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[[|Tyler Young]] ~ Son of Iris
Tyler Young

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."
It had been a few days since Jacob had taught them how to ride the pegasi, and Tyler was eager to hang out with Benny again. Grabbing a smaller sketch pad and a few pencil, he rushes out to see what Benny wanted to do today. He had made sure to not wear the Pheromone shirt to avoid anything from happening again.
Character's Bio

 Age: 12  Height: 5'4"  Weight: 136 lbs.
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Jackson, Florida  Main Weapon: Sica/scimitar hybrid that he calls Fasmas

 – "I'm a good way"

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Iris have the ability to conjure a weapon out of pure rainbows which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it can only be up to 2 or 3 times the size of the user.
  2. Children of Iris have the ability to focus an intense beam of prismatic light which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Iris are able to create a protective dome of rainbows for a short time.
  2. Children of Iris have the ability to conjure a large orb made of pure rainbows around an opponent. The orb would successfully imprison an opponent for a short time. The orb is quite durable, but could be broken through with sufficient force. The orb cannot be teleported out of. The target cannot be attacked while the orb is in place, so the power is purely defensive. It can only be used twice in a battle.


  1. Children of Iris can send telepathic messages to their allies and receive their replies.
  2. Children of Iris are stronger whenever a rainbow can be seen in the sky.
  3. Children of Iris heal faster whenever their surroundings are bright, able to absorb the photons and regenerate.


  1. Children of Iris have the ability to cause a massive rainbow to crash down in front of them; which can be used offensively, defensively or any other way imagined.
  2. Children of Iris are able to "rainbow" travel, where they can travel into a rainbow and come out somewhere else, similar to an iris message, but instead of only being able to talk, the child of Iris can actually use it to teleport themselves
  3. Children of Iris have the ability to split the light of a rainbow into seven beams which can be redirected in order to light an area or even blind people.
  4. Children of Iris can bend or shift light particles to create a mirage for a specific time. Since Iris could be considered a light goddess. The mirage will not differentiate from friend or foe. The longer or the greater the mirage is, the more energy is drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Since their mother was considered a goddess of the sky and sea, her children gain some control over both aspects. They can control the winds to increase their speed and lower that of an opponent’s and move water with their minds if they wish. They can fly and become able to breathe underwater for a moderate time.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Iris are able to create up to 3 semi-living constructs out of pure rainbows to fight for them for a short time, the constructs can be no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user. They will follow the command of the user and the longer they are kept and the more that are made, the more energy is drained

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Iris have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a state a state of pure light with various colors for a short time and while in this state, the user is granted flight, immune to all attacks, receive a boost in their already existing photokinetic abilities and anything they touch is intensely burned; however, once the user changes back they will be extremely drained, nauseated and immobile for a long time and could faint.


  1. Children of Iris usually have outgoing and colorful personalities.
  2. Children of Iris do not need drachmas to send iris messages.
  3. Children of Iris are normally in better moods whenever the sky is clear
  4. Children of Iris often exhibit a fondness for bright colors.

3/6/9 Month Powers not unlocked yet.

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Benjamin "Benny" Carraway ~ Son of Hebe

"It is with youth as with plants; from the first fruits they bear we learn what may be expected in future."
He's already out and about. It's a reasonably normal day. He has just gotten back from Lazarus' cabin. Normally he went over several times a week when he needed help or advice on something, or when Laz fancied something more than camp food. Thankfully they had found a decent shop where they could get 'fish and chips.' He liked the kid's meals. But he would never admit that. Spotting Tyler, Benny waves over to him. "Hi..." He grins, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Um, how are you?" He says, putting his hands in his pockets for warmth.
Character's Bio

-Youthful Hero
 Age: 14  Height: 5'5  Weight: 125 lbs.
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Dating Tyler Young
 Birth Place: Canton, Georgia  Main Weapon: CB Sword and Slingshot

 – "Youth, enthusiasm, and tenderness, are like the days of spring; instead of complaining of their brevity try to enjoy them."

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.


  1. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.


  1. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  2. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  3. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing


  1. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.


  1. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

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Camp Half-Blood: Cabins

Tyler: He smiled when he sees Benny, "I'm doing great! I was wondering if..." He suddenly found himself a bit shy, "if you'd want to go for a hike or sumthing..."  his face felt warm, so Tyler hoped he wasn't blushing.

Benny: "Um, yeah...." Benny shrugs his slim shoulders. "Sure, I haven't got anything else to do today." He smiles, eager to get to know Tyler better. "Where are we gonna go? There's a nearby path through to the forest, or the strawberry fields. We could even go to the beach..."

Tyler: "I guess we can go through the forest." He smiled, "Maybe I'll find some wildflowers to draw or something." He smiles, happy that Benny knew a good hiking trail.

Benny: "Yeah, that's cool..." Grinning, he takes the path and whistles to himself. "Um, it's good to see you again." Awkwardly, Benny glances down towards the ground with his hands in his pockets. 

Tyler: "I'm happy to see you too, but if so, why you looking so glum?" Tyler asked, not wanting to see his friend so upset.

Benny: "Hey. I do not look glum.." Benny sticks his tongue out. "I'm just thinking, that's all." He can hear birdsong in the distance. "If you want to draw, I can take you to this super cool clearing I found with Theo. There's a waterfall and everything..."

Tyler: The son of Iris' face lit up, "Really?  If I draw it well, I could sell the prints in town."  he then pauses and chuckles, "Funny, I forgot to bring my swimtrunks home.  Might have to save up some money to buy me some new ones.  How big is the waterfall?"

Benny: "You'll like it. It's not that big, but it runs through a stream." Smiling, he leads Tyler through the thick woods. He assumes they're going in the right direction and not off on a wild goose chase. "If you wanna swim, we can just roll up our jeans and paddle I guess." He shrugs. "Could you teach me how to draw sometime?"

Tyler: "I can pass on the swimming," Tyler smiled, "but sure!  I can teach you to draw...what would you want to draw first?"  He was eager to show Benny how to draw.

Benny: "I dunno." Benny grins. "I'm not as good a drawer as you. But I can do some pretty awesome monsters and stick men." Giggling, Benny pushes some ferns aside and starts to wander off the path, where the stream bubbles and gargles. "We need to go a little more upstream..."

Tyler: "Hmmm....I could show you the basics to people.  I've only recently learned how to draw them myself, but I'm sure I could show you how to better than stick figures." Tyler suggests as he follows him, "If I had brough Finks, I could show you how to draw him."

Benny: "Finks? Your demon kitty...?" Giggling, Benny continues to walk up the stream until they reach a sunny bank, where a waterfall acts as its source. He finds a comfy spot on the grass, and throws down his hoodie to use it as a blanket. "Um, I'd like that. We can sit down here and have a picnic too..."

