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Seraphim and Maverick

Seraphim: She artfully ducked into the tent that shielded the Dining Pavillion from harsh rays of sunlight and displayed a lack of hesitation when she snagged the last free table. Plucking an empty goblet, she swished it around until it filled with lemon iced tea. Taking a large swig, she made sure to pour some of it into the camp fire as an offering to the gods.

Maverick: Mav entered the pavillion late, seeing as how he was still getting used to having a schedule. He tended to do that quite often. Although, this time, there appeared to be no more tables so sitting alone wasn't an option. He glanced around a second before deciding to sit with some blonde-haired girl who looked to be around his age. Maverick settled into the spot across from Seraphim, his gaze bored and tired. Pulling an all-nighter the evening before probably wasn't the best idea, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He wasn't all that hungry and just opted for an apple. That seemed to be a usual for Mav.

Seraphim: Her abysmal eyes settled on Maverick's form as he found a spot at her table. Instead of growing snappish like the first thought that popped into her head, she supposed it was about time to be making friends; considering had been at camp for nearly eight months and knew absolutely no one but her cabin-mates. Plucking a strawberry from the basket on the table, she tossed it haphazardly into the fire before snagging another to bite into. Brow quirking at the boy, she tried to gesture with a lazy sway of her gaze that he had to offer something up as payment. "Gods like the smell of burnt food," shge murmured and took another bite of the sweet strawberry.

Maverick: His teeth pierced the apple as soon as Seraphim spoke to him, his hazel eyes flickering up to meet her gaze over it's round structure. As he chewed, he wondered why she made a point to tell him that. Swallowing his bite of the crimson fruit, he quirked an eyebrow at the girl. "And I like the smell of teakwood. Your point?" Mav tested before taking another bite of his apple.

Seraphim: Seraphim finished the strawberry but the red from the juice had stained her lips, which were twitching ever so slightly in attempt to suppress a smirk. She snagged his apple and threw it into the dining pavillion firepit. "You offer a piece of your food from each meal to the gods. Hestia naturally takes a bit of each tribute for herself but its to show our appreciation for our parents," she commented. "Even if you don't appreciate them, the tribute will appease the gods regardlessly. It's just a thing we do," she said with a casual shrug and rolled a new apple across the table to him.

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