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Daniel 'Danny' Chase ~ Son Of Ares
Daniel was walking through camp to calm himself down after arguing with one of his siblings. He was just wearing a plain white tshirt, a leather jacket, some jeans and black Converses.
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 62  Weight: 125 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Dibbed by Lila
 Birth Place: Australia  Main Weapon: CB Bow and Arrows disguised as a pen.

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Ares can decrease an opponent’s strength and combat abilities for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  2. Children of Ares are able to clap their hands so hard and fast due to their enhanced strength that it sends a small shock-wave out. The shock-wave generates enough force to knock an opponent off their feet and possibly leaves bruises on their skin.


  1. Children of Ares can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Ares have the ability to call forth civil justice onto the battlefield for a short time, making all opponents lose the will to fight if their actions are unjust. However, if the actions of the opponent are justifiable the power becomes redundant, and if the user attempts to attack the opponent while the power is in use it immediately wears off.


  1. Children of Ares are innately proficient in all forms of combat.
  2. Children of Ares are stronger and faster than the average human. Their skin is also capable of enduring more injuries.
  3. Children of Ares are always emitting an aura of violence and war, which makes people around them more likely to attack each other and start fights. They can shut it off for a long time.


  1. Children of Ares have the inhuman ability to leap great distances at once which can be used to dodge or attack. Upon landing, a small tremor is unleashed which causes anybody within a few feet to lose their balance.
  2. Children of Ares have the ability to empower strength upon nearby allies and instil fear upon nearby enemies with a deafening war cry.
  3. Children of Ares have the ability to enchant nearby weapons with either a positive effect or negative effect for the duration of a weapon; some examples would be increasing the sharpness of a blade or dulling it.
  4. Children of Ares are sometimes able to cause a small (3-5) group, to turn against each other by inducing a lust for violence and victory in combat. The targets would become irrational and fight among themselves determined to be the last warrior standing, causing chaos for a short time. The more affected the more energy is drained.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Ares can create an illusion of massive bloodshed, destruction and devastation on a battlefield, instilling everyone around them with cowardice and terror, causing them to panic and be routed for some time, until it wears off and they return to battle. Similarly, they can also do the opposite, causing everyone nearby to go into a battle frenzy, in which they recklessly fight the enemy. This power drains them significantly.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Since their father has command over dead soldiers on the losing side of every war in history, children of Ares have the ability to summon a large group of armed skeletal soldiers, up to seven, which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner. The longer the period of time for which they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained. Ex: The user can summon skeletal red coats, confederate soldiers, Nazis etc. Dead Soldiers who belonged to the winning side of the war cannot be summoned.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Ares can draw power from all the violent actions and desires they’ve seen, felt, or committed in their lives and become an embodiment of war for a short time, in this state they are as twice as strong and fast than before and are immune to all attacks. They emit a powerful aura which somewhat makes enemies think they are weak and doomed for failure. Once the transformation subsides and the user reverts to normal, they are immensely drained, cannot move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Ares are usually more courageous than most, especially when facing danger.
  2. As Ares is the god of civil order, his kids are often adept at creating order when there is chaos and fighting around them
  3. Children of Ares tend to love the thrill of battle and fighting, feeling natural when partaking in combat.
  4. Children of Ares often love the chance to show off their abilities, they’re often somewhat arrogant and hotheaded.
  5. Children of Ares typically have the potential to become great soldiers, agents or generals. Able to perform remarkable feats within the Military.

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Lila -Love nymph
-Creation of evan And lina

 – Love is a funny thing as you cant live without it and yet you have headaches because of it

she was skipping her way to the lake when she noticed the boy seeing his sad face she came closer hello! she said in a happy tone

Daniel: Daniel looks at the girl approaching him. "Err, hi." He said with a sad tone.

lila: you sound sad...she said tilting her head looking closer to the boy

Daniel: "I'm fine, just had an argument with my half-sibling, no problem." He looked at the ground and kicked a stone on the ground.

lila: she tilts her head why did you had the fight??

Daniel:"It was a guy's birthday in the cabin and we had a party for him and I accidentally bumped into him and he argued with me. I hate him so much." He looked up from the ground and looked at Lila.

lila: oh....she nodded her head before her mouth formed a grin lets go somehwere !! said the young nymph as she tried to take his hand and pull him somewhere

Daniel:Daniel was confused as to where Lila was taking him. "Ok... Where exactly are we going?"

lila: she shrugs I dont know anywhere as looong as it makes you smile!! she said in a happy tone

OOC:funny to how they dont know each other's name yet....she's already kidnapping him!!