Tyler: "That'd be great!" Tyler beams as he sits on his knees, only to realize what Benny had said, "Wait...demon?  Finks isn't....he can't..." Tyler looks rather shocked by this revelation

Benny: "Um, you didn't know?..." Benny says, totally surprised. "Yeah, Azurian and her kittens are part demon. Well, um....demon isn't the exact word. But they're super cool...." He giggles, as his tummy begins to rumble. 

Tyler: "No...Walter didn't mention that to me..." Tyler says a bit pale, "Finks isn't going to try to hurt he?  Being cool won't matter if he tries to take my soul or something."  He was having a hard time accepting something so cute could be a demon

Benny: "Nah silly, they're pretty harmless...." As he giggles, he makes eye contact with Tyler. He's cute, especially when he concentrates on something. "Um, Azurian has opened a few doors around our cabin, but they're safe. Uh, I think they're just descended from some minor underworld creatures....."

Tyler: He takes a sigh of relief, "That's good to least he'll still be my little kitten for a while longer." His stomach rumbled a bit, "So...about that picnic?" he asks, chuckling a bit. I like how he smiles when he giggles, it's adorable.

Benny: Benny flexes his wiry muscles. "You have no need to worry! I'll protect you..." As he speaks, a full picnic set appears on its blanket. His control over the conjuration of ambrosia was improving. "How does that look...." He giggles, and takes out some ersatz sandwiches.

Tyler: The son of Iris couldn't help but laugh as Benny flexed, "If you wanted, me and my friend Jake work out every morning if you're interested...but first, let's eat!" Tyler said scooting onto the blanket, not wanting to dirty Benny's hoodie.

Benny: "Really?" Gnawing on the first sandwich, he sticks his tongue out at the son of Iris. "I guess there are perks to mom's job. I can summon food whenever I need it..." Benny smiles, passing some food to Tyler. "I'd like that a lot...."

Tyler: "It's a great way to wake up.  Besides," He rolls up one of his sleaves to show that he was slowly building muscle from working out, "I no longer struggle to hold up my swords." Tyler is so proud of the work he'd been doing with Jake. Maybe after we eat and I show him how to draw, we can go meet Jake.

Benny: "Whoa....." Benny gasps. His eyes light up a little. "Um, you look really strong. Can I feel your muscles?" Letting himself relax, he pours them both some nectar, enough to make up for the short hike there. "I really like walking in the forest. There's loads of cool places to hide."

Tyler: Blushing a bit, he nods, "Sure..." He holds his arm out as the other picks up one of the sandwiches so he can take a small bite out of it. He's good with his abilities...this is amazing!

Benny: Giving Tyler's muscles a little squeeze, his cheeks turn bright red. "Um, they're really big and manly." He says, merrily taking a sip of his drink, which tastes somewhat like Sunny D. "Mmm. that's really good." Benny giggles. "So, whatcha doing?"

Tyler: As Benny calls him 'manly', his face hits an all new shade of red, "Um...erm, just trying to figure out how to properly show you how do draw a person...I had Jake pose for me, but I'd rather not try to pose for you..." He blushes again as he pulls the sketch book back out.

Benny: Did I just say that? Holy Hades, I'm so stupid. Benny tries to seem nonchalant, finishing off his sandwiches and smiling up at Ty. I like the way his eyes twinkle when he's thinking about something. It's like a load of small men working away in his head. Giggling at the image, Benny scoots a little closer. "Um, will you go easy on me?"

Tyler: "It's not that hard actually..." Tyler says as he hands him the sketchpad and a pencil.  With his own he starts with a porprotional stick figure then draws simple shapes to make it a human form, "See?  The human body is just shapes."

Benny: "Um, I think it's hard to draw a simple circle." Benny giggles. He tries his best to copy the simple shapes which Tyler makes, hands shaking a little as he holds the paper in one hand and sketches with his other. "How's this?"

Tyler: He nods and smiles, "The circle doesn't have to be perfect..." Tyler says as he slides to Benny's side to steady his hand, "Try again."

Benny: "Okay, like this?" Benny's ambidexterity comes in handy, his right hand supporting the sketch-pad, while his left draws a small circle for a persons head, and a thin oval for their body. Trying to copy Tyler's shapes, he takes his time until a basic human figure is drawn. He also draws a kitty out of circles for good measure. "Look. You and Finks...." He says, drawing whiskers on the cat and cute button eyes.

Tyler: "Aww... it's adorable," Tyler coos as he looks at the drawing, "See, when you break things down into shapes, things look cooler!" He was impressed with how easy it was for Benny to pick up on circles, but then he remembers that he was still holding Benny's hand.  Letting go, he blushed again and quickly took a drink of ambrosia, which tasted like a strawberry malt.

Benny: "Aww, thanks." Benny squeezes Ty's hand gently, holding it for a little too long. His cheeks turn a bright red when Tyler coos. "Um, I have a really good teacher..." Benny colours it in, adding some blocks of colour on Finks, and making Tyler's camp-half blood shirt, with some rainbows for good measure. "How does that look?" He asks and takes a sip of his ambrosia, which tastes like vanilla milkshake. 

Tyler: "It was nothing," Tyler says embarassed, "My dad taught me most of how to draw, and I guess mom taught me how to color in a way."  He takes another drink, "You're doing pretty good, maybe for the next lesson I could teach you the color wheel...but I'll have to borrow some paint for that though."

Benny: "Sounds fun. I'd like that..." Benny smiles happily. He adds another few shapes, and starts to shade himself. He takes another sip of his drink, ending up with a rather large milk mustache. Benny doesn't notice this and obliviously continues to draw.

Tyler: He giggles at the milk mustache.  He leans a bit and reaches out and wipes off the milk, "Can't let you go looking older than me!" Tyler laughs abit as he wipes it off on his shorts.

Benny: "Hey!" Benny giggles. "That's not fair. You know my mom's the goddess of Youth...." He bites his lips gently, and leans a little closer towards his friend. "Um thanks....." Awkwardly, he glances down to the sketchpad and the few inches of space between them.

Tyler: With the space in between them, Tyler took a deep breath and closed the space. I hope he doesn't freak out...I want to know how he reacts without the shirt getting in the way. Once their noses were practically touching, he presses his lips against his and waits for Benny's reaction.

Benny: Caught by surprise, Benny gives Tyler an eskimo kiss, their noses touching. Tyler's lips taste of ambrosia, in his case, strawberry with subtle hints of vanilla. He shyly presses forward, unsure what to do with his lips, though his touch is light and delicate.

Tyler: Pressing his lips against Benny's more, he waits a few seconds before backing off, the taste of the milkshake now on his lips. "D...did you like that?"

Benny: Leaning into the kiss, Benny closes his eyes for a few seconds before Tyler backs off. He opens his eyes, his cheeks flushed. "Um yeah, it's weird but I kinda like it...." He smiles gently. "As long as we don't get cooties, I'm happy..."

Tyler: "I think you can only get cooties from girls." Tyler smiles, happy he hadn't made Benny upset, "After we finish eating, should we go see if Jake minds if you join our workout routine?"

