Edison to let her return to training.
  • Edison: Edison had a keen eye when it came to when someone was struggling, being a trainer for the champions since they were created. He knew when someone was pushing themselves to much, and by crossing his arms across his chest and looking at Kiran, he hoped to get across that he wasn't buying it. "Kiran, I get you want to help but you'd be no good to us when you've pushed yourself too much and can't do anything. Trust me, I think it's best if you take it easy."
  • Kiran: At his words, the young woman slowly sat back down on the couch, moving as so not to pressure her injury. "I guess." Kiran sighed, eyes fixed on the champions' trainer. "I just don't want to be accused of doing nothing while everyone else is working." Kiran winced at the return of the pain, hand going straight to the injury. "I want to help out, Edison, please."
  • Edison: Edison stood firm, not budging from his spot. There has been countless champions in Kiran's spot, and Edison recalled exactly how he handled them each time. "Kiran, like I said, you're no good to us if your injury gets worse. Besides, being part of the council is doing something. It requires minimal effort, not near as much as training. Trust me when I say this, if you want to help, stop trying to train and just continue as a councilwoman."
  • Kiran: She watched him before blinking and letting out a sigh. "Alright. You know best, since you are the training master." Kiran adjusted her position on the couch, propping her head up with her arm, the pain returning with a vengeance with a set of curse words in various languages to convey her pain.


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