Daniel: "Uh, ok?" He said slightly worried about where he is taking her. "I can trust you, right?" He said full of worry.

lila: she ignores him as she leads them to town lets go and have fun!! she said outload

Daniel: "Town? Uh, ok? Where in town? Come on, answer me?" He tries to pull away from her grasp but fails.

lila: even if he fails to pull away his amount of force did manage to make the young nymph stumble and fall owie ...

Daniel: He noticed the nymph fall over. He held his hand out. "Are you ok, I'm sorry." He smiles.

lila: she pounts ok....i'll forgive you but you need to pay she said happily with a gigle

OOC:what is with me >,<

Daniel: "Pay you for your forgiveness? Yeah, no." He laughs. "Say I did try to pay you, how much.?" He didn't want to pay her but he wanted to know for how much. He looked at her.

'lila: she tilts her head not understanding his joke I dont get it...she said sadly

Daniel: "Forget about it. So, are we ok now?" Daniel asked hoping for a good answer.

lila: she tils her head curious for his words but she remembered her reason for the kidnapping oh yeah come on!! she said as she once again tried to push daniel

Daniel: He sighed. "Where are we going now?" He said. "Look, kid if you want to take me somewhere you should tell me."

lila: she continued to yank the poor ares child and soon enough they were in the view of the ocean nearby come on faster! she said as she tried to pull the young demigod

Daniel: He let the nymph push him along and eventually he was fed up. "Look, kid, I'm not gonna let you take me somewhere I don't even know." He just stopped in the middle of the road.

lila: she make a pout come on we're almost there ! she said pointing at the lighthouse nearby we just have to go there!! she said with a smile

Daniel: His eyes widened. "W..why are we going to a lighth-h-ouse?" He stutters. "Oh gods, what are you gonna do to me?" He said with his voice full of fear.

lila: she tilts her head curiously I want to show you something said the nymph in such an innocent voice

Daniel: He bit his lip. "Ow. Why exactly are we going to the lighthouse? If you wanna show me something just show me it now and I'll happily go."

lila: she tries to pull his hand again pulling him to the lighthouse come!! she said not giving him an answer

Daniel: He whimpered. "Please tell me!" He let her take him because he wanted to see what is going on. "Fine, take me."

OOC:I should have covered this ages ago, but is Daniel dibbed by Lila? I need to update my user page and character pages. :)

lila: she smiles as she leads him through the stairs come on we cant miss it!! she said soo hyper

OOC:welll you did dib lila soo technically daniel is dib by lila >,<

Daniel: He's gasping really fast as they approach. "Are we here yet because I'd like to go..." He looks at the stairs and bit his lip.

'lila: she starts climbing but stops near the third floor come on...she said gesturing to a room

Daniel: He cautiously entered the room with his eyes closed, scared to what is around him and where he is. "Where am I?"

lila: she points to the window where it has this exquisite view where the colours are dancing with the waves nice isnt it? she said as she stay quite hearing the sound of the waves

Daniel: Daniel slowly opened his eyes and looked out of the window. "You're right." He gazed at it and sighed. "Thank gods, it wasn't something bad!" He looked at Lila. "I'm so sorry for all this and annoying you." He smiled at her.

lila: she didnt hear him as she was looking down and feeding the rocks or what she think is fishes with bread crumbs

Daniel: He looks at Lila. "Urr..." He pauses. He didn't ask for her name and didn't know what to do. He taps her shoulder. "What's your name? I haven't asked you. I'm Daniel. Oh, and you're feeding rocks." He smiles.

lila: she looks up looking at daniel daniel thats such a nice name! she said happily my name is dalila I'm a love nymph and I love making people happy! she said once again with her smile anyhow I'm not feeding rocks I'm feeding turtles...she said as she pointed at a few turtles hidden between the rocks you never know what your gonna find until you stop and look...

Daniel: "Dalila, that's beautiful." He smiles and looks at the gap between the rocks where the turtles are. "Aww." He tries to pet them but hesitates.

lila: she blinks a few times as she tilted her head dalila means beautiful?? she asked herself as she interpreted daniel's words wrongly i always thought it was some kind of flower...hmm interesting...

Daniel: Daniel smiles. "No, I mean your name is beautiful as it is very nice. I actually don't know what your name means but I'm sure it will match you."

'lila: once again she blinked showing how daniel's mataphore confused her young brain I'm a flower now??