Benny: Giggling, Benny cheerfully shuffles closer to Tyler. "Hey, everyone I know says that. My friend Theo thinks I'm being silly...." He sticks his tongue out, becoming more relaxed around his friend. "Um, can we kiss again? I think I want to try some more..."

Tyler: Deciding to ask who Theo was after, he presses his lips against Benny's.  Tyler could feel the soft feel of them as he pressed aginst the son of Hebe. 

Benny: Benny eagerly leans into the kiss this time. His lips merge with Tyler's. He takes his time with this kiss, as he focuses on the sensations. He closes his eyes, and listens to the sounds of kissing and running water. "Am I a good kisser?" He giggles excitedly, still light-headed from the kiss.

Tyler: "Well, it's the third time I've kissed I say yes!" Tyler beams as he scoots and leans on Benny's shoulder, "So, should we actually eat now?" he says chuckling.

Benny: Passing over a couple of sandwiches, Benny takes a few items for himself. "This reminds me of Lady and the Tramp..." He smiles and gnaws some savoury sausage rolls, and some cake. He couldn't eat much more. He wraps an arm around Tyler's waist. Being a cupbearer's son definitely has its perks. "Um....I think you're a good kisser too."

Tyler: Snacking on a sandwhich, his cheeks turn a shade of pink rose, "Thanks...what are we going to do with the extra food though?"  Finks might enjoy the sausages, but not much else.

Benny: "Um...." Benny clicks his fingers. The ambrosia picnic disappears, just as quickly as it appeared. "How about that?" He giggles, leaning into Tyler's shoulder for support. "I can summon or unsummon ambrosia, whenever I need it."

Tyler: "Impressive..." Tyler says giving him a hug and standing up to stretch, "You ready to head back?"

Benny: "Um, sure." Standing up, Benny wipes the grass-stains off his jeans and throws his hoodie around his small frame. "Where are we gonna go now?"

Tyler: "Hmmm....." Tyler muses, "The beach maybe?  I bet the sand feels nice now."

Benny: "Yeah, sure. We can go wading through all the tidal pools." Benny smiles happily, reciprocating Tyler's hug, before they head out towards the beach. "Is it this sunny in Jacksonville? I bet it's really lovely and hot down there."

Tyler: "It can get muggy, but dad had an air conditioner." Tyler said smiling, "The sun was out most of the time, and we lived nearby a beach.  The smell of food vendors comes through my window sometimes, and it's amazing."

Benny: "Um, it's kinda sunny down in Georgia." Benny smiled, aware that his hand was only a few inches away from Tyler's. "I bet it was awesome to live near a beach. We never really got to go on vacation, cause Dad was busy with work I guess..." He shrugged. "I used to go to funfairs though. Mostly for the yummy cotton candy...."

Tyler: "I liked the churro guy who sold on our block, but I also loved chasing down the ice cream truck." Tyler chuckles as he gets up pulling Benny up with him, "Come on, you can tell me about the funfairs as we go to the beach."

Benny: "Um, my old neighbour used to give us candy." Benny grins, "I also chased down the ice cream truck whenever I had pocket money..." He giggles, letting Tyler pull him up. "Um, thanks." Smiling, he continues to talk aboout the fairgrounds. "There was this big rocket one, that threw you in the air. I liked the minigolf though, or the one where you fire water pistols into a clown's mouth. I always managed to win a plushie..." 

Tyler: They talk and laugh as the reach the beach.  Once there, Tyler kicks off his shoes and rolls up his jeans, feeling the sand between his toes, "You mentioned tidal pools?"

Benny: "Yeah....." Benny does the same. "You can find some really cool things. I found a really pretty shell the other day. Maybe we'll find some pearls or a real life mermaid." He says, leading Tyler towards some shallow rock pools. He climbs inside and splashes some water at Ty.

Tyler: "Hey! Quit it!" Tyler laughs and kicks a bit of water back, "I didn't think mermaids were Greek." He steps in, making sure not to step on anything sharp, "Think we can sell the peals if we find them?" 

Benny: "They're not." Stcking his tongue out, Benny's splashed by the water. He trips and falls on his backside, laughing it off. "Hey...." Picking himself back up, he looks out for anything interesting. "Maybe, or we could keep them as a souvenir I guess. I want to remember today..."

Tyler: Looking through the water, he pulls out a shell that he thinks looks pretty.  Using his powers, he makes the shell turn reflective, causing it to cast a rainbow as the sun hits it, "Will this do?"

Benny: "Whoa, cool...." Benny gasps, the shell sparkling with many different colours. "Um, are you sure I should take it?" He says, glancing at Tyler. Half of Benny's face is lit by the rainbow, in warm shades of red and yellow light.

Tyler: "Yeah!" He smiles widely, "Think of it this way, now you have an automatic rainbow if you ever want to Iris message me!" He laughs a bit and kicks a bit more water at him.

Benny: "Um thanks...." Benny blushes, taking the beautiful shell in his hands. He slips it in his pocket and kisses Tyler's nose spontaneously. "I'll find some way to make it up to you..."

Tyler: He blushes as Benny kisses his nose, and he hugs his friend, "You don't have to, it's okay.  Wanna head back for dinner now?"

Benny: Hugging Tyler back, he looks up towards the skyline. "Um, is it that late already?" Maybe I was having so much fun that I forgot the time. I should really ask for a watch next birthday. "Sure, I guess. We could also sit on the beach and watch the sunset, like they do in all the cheesy movies."

Tyler: "The sunset is looking beautiful tonight..." He leans his head on Benny's shoulder as they watch the sun sink down.

Moving On Up

Tyler:  The sudden movement of him going up to Lt. of  his cabin caught him off guard, so when it came time to move into the larger room, he realized that he was going to need some help moving the boxes of his stuff.  Jake and Jacob were busy, so he decided to call Benny. Creating a small rainbow between his hands, he smiles, "Mom, could you call Benny please?"  He knows that the shiny shell he gave Benny would act as the other end of the message as long as it was in the light.

Benny: Idly playing in his cabin, a rainbow suddenly appeared in his room. "Cool...." Benny got up and swiped his hand through the beam of multi-coloured light. It reformed, as Ty's face appears on the shell. "Ohai..." He giggled, sitting on his bed to get more comfortable. This was his first proper Iris Message from Tyler. "Um, are you okay?"

Tyler: He nods, "Yeah, but I could use some help..." he steps aside to show Benny the boxes in his room, "I guess while we were on your quest I was promoted to Iris Cabin Lt...I have to move into the room today and I could use some help."

Benny: "That's awesome..." Benny scratches the side of his head. "Um, sure I'll try not to get lost on the way." He giggles and gives Tyler a wink. "I'll be there in ten minutes." Throwing on his cartoon sneakers, he heads towards the multi-coloured Iris Cabin and knocks. While he waits, Benny drums his fingers on the door-frame.

