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Opal Cowen ~ member of the Athena Cabin
"So let's go touring, shall we?
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-Daughter of Athena

 Age: 15  Height: 5'4"  Weight: 110ibs
 Sexuality: straight  Relationship Status: Taken
 Birth Place: New York  Main Weapon: Sword/ring Athinaios
 Accent: American
 Sometimes I feel like I know the characters in stories better than the people in my life

Zach Walter ~ Son of Athena

Success is the product of hard work.
"Alright do you want to walk or do you want me to carry you?" He asks playfully
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 Age: 17  Height: 5ft 6in  Weight: 131 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Houston, Texas  Main Weapon: Twin Celestial Bronze Swords
 Accent: American
 – Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next without a loss of enthusiasm

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 3,6,9 Powers of Athena

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Opal: "Hm... Let me think about that... I think I'll walk. Terribly hard decision, considering I have two working legs."

Zach: He laughs "Sometimes the lady doesn't feel like walking the huge expanse of camp and instead prefers that the guy picks her up and carries her"

Opal: She smiles. "Well if the lady gets tired, she'll tell you.

Zach: He smiles and starts taking her around camp showing the dining pavilion, climbing wall, big house, other cabins, strawberry fields...

Opal: As they passed the forest, she told him to stop. "What's in there?"

Zach: "Some bunkers a lot of monsters and a few other things"

Opal: "I see. Can we go in?"

Zach: "After you learn how to defend yourself yes we can go"

Opal: "But you can defend me! Anyway, I'm touring camp. The forest is part of it! How dangerous can it be?"

Zach: "There are some monsters it that can take on four of us at once"

Opal: She pouts. "Okay..." Then she brightens up. "Can we do a different dangerous activity that could potentially kill us?"

Zach: He laughs "How about you try to scale the climbing wall" He points to the climbing wall with all its spewing lava and other obstacles

Opal: She pauses for a moment, considering. "Yeah that's dangerous enough." She turns around to go to the climbing wall, muttering "I didn't think that anything here could potentially kill us! I like it!"

Zach: He smiles "Sister I wouldn't be so sure and you know what I mean when that real lava starts shooting at you" He starts getting ready to scale the wall

Opal: She smirks "Yeah, yeah. Real lava, risking your life, blah, blah, blah. I wanna climb this now!"

Zach: He smiles and masterfully climbs the wall avoiding all the obstacles due to years of experience "Talk is cheap tough one lets see what you got" He smiles

Opal: She puts her foot on the climbing wall, and looks around to see where the sweet spot with the least amount of obstacles is. She finds it, and scaled the wall with minor injuries. She sucks a burnt finger muttering "Whoever built this likes Donkey Kong."

Zach: "So what do you think now that that one lava column barely missed you?" He smirks

Opal: "That was SO COOL! Oh, and I'm never playing Donkey Kong again." She says, smiling.

Zach: He laughs and picks her up "Now its time to take baby sis to the medics to cure all those burns and other scratches"

Opal: "I've only got…" she pauses for a moment, thinking. "20." Then she laughs "Maybe you're right."

Zach: He smiles and continues to carry her

Opal: Despite having a very sore, well, most of her body, she starts laughing and shouting, "Onwards, my loyal steed."

Zach: "Ha ha very funny" He smiles

Opal: "It is rather, isn't it?" She smirks.

Zach: He puts her down as they arrive at the infirmary so she can see the apollo kids

Opal: Once the Apollo kids got a good look at her, they rolled their eyes. "Let me guess. She tried to climb the climbing wall."

Zach: He smirks having known them for a while "Yup the usual"

Opal: She glares at him. "Yeah, I did." She mumbled

Zach: He smiles and hugs her "We are just playing around sis"

Opal: She tries to keep her glare for as long as possible before cracking up. "Yeah, I know."

Zach: "Do you want me to stay with you or leave you all alone with them?"

Opal: "Oh, I don't know, leave me alone with a bunch of strangers, or not." She said sarcastically "Stay."