Daniel: Daniel facepalms himself. "I mean like flowers are pretty and nice, so if your name is a flower, you have the same qualities as a flower. Do you understand me now?"

lila: she stayed quite if i say yes can we dismiss this topic and go for lunch cause i'm hungry...she whine to the boy

Daniel: He smiled. "Sure, come on." He gestured to her to follow him as he went down the stairs.

lila: she smiled as she followed the boy but getting side track a few times

Daniel: He looks back and sees her get side-tracked. "Hey, you ok?"

lila: she turns to daniel pretty flower she noted as she pointed to the window where there grew a flower soo small

Daniel: He smiles as he saw the flower. "Yeah, you're right. It's a really pretty flower."

lila: she nods as she looked around I'm bored...she said suddenly

Daniel: He smiles. "You were hungry a second ago. Do you want me to take you somewhere? I will if you want." He smiles again.

lila: she laughed cant we just do both!? she asked as she jumped happily cause life is short! and we need to be happy with the moments right?

OOC:she's both smart and childish..

Daniel: He smiled at her. "Yes, we can do both. You know, you're very clever and right. We need more people like you."

lila: she tilts her head if everyone is like me then nobody would be special! she whine and i like bieng special dont you??

Daniel: "I mean we need people who are special like you. No one could be as special as you are, no-one could ever be like that." He smiled. "Now, let's go to eat and play or whatever you want."

lila: she nods ok lets go to subway and get pizza then we can go to the secret spot! she said to the boy as if they've known each other for years

Daniel: "Sure. Let's go." He extends his hand for her. "Where is the secret spot?"

lila: 'she takes his hand happpily as she gave him her award winning smile yeah the cimbing rock have a perfect view of the camp! she said hppily its mommy's and daddy's fav spot!

Daniel: "Come on, then. I'll gladly take you there." He smiles and starts walking.

lila: she nods pizza from subway right??

Daniel: "Yes, of course. I'll pay for you." He smiles.

lila: she smile yey we can get loads then ! she said as she started to walk but forgot her hand was holding his...

Daniel: He got pulled by Lila as he walked. "I love pizza, especially from Subway. I love it so much. Do you like toppings on yours?"

lila:she nods happily without looking back yeah pizza is nice!!

Daniel: "We're nearly there!" He approached Subway. "Come on, let's go in!" He smiles.

OOC:two this the part he realize there's no pizza in subway and also...can we do another rp?? different from this one

OOC:First: Honestly, he's going with whatever Lila says and yes, I know if you ask that there is no pizza in Subway. And second, Yeah, whatever you want :)

OOC:ok soo he's just following her blindly...nice...and oh yeah the second rp can we do it on the winter thing? but this one the winter one lila and daniel's already been dating like for a couple of months agreed??

OOC:Agreed :) Would you like me to make the forum at the winter thingy or would you like to?

OOC:umm you please? and also how to reply to this??

OOC:I'll make it now and what do you mean?

OOC;how do you want me to reply cause i dont have a clue on what to say

OOC:We can just say Daniel is waiting for Lila to come and then they do something at the festival or something.

OOC:no no no >< what I meant is two rps...this is one and another one where we do a time skip

OOC:Oh, oh,oh! (I'm so sorry for the stupidness, idk what's gotten into me. I'm not normally like this >.< ) We can just say Daniel looked inside and couldn't find pizza inside and then something happens which leads to them going to the festival or we can just leave this at this. I have no idea too.

OOC:uhhh what???

OOC:First: One question, did Lila know there is no pizza at Subway? Two: Lila could be waiting for Daniel to come back from Subway or something and then Daniel would say there is no pizza at Subway or something.

OOC:lila is silly and very childish she would say anything (truthfully her own mom would go follow a stranger to camp >,<) and secondly our second rp is like what I'm doing with ash we have two rps one is future where we have a solid couple the other is when the couple is still new and such)

OOC:Hmmm... Ok, so what do you honestly think we should do to continue this? I get what you're saying now about the new forum and stuff.

OOC:yup that and I think I'll continue this like this....

lila: as she happily skips down the road she looks up into the sky cool a bird!! she said before changing into a dove and fly

OOC:he can try to catch her..

Daniel: He gasps. "Oh, gods. Lila? Where are you going?" He runs after her and looks in the sky and thought to himself. 'How am I supposed to get her?'

as he asked that destiny as if intervene as after 5 minutes as a dove lila changed back into human form unconscious for she used a lot of energy in her dove form yet one minor problem....she was now falling from the sky...

OOC:yes he may catch her and are we doing the winter thing?