Tyler: Hearing the knocking, he quickly gets the door for Benny and invites him in. "My old room is this way."  As he leads him, Finks rubs up against Benny, able to tell that this kid is a really good friend of Tyler.  Once at his room, he shows that most of his things have been boxed up, save for Fink's bed and some loose drawing paper.

Benny: "Hiya Finks..." Kneeling down to Finks' level, Benny pats him gently. "I'm Benny, nice to meet you..." He offers his hand out for the cat to sniff, before following Tyler to his room. There's a multitude of boxes, all ready to carry. "Um, tell me where the boxes need to go, and I'll move them..."

Finks: The kitten purrs and rubs against Benny's face.

Tyler: Picking up one of the boxes, heads back out of the room, "This way.  They say the room is larger and sometimes has fancy things not in the other rooms.  I haven't actually been in there though."

Benny:  "Good kitty...." Benny giggles, tickled by Finks' whiskers. He picks up one of the heavier boxes and follows Tyler towards his new room. The contents are quite heavy but Benny's stronger than he looks, and he lugs it up the steps. "What have you got in here? It's pretty heavy..."

Tyler: He shrugs, "Painting supplies...I hope there's enough room for me to be able to set up an easel in there."  As they reach the room, he pushes the door open.

The room is much bigger than his old room, including the bed which is now a king-sized cloud bed.

Benny: "Woah....." He gasps at the size of the room. Putting the box down, Benny runs towards the giant cloud bed and throws himself on top of it. "It's so comfy.!" Giggling, he tosses one of the soft pillows towards his friend. "Pillow fight!"

Tyler: Catching the cloud pillow, he sets his box down and jumps onto the bed too, swinging the cloud, laughing.

Finks:  Avoiding the ruckus, the kitten skitters under the cloud bed for safety

Benny: "Hey..." Benny's hit by the pillow. He lifts up his own pillow to deflect it, before swinging it again to try thwack Ty's shoulder.

Tyler: Getting hit with the pillow, he laughes more and goes to bop him over the head with the pillow. "Come on, we have more stuff to move!"

Benny: "Aww...." Sticking his tongue out, Benny scrambles to get away. He walks over to Tyler's old room and channels his youth to make himself stronger and faster for a short amount of time. "Bet I can carry more boxes than you." He giggles, quickly taking several boxes to the new bedroom.

Tyler: "Can not!" Using his speed, he grabs them and starts to hurridly carry them up to the new room, trying to get more than Benny.  After a bit, all the boxes have been moved and Tyler plops on the bed, "Did you keep count?"

Benny: As Tyler speaks, Benny realises that neither of them have been keeping count. "I thought you were, but I still beat you..." He grins cheerfully and jumps onto the giant bed. "I could fall asleep right now..."

Tyler: Pushing him a pillow, Tyler yawns a bit too, "Sure...let's go with that."  Gettin a pillow for himself, he curls up with it and starts to nap.

Finks: Seeing that the moving is all over, he leaps from the boxes to the bed and snuggles between the two demigods.

Benny: Awkwardly, Benny wraps an arm around Tyler and snuggles down with him. He gently kisses his shoulder, before ruffling Finks' fur. "Are you okay? I know we haven't talked about the quest."

Tyler: He nodded, "I'm happy we mananged to save your dad.  I just don't know how to properly use the vial though..." he pulls the vial out and looked at it, "It's useful for storing creme soda." He smiles and scoots over to him.

Benny: "I dunno. I guess you could use it to refract light." Benny suggests thoughtfully. "It could help keep you refreshed, or target more precise beams of light." He says, snuggling closer to Tyler. "I'm glad too. Thanks for being there for me. It means a lot."

Tyler: "It was nothing," Tyler said, "It was kinda scary talking to Zeus though..." He moved Finks to his chest as he give Benny a hug.

Benny: He giggled. "You were very brave, my knight in rainbow armour." Benny grins and kisses his nose affectionately. "Um, we should do this more often. I like being a hero, but cuddles are much nicer and much safer too."

Tyler: "Agreed." He blushes at the term of 'knight'." He kisses Benny on his cheek, "Its much better for naps."

Benny: "Mm..." Benny smiles and kisses Tyler back. He dozes off for a while, waking up a couple of hours later, The windows refract various colours onto the walls. He glances towards his friend, and stretches his arms out. "Um, how long was I asleep...?"

Tyler: Yawning he looks out the window, "I think it's dinner time...or close too it."  Swinging his legs over the edge of the cloud bed, he pulls up Benny, "Are there any activities tonight?"

Benny: "We must have been tired..." He says, propping himself up on Tyler's lap. "Um, I think they're making smores at the campfire. We could get some and just hang out I guess. I have some movies back at my cabin." He suggests. "I have movies back at mine, like The Lion King..."

Tyler: He perks up, clutching his pillow, "You got a TV in your room?  It could be a sleep over!"  He bounces a bit, "We can talk about it at dinner, come on!" Getting out of bed, he opens the door for Benny.

Benny: "Um yeah, but it's a small one...." Benny scratches his head. He walks out of the door and heads for the Dining Pavillion, his hands in his pockets. "Um, there was something I wanted to show you back in my cabin. I got it myself."

Tyler: After dinner and taking their s'mores to go, Tyler follows Benny into his room, happily seeing all the toys.  He had made a quick stop at his cabin to change into his sleep pants and to grab one of his pillows.  "What did you wanna show me?"

Benny: "Mmm...." Having changed into a pair of pyjamas, Benny's hair is all messed up. There's a rather cute rabbit with large floppy ears hopping on the doorstep. "Um, I found him outside. He seemed lonely so I decided to keep him warm." He grins, ageing the leveret back into a hare. "I think we should call him Flopsy..."

Tyler: Kneeling down and petting the hare, Tyler smiles, "He so soft!  He reminds me of the bunny who brougt me an easter basket...only to have Finks bolt after the poor bunny."  He giggles a bit at the memory.

Benny: "Yeah, he's a little grumpy. But he gives really good cuddles!" Benny grins from ear to ear, clearly proud of himself. "I've been feeding him. But I dunno whether to keep him, or give him to one of the hare spirits around camp. I think they'd know what to do..."

Tyler: "I can't see why you can't do both," Tyler picks the hare up and cuddles, "You can keep him, but ask the hare spirits for advice." Petting Flopsy's ears, he smiles, "They're so soft!"

Benny: He strokes the hare's soft fur. Flopsy is surprisingly tame for a wild animal, and he starts to doze off. "I think Flopsy wants to go to sleep..." Benny giggles. "I made him a little bed. Um, I'll return him in the morning so he can be reuinted with bunnykind!"

Tyler: He pouted, "But I think he likes it here...he hasn't tried to run away and he likes the cuddles..."  He carries the hare over to the bed and sets him in, "Why don't you keep Flopsy?"

