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Jezebella and Kingston

  • Jezebella: Since her arrival at The Spire, Jezebella had been taking a lot of time to explore the new location with newfound curiosity. It didn't take long for her to locate the dungeons and delicately perch herself at the top of the stone steps. The smell of damp air and rotting wood caused her lip to curl in disgust but she remained seated, a piece of her wanting to hear cries of pain from the bellows below her feet.
  • Kingston: Since Jezebella's arrival at The Spire, Kingston had been keeping taps on her. He trusted her enough not to baby her perhaps like he once did, but it didn't mean to say that he didn't have knowledge of where she was at all times. After all, as one of the councilmen, he had eyes and ears everywhere. Besides, a second child of Kronos in the same vicinity as the first was too dangerous to not keep an eye on. It didn't take long for him to find her and move and sit beside her unannounced. "In a couple of months, I won't envy anyone who stays down there."
  • Jezebella: She leaned back as Kingston settled beside her, a stone from beneath her shoe falling down a few stairs and echoing against the musky walls. "They will all deserve to be here," she said solemnly and finally peered up at him with dark eyes, a certain conviction in her icy tone. "Do you think they deserve more?" she inquired with a genuine curiosity and tipped her head to the side as she surveyed him.
  • Kingston: Kingston shrugged as he gaze swapped from the mountains in the distance to Jezebella. "Who ends up here cannot help who they are born to - it is merely unfortunate that they are fathered and mothered by the Gods." He remained quiet for a moment, "We could be ruthless and say they deserve more for supporting our parents but aren't we doing the same? I feel inclined to say we will give them what is just and use them for whatever our needs be - and for what they are useful for. As I said, they cannot help their allegiance. Besides, what do we do when we come across the Broken Covenant members? They are like us, just against their parents. Do we continue our plan and destroy them as products of the Gods? Or do we resonate with them and let them free? All are questions we cannot answer until the time is right."
  • Jezebella: She had never thought of it in that sense and allowed a rare smile to grace her lips as her head dropped with a nod of understanding, black-brown eyes lifting to peer back down the stairs with slight curiosity. She hadn't quite seen that part of the Spire and while the thought was thrilling, Jezebella was too busy these days to actually explore. "Kingston?" she finally spoke, gaze never wavering from the steps, "do you feel confident in my abilities as both a member of Othyrs and your blood?" She was currently having some insecurities about his decision to resue her from the Underworld and it was notable in the way she uncomfortably knotted her fingers into the hem of her shirt.
  • Kingston: Kingston's eyes narrowed, mostly because he was confused at what brought the question out of her. He nodded, "If I wasn't then you wouldn't be here, no? If you weren't up to a standard then I'm sure the other Councilmen would have voted to kick you out by now." He laughed a little airily, "And this has come about because?"
  • Jezebella: She began to nibble on her bottom lip habitually, her gaze soon catching his as she sifted through her many thoughts. "I don't know," she admitted with a tone that proved she felt genuine confusion for why such things mattered. Was she insecure? Definitely not. Maybe it was the need to impress him? She rolled her shoulders casually and let the weight of it dissipate. "I suppose I care what you think of me."
  • Kingston: Kingston shrugged, "I learnt in my time that there's no point worrying about what people think of you - even if they're close to you. Everyone has their reasons for doing things and if people change their way of thought? That's their problem and not yours." He went silent for a moment before smiling a little at her, "Is this you trying to creep your way onto the Hephaestus girl mission?"
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