Zach: He sits on the bed and holds her "Don't worry I will stay with you little sister" He smiled

Opal: She smiled sheepishly. "Thanks."

Zach: He hugs her protectively as they apply the Apollo kids work

Opal: She yelps as one of them brush over a burn. She then tries to laugh it off, failing miserably.

Zach: He pats her back "It's okay" and then he turns to the Apollo kids "Be careful with her boys she is my favorite one"

Opal: "Ooh, I am! Cool!"

Zach: "Yes" He says with a smile and looks at the kids as they treat her

Opal: They give her some ambrosia and nectar, and she is soon back to normal, other than a few scars. "Thanks!" She said happily to the Apollo kids.

Zach: "Thanks boys" He says and gets up giving her a hand

Opal: She stands up, giving the Apollo kids high fives, before leaving with Zach.

Zach: As the Apollo kids smirk at him he holds her protectively and walks away

Opal: "I can't figure out if the Apollo kids are jerks, or really awesome..." She laughs."

Zach: "Oh they are cool, they just can't believe that I have a favorite and they are trying to find out if I am your favorite"

Opal: "Hm... Gimme a moment... You are definitely my favorite half sibling! Tula is my favorite sibling, though, even if she's dead." She gasps, realising she said that aloud. "Ah, crap, I just said that aloud, didn't I?"

Zach: His eyes widen and he hugs her tighter "Yes you did, what happened little sis?

Opal: "Daddy killed her." She said in a small voice, trying not to cry. "He killed her."

Zach: He sits them down on a nearby bench and buries her face in his chest letting her cry if she needs to

Opal: She does. Hard. All the while muttering, "Daddy killed her."

Zach: He holds her there and whispers kind and comforting things to her

Opal: "Thanks." She sniffles.

Zach: "Baby sis if you want to talk about anything I am all ears you heard it from my mouth that you are my favorite" He smiles

Opal: "Thanks." She repeats, smiling faintly.

Zach: He pulls her head out of his chest "Talk to me"

Opal: "About what?" She asked, genuinely confused. "Long division? Me? You?"

Zach: "About whatever is bothering you"

Opal: "Nothing comes to mind." She lied. She could list off a hundred things that were bothering her.

Zach: "Now now be honest with big brother you just cried into my chest tell me what is going on"

Opal: She sighs. "I just really miss her. She wasn't just my twin, she was my best friend. And now she's gone. She's been gone for a year, actually. I just..." She trails off.

Zach: He hugs her back to his chest "I understand how you feel"

Opal: "You do?"

Zach: "I have lost friends of mine right in front of me and I know it hurts"

Opal: That's terrible..."

Zach: "Yeah" he says softly

Opal: "Don't worry. We're here, and safe...ish."

Zach: "Yeah plenty of defences and plenty of people" He smiles

Opal: "And plenty of things to risk your life on!

Zach: He laughs "and that too"

Opal: "How could you forget the risk-your-life-on stuff?!" she laughs.

Zach: "True they are very fun" He says

Opal: "I'm hungry, and want ice cream. The solution to both issues is ice cream. Wanna come with?"

Zach: "Sure" He says with a smile


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RP (Opal and Marc)

Opal: She is curled up on a bench, reading a book.

Marc: He is sitting in a tree nearby humming a tune

Opal: She hears humming, and gets up towards the sound. The book was starting to get boring, and she needed break.

Marc: He continues humming until he hears movement at which he starts looking around for the source of the sound

Opal: She sees a boy (man, whatever), and says "Hello."

Marc: He looks down "Oh hi" He says with a smile

Opal: She smiles back, and asks, "What were you doing over here, all alone?"

Merc: "Oh just enjoying the calm atmosphere you know kind of getting away from it all"

Opal: She grins. "I get that. It's nice here, isn't it? Lots of trees, a beach, a few people that you can actually hold a conversation with."

Marc: "I agree so what brings you here alone also"

Opal: "I've been reading. My Favourite place to read is here."

Marc: He lies down "That's nice reading is a good way to pass the time"

Opal: She smirks. "Reading is the BEST way to pass the time."

