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Rhi: It hadn't been as difficult as she'd thought to hide from all the annoying twelve year olds that needed a tour around camp, or asked for archery training, or whatever else her little, cruel half sibling and other demi relatives had in mind. Rhi sat in a cafe in town, hipster to the brim but peaceful and quiet, reading whatever YA book had landed in her lap this week. Her hair was up in a bun, held in place by a coloured pencil. Her eyeliner was smudgy, and her lips stained by the red velvet muffin that occupied the small plate in front of her. She had to be back at camp in two hours for a counsellor meeting, but for the time being, she was at ease.

Skylar: The clicking of his dress shoes were the first thing people noticed about Skylar running down the streer. He was either coming from a wedding or a funeral but it was impossible to say which. Panicking he bursts into the cafe, automatically assuming this is where Rhi is due to her excessively bringing him on dates here. He notices her and falls down into the seat. "Okay listen to me. We need to get fake married. I kinda f*cked up big time. There's no time for argument." He stutters out panting for breath.

Rhi: She lets out a suprised gasp as Skylar falls into the seat in front of her, having appeared out of thin air, and in a formal suit out of all things. Maybe she was hallucinating. Maybe that red velvet muffin was more than your basic red velvet muffin. But, alas, after blinking at him for several moments, and simply staring at him for a few more, Rhi spoke up. "What," was all she said, and it didn't quite sound like a question.

Skylar: He takes another breath before leaning back in his seat, at this point everyone in the cafe is staring at them. "Yeah, that was me half an hour ago. F*ck, I hate Aphrodite."

Rhi: "What", she repeats, eyes still wide and staring.

Tristan: Tristan bursts into the coffee shop, the door bell ringing after him, wearing a tuxedo, complete with a perfect bow tie and carrying a short, puffy wedding dress. Panting, he takes a chair from a nearby table, the couple occupying it giving him weird looks, and sets it infront of Rhi's table. He collapses into it and throws it at Rhi's lap. "Go put this on, we don't have time for chit-chat."

Skylar: He sighs loudly. "We have like 20 seconds to chitchat. But I think I should at least go." He gets up and makes his way for the door the bell ringing as he opens it. "I was never here," he vanishes up the hill leaving Tristan to deal with Rhi.

Rhi: She watches Sky leave, her expression going from confused to burning sun level of angry in a matter of seconds. She turns to Tristan with a glare. "Explain. Now."

Tristan: He groans, "Okay, basically Aphrodite's being a massive troll because you know she loves that and for some reason she really loves you and Skylar together so she organized a wedding. Well it's less of a wedding, more of a test run but that's not what your mum thinks."

Rhi: She fixes her jaw, trying to digest the information. "A test run? My mum is involved? But mostly, why?"

Tristan: He shrugs, "Aphrodite invited a ton of people you guys knew and didn't tell them it was all fake so...not that Skylar had many people to invite but..."

Rhi: She whimpers, "I hate my life. Is she blackmailing him? Is she threatening to do something awful? I'm trying to figure out if I really have to do this."

Tristan: He proceeds to lean his head on his hand. "Well unless you want to be resposible for killing Tourni, yeah, you have to do it."

Rhi: "Jesus, f*ck," she sighs, standing up to head to the bathroom, hugging the wedding dress to her body. "Did you bring shoes?"

Tristan: "Uhm, yeah" He rummages around the baf her brought with him and takes out the shoes. "All the other shit is at y'know that building in the park near the lake?"

Rhi: She continues towards the restroom, swearing not quite under her breath the whole way. She emerges fifteen minutes later, her hair now in a braid, her eyeliner fresh and her green Chuck Taylors not looking not too bad with the wedding dress Tristan brought her. She approaches him, her less than impressive height making her look like a cupcake. An angry cupcake. Retrieving her wallet from her torn leather backpack, she leaves money on the table, slings her bag across her shoulder and hooks her arm with Trist's. "Lead the way, maid of honour you."

Tristan: He laughs, a handsome, if not not sinister, smirk gracing his face. "Of course," he says, escorting Rhi out. Gods knew she wasn't someone to mess with. Though, if it hadn't been for the Skylar mess, he would likely compete for her attention. Such thoughts make him cough, the tips of his ears going pink -- although, who knows if the Lune-Stark duo would be opposed to, ahem, sharing. The walk from the coffee shop to the park isn't long, but with both of them wearing wedding attire, they get many strange looks. Less than half an hour later, they near the lake.

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