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New Encounters

Ryurik: Ryurik lays across the entirity one of the benches by the bonfire, one arm over his eyes and the other hanging into the dirt. He's drifting between sleep and thought, completely seperate from his surroundings.

Diana: The bubbly daughter of Morpheus ran through the forest in the dark from her dream-weaved dog for a long time until she got tired and decided that she had to head back to her cabin and have a good night's sleep. As she walked to the Morpheus Cabin, she felt her eyebrows getting heavier and her thoughts loosing track. The night was really cold and she couldn't help but yawn. Oh the perks of being a daughter of dreams, she would think. Noticing a bonfire not too far away from where she was standing, she immediately headed towards it and sat down on a bench next to another one, where a stranger was apparently sleeping.

Ryurik: He makes no sign or move that he even acknowlegdes her presence at the moment. He continues to breath deeply and slowly. He abdomine twitches as a bug lands on him then he returns to his stillness.

Diana: She tried to read his dreams and at noticing that he wasn't fully asleep, Diana knew he was at least half conscient if not fully awake. "I know you aren't all the way there, dude. Don't be scared, I most probably won't bite."

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Ryurik: He jumps a bit and moves his arm from his face. He sighs when we only sees the girl sitiing next to him. "Is there a reason why you would bite me?" He rubs his eye with his palm. "Wild guess that you're a daughter of Morpheus or something like that so see I wasn't really asleep."

Diana: "Good wild guess. Although you could have chosen Hypnos too... Either way, Is there a reason why I wouldn't bite you? " She arched a happy and playful eyebrow at the male stranger.

Ryurik: Ryurik laughs a bit at the girl. "Well I'd to get to know before I let you do that." He winks at her and chuckles. Sitting all the way up and sits facing her.

Diana: "I see... Well, then I guess I would lie if I said that I could wait long before I got to know you better." She grins at him while grabbing a s wavy strand of wavy red hair and placing it behind her ear.

Ryurik: He grins devilishly. "We don't even know each other's names and you're ready to know the rest of me." He chuckles and raises to his full stature and walks up close to her from the side so he doesn't block out the light of the fire so he can see her clearly. "Ryurik."

OOC: Ryurik is 6'9" and very well built by the way

Diana: "I like to know my things, any problem with that?" Diana giggled before taking in Ryurik's imposing and enormous size and height. Trying to suppress her facial impressed expression, Diana simply gulped and offered her tiny hand in comparison to Ryurik's whilst speaking confidently. "Diana. Dee-ah-nah. "

Ryurik: He catches the hint that his size scared her a bit and smiles apathically taking her hand gently. "Sorry, did surprise you, Diana?"

Diana: "Nope." she lied. "But you are pretty tall. I guess many people have told you so already. Several times." She shook his hand very firmly, compared to her innocent and tiny appearance. His hand was quite warm to her cold touch. "How old are you?"

Ryurik: "19, why do you ask?" He looks her over as best as he can in the low light.

Diana: "You look older than 20, if I am honest. I look younger than 17, so nobody should judge a book by its cover."

Ryurik: He shrugs. "Size sometimes throws people off with their age. I will say one thing; you look absolutely cute." He smiles at her.

Diana: This absolutely caught her off guard and it definitely showed on her cherry-red visage. ""Uhmm... yeah. I mean- I guess, but you are cuter. Well not cute, as you are a guy, and guys aren't cute. Well some are, but not you. You are not ugly but cute guys have like rounder contours on their face and you are like, more defined and sculpted somehow, so like you are not cute, but of course you are attractive and hot. I don't know how to describe you since I have just met you, but of course you are like I mean, handsome you know?" After saying this, Diana noticed she had been ranting again. Badly. The daughter of dreams could only manage to cringe, anticipating his outcome. What the hell have I done?

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Ryurik: He stands there for a sec listening to her and start to laugh softly, smiling at her. "You can think that I look cute if you want, no one said you couldn't." He smiles and relaxes his body, trying to be the least imposing he can be.

Diana: "Uhmmm... I guess?" she started playing with her red curly hair in obvious sign of nervousness and probably anxiousness to something unknown even to her.

Ryurik: He looks at her eyes with consern. "Hey, you ok Diana?" He takes a step back.

Diana: Damnit, sugar rush, damnit, sugar rush. "Yeah, I am perfectly fine. I just think that- that I may be hyperventilating. You're too tall and I'm too small and I will break. You won't hurt me, I know, but there's too much sugar and like, I am... feeling bad. Yes! That is it!" Her head then felt very heavy and it thudded on the bench, leaving her momentarily unconscious.

Ryurik: He curses loudly in greek aand drops to his knees to holds her upright. He checks her pulse and listens for her breathing. "Diana, woke up." He gives her body of shake and waits for some kind of response. After a few monments of stillness, he picks her up in his arms and carries her back to the Big House, rushing her up to the infirmary. "I need medical help! I have someone with a concussion!" He lays her down on an open bed waiting for someone to help her.

