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Ileana 'Leah' Bennett ~ The Rebel
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"Not all those who wonder are lost..."
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 5"7  Weight: 112 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken by Ivan
 Birth Place: LA  Main Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword disguised as a bracelet.
 Accent: Neutral
 – "...because my gut told me differently, I began my own mission to find the real truth..."

Character's Powers

 (3/6/9 Month Powers are locked):


  1. Children of Poseidon can fire a powerful blast of water from their hands, equivalent to that of a fire hose, which evaporates after a short time.
  2. Children of Poseidon have the ability to conjure and freeze small amounts of water into durable ice weapons, which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of ice.


  1. Children of Poseidon can create an area around themselves that inflicts others with intense seasickness, making them dizzy and nauseous for as long as they remain inside. The user must keep their focus on maintaining the effect for the duration.
  2. Children of Poseidon can turn their body to water for a very short time, letting an attack pass harmlessly through them. This can cause extreme dehydration with repeated use.


  1. Children of Poseidon can breathe, are swifter and more powerful, and can heal slightly faster while underwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon can keep themselves and everything they touch dry in the water, unless they choose to become wet.
  3. Children of Poseidon can survive falling from any altitude as long as they land in water, and can go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the cold or water pressure.
  4. Children of Poseidon can communicate with and command equestrian animals, as well as all creatures that dwell in the sea.
  5. Children of Poseidon are innately less inhibited by severe wind and precipitation.


  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create minor earthquakes, large enough to knock anyone nearby off their feet, for a few seconds.
  2. Children of Poseidon are able to telekinetically move water at a high rate. The larger amount of water used, the more energy it drains. This can be used on ice, but is much more difficult and draining.
  3. Children of Poseidon are are able summon a specific horse, pegasus, or sea creature directly to their position, regardless of distance. This only works on creatures that they have a strong personal bond with.
  4. Children of Poseidon can calm, strengthen or influence the direction of the winds, though to a much lesser extent than children of Zeus or the anemoi.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create a torrential rainstorm overhead, which will downpour and cause high winds over a large area. The storm will gradually clear over time, and afterward the user would be substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to shape a semi-living construct out of water, no larger than 3 to 4 times the size of the user, that fights for them for a short time. The user is weakened while the construct is active, and the longer they maintain the it, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to transform their bodies into a state of pure water for a short time, becoming immune to most attacks. The hydrokinetic abilities they already possess are enhanced by this state, and they are capable of covering great distances in an instant while underwater. The user will be extremely drained once the transformation ends, and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Poseidon always know their exact coordinates when in water and are able to innately feel the difference between freshwater and saltwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon normally have a love for water, and generally excel at water sports.
  3. Children of Poseidon tend to be favored by animals of the sea.
  4. Children of Poseidon often have a natural affinity for horses and many grow up to become equestrians.

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More Info:

-Reaper on a Whim / Head Mortician

 Age: 14 but technically 17  Height: 5'11  Weight: 127 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken by Leah
 Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  Main Weapon: Sickle and Jackknife
 Accent: Neutral
 – "Memento mori - Remember your mortality. Remember you will die."


Time Skip

Winter Festival RP



Archery Range

Back to Camp


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Ivan: He looks at Leah tired.

Ileana: She is sleeping with her hair over the side of the bed.

Ivan: He gently places her head on his chest as to not wake her.

Ileana: She gasps as she can sense when something moves and then she looks up. "Hi." She yawns and then rubs her eyes.

Ivan: He smiles "You looked like you were going to roll off so I moved your head go back to sleep" He says with a smile

Ileana: "I'll be fine." She yawns again. "I'm full of energy!" She sits up but then she lays down again. "I don't know." She moves and opens her minifridge and gets out a can of fanta. "Want some?"

Ivan: "Sure" he holds out his hands so she can toss it.

Ileana: She gets out a can and flung it at his face. "Oops." She smiles mischievously and gets up. She grabs some fresh clothes out of her wardrobe and went into the bathroom. She changes and goes back out and sat next to him.

Ivan: He easily catches it holds her by the waist and snuggles up to her stomach "Too bad I don't have spare clothes"

Ileana: "Someone in my cabin will have spare clothes. I can just force them to give me some, if you want, of course." She then flips her hair.

Ivan: "i am fine how did you enjoy the evening?" He looks up at her and smirks.

Ileana: "It was alright. Not that good." She smiles and then laughs. "I'm joking, it was really good."

Ivan: He raises an eyebrow and then laughs and cuddles with her.

Ileana: She cuddles with him as well and then she yawns again. She grabs her can of fanta and starts drinking it. "So, what do you want to do now?"

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Ivan: "Well we could get ready to start our day still got to make peace with ella and I doubt serena will be messing with us anymore"

Ileana: She shook her head. "Ella wont be nice anymore. She'll completely avoid you." She yawns. "Serena will probably leave us completely."