Daniel: Daniel sees her falling and runs. "Lila!" He stands near she was falling and put his hands out.

OOC:I'll make it now.

daniel manage to cought her

OOC:and now what?

OOC: How would I start the forum with, that's why I haven't made it yet. Daniel could catch her and put on a nearby bench maybe?OOC:

sure sure and also uhh wait here it is

Daniel: He sighed as he caught her. He placed her on a bench and tries to wake her up. "Lila? Are you ok?"

OOC:I mean, what should the first post be on the forum?

lila: after a few while she woke up good morning!! she said like nothing happen

OOC:uhh they go to the place??

Daniel: "Oh, thank the gods you're ok." He laughed. "It's not technically morning but still."

OOC:I made it, here's the link :)

lila: she saw his face and gave him a hug its ok dont worry nobody got hurt she smiled

Daniel: Daniel smiles as she hugs him and she hugged him back. "You had me scared for a minute. But, I'm glad you are ok."

lila: she turns to look at daniel i'm a nymph i dont die ...she said simply with a smile

Daniel: "Are you? That's really cool. That also makes you special." He smiles at her.

lila: she blinks a few tims but but there's a ton of nymph at camp havent you met one before??

Daniel: "I've mostly been in my cabin the whole time I've been here other than like going to the nearby town."

lila: why dont you go out?? she asked once again more and more curious about the boy

Daniel: "No one to go with other than people in my cabin, really."

lila:"she smiled at daniel such happy smile well then if you want to go anywhere we can go together! she said simply unaware she just asked the man out....

OOC:innocent at its best...

Daniel: "Thanks Lila." He hugs her.

lila: was surprised at the hug yet she smiled and continued her words I can even give you some friends you can talk to they're nice!

Daniel: "Thanks Lila. That's so kind of you." He smiles.'

'lila:" she kept quite looking around lets get ice cream it would make you smile! she said simply as she looked around for the ice cream man

Daniel: He smiles. "I know a great ice cream place just around the corner. Come on." He starts walking to the place looking back for Lila.

lila:  she skips happily as she follow daniel's lead

OOC:mel bored mel add drama?

Daniel: Daniel keeps looking back for Lila and eventually arrives to the ice cream shop.

OOC:Mel can add drama :)

lila: it was no surpirse she once again got distracted and wind up in front of a candy store....

Daniel: He looked back and he couldn't see Lila. "Lila?" He called her and looked for her.

OOC:kidnapping or???

OOC:What do you mean?

lila: she was in front of the candy shop being sorounded by 2 guys whom was clearly flirting with her

OOC:never mind I wasnt think clearly ><

Daniel: He runs around the corner and shouts her name: "Lila?" He eventually stumbles upon the sweet (candy) shop and sees Lila surrounded by the two guys. "Dudes, leave her alone." He tries to get through to Lila.

OOC:Ok, no problem :)

boy 1:' he pushed daniel back and what is it to you if we dont kid? he asked a bit annoyed she's nobody special to you is she?

lila: she curiously looked at daniel her eyes was as innocent as a child looking at him for hope

Daniel: He clenches his fist. "She's my...uh...friend. Now move out of the way." He tries to shove the boy out of the way.

boy 2: welll then if she's just a 'friend' then we want to be more soo shove off kid...the boy said as he made a wall agaisnt daniel and lila

boy 1: yeah its not like you want her cause you have a lot of other ....his friend added

Daniel: "Dude, seriously, move. Go find another girl for you." He said under his breath: "As if any girl would like you guys..." He faced one of the guys and tried to break the barrier they made. "MOVE!" He said angrily.

boy1: he looked annoyed fine...we'll move...he said with a grin as he took lila's hand with this girl...he continued as he took lila away

Daniel: Daniel runs up to them and takes Lila's other hand. "Yeah, thought you could get away that easy." He falsely smiles. "Lila, try and pull away, please." He said to her with a sweet voice. He tries to pull away the boy's hand from Lila.

boy1: what is she to you kid? the boy asked as he stop and faced daniel face to face

OOC:What should I say Mel? I have no idea :) Should I still say that they are friends or what?

OOC:up to you cause thats why I'm doing this for fun I have an idea on what to do for all consequesnces soo dont worry :)

Daniel: "Dude, what's it to you? It's called minding your own business." He put his fist near the boy's face. "Let her go."

boy1: and whats with you? i'm minding my own business going out with her your just bothering me...

OOC:oh god i just realized you've replied sorry ><

Daniel: "Just leave her alone, you big idiot." He didn't know what to call him." Oh, and you aren't going out with her." He said hesitantly.