Diana: She lays still, probably dreaming about something pretty, hoping her powers can at least help her while in a black-out.

An Apollo kid runs over and check Diana over and presses a warm towel to where she hit her head. He checks her vitals and grabs some nectar and tries to let her drink it. "How long has she been out?"

Ryurik: He shakes his head. "Five or six minutes, no longer." He looks at Diana with concern. "Is she going to be alright?"

Diana: He breathing becomes slightly heavy, but nothing really major. More like if she's having a nightmare.

The Apolloa-kid presses his hand to her forehead and uses his healing powers to assure no other harm comes to her.

Ryurik: Ryurik takes her hand by reflect and holds it. It takes a second for him to realise this but he holds it anyway, hoping it helps her.

Diana:  After some time of constant healing she wakes up and notices Ryurik by her side, she screamed, scared by the giant guy. He was cute and sweet, and she immediately felt sorry for making him feel like a monster. This added to the fact that she was shocked, Diana couldn't help herself but to hug the guy tightly and start sobbing for no apparent reason.

The Apollo-kid moves his arm out and sit back as he watches he reaction.

Ryurik: He jumps at her scream and holds his hands up. He looks down as she hugs him and cries. He pats her on her back. "It's alright Diana. You're fine." He looks up at the Apollo-kid with a look of confusion but signals his that's it's good for him to leave. He looks back down at her and wraps his arm around her.

Diana: "You think I am crazy, don't you?"

Ryurik: "Not anymore crazy than I am. You alright Diana?" He hugs her with both arms.

Diana: "Kind of." She says smiling at the warmth that Ryurik's strong body radiated.

Ryurik: He smiles and holds her close. "Thank gods. I'm glad you're alright."

Diana: "Whya re you so worried about me?" she blushed. "You've just met me and I threatened to bite you..."

Ryurik: He shrugs. "You were hurt, so I wanted to to make sure you were alright." He smirks a bit. "And hey, that bite sounded like fun to me where we left off." He chuckles lightly.

Diana: "Did it?" she teased.

Ryurik: He grins. "Yea, it did," He calls out to the Apolla-kid who's out of sight. "Hey, she's completely fine now right?"

The guy calls back. "Yea, just she should try to not hit her head again. She's perfectly fine otherwise."

Ryurik: He turns back to her. "How does staying over at my place sound?"

Diana: "Which is your cabin?" she asked curiously.

Ryurik: "Prometheus'. It's not a far walk from here. I could carry you if you'd like."

Diana: "Okay... I'll let you carry me." she teased. "And yeah, staying in your place sounds like a good idea.

Ryurik: He smiles and picks her up princess-style. carefully carrying her out of the Big House. He makes his way over to his cabin and quietly makes his way in all the way to his room. Once they're in, he sneaks a kiss on her cheek.

Diana: Diana grins and she blushes once again before kissing Ryurik's right cheek too. "Thank you Ryurik... for all of your kindness."

Ryurik: "It was the least I could do Diana." He sets her down gently onto his bed. He goes over to his closet and takes his shirt off, showing his scuplted body in the low light.

Diana: She grinned at the boy. He was really attractive, but her sleepiness was winning over her train of thought. Yawning, she spoke once last time. "I really like you Ryu."

Ryurik: He looks back at her and smiles. He walks over to her and leans over so his lips are right next to hers. "I'm starting to really like you too, Diana." He kisses her lips softly.

Diana: Using every last bit of energy she had left, Diana kissed back for just a brief second, before falling off to sleep peacefully. After some time her body started shivering.

Ryurik: He crawls into the bed with her and snakes his arm under her. The other other pulls his covers over them and wraps it around her as well. He holds her close before falling asleep also.

Diana: In the middle of the night, Diana woke up to find herself in between Ryurik's arms. Not wanting to wake him up, she just lay there, breathing slowly, and then she turned around to face Ryurik and softly kiss his lips.

Ryurik: He subconciously makes an effort to kiss her back while he's asleep, holding onto her a bit tighter. He sturs a little after the kiss.

Diana: "You are a beautiful human being regardless of your height." she muttered before resting her head on his chest and treying to get back to sleeping.

Ryurik: He groans low in response and snuggles up close to her before continuing to sleep. After several hours, about eight in the morning, He slowly wakes up, trying not to move and just lays there, holding Diana.

Diana: She woke up a few minutes after Ryurik, and when she noticed that he was awake too she smiled at him. "You are cozy to cuddle with."

Ryurik: He smiles back. "Thanks. It was a pleasure to have you spend the night with me." He leans in and kisses he softly and slowly.

Diana: "Thank you."

Ryurik: He strokes her back gently and presses his face into her hair. "Still feeling better after that little bump last night?"