Marc: He smirks back "How about I lie in your lap and you read to me?" He smiles boyishly

Opal: "It's MEANT to be the other way around! But, if it convinces you reading is the best way to pass the time, then sure." She smirks right back at him.

Marc: "You are right" He picks her up and puts her in his lap "Read to me please"

Opal: She laughs, flipping back to the first page, and reading.

Marc: He snakes his arms around her waist and puts his head on her shoulder and listens

Opal: "She finished the chapter and looked at him. "Are you convinced reading is the best way to pass time?"

Marc: "No but I am convinced being with you is the best way to pass the time"

Opal: She blushes. "Thanks."

Marc: He squeezes her waist and holds her close to him

Opal: Unlike usual, she doesn't pull away.

Marc: He stares into her eyes and waits for something to happen. OOC: You need to make the next move

Opal: She leans in, puckering her lips.

OOC:Ya, I know, just checking it was the right moment :)

Marc: He closes his eyes as she gets closer anticipating the kiss

Opal: Their lips collide, and they start to kiss passionately.

Marc: He falls backward so he is on the ground with her on top and starts to kiss her back

Opal: Minutes or hours later, she wasn't sure, she broke off and panted, "Well, that's never happened before. I don't even know your name!"

Marc: He hums "I am Marc and how did you like it?" He smiles

Opal: "Opal, and you want me to describe that!?"

Marc: "Well you can experience it again" He leans up

Opal: "It might help me recall." She said and kissed him.

Marc: He leans back down to the ground pulling her head with him

Opal: She goes down with him, still kissing.

Marc: He breaks the kiss to breath and looks at her waiting for her to make a move

Opal: She smirks, giving him another quick kiss. "I love you."

Marc: "I love you too" He smiles and kisses her back

Opal: Once the kiss was over, she smiled and said, "I heard there is a winter festival going on right now. D'you wanna go with me?"

Marc: "A friend of mine said they are shutting it down"

OOC: it ended as far as I know.

Opal: "I heard about that... I thought it was closing tomorrow. Wanna get some coffee? I didn't sleep much last night."

Marc: "Sure lets go" He scoops her up and starts walking towards town

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Opal: She starts laughing. "Gods!"

Marc: He smirks "Does my baby not like being carried?"

Opal: "Your baby wasn't expecting that!"

Marc: He kissed her cheek "Always expect the unexpected" He smiles

Opal: She laughs. "Good point."

Marc: He walks them into a restaurant and places her down gently in a booth and sits next to her The restaurant is slightly cold it might be uncomfortable for her

Opal: She shivers slightly. The restaurant has the air conditioner on, and it is the middle of winter.

Marc: He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her toward him

Opal: She snuggles closer and kisses his cheek.

Marc: After he orders the coffee he whispers to her "Cold anymore?" and smirks

Opal: "Not. A. Bit."

Marc: He smiles "Glad to hear that"

Opal: The waitress brings over the coffee, and she sips it. "Ooh, this coffee's hotter than you!" She says, poking her tongue out.

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Marc: "Oh is it?" He says enclosing his mouth around her stuck at tongue and looking her in the eye

OOC: Yeah

Opal: She kissed him until she was out of breath, then smiled. "Yep. But, you are a much better kisser!"

Marc: "You are too baby" He smiles

Opal: "Oh, gods, I love you."

Marc: "I love you too" he whispers as he nibbles on her neck and then sips the coffee

Opal: She takes a long sip of her coffee, shivering as it's warmth spread through her body, before kissing Marc on the cheek.

Marc: He continues to sip the coffee and nibble at her neck leaving little love marks

Opal: She finished her coffee and smiled. "What d'you wanna do? There's still five hours left in the day to kill."

Marc: "It's up to you baby" He says as he traces the series of love marks "Better pull up your collar to hide the marks" He smiles and pull the collar so that it covers the marks

Opal: She laughs. "You probably know three times more fun things to do than me! I haven't been here long!"