OOC:Don't worry about it Mel :)

boy: he smiles they say presuasion is the best medicine...

OOC:tell me when daniel need aids

Daniel: "You won't persuade me to do anything."

OOC:He might need aids now :)

boy1: before the boy could give a reply a girl suddenly gave the boy a kick on the face making him tumble down

suzaku: boys like you make me feel icky..she said before taking lila's hand and walking away from the scene as if nothing happen

Daniel: He looks at the girl who knocked the boy down. "Err, hello? Who are you?" He said in confusion.

OOC:suzaku is walking away ><

OOC:He tried to get her doesnt matter, let me change it. Before I do, what should post? He walked up to Lila or something? Sorry for annoying you, seriously...

OOC:your not annoying me dont worry its ok :) anyhow close your eyes and imagine yourself in daniel's shoes...what would you do? if its bad i dont mind dont worry take this as a test :)

Daniel: Daniel looked away from the girl and ran up to Lila. "Are you ok, did he do anything to you?" He said, his voice full of panic.

OOC:It wasn't bad, I just felt it was irrelevant to the situation. :)

suzaku: turns to the boy with a lazy face she's fine and who the hell are you?

OOC:dont worry your doing fine :)

Daniel: "I'm Daniel. You are?" He looked at her then back to Lila. "Lila, do you want to go back home or what?"

lila: tries to get away from suzaku thus ignores daniel comment (not ignore more like to focus to hear)

suzaku: she stops at her track and look at the boy i'm your worst nightmare kid leave before i get angry

Daniel: "Oh, I'm so scared." He said sarcastically. He sees Lila trying to get away from Suzaku. "Come on, Lila, let's go."

suzaku: she looks annoyed and who are you to decide what lila do?

lila:she sense a fight thus pull suzaku back to reality suzaku!! she yelled at her in the middle of the road making many turn to them i'm hungry she said simply making suzaku sigh

Daniel: He ignored Suzaku and looked towards Lila. "Let's go somewhere to eat, Lila. I'll pay for you."

suzaku: his words made she raised her eye brow i'm coming too...she said slowly feeling curious

Daniel: "Ok then." He started to walk down the road looking back for them. "Where, exactly, do you guys want to go?"

suzaku: anywhere is fine kid....she said simply still not trusting the man

Daniel: He arrives at a restaurant down the road and entered. "Come on in, guys." He looks around the restaurant and sits at a table.

both suzaku and lila sat across from where daniel sat suzaku had this not trusting face...opposite from lila who was just full of trust..she looked around with a sense of impress and such

lila:this place is soooooo cool!! she said loudly

Daniel: "I'm happy that you like it." He smiles. "Do you want to order something?" He gave both of them a menu to pick what they want to order.

suzaku: she shrugs just normal old water...ignoring the menu that daniel offered her

lila: she looks at the menu feeling impress wooooow sooo many stuff she said feeling impress once again

Daniel: "Yeah. Anything you want in particular? I'm gonna" He smiles and turns to Suzaku. "Do you want anything else?"

lila: suzaku ignores him as lila look at the menu spotting something ohhhh can i have the chocolate cake??

Daniel: "Sure." He gets the waiter over and asks for a pizza, chocolate cake and water. They come a couple of minutes later. He gives Suzaku her water, Lila her chocolate cake and then he starts to eat.

lila: she gobbles her cake without a second thought i love cake...she said slowly with passion suzaku kept quite as she drank her glass of water looking at the two

Daniel: He ate a couple of pieces of his pizza and smiles at Lila. He soon looked at Suzaku and wondered why she just wanted water. "Are you alright?"

suzaku: she was staring blankly out of the window not really paying attention to the couple

lila: places her finger on her mouth shhhhh suzaku is asleep....she said casually even if she saw her eyes was wide awake

Daniel: "She's awake, though... Oh well. Do you like the cake?" He smiles.

lila: she smiles its very delicious thanks for bringing me here daniel!

Daniel: "No problem, Lila, anytime. We should come here more often, shouldn't we?" He smiles at her.

suzaku: she took her glass of water and slowly drank it yet upon hearing daniel's word she choke coughing loudly

lila: she turns to suzaku you ok? I'll take some meds! she offered yet before suzaku could say anything the young nymph was gone

suzaku: and there she goes...she said slowly looking at the direction she headed before turning to daniel soo what is she to you kid?

Daniel: "What do you mean? She's my friend. Can't you tell?"

suzaku: she raised her eye brow friends...yes i buy that but you sure thats all you are? she asked once more nothing more?