Diana: "Just a bit. I... I think I may have to leave now."

Ryurik: "If you say so. I see you around right?" He nuzzles her hair a little.

Diana: "You will." She promised. She felt a bit guilty when she kissed Ryurik. What about Max? He really hadn't talked to her in a LONG time, but their relationship had never officially ended. Where they even still a thing?

Ryurik: He kisses her back, opening up his arms so she can get out of his bed. "Take care Diana."

Diana: "Same for you Ryurik." She smiled genuinely at him before starting to walk away his room whilst braiding her hair into a dutch braid.

Ryurik: He watches her leave and gets up to go take a shower.

Diana: She walked to her cabin and lay down on her bed, rethinking about everything.

The Next Time

Ryurik: Ryurik sits under a tree outside of the common area near the Morpheus' cabin, watching out for Diana.

Diana: Oblivious to the fact that Ryurik was outside waiting for her, Diana walked outside with a pinup-ish clothing style and her hair tied up in a tight bun.

Ryurik: He spots her and smiles, waiting to she passes him so he can sneak up behind her. He walks up as quietly as he can from behind, wrapping his arms around her and picks her up. He spins her around in the air a couple times, laughing and smiling. "Hey there Diana." He sets her down and kisses her cheek.

Diana: Surprised by the random assault from outside her cabin, she immediately tried to make the offender fall asleep, but she stopped when she noticed it was Ryurik. She kissed back, but either way, the sleep inducers that she had let out would definitely affect Ryurik a bit and make him sleepy at best.

Ryurik: He staggers some and fights his heavy eye lids. He yawns and shakes his head to try to wake up. "Gods, sorry, didn't mean to scare you." He yawns again.

Diana: "Right... It is okay though. There is no problen... I am sorry about the sleep inducing"

Ryurik: He smiles at her and holds her tight. "Don't be, I'm wake up soon." He yawns one more time. "You busy today?"

Diana: "Not really, why?" She ran her hand through his cheek softly.

Ryurik: "I was hoping we could hang out together, take a walk. I now this really nice place with a view of the sound."

Diana: "What do you mean by a view of the sound?" Diana inquired.

Ryurik: "The ocean, Long Island Sound." He reaches and takes her other hand, that isn't on his cheek, in his.

Diana:  Grinning and blushing, she nodded. "Okay! I will let you take me there."

Ryurik: He smiles wide and turns to start waking toward the forest near the beach. He walks right next to her, lacing their fingers together. "Thank you very mcuh Diana." When they get to the forest's edge, he speaks up again. "So where are you from?"

Diana: "La bella Italia." She explained. "It explains the accent."

Ryurik: He grins and laughes. "Likewise, I'm from Sakha Republic in Russia, Also explains my accent. I think yours is very beautiful, Diana."

Diana: "Well, yours is thick and tough. I find it manly."

Ryurik: "Some say it's scary how I talk, but what can you do?" He shrugs and continues leading her through the forest.

Diana: "I find it protective."

Ryurik: "Is that so? I hope I make you feel safe when I'm with you." He smiles and bends down and kisses her cheek.

Diana: "How does it feel, to be so tall?

Ryurik: "It's different. The world isn't built for my size. Ducking under stuff and trying to find clothes is a pain. But it comes with its benefits of the size factor."

Diana: "Like?" SHe looked very curious. She was sure that RYurik could protect her from if not everything, almost anything.

Ryurik: "No much is out of my reach. I've worked a lot so I'm really strong, more so than most people. And well, I'm naturally big too." He smirks at her and winks.

Diana: "Cocky, huh?" she offered while chuckling, gently smiling.

Ryurik: He laughs and smiles back. "You could say that." He looks out through the trees and starts to see the ocean. "Good, we're almost there."

Diana: "Are we, really?"

Ryurik: "Yep." He leads her to a clearing in the trees. There is a small hill in front of them and her turns to her and smiles as he leads her up to the top. At the top, there is a wide view of the ocean and beach. He looks out, handing her hand a bit tighter. "IT's even more beautiful here when the sun is setting."

Diana: "Wow, it indeed is really beautiful..."

Ryurik: He looks back at her. "I'm glad I'm not the only one that believes it." He lets go of her hands to he can sit down on the grass. He looks up at her offering her to sit.

Diana: She sat in front of Ryurik and smiled at her. "Does your name have a special meaning?"

Ryurik: "It's derived from name derived from another name. Roderick, I think and it mean 'famous power' or something like that. What about Diana? All I know it's been the name of a princess or two."

Diana: "True, but it also was the Roman goddess of the moon, and since my mom and I are Italian, and the moon is normally assimilated with the dreams... well, my mom though she was being original."

Ryurik: He smiles at her. "I certainly think it's a beautiful name, and it fits you perfectly."

Diana: "How so?"

