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A Flying Horse Ride

Jack: He walk her into the stables and turns to her. "You don't mind sharing a pegaus? I'd feel better if you were in arm's reach if something happens. Hopefully that shouldn't happen though." Her smiles gently at her.

Adele: She smiled lightly and shook her head, "That'd be preferred. I'd rather have someone catch me than me falling."

Jack: He nods and watches back and gets a large pegasus, big enough for both of them. He walks it out to her to see. "This is Bud." He runs his hand down Bud's neck.

Adele: She marvelled at him for a moment, "He's, er, plus grand...are you sure we'd both fit?"

Jack: He nods. "I'm sure he can. You ready to got for a flight, Adele?" He smiles again to her.

Adele: She looked back at Jack for a moment, a small smile present with a glint in her eyes, "Do you even need to ask?"

Jack: He smiles back. "Awesome." He walks Bud out of the stable and hops on to his back. Once he gets situated, he extends his hand to her. "Let's get you up here behind me then."

Adele: She seemed to hesitate for a moment before taking Jack's hand and pulling herself up onto Bud.

Jack: He helps her up and turns his head to her, "Hold on tight to me, ok?"

Adele: She raises an eyebrow and seemed to be confused, "Uh, where?"

Jack: "Just around my waist or stomach. Also will want to try to hold on to the pegaus with your legs." He starts to walk Bud a bit, sort of in a circle.

Adele: She nodded and hesitantly wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling herself closer to him and resting her head on his shoulder, "As long as I don't fall, I'm good."

Jack: He smiles and her. "Of course you won't." He gives a kick to Bud and he leaps into the air and starts to surges upward. Jack holds tight onto Bud's mane.

Adele: She's startled by it and squeals and holds on tighter to his waist, burying her face in his back.

Jack: He gets Bud well above camp before leveling off. He puts one of his hands on her arms and turns his head to her. "Hey Adele, you might want to see this."

Adele: She raised an eyebrow as she slowly looked out, her eyes widening when she saw the view. She instantly smiled, "Woah..."

Jack: He laughs a bit. "One of the best parts of riding a Pegasus." He looks out across camp and the surrounding area, then looks back to her. "Beautiful isn't it."

Adele: She nodded a little as she looked around, "Almost as good as Paris."

Jack: "I've heard it's a very pretty city. You live there for a while, Adele?"

Adele: She nodded, "I'm a Parisian, I've lived there all my life." She waited a moment, "And you, where'd you come from?"

Jack: "I'm from Detroit, Michigan, if you know where that is."

Adele: "We learnt about some cities once in Geographie - Daytroy was one of them."

Jack: He chuckles a bit at how cute her accent is when she says his hometown. "I lived there all my life until I was 15. Then I started coming to camp and the last couple of years I styled year round."

Adele: She nodded, "I stayed in Paree until I came here a week or so ago."

Jack: "And how are you liking camp so far?" He has Bud glide side to side slowly and gently.

Adele: She thought about it for a moment before shrugging and tightening her grip ever so slightly when Bud begins to move, "It's good - this is the best thing I've done so far."

Jack: He smiles at her. "I'm glad you're enjoy this. You can do this almost as often as you want to while you're here."

Adele: "I might do - though the fear of falling off still is massive to me."

Jack: He brushes her arms with his thumb absentmindedly. "I can alway ride with you if that helps."

Adele: "I might take you up on that offer." She continued to marvel at the beauty of camp, comparing it with Paris in her mind.

Jack: They start to fly over the ocean. He smiles and turns to her. "Hey, hold on," He has Bud decend towards the water, leveling off and slowly floating down to a few feet above the water.

Adele: She marvelled at how close they were to the water, smiling when she saw herself in the reflection, "This is so cool...woah..."

Jack: He smiles at her and looks down with her. It's at that moment Bud gets the great idea to good down to the water and kick it so water splashes up on both of them before pulling back up. Jack holds tight on to Adele's arms and Bud goes down but can't help but laugh after he gets splashed.

Adele: She giggled as she got splashed and held on tighter to Jack's waist, a small squeal after her giggle.

Jack: he laughs with her, and pat Bud on his neck. "Thanks for that, Bud." Bud gives a small snort in responcse. Jack turns back to Adele. "What to head back now or get one more view of camp?"