Marc: He snakes his arms around her waist and pulls her close whispering "But girls always know best don't they?" and smiles

Opal: "Well OBVIOUSLY!" She laughs. "Let's go catch a movie in town, then go to the beach!"

Marc: "Sure" He lifts her up and walks to the theatre

Opal: "Once again, not expecting that!"

Marc: He smiles, hums, and kisses her "You don't like?"

Opal: "I never said that! I just said I wasn't expecting it!"


Marc: He walks with her out of the theatre, "Well that movie sure was fun"

Opal: "Definitely! I loved that big action bit at the end!" She laughs. "So, the beach?"

Marc: "Want to change into a bathing suit and then I can pick you up at your cabin?"

Opal: "Okay." She ran off to her cabin.


Marc: He waits outside of her cabin shirtless and with a swim trunk on

Opal: She walks out in her bikini. "Hi. You look... Nice."

Marc: He looks her up and down before walking over to her and snaking his arms around her now bare stomach "You do too baby" and then he smirks "so what did you siblings say about the love marks" he traces them with his finger

Opal: "No one came out and asked, but I got several raised eyebrows and kissy faces. A few made love heart shapes with their hands." She laughed, imitating them.

Marc: He laughs "They must have guessed what did my friend zach say?"

Opal: "Oh, you're friends with him! Cool! He's my favorite brother! He raised his eyebrows and said call me if he hurts you.

Marc: He laughs "Wow, he sure is protective of you you must be his favorite I better watch out

Opal: "I am." She smirks. "And trust me, he's not the only friend who would pummel your amazing face. She cracks up laughing.

Marc: "Well, it appears you have a super protective cabin then" He smiles

Opal: "Oh, it's not just my cabin... I know several other kids that like breaking faces..." She pauses, then changes the subject. "Surprisingly nice weather isn't it?"

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Marc: He smirks at her "Wow you have a lot of people who like you I am truly lucky and the weather is awesome"

Opal: They walk in silence for a while. "Race you to the water!" She says as soon as they arrive.

Marc: He takes off the second after trying to catch up to her

Opal: She stumbles on a rock, and trips onto the sand. "Ouch." She said before getting up and continuing to run.

Marc: He reaches the water and looks around for her

Opal: She jumps in the water and says "You won."

Marc: "Yay" He picks her up and spins her around

Opal: "Don't drop me!"

Marc: He pretends to drop her but then hugs her tight smiling

Opal: "You gave me a freaking hard attack!" She laughs.

Marc: He laughs "Always expect the unexpected baby"

Opal: "I am so tempted to hit you and ask if you were expecting that, but you might drop me!" She laughed to show she was joking.

Marc: He laughs and starts carrying her back to the beach

Opal: She bites her lip, holding back the question she'd wanted to ask since she first saw him. Valentines day was coming up, and she didn't have a date. "Hey Marc, will you be my Valentine?"

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Marc: He lies down with her on his lap and kisses her "Of course I will baby" He smiles

Opal: "Thanks." She smiles happily.

Marc: He pulls her down and makes a few marks on her neck by kissing her "Now no boy will try to make a move on you" he looks around protectively and smiles

Opal: "They better not." She laughed, and kissed him as well. "Now no girl will make a move on you!"

Marc: He rubs the marks she made on his neck "Wonder what the guys will say when I get back to the cabin and more importantly what zach is going to say he is either going to be happy for me or hate me"

Opal: "Oh, he'll be fine. I think. I have absolutely no idea."

Marc: "Hopefully you are his favorite after all"

Opal: 'If he kills you though, thaats his choie. I will probably have nothing to do with it.

Marc: He laughs "If his favorite sister loves me and I love her I don't think he will"

Opal: "Well, thats good. I'd prefer it if you didn't die.

Marc: He picks her up and kisses her "Me too"

Opal: She laughs. "So, how 'bout we make a deal? Neither of us die!"

Marc: "I couldn't agree more" he says with a laugh and a smile

Opal: "Thank gods!"

Marc: "So what do you want to do now?"

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