Daniel: "Yeah." He says hesitantly. He puts his hand behind his neck nervously.

suzaku: she raised her eye brow seeing his reaction ok then no take backs...

Daniel: "Anyway, why do you even care? If I like her or not?"

suzaku: she shrugs maybe cause I'm a busy body? she said grinning as she saw lila coming close and a bit crazy...she continued as she got up and gave lila a kiss on the lips before sitting back down in front of daniel

lila: she blinks a few times from the kiss before running out the door

Daniel: He looked at Suzaku with a surprised look on his face. "Ok. That was perfectly normal." He ran after Lila. "Lila, where are you going?"

lila: she was blushing red suzaku kissed me and i dont want to marry her!she cried outload

Daniel: "Lila, you aren't going to marry her! She just kissed you for some reason! I don't know what got into her!"

lila: she kept quite but but but lenora said i'll be together with the next person i kiss...she said a bit worried and she's a child of asteria she knows stuff!!!

Daniel: "She must have been joking, she was lying to you. You're not going to marry her, I don't think she'll want to anyway!

lila: but....suzaku stole my first kiss...she said sadly looking down that must mean something right?

OOC:yes it does lila it means you have to marry her...

Daniel: "That's not your real first kiss. That's just a faker." He said trying to make her happy. "First kisses have to be special. That was not special, was it?"

lila: she looks up how can it be special?

Daniel: "It is your first kiss, isn't it? It has to be. It'll never happen again." He smiles.

lila: how do you know that?

Daniel: "Because it's your first ever kiss. You'll never relive the past."

lila: she looks at daniel with hopeful eye have you had your first kiss? she ask in a voice of innocence and hope

Daniel: "No, I haven't. I had a girlfriend before, but I never kissed her." He smiles.

lila: she blinked a few times why? she asked a bit rude

Daniel: "I don't actually know. We just, never got to it. She didn't want to rush us, but I had to break up with her a couple of months in the relationship because of camp." He looked down on the ground.

lila: why cant you have one of that long distance relationship? she asked truly curious

Daniel: "I can't. I can't contact her or even see her at all. It was my only choice." He said sadly.

lila: she grins LETS GET OUT OF CAMP AND MEET HER!!! she said as loud as she could to daniel

OOC:ohhhhhh this is gonna be interesting...

Daniel: He looks at her in shock. "Wait, what? We can't see her! She's probably going to shout at me or something! I don't know!"

OOC:can we go and 'see' the girlfriend?

OOC:Yeah, they can :)

OOC:k.k then that would be their 'date'

OOC:Ok, that's a good idea :) I'll RP his girlfriend now.

lila: she gave a convincing smile as she tried to pull daniel come on we can get a taxi!!

Daniel: "Oh, gods." He lets her pull him to the taxi. "I'm just gonna warn you now, she lives a couple of hours away from here. It's going to be a long ride." He sighs.

lila: whether she heard or not the pleads of the young boy it was unknown but she kept on pulling him to the cab

OOC:we both forgot she's a love nymph ><

Daniel: "Lila, do we have to go?" He whines. They approach a taxi. "Ladies first."

lila: she pouts as she pushes daniel into the cab no running...

Daniel: "Dang it." He gets in the taxi and tells the driver the address.

Lila: drive!! she said to the cab not giving him any proper direction

Daniel: "He shook his head and smiles. "So, this is going to take a long time. She lives nowhere near Long Island." He pauses."Oh, Lucy is going to kill me..." He puts his head in this hands.

Lila: for love you have to travel great distance!!! she saidin full spirit

Daniel: He shrugs. "Yeah, you're right!" He said sarcastically. "I mean, me and Lucy, we were ok. I mean we cared for each other and stuff. But, when I told her I'm breaking up with you. She just stormed off. Imagine what she's gonna do now." He shook his hand.

Lila: she shakes her head if you still think about her it means you still have feeling for her!! and you cant ignore that!!

Daniel: "I don't know dude, it seems like a lost cause now. I mean, when I left, I kept thinking about her but now..."

lila: you need closure then! she said deciding his fate once more


Daniel: "Lila, come on. It's over now. It's the past and well, you have the forget the past and think about now. I don't think we'll be able to keep in contact anymore, camp, monsters and stuff."

Lila: she tilts her head but you wont know unless you try right???

Daniel: He shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know. Probably. Maybe?"

lila:' then why refuse to see her lets just take a chance and go!!