Benny: He helps tuck the hare into bed. There's a water bowl and some sliced veggies nearby, should Flopsy become suddenly hungry during the night. "Um, I dunno. He probably wants to play with all the other bunnies." Benny sticks his tongue out. "Are you ready for the best sleepover ever?"

Tyler: He nods and bounces up onto the bed "Yeah!  What we gonna do?"  Sure, he'd slept over at Jake's before, but they just watched movies.

Benny: "Um. We can have pillow fights, play, cuddle and watch movies I guess." Benny jumps on his double bed, clearing away some of his toys to make room for Tyler and enough bags of candy to stock a candy store.

Tyler: His eyes light up at all the candy, "How...oh yeah, cupbearer powers."  He reaches for a baggie of M&M and smiles, "Whatcha wanna do first?"

Benny: "Nope. Dad just gives me pocket money..." Benny giggles and takes out some skittles. "Taste the rainbow?..." He winks.

Tyler: He laughs a bit and takes a few, "I'm not that yummy!  I prefer my chocolate anyways."  He leans on Benny's shoulder, "  Pillow fight?"

Benny: "We've already had a pillow fight." Benny gently throws one of his cushions towards Tyler. "How about a movie instead?"  

Tyler: "Okay," he nods, blocking the cushion with his cloud, "You said you had Lion King, what else do you have?"

Benny: He climbs off the bed and sifts through a drawer, filled with DVDs. "Most of them are Disney Movies or Musicals I like," Choosing a selection, he tosses them on the bed and turns his TV on. "These are my favourite ones."

Tyler: He thinks for a bit, "Your favorite Disney one, let's watch that." He smiles and gets comfy, leaning on his cloud.

Benny: Sliding the Lion King DVD into the disc tray, Benny finds his Nala plushie. He climbs back into bed and snuggles against Tyler's chest. 

Tyler: Cuddling, he puts an M&M on Benny's lips and turns it white and smiles, "I think we might be too loud if we sing along."

Benny: He munches the M&M. "Um, it'll be fine." Benny smiles and sings a little. "Most of my brothers and sisters are on another floor."  He giggles and taps Tyler on the nose. "Asante sana squash banana wewe nugu mimi hapana!" 

Tyler: Crossing his eyes as Benny pokes his nose, he also giggles and tries his best to sing along, but between the speed of the words and the foreign language, he winds up just singing nonsense.  During the plot part he wraps his arms around Benny to give him a hug from behind.

Benny: "It means you are a baboon and I am not...." Benny giggles, quoting the film word by word. He had watched it religiously as a child. Something about Disney appealed to his romantic nature. "Mmm, you're warm." He nuzzles against Ty's neck.

Tyler: He snuggles back, more attentive to Benny than the movie now, "So are you.  You're nicer to cuddle with than a pillow."

Benny: "I like your cloud pillows. They're fluffy..." Truthfully, he's far more interested in Tyler than the movie. "Um, you should get some cloud pyjamas to match. They'd be super cool..." 

Tyler: he giggled at the idea.  The pillows were really soft, and to have PJs made of it would feel nice, he points out a small problem, "But you can kinda see through the clouds...I don't want people staring at me..."

Benny: "Um, I guess you could just have some PJs with clouds on." Blinking several times, Benny pulls up his covers and snuggles closer to Tyler for warmth. Sleep is starting to crawl towards him. "I could get some dinosaur ones to match..."

Tyler: Again, he giggles at the idea, "That sounds nice...but I don't know who'd make them." His eyes starting to grow heavy, he cuddles too.

Benny: "I'm being silly." He giggles back. Gathering all his plushies up, he gives them all an individual kiss and tucks them all in. "You know, I think you look cute anyways..."

Tyler: Making room for the plushies, he smiles, "You're handsome though..."

Benny: He pauses. "Um Tyler, are we boyfriends....?" 

Tyler:  He thinks for a second, "I think so.  You kissed me enough times on the quest and your mom knows that I make you really happy."

Benny: "I've never had a boyfriend before..." Benny admits, resting his head on Ty's chest. "I think I like being your boyfriend."

Tyler: "And I think I like being yours too." Tyler says resting his chin on Benny's head, happy to have a person like Benny in his life.

Benny:  He curls up around Tyler, kissing his chest gently. "Rawr!" A fmoment later, he gives Tyler a sleepy kiss on the lips.

Tyler: He playfully bats Benny playing with his chest as he returns the sleepy kiss, sunggling as he falls asleep.

Sunshine and Snuggles

Benny: After a few days of planning and confirmation from the Camp Directors, Benny and Tyler are cleared to visit his dad in Jacksonville, for the next couple of days. He makes his goodbyes and heads across to the Iris Cabin to wait for Ty. He's wearing a white t-shirt, his Adventure Time hoodie, jeans and his cartoon sneakers. He's packed a few clothes, his weapons and some ambrosia. 

Tyler: Preparing to head off for the day trip to see his dad with Benny, he'd packed his sketchbook (so he could show his father his work), the dagger he'd gotten for easter, and a swimsuit incase they went swimming.  Wearing the shirt Eros had given him, he turned it a nice shade of leaf green.  Shouldering his bag, he gave Finks a pet, "Cameron and Jake will be in to visit you."  Leaving the Lt. bedroom, he heard the knock at door of the Iris cabin.  Happily sprinting to the door, he smiled as he opened it.

Benny: He's waiting at the door. Smiling, he gently kisses Ty on the lips. "Um, hi...." He kneels down and strokes Finks' warm fur, "Have you already packed?" Benny was excited to go and see Jacksonville for himself. Apparently it was sunny and had great beaches. In his mind, he imagines them both flying kites, swimming and playing in the sun. "All ready to go. I even brought some sunblock..." He giggles and squirts a little out, dabbing it on Tyler's forehead. "Simba...."

Tyler: "Hi there." he gives Benny a hug.  He was eager to introduce Benny to his dad, as well as to see his father.  It had been months since he's seen his father and Tyler was eager to show him how far his art had gotten since the last time they'd met.  "Yeah, all packed.  My dad has some spare clothes for me, so I can pack light."  When Benny puts the sunblock on, he laughs, "Who does that make you then?"

Benny: "Rafiki, silly." Benny giggles and sticks his tongue out. "Um, I'm ready. Are you gonna rainbow travel us there?" 

Tyler: "No bonking me on the head with a staff okay?" He laughed and walked outside with Benny, "I should be able to take us to my dad's building.  It'll be...awkward if I take us straight into the apartment." Stopping outside, gets ready, "Um...since this is further than the fountain, I might be really tired when we get there.  I'll need you to make me feel better once we get there."

Benny: "Aww, you're no fun...." Benny pouted. He held Tyler's hand, and prepared to rainbow travel once again. It was quite disorienting, but he was getting used to it. "I can restore some of your energy, and you still have Mom's vial." He said, shuffling closer. "Is this good?"