Adele: Truthfully, she felt a little ill from flying (it being her first time and all) and as such she ran a hand through her hair, "Could we get back now? I feel a little...disorientated."

Jack: He nods and turns Bud gently back to the stable. Bud lands a softly as he can and walks up the the stable entrance. "Here we are."

Adele: She loosens her grip from Jack's waist and slowly and groggily clambered off Bud. When on the ground, she tries to balance herself, "That was weird."

Jack: He gets off after her and sets a hand on her back. "You feel ok?"

Adele: She nodded, "It was, abnormal - flying like that, I mean. How do people do it often?"

Jack: He smiles a bit. "It takes some time to used too. Think you'll be ok Adele? Not sick or anything."

Adele: She paused for a moment as if she were thinking, before shaking her head, "No, I think I'll be fine - thanks for the concern though." She smiled a little.

Jack: He smiles back. "Good, you want to head back to your place now?"

Adele: "Uh, sure? I mean we could go back to my cabin if you want."

Jack: Relieving he sounded a bit creepy he reddens a bit. "I mean, it's up to you. I didn't know if you wanted to do something else or not."

Adele: She shrugged, a smile on her face, "I have no plans for the rest of the day, so if you have any ideas that'd be great."

Jack: He smiles back again. "I mean if your fine with just hanging, I think that would be nice."

Adele: Her smile was retained, "Okay then..." She waited for a moment, "'t know how to get back to my cabin from here though."

Jack: "It's fine. Camp's huge and takes a while to get a sense of direction in. Let me get Bud put up and then I'll walk you back." He walks bud back into the stables and leads him back to his spot.

Adele: She watched as Bud was lead back in and she smiled a little, remembering the feeling of the flight.

Jack: He walks back out after putting Bud up and smiles at her. "Alright, let's head back." He walks up next to her then walks in the direction of Eros' cabin.

Adele: She followed him and smiled, "Do you do that often or?"

Jack: He rubs the back of his neck with his hand. "I used to do it more often, but that's the first ride I've had still winter started."

Adele: "Oh." She shrugged, "Did you stop because it was too cold?"

Jack: He nods. "Yea, gets pretty nippy up on a pegasus, they don't like it either."

Adele: She nodded, "Oh, so they're like regular horses in that sense?"

Jack: "Yea, exactly, just they have a pair of wings extra."

Adele: "Oh." She thought for a moment, "Are there many pegasi?"

Jack: "There is a good sized herd, about 15 or so are the camp's and the other half are people's personal pegasus they get from quests or their god parents."

Adele: She tilted her head a little, "You can have personal pegasi?"

Jack: He nods. "Yea, not too many people have them though." He turns his head to her. "Would you want one?"

Adele: "Maybe one day, though I'd need to get over the small fear of flying one."

Jack: He smiles at her. "You did good for your first time flying, Adele."

Adele: She smiled in return, "Thanks - it was better than I expected."

Jack: "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." They turn a corner around a cabin and Eros' is a few cabins down. "We're here," He says smiling again at her.

Adele: She looked at the cabin before looking back at him, her smile retained, "Thanks - I had fun."

Jack: "Me too. Maybe we can hangout again sometime. My cabin is Deimos right over there." He points over to the dark impossing cabin a couple cabins down and a row over. "Swing by if you want to."

Adele: She blinked a few times before looking back at him, "That's your cabin? That's the one that freaks be out a lot..."

Jack: He smiles sheepishly. "Yea, god of terror isn't a very warming prospect.If you don't want to I understand and I can come by. But i promise that nothing would happen to you at my cabin."

Adele: She smiled a little, "That's more reassuring knowing I'll be safe there, I'll think about it." She motioned to her cabin "You can come here too, if you want, it's not exactly terrifying."

Jack: "No it isn't." He chuckles. "I'll definitely be coming by again soon."

Adele: Her smile is retained as she runs a hand through her hair, "I'll be looking forward to it."

Jack: He smiles right at her. "Yea, so are you free tomorrow? I can swing by and we can hang out some more."

Adele: She put a finger on her chin in her thought before smiling brightly at him, "I'm pretty sure I'm free. I'd like that, it'd be better than lounging around all day."