Daniel: He shook his head in defeat. "Fine, whatever. But, trust me, I'm probably the last person she wants to see."

lila: she shrugs but at least you get to see her right?

Daniel: I don't know. I did love her, but when i broke up with her I said it was over and she said I never want to see you again. I don't think this is going to end well." He sighs.

Lila: she shrugs but your deserve some closure

Daniel: "Whatever you say. You're the love expert." He says sarcastically and then he laughs. "I'll give it a go. If it goes wrong, I'll blame you." He smiles.

Lila: she grins as she approach himif she breaks your heart we'll eat lots and lots of ice cream! she said happily cause ice cream is the blessing of life!! she continued then we can go to the fun fair!! to forget your worries

Daniel: He smiles. "Thanks Lila. That's a better idea, why don't we do that first? It seems more fun!" He says trying to escape going to his ex's house.

lila: ohhhhh good idea!! maybe we can bring (insert ex name that I forgot) tooo!!!


Daniel: Oh no... He thought. "Ehhhh, she doesn't really like ice cream and funfairs. I don't think she'd like to go..." He tried once more but he knew she'd get around it. "We can't her somewhere she doesn't like..."

Lila: she nods your right we can bring her to the beach!! mommy and daddy fell in love looking at the beach sunset together

OOC:double failed

Daniel: He facepalms. "I have no escape, do I?" He finally admitted defeat. "Let's go to the beach then, but I don't think we'll fall in love again..."

Lila: she had an evil grin thats why you have me!! do know love nymphs can make people feel attraction ?

Daniel: He hesitates a little. "O..ok. I'm so glad you're here!" He says being slightly sarcastic. He asks the driver how long until they arrive and he replies 10 more minutes. He looks up and slouches back.

OOC:No,I didn't know that. Wow, I should know this >.<

lila: come on look exited your meeting your true love!!

OOC:this si kinda funny

Daniel: He rolls his eyes at Lila and then puts on a false smile. "Yay?" Then he looks at her. "I don't think she's my true love. We didn't... have that connection, you know?"

Lila: she smiles gently maybe all you need is some magic??

OOC:....uhhh no lila no!

Daniel: He stared at her with a no please don't look on his face. "Uh, magic? I thought you can't force love... Lila, I don't think that's a good idea... Magic isn't always a good thing, you know."

Lila: she tilts her head soooo dont you love her?? she asked as she tilts her head

Daniel: "Erm, well, I thought I used to, I guess. Not so much anymore, ever since we came here. Maybe?" He puts his hand behind his neck. He asks the driver how long till they arrive and he said about 5 mins. "Oh, boy." He said under his breath.

Lila: she looks down at her feet before turning to daniel Daniel...she said slowly your a demigod...she continued you only have one life and that is VERY short i dont want you to regret going out one day and wonder why when your old and wrinkly you should do that when your young and fit cause then you can fix stuff she smiles toward daniel right?

Daniel: He looks at Lila and realises that she's right. "Yeah, I guess. You know, you're very clever for someone like you." He smiles and looks out of the window. The taxi stops. Crap... He looks at Lila and then at the driver.

Driver: "We're here. That'll be..." He checks the money marker thing. "$15.99, please." He holds his hand out. Daniel gives him the money and leaves the car.

Lila: upon hearing his words she was confuse someone like me? she repeated his words until she saw him exit the car. She hastily followed him and saw the house that was in front of them big house...she said slowly showing how she lacks the experience of being out of camp

Daniel: He hesitates for a moment and turns to Lila. "Erm, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, she might be out or whatever." He looks at the house and sees her silhouette in the window. Shoot. "Should we go back?..."

Lila: she looks at the house before turning to daniel but we're already here! do you want to waste your money just to go back??? she question daniel wondering what his choices are

Daniel: He looks at Lila like she's crazy. "Yeah, it's just money, I have more back home. Money isn't a problem, let's go back home now, hehe." He looks around but the taxi has already left. "My luck just can't get any better." He looks into the house and he sees his ex. Oh no. He runs into the next garden hoping that she didnt see him.

Lila: she clearly didnt see his reaction as she started to wave like a crazy person in front of the house... some onlookers were in fact worried for their well being...

OOC:...... soo many wrong that this cant be right..

Winter Festival RP

Daniel: Daniel sits on a bench waiting for Lila.

lila: she was wearing this [1] as she skips merrily before coing up to where daniel was waiting for her slowly as she saw daniel thinking of surprising him she sneak behind him and suddenly yelled outBOO!!