Tyler: Wrapping an arm around Benny, he nodded, "Always.  I don't plan on forgetting something that important." Focusing on the alley across from their apartment, rings of rainbow light surrounded the two of them.  The rings began to spin faster and faster around them until the vanished from camp.


As the lights dim down, the two Demigods find themselves in an alley across from a nice looking apartment.  The alley isn't too dirty, as it's a nicer part of town.  Tyler looks a bit pale, but not as pale as post rainbow form, as he leans against the wall.  He takes a small sip from the vial and smiles.

Tyler: "We're here..."

Benny: He gazes up to the studio apartments. "I guess this is your dad's studio..." Benny says, taking a small sip from the vial. It fills right back up with cream soda. As they're touching, he restores some of Tyler's lost energy to even out the energy loss. "Do you feel any better?"

Tyler: "Much." He nodded and smiled.  Standing back up he guided Benny out of the alley, "I called dad yesterday, so he is ready for us."  Looking both ways, he led Benny across the street.  Once at the building's front, he buzzed his dad's apartment, 526.

Rosco: Hearin the buzzer, he goes gets up from his easel and answers, "Hello?"

Tyler: Giddy, he replied, "We're here dad!"

Rosco: "Tyler!" He smiled in the apartment, but then checked his watch, "What time did you leave...and how-" He stops himself, knowing that his son had powers, "You and your friend can tell me when you get up here.  The door's unlocked."

Benny: He held Tyler's hand tight. They received an odd glance or two, but it's likely that's because they're two unaccompanied kids in the middle of the street. As they walked into the apartment, Benny looked around. The apartment was pretty nice. "Whoa, look at all this art...." He gasped. "It's super cool!"

Through the large window of the Young's Studio Apartment over looks some smaller building and even has a slight view of the beach in the distance.  On the wall hangs several of Mr. Young's paintings.  Additional, a few wooden masks hang on the walls.  The layout of the apartment is rather open, the dining room, kitchen, and living room all sharing the main space while a few room are down a hallway including the bathroom, bedrooms, and studio.

Tyler: As soon as they had entered, he ran and tightly hugged his dad, "DADDY!"

Rosco: Hugging his son, he beamed, "Hey there my little artist, long time no see."  After a long hug, he looks up at the other young kid that had come with his son, "Who's your friend here?"

Benny: "Um hi...." Benny scratched his head awkwardly. In the distance, he could hear seagulls. He paced around while Tyler and Rosco hugged. "I'm Benny, well Benjamin, but everyone calls me Benny." He said, offering a hand-shake. "I'm Hebe's son, and Tyler's...." His cheeks turned bright red.

Rosco: He shook the kid's hand, "Rosco Young." When he sees Benny's cheeks turn red, he raises and eyebrow and looks to Tyler, "Something you care to share?"

Tyler: Also a bit shy, Tyler sheepishly replies, "Benny's boyfriend?"  He's really nervous about how his dad is going to take the news.

Rosco: Upon hearing this, he lets out a breath, "Well, I guess I'm not fully are the child of the rainbow goddess afterall."  He smiles and chuckles a bit and looks back to Benny, "'re going to have to fill me in on who that is.  Unless there's piece based on them, I'm afraid I'm not too good with the Gods."  Heading to the kitchen he asks, "Can I get you something to drink?  Milk?  Water?  Soda?  I already know Tyler is going to want a cream soda."

Benny: "Um sorry...." Benny stuttered. "Mom's the Goddess of Youth." He added, still a little awkward around Rosco. It wasn't everyday that he met someone's parent. "Please can I have a cream soda too." He smiled and looked around. "Did you make all this art yourself? It's really cool!"

Rosco: He nodded as he went to the fridge, "Yeah, everything you see painted is an original.  I like doing vibrant scenes of everday life.  Takes the bland and mundane out of it, you know?"  Returning to the boys he handed each the soda and invited them to sit on the couch, "So, tell me, how exactly did you boys get here?"

Tyler: Popping the top of his soda, he took a sip, " see, since mom was a messenger goddess, I can kinda travel via rainbows, and since I remember the light always reflecting off the windows of the building, it kinda worked out."

Benny:  "Thanks..." Benny took a sip of his cream soda. He wiped off the excess foam on his mouth, "Mmm it's really good." He smiled eagerly and cuddled up with Tyler on the couch. "Ty's really powerful. He's really smart, creative and he can do loads of cool stuff with rainbows." He grinned. "I restored some of his energy though." He stuck his tongue out.

Rosco: "Oh really now?" He smiles to his son, "Tell me more Benny.  How powerful is my little artist?"

Tyler: Cuddling with Benny, he blushes since he knows that Benny is going to embellish the story a bit.

Benny: "Um...." Benny scratched the side of his head. "Tyler's an awesome friend. He helped me on my quest to save the Fountain of Youth. He also turned into a living rainbow to protect me from the Nemean Lion- most Iris kids can only do that when they're older." He giggled. "He's my brave knight..."

Rosco: The older artist's eyes go a bit big when Benny says 'living rainbow', " rainbow?  Is there a chance I can see Ty?"

Tyler: Sadly, the son of Iris shakes his head, "No...not really.  I can only do it when I get really, really mad.  With the lion, it had smacked Benny; the first time though was when-" He stops himself, uncomfortable about talking about him with his father.

Rosco: Seeing his son get tense, he leaned in, "Tyler, you can tell me anything, I am your father."

Tyler: Small tears welled up in the corners of his eyes, "Ganymede made me wear different underwear for him..." He leaps up from his spot with Benny and runs to his father crying, "I didn't want to, but it was the only way he'd tell us how to find Nove.  He then threatend to blackmail mom..."

Rosco: Looking to Benny, he tries to comfort his son, but the anger of a father starts to show, "Benny, who is this Ganymede figure, and why is he doing this to my son?"

Benny: "He's a bully." He frowned and crossed his arms. "He took the position of cupbearer from my mom for a while." Benny added, for Rosco's sake. "But my mom told him off and sent him to Zeus. Ty should be okay now." In an attempt to cheer Tyler up, he clicks his fingers and everyone's cream soda refills.

Tyler: Sniffling, he looks up to his dad, "I...I'm not in trouble am I?"

Rosco: His father shook his head, "Of course not.  You were trying to help your friend Nove."  He pats the couch next to him, "No need to sit all alone Benny.  What's this about you fighting a lion now?"  the anger had subsided into more worry, "What have they been making you do at camp?"

Benny: It didn't take a second word for Benny to move onto the couch and shuffle up to Tyler. "Um, sometimes monsters come and hunt us down." He kissed Ty's cheek affectionately. "We're safe at camp. Most of the time we do normal things like arts and crafts, sports, swimming, pegasi riding."

Tyler: Being cuddled between his father and Benny, Tyler felt better, "Yeah, I wanted to show you my work dad." Getting off the couch, he hustles over to his bag and goes back to spot.  Digging out his sketchbook, he flips it open to show the sketches based on Jake and Nove, "I've been practicing people."