Jack: "Awesome, I'll be around noon. Sound good?"

Adele: Adele nodded, "Oui, bonne temps." (ooc: good time)

Jack: He chuckles to himself a bit, finding it rather cute when she speaks in French. "I'll see you then, Adele."

Adele: She smiled and nodded again, "I'll be looking forward to it."

Jack: "Great, see you tomorrow Adele." He nods back and walks off to towards his cabin.

A First Date

Jack: He walks back to Eros' cabin the next day in a white tank and a pair of black and red trunks with a small backpack slung over his shoulders. He knocks on the door and hopes Adele answers.

Adele: There's no reply for a while before shuffling would be heard from behind the door. After a few seconds Adele emerged, a smile on her face as she wore this with her hair tied in a loose high ponytail, "Oh, bonjour Jack!" Her pronunciation of the other's name is very French, as if his name was Jacques.

Jack: He smiles at her and even wider at the way she says his name. "Hey there, Adele. Uh, how are you doing? Gods you amazing." He realizes what he said and reddens a bit.

Adele: She smiled a little as her face reddened with a pale pink colour, "Merci - you look incroyable aussi."

Jack: He looks down at himself and chuckles. "Thanks Adele." He looks back up at her. "I came by to see if you were free today. Maybe go to the beach for a bit."

Adele: She stopped for a moment, as if she was in thought, before another smile surfaced on her face, "I don't have anything planned, I don't think." She turned to look back in the cabin, "Can I go get my bag quickly if we're going?"

Jack: He smiles wide and nods. "Yeah sure." After she leaves he leans against the doorframe and waits for her, still smiling,

Adele: After a few minutes she returned with a backpack with lace adornments slung over one of her shoulders. She stood in front of Jack and smiled, "It's the beach, right?"

Jack: He smiles at her and nods again, standing back up straight. "Yea, it's not that far of a walk." He waits for her and walks next to her as they head off to the beach. "Ever visit any beaches back in France?"

Adele: She continued to smile as they walked, nodding her head a little, "My grandmother sometimes took me to the beaches in the Montpelier region, but that was every couple of years."

Jack: "That's sounds pretty nice. Only time I've ever been to a beach is here."

Adele: She nodded a little more confidently, "Detroit is a big city not near a coastline, oui?"

Jack: He shakes his head. "Nope, not to far from the great lakes but I never got to go there often. And there aren't many nice beaches like I bet are in France."

Adele: She shrugged, "They're like most beaches in the world, they're average."

Jack: They walk upon the edge of the beach, Long Island Sound out in front of them. He turns to her with a smiles. "Well here's our own beach for camp."

Adele: She looked out over the waters and marvelled at the beauty of it, thinking how it was seemingly more beautiful than the beaches back in France - whether that was because she was with Jack or not, she wasn't sure. She turned and smiled, "It's breathtaking..."

Jack: He says as well. "It does that every time I come here." He raises out and gently takes her hand. "Come, I know a great place to set up at." He leads her down to the sand then across to a little alcove in the treeline that have a wide, uninterrupted view of the ocean. He looks back at her. "Here it is."

Adele: Again, she marvelled at the beauty and was at a loss for words.

Jack: He watches her and smiles, then walks them to the back of the alcove and turns back to her. "You ok with setting up towels and out stuff here?"

Adele: She nodded, "Sure, where are they?"

Jack: "I've got a couple." He reluctantly let's go of her hand as he swings his backpack around and pulls out two beach towels. He lays them out right next to each other. He sets his backpack down on one.

Adele: She smiled a little as she took off her own backpack and led it next to the other towel, "You thought of everything?"

Jack: He grins. "Thanks, just wanted to have a good time. So you ready for a swim?"

Adele: She nods, "I'll sit on the edge because I can't get these clothes wet."

Jack: "We can just wade in the shallows then. unless you want to go back and change."

Adele: "The shallows sound good."

Jack: He nods and kicks his shoes and pulls his socks off. "Saods good too me." He waits for her to come.

Adele: After a few moments of taking her own shoes off, she waked into the shallows and smiled at him.

Jack: He smiles back and walks over to her. He tries to slide his hand to hers and hold hers gently. He looks at her, his eyes trying to taken her all in but his eye keep coming back to hers.