Ivan: "And Nala? Why doesn't Ella see reason, for an Athena kid she sure doesn't see logic well it seems" He says rather frustrated.

Ileana: "Ivan." She rolls her eyes. "She's the most clever one out of everyone I know. Don't underestimate people." She yawns again. "Don't worry about her."

Ivan: "Okay" he gives her a hug "sleep your tired" and puts her head on his chest.

Ileana: She stretches. "I'm alright, not that tired." She gets up and then she stretches again.

Ivan: He stretches too and lits her up "so what do you want to do today?"

Ileana: "Hmm, is there any events on? We could go to one of them?"

Ivan: "I heard there is a spring festival" he says

Ileana: "Really? We could go there then!" She gets up and then stretches.

Ivan: "Sure honey" he says tiredly

Ileana: She tilts her head to the side. "Are you tired? You sleep for a bit if you want." She smiles.

Ivan: "Its okay I just got to find out how I am going to get out and take a shower before we go." he says smiling and cuddling up to her

Ileana: "Why don't you do that shadow teleport thingy that you do which scares the life out of me? Can't you do that? If not, you're screwed." She laughs softly.

Ivan: He gets ready to shadow travel but before he does he touches his hand to hers shadow traveling her to his cabin as well and when they arrive, he looks at her with a smirk on his face "So, what do you think?" he says gesturing to his room hoping that she likes it.

Ileana: She lets out a little shriek when he shadow travels. "Don't do that, it scares me." She smiles. "Eh... It's ok. It could be better." She smiles. "I'm kidding, but it needs... more pink." She starts laughing.

Ivan: "More pink you say? Where might you suggest?" he asks as he hugs and kisses her wondering what she sees his room looking like in her eyes. He then goes over to the dresser and starts picking clothes to wear after his shower but abruptly stops and puts them back "While your at it mind picking an outfit to suit your tastes?" he asks looking at her

Ileana: "Everywhere." She smiles and kisses him back. "Hmmmmm, I don't know. You wear alot of dull colours and so wear something dull, I don't know." She smiles mischievously because she had an idea to freeze the water when he takes his shower. "I'll just wait here." She sits down on a chair that's nearby her. She takes her phone out and starts playing on it, looking up every couple of minutes.

Ivan: He turns on the water and begins to take his shower unaware of her plan he is thinking about perhaps wearing some more vibrant colors today as he starts to whistle a tune

Ileana: She quickly stood up as he entered the shower. She waits until she hears the water starts to flow. She bit the corner of her lip. She moves her hand and makes the water freeze. She quickly sat back down and she looks back onto her phone as if nothing happened.

Ivan: He was frozen in the block of ice but retains conciousness. He then shadow travels out of the block wraps a towel around himself and leaves the bathroom "What was that for?" he asks as he enters the room

Ileana: She looks up. "Hmm? Whatcha talking about? She then tries really hard not to laugh. "I... Actually don't know what you're...talking about." She then looks away and laughed a little and then turned back towards Ivan.

Ivan: "Says the one that is trying not to giggle" he adds with a smile going to his dresser to get some blue jeans and a orange shirt to wear that day.

Ileana: "Uhhh... Excuse me? What are you talking about? I totally didn't do that." She smiles and then gave him a thumbs up and then she laughs.

Ivan: He just shakes his head and smiles as he goes back into the bathroom and changes

Ileana: She smiles and then she puts her legs in a criss-cross pattern on the table and looked back at her phone, waiting for Ivan to come back.

Ivan: He changes and picks her up and walks to the door.

Ileana: She gets slightly startled when he picks her up. "Off we go to fair!" She laughs a little as she says that.

Ivan: He laughs and smiles as he carries her there

OOC: Well the fair ended so what do you want to do and where have you been?

OOC:I've been really busy and exams came and stuff like that. Have you got anywhere in mind for where they could go?

OOC: Well I made a new harbor location if you want to go there

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Ileana: She looks at him. "Well, that was fun. Do you want to go out to sea and admire the water now?"

Ivan: "Sure why not I hear they made a new harbor and it has some nice looking ships" he comments before shadow traveling them there

Ileana: "Ok, sounds awesom-" She gets cut off because of his shadow-travelling. "That always shocks me." She smiles and sighs. "It's so pretty." She says as she looks out to sea.

Ivan: He kisses her neck "Does it feel better now?" as he leads her to the vessel

Ileana: "Yeah, never better." She smiles and walks with him to the vessel. "Where are we going to now?"

Ivan: "Oh just out on the ocean you know your home" he says with a smirk as he gets the ship out of the harbor


Ivan: He laughs and smiles as he carries her there

OOC: Well the fair ended so what do you want to do and where have you been?

OOC: Uh date? something in one of the cabins? and I have been at state championships

OOC: Thats awesome :D We could take them to a date, but where? They could go biking, I don't know :/

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