Rosco: Looking at his son's sketches, he was impressed at how well the colors were spot on.  Sure, there were a few proportion issues, but overall, they were impressive. "You have people pose for you?"

Tyler:  He nodded, "Two friends, Jake and Nove.  I drew Jake and painted Nove, and they really like the final products."

Benny: "Um, Ty's been teaching me how to draw." Benny grinned and wrapped an arm around his waist for support.

Rosco: "Oh really?" Mr. Young asked, "What has he taught you?"

Tyler: Flipping to the sketch that Benny had done, he shows his dad, "How to break things down into shapes.  He's pretty good at it."

Benny: He blushed at the praise. "I'm not that good. Tyler's way better." Sticking his tongue out, he examined the picture. "There's Ty, and his little kitten Finks."

Rosco: "Kitten?" his father asked, "When did you get a kitten?"

Tyler: "Well, I met a kid whose cat had a litter.  The momma liked me and he offered me one of the kittens." He explained, "I know you're not allergic, so I thought it was okay."

Rosco: He chuckled, "Don't worry, it is.  I'll make sure to buy a litter box if you decide to come home for school."

Tyler: He tilted his head, "I thought I was going to be staying at camp for the summer."

Rosco: "Just because you're the child of a god doesn't mean you're excused from an education." He explained, "I managed to get you into a nice art school nearby, but we can talk about this later."  Rosco stood up and smiled, "Let's go out for some fun.  Minigolf?  Beach?  Where you kids wanna go?"

Benny: "Ice-cream would be nice..." As Rosco stood up, Benny quickly followed suit and got a bottle of lotion out of his bag. Jacksonville was famous for its beaches and its heat. He dabbed some on himself. "I bet I look like a weird monster!" He giggled, the sunblock turning his skin pale green. 

Tyler: Smiling he goes over and wipes a bit off and puts it on himself, "You don't need that much silly.  Part of the fun is the tan."  Looking over at his dad, he asked, "Are you still taking those windsurfing classes?"

Rosco: "Yeah, there's one today." His father smiled, "They let the kids try for free if you want to try."

Tyler: Looking to Benny, he asked, "You have a swimsuit packed?  We can change in my room."

Benny: "Windsurfing?" He tilted his head. "Sounds fun. Yeah, I've got some shorts in my backpack...."

Rosco: He chuckles, "It's kind of like surfing, but the wind pushes you along.  I'll wait for you out here."

Tyler: Pulling at Benny's hand he starts to lead Benny to his room, "Come on!"  Once in the room, he closes the door.  Tyler's room has some of his favorite pieces of work he's done hung on the walls, including a few of his fathers.  A small TV stands on a dresser which Tyler goes over to and fishes out a pair of green swimtrunks.  Going over to his old bed, he flops down on it. "It might not be as soft at the one back at camp, but it's still my favorite."

Benny: "Sure..." Benny nodded. He was prompty lead to Tyler's room. He awkwardly stood up and scratched the back of his neck. "It's super-cool! I really like all the colours." Grinning, he flopped onto the bed too. As his boyfriend talked, he quickly took off his shirt and took out his trunks. They're blue and disney themed. "Um, it's really comfy...." He said, kissing Tyler in the privacy of his room.

Tyler:  He kissed back quickly, "Come on, let's not leave dad waiting." Getting off the bed he takes he shirt off and faces away from Benny as he changes into his trunks, waiting for Benny to do the same before looking back

Benny: Quickly changing into his trunks, he looks away. "Um, are you ready to go?"

Tyler: He nods, "Yep, dad should have towels and stuff ready to go."  Opening the door he meets his dad at the door leading out, "Wer're ready!"

Rosco: "All right then.  We'll get swing by for ice cream before we head out, how does that sound?"

Benny: "It sounds great Mr Young!" He eagerly bounces on the balls of his feet. "Do they have strawberry ice cream? It's the best..."

Rosco: Grabbing his keys, he nods, "Yep, and dozens of other flavors too."

Benny: "Awesome. Let's go!" He takes Tyler's hand and follows his dad towards the beachfront. Its a sunny day, and the beach is pretty packed, with tourists and the like. Spotting an ice-cream vendor, he bounces on his heels to try and contain his excitement.

Rosco: At the vendor he orders Benny a strawberry cone, Tyler a Heath Bar cone, and himself a Strawberry Cheesecake one.  Leading them to the beach, he asks, "So, what else have the two of you been doing at camp?"

Tyler: Beaming as he licked his cone, "We're lieutenants in our cabins now!"

Benny: "Yeah, it's a really important job. We help keep our cabins running." He takes a lick of his strawberry cone and walks on the beach. He giggles, as the sand tickles his toes. Waves can be heard lapping up against the shore, as he spots a windsurfer in the distance. "Whoa, cool. It's like a bird."

Rosco: He chuckles and leads the boys to the instructor, "You won't be doing anything like that today.  You'll be learning how to balance on a board more than likely."

Benny: "Aww, it'll be fun..." Benny grins and introduces himself to the instructor. 

While Rosco picks up his Windboard and heads out the instructor takes the boys into the shallower water to learn the basics of windsurfing, namely balancing on the board.  While Benny clumsily works his way to balancing, Tyler catches on, subconciously using his wind and water manipulation to help him along.  They keep this up from mid morning to early afternoon.  As the class ends, Rosco and the boys dry off and start to head back.

Rosco: Drying off Tyler's hair, he asks the boys, "So, what should we do for lunch?" 

Benny: Benny dries off his hair. "So, where are we going next?" He shakes his head and water droplets go everywhere. "Um, you were really good by the way. I wish I could have done that trick!" He grins cheerfully, wiping the water away with his towel.

Tyler: He blushes, "It wasn't anything special, I just managed to go in the air a bit when I went over the wave."

Benny: "It was super-cool. You're a natural!" He steals a small kiss, before remembering that Rosco is already there. He awkwardly scratches the side of his head. "Umm, please can we go for some pizza or pasta? I'm really hungry after all that exercise."

Lunch with Iris

They walk along the boardwalk. Hustlers try to sell their goods to tourists- mostly things like T-shirts, sunglasses, I <3 Jacksonville T-shirts etc. There's a woman sat near the beach, playing her guitar. Her hair is brightly coloured and braided into several dreadlocks. "CD's and vegan cupcakes here!" says the sign next to her. As the boys approach, Iris smiles brightly. "It's been a long time Rosco..."

Rosco: It takes the mortal a moment, but the sight sinks in soon after, "Iris?  Is that you?"

Tyler: Looking at his father then to the woman on the guitar, he holds both his dad's and Benny's hand, not entirely sure what was going on.