Daniel: Daniel shouts and falls off the bench. "Wow. Hi Lila, how are you?" He says while breathing heavily after she scared him. He was wearing a normal black tshirt, jeans, a coat and trainers.

OOC:I need to ask a question which might seem silly. Are Daniel and Lila together at this point?

OOC:yup at this point there are together

lila: she smiles as she hugs daniel i'm ok and how are you??

Daniel: "I'm fine, thanks. Come on, let's explore." He takes her hand.

lila: explore?she repeated as she let him lead the way

Daniel: "I mean like, let's see all the things they have here. Come on!" He points at a snowball fight and ice-sculpting competition as well as other things. "Which one would you like to go to?"

lila: she looked around in awe wow...i never seen snow before....she confess slowly not realizing the significant of her words

Daniel: "Haven't you? Is this your first time? Then we'll have a lot of fun." He walks away and makes a small snowball and throws it at her.

lila: she made a 0.0 face as the snow ball hit her its cold! she tated the obvious before tilting her head how did you do that??

Daniel: "It's a snowball. See?" He made a snowball in front of her.

lila:she looked at the snowball in awe cool!! she said as she jumped and clap like a 3 year old

Daniel: "Like it? Make one." He gave her some snow to make one with.

lila: slowly and diligently she molded the snow...making a cubical i think i did it wrongly...she said slowly...

Daniel: "Not that wrong. Just the shape." He took the snowball of her gently and shaped it into a circle. "See?"

lila: she looked super impress coool!!! your like the snowball master!!! she said with a cute giggle

Daniel: He smiles. "Well, thank you. Hopefully, you'll be like me."

lila: she tits her head oh like that movie me and mommy wathced? where you you take care of a kid and that kid call the man master??

Daniel: He had no idea what Lila is talking about but he agrees. "Yeah it is." He smiles.

lila:" osoooo do I bow and stuff can i learn how to climb a mountain??

OOC:I have no clue what movie it is...

Daniel: "Not really, but like I can teach you do make a snowman and snowballs and things to do with snow. Is that similar?"

OOC: I don't either.

lila: she tilts her head snowman? oh i want to build a snowman like frosty!! he can dance you know??

Daniel: He smiles. "Let's build one like Frosty." He gathered a lot of snow and tried to find a carrot. "Do you know how to build a snowman?"

lila: she blinked a few times as she saw the snow daniel gathered but upon hearing his words she laughed you sound like you want to sing that song!

Daniel: He smiles. "I might want to." He paused. "Do you want me to sing it?"

lila: but isnt it a sad song? she asked curiously

Daniel: "Kinda, yeah. But, let's start building the snowman. He smiled and then gathered branches and other stuff. He started making a circular shape.

lila: being tasked withlooking for a carrot lila started to wonder away trying to guess where she could find the oranger veggie Mr carrot where could you be!!! 'she yelled outloud as she was getting further and further from daniel"

Daniel: He got a carrot from one of the booths and then went back to where they were building the snowman. He didn't see Lila anywhere. "Oh, gods. Lila, where are you?" He started to look for her.

lila: out of pure luck or just coincidence she manage to go to the infarmary hmm maybe there's carrots here! she said as she skips into the infarmary

Daniel: "Lila? Come on, where did you go? I have a carrot, we can continue!" He keeps walking until he stumbles upon an abandoned building far away from the infirmary. "Lila, are you in here?" He leaves it not finding Lila and finds the infirmary and sits outside on a bench. He puts his head in his hands.

OOC:whaaa???what happen? lila's not hurt she just went there to find some carrots ><

OOC:Basically, he went to go find her, he went to a building nearby where they were making the snowman and he happened to find a bench to sigh (lol) and think to where she could have possibly have gone, near the infirmary. Make sense now?

OOC:in a scary way yes...

'two figures suddenly was walking toward the infarmary a girl and a boy both was wearing proper winter wear as they pass daniel

eddy: hey at least he's nice! he said loudly then turn to daniel right dude you agree with me? he asked turning to daniel stoping his twin in her track

ginny: she rolls her eyes ignore him anyhow whats the matter kid? she asked a bit concern for the man

Daniel: He looked at them. "I don't know what you're talking about and I'm looking for someone. I can't find her. I went to buy a carrot and then she disappeared."

eddy: he laughed sounds like someone we know..wait no two people we know!

'ginny: maybe it is...whats her name?

Daniel: "She's called Lila. Do you know her?"

ginny: she raised her eye brow your daniel? she said surprised

eddy: circles the dude your tougher than you look hmmm nice catch for