Ryurik: "The moon is both beautiful and mysterious." He grins and reaches out, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her onto his lap. "Much like how you are to me."

Diana: "If you like the moon then you should meet my friend Aria. She's a daugher of Pandia."

Ryurik: He shrugs. "I'm prefectly fine with just being with you right now." He kisses her cheek gently.

Diana: "You are nice."

Ryurik: "Thanks." He holds her tightly. "So how long have you been over here in the US?

Diana: "Almost a year. "

Ryurik: "Have any big problems getting over the Atlantic?"

Diana: "It's a bit cold in here."

Ryurik: He holds her tighter and looks at her with concern."Do you want to head back to camp?

Diana: "Not at all."

Ryurik: "Ok." He continues to hold her and nuzzles her cheek a bit.

Diana: "So," Diana suddenly pulled away gingerly. "What's your favourite colour?"

Ryurik: "I grew up around a lot of red, but I think that the blue-white of glaciers is my flavorite, you?"

Diana: "Definitely either Royal Purple or Guinda-ish tones.

Ryurik: He raises his eyebrow? "Guinda?" He partly butchers the word with his accent.

Diana: "Kind of a mix between red, purple and brown."

Ryurik: "Oh, what is it in english...burgundy I think? Sound right?"

Diana: "Kind of. Guinda is pinker. Either way, burgundy is a color that I do like too."

Ryurik: He nods. "Ah." He waits a bit before speaking again. "Having any family back home?"

Diana: "My mother."

Ryurik: "Wow, same here. Do you ever miss her?"

Diana: "I always do. She's my mom after all. ANd being an Italian single mother isn't easy, pal."

Ryurik: "I completely believe you Diana. I always think about my mother and hope she's doing alright too."

Diana: "I bet. I love Russia, but I am not sure it is the safest place for single mothers."

Ryurik: "We lived in a really remote part of of the country, so it's not that bad. Have you been to Russia before?"

Diana: "No, but I have a few friends from over there."

Ryurik: "Ah, guess they were from St. Petersburg or Moscow?"

Diana: "One is from Moscow, the other from Vladivostok."

Ryurik: He smiles a bit. "One from basically each end of the country, haha."

Diana: "Pretty much. Even their accents are somehow very different. Are there many Russian Language accents from Russians?"

Ryurik: He looks off, thinking a bit. "I wouldn't say a lot but they can be pretty different from each other. Unless you live west with Moscow and St. Petersburg, you get very remote areas where people live. So most every village has their accent and slang, I think it's called in English. Not very enough do people from different villages talk to one another, so that's how the differences exaggerate themselves." His reddens a bit as he turn his face back to her, realizing his rambling. "Sorry, I went off there a little bit."

Diana: "No, you didn't. I asked."

Ryurik: He nods and smiles appreachiatively. "Just thought you didn't want to hear all that."

Diana: "Uhmmm I wanted to. If I didn't want to, I wouldn't have asked in the first place."

Ryurik: He shakes his head. "You're right, sorry about that."

Diana: "Sorry? About what?"

Ryurik: He shakes his head. "guess for being so apologetic."

Diana: "Really? DOn't worry about it. I like you the way you are..."

Ryurik: He smiles at her and hugs her tight. "Thanks Diana."

Diana: "You are welcome."

Ryurik: "So you want to keep sitting here taking or do you want to do something else?"

Diana: "I like both of my options, I am afraid that I will have o let you choose."

Ryurik: He shrugs. "Getting dinner right now sounds good. How about you?"

Diana: She nodded.

Ryurik: He grins and picks her up bridal style and starts walking back to camp. "I'm not spoiling you, am I?"

Diana: "Probably..." she pecked Ryurik on his cheek. "But I love it.

Ryurik: He pecks her cheek down. "Glad you do." He walks them out of the woods over to the dinning pavilion and sets her down outside of it and takes her hand.

Diana: Smiling at the oddity of grabbing a giant's hand, Diana suddenly started laughing.

Ryurik: He looks over at her and raises his eyebrow. "Something funny Diana?"

Diana: ""No, nothing"

Ryurik: He just shakes his head. "Alright." He goes over and gets his food and sits down at a table.

Diana: "Why are yoou like this?" she giggled.

Ryurik: "Why am i like what? Tall or hungry?"

Diana: "A little bit of both, I guess?"

Ryurik: "Well, I'm hungry because i didn't eat much today. And tall, I guess I get it from my Mom's side of the family

Diana: She laughed "That's not what I meant."

Ryurik: He laughs with her. "What did you mean then?"

Diana: "Nevermind, it isn't important."

Ryurik: He just shakes his head. "Alright, whatever. Do you want anything to eat? I'll grab it for you."

Diana: "No, thank you, I'm fine."

Ryurik: "Ok" He starts eating his food.

Diana: She started eating too. "This food is delicious."

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