"Who else would it be? I couldn't let Hebe have all the fun..." Iris grins, eyeing over Tyler. The goddess smiles reassuringly. "You've grown Tyler! I've been keeping an eye on you for a while." Seemingly unaware of personal space, she goes to embrace him. "You're still a little skinny. You could do with vegan cupcakes and my special lactose-free milkshakes." She ruffles his hair playfully.

Benny: Realising that it's a family moment, Benny feels a little out of place. He awkwardly stands next to Rosco, and politely gives the goddess a curt nod. "Umm it's really nice to meet you, Lady Iris..." Blushing, he smiles gently at Tyler. He's supportive, knowing that Iris is just as proud of Tyler as him.

Tyler: Being embraced by the goddess, Tyler felt oddly at ease and content with everything around him as he hugged her back.

Rosco: "Oh, so I don't get a cupcake?" He joked, "It's nice too see you Iris, I'm guessing that you're here for more than just a quick hello, right?"

"Don't worry Red." Iris lets go of Tyler and pokes Rosco in the stomach. "I've cooked a whole batch up. Someone has to feed you..." She nudges him, before giving Benny a friendly smile. "It's nice to meet you too Benny. Your mother and I go way back, when she tripped over and..." The goddess gets lost in a daydream. "I wanted to meet Ty's first boyfriend myself. You two are totally adorable together. You seem just right for him..." She tucks a daisy behind his ear. "C'mon. I'll pay for pizza cause I'm a cool mom."

Benny: "Umm thanks..." Still blushing, he graciously accepts the daisy and slides his hand into Tyler's, leaning into the crook of his shoulder as they walk towards a nearby restaurant.

Rosco: He chuckles as he thinks back, "Not in front of the boys Gentili..."  As they enter the pizza parlor, they take a seat around a table, "Should we get you your own pizza so we don't have to get goat cheese and gluten free crust with organically grown tomato sauce?"

Tyler: Holding Benny's hand under the table, he can't help but giggle, "Goat cheese?"

Iris shrugs her shoulders. She sits at the table and smooths out her bright tie-dye t-shirt. "Shh! You missed me Red, or did I misread that sappy painting of yours..." She takes his hand under the table. "The boys already know about kissing." Winking at her son, she gives an approving nod. "Goat cheese is much better for you. It's lower in fat, a good source of protein and kinder to the environment." The goddess recites. Her eyes change colour, shifting into various hues. "Sure. I got Hermes to cover my shift. Today, I'm not a goddess. Just a regular mom out with her family."

Benny: "Are not!" He says, playfully sticking his tongue out at the goddess. "Pizza is super cool. I like the ones where you can choose your own toppings, with cheese and your own veggies. No olives or peppers for me!" He makes a face for dramatic effect.

Rosco: "Fine, we'll get two pizzas, one for Iris and I, one for the boys."  He kisses the goddess cheek, "And hush about those painting.  Not my fault that you left me, I had to cope somehow." 

Tyler: When Iris mentions them kissing, he blushes deeply.  How much has she been watching?  Looking at a menu he asks, "Can we get an appetizer too?"  He looks to Benny, "What should we get?"

Rosco: "Well, looks like they're hungry after that windsurfing lesson." he chuckles again.

Benny: "Um...." Benny scans the menu. "I guess we could share some garlic bread together. We could get some pasta salad too..." He suggests, blushing deeply when Iris mentions them kissing. Does that mean his mom knew about it too?

"Flirt..." Iris giggles. "I think we should get the one with Goat's cheese... lactose makes you grumpy." She delicately places her hand on Rosco's lap and gives his knee a little squeeze. "I was there, at the exhibition. They wanted to kick me out..." She gasps, somewhat surprised that an art gallery would want to throw out a goddess, even one disguised as a poor art student. "Yeah, you're doing really well. I see you've also been working on your art." She smiles affectionately at her son. "I'm proud of you.."

Tyler: He blushed, "Thank you mom..." he squeezed Benny's hand under the table as the waiter came over to take their order.  "I've been working on people.  I have some friends for pose for me."  Chances were that she already knew that his 'models' weren't fully clothed.

Rosco: "They are good, but no doubt you've already seen them." He smiled, placing his hand on top of hers as he went to order.

Benny: "Yeah, Ty's really good!" He squeezes back, as they relay their order to the waiter. "He showed me how to draw a cute kitty and everything!"

Iris smiles brightly. "You could use a little more colour, but yea they're pretty good." She lets Rosco make the order. Acting like a normal human is pretty difficult at the best of times. "Nove and Jake are good models. You should throw some paint on them." She giggles. "Use the non-toxic stuff, or use pretty crystals to make the lights..."

Tyler: He blinked, "Wait...litetally?"  He wasn't sure how Jake would react to it, but chances are that Nove would find someway to have fun with it.

"Why not?" The goddess arches an eyebrow. "Benny could help you. There are loads of paint buckets around his cabin, and he's pretty good with booby trapped-paint cans." She winks, trying to get a rapport going with her possible future son-in-law. Sheesh, mortal relationships were hungry work. Thankfully the pizza arrives just in time. 

Benny: He blushed. "Umm, I was traning with a friend. I set up loads of paint traps, but we set the building on fire and ended up snagged in all my traps. It took days to get rid of the smell..." Benny explains and makes a face. "I didn't want to worry you or anything..." As the pizza arrives, his eyes widen in happiness and he starts to shake in anticipation. "Awesome! Would you like a drink Lady Iris?" He asks politely, summoning a glass of nectar with his powers- just like his mother would do. To the casual observer, it looks just like a glass of fizzy cola.

"Thank you Benny, I tend to drink soya but this will do nicely... Ty, you'd better keep him around. This one's a keeper." She ruffles her son's hair, like any regular mom embarrassing her kid. When the pizza arrives, she glances up to Rosco and makes a face. "I know it may be cheesy, but I think you've taken a pizza my heart..." She teases, stealing a small kiss off the mortal.

Rosco: Kissing her back, he breaks it and smiles and offers her his drink, "You were always sauce-y".  

Tyler: The son of Iris first cringes at his parent's bad puns, but then giggles at it as he pulls a piece of pizza onto his plate.

Iris looks at her son. "What is it Tyler? Do you not think your parents' jokes are funny? Or I guess I should say punny." Iris let out a laugh. "Do you like jokes Benny? Oh, of course you do!" she said, answering her own question. "Who doesn't?"

Benny: As Iris and Rosco kiss, Benny makes a face. Was that what his dad and his mom were like? Wait, he didn't want to think about it.  Blushing, he takes a slice of pizza and begins to nibble it pretty quickly. "I guess I like jokes Lady Iris." He says, subconciously worried that she'll turn him into rainbows if he disagrees. "But sometimes they're too cheesy..."

Rosco: As the artist takes his slice, he asks, "So, do you have pizza up on that mountain of yours, or do you have to pester some pizza delivery boy?"  He smirks and takes a drink of his soda.

"We do, but I would rather eat it down here with you guys. Although we're all related, spending so much time around your immortal family can cause people to lose thier patience over time."

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