Adele: As his hands slip into hers, Adele smiled as her gaze doesn't really shift from his eyes too often.

Jack: He slowly laces their fingers together, his eyes not leaving hers. "The water feels nice." He shifts closer to her.

Adele: She looked down for a moment at the small methodical waves hitting their legs, laughing a little as she looked back up and him and nodded, "Yeah it does."

Jack: He laughs with her. When she looks back, her eye just keep his attention completely. He smiles stupidly as he desperately try to think of something. As he thinks, he moves closer to her nor really realizing it.

Adele: Although he's moving closer, Adele doesn't move because she doesn't think anything of it at first. Instead, she just continues to giggle in an adorable, girly kind of way.

Jack: Everything about Adele right now is making his mind race. He holds her hand a bit tighter and so almost facing each other. He wants to just talk to her more and tell her how he's feeling but his body reacts first and he leans in and gently presses his lips against hers.

Adele: At first, Adele's startled by the kiss but soon enough she stands on her tip-toes and kisses back, her grip on his hands tightening a little as she squeezed his hands.

Jack: His mind melts for the sensation of her lips as he kisses her. He bends over a bit more so he's not so much taller than her. His free hand comes up and cups her face softly as he continues to kisses her for a bit. He then slowly pulls away, his eyes fixed as he opens them. He has a grin that about stretches ear to ear.

Adele: As they part, Adele's face was flushed with a pale rose colour as she mirrored his smile.

Jack: He brushes her cheek with his thumb, his eyes taking in all the features of her face. "Adele, I really like you." His face reddens as his says that hoping she feels the same.

Adele: The pale rose colour intensified a little as she smiled a bit wider and looked down a little before looking back at him, "You do? That makes it less awkward for me to admit the same."

Jack: He smiles wide. "And that makes it even less awkward for me to ask you if you'd go out with me." He chuckles lightly out of a bit of nervousness.

Adele: Her face was a near red as she brushed some loose hairs out of her face, her smile increasing, "I-I doubt you'd need to ask."

Jack: He's elated at her words. He leans in again and kisses her, wrapping his arms around her.

Adele: She smiled a little into the kiss for a few moments before pulling away, her smile still there but a lot bigger, "So how's the rest of this beach date going to go?"

Jack: "I've got a few granola bars and a couple bottles of water. If you want we can call it a picnic on of beach." He laughs.

Adele: She continued to smile as she nodded, "Sounds good, picnics on the beach are fun."

Jack: He lets her go from his embrace and takes her hand, lacing their fingers together. "Awesome." He start to wade back to the shore.

Adele: Content that her hand was linked with Jack's, Adele walked alongside him, a smile permanently on her face as they began to go to the shore.

Jack: Once they get back their towel, her reluctantly let's go of her hand. He kneels down and ruffles through his pack. He pulls out a couple water bottles and granola bars. He sits down and hands them to her. "Hope this is alright for a beach picnic." He smiles wide at her.

Adele: Adele looked at the food before returning his smile, nodding quickly, "Anything'd be great," She took the two and set them beside her, opening the water bottle and taking a quick sip of it, "It's more about the company rather than the food."

Jack: "Absolutely." He takes a bite from his granola bar and chews on it, waiting to he's cleared his mouth. "So, how is France different than this." He motions to the beach and camp behind them.

Adele: She shrugged, also taking a bite from her bar, "Well, the urban France is a lot more, uh, busy? Lively and bright - everywhere you go, especially in Paris, there's lights or food or fashion." She looked around, "Here's quieter and it's a slower pace...easier to live in.

Jack: He nodded. "When monsters and things leave you alone, camp can be an oasis of peace for us. Then sometimes you meet people who can make this place seem like a dream." He looks over at her and smiles.

Adele: She returned the smile and nodded in agreement, "True, but that's the same with anywhere really. It might be the cliché romanticism of a Parisian talking within me, but I believe anywhere can be special if you meet the right people. Of course every oasis, every paradise and every dreamland has it's toxic people which is why when you find one of those things without these people - even if it's for a short while - you need to treasure them by doing things...things such as this."

Jack: He sets his granolia bar and water aside and pulls her up onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her and holding her. "I couldn't agree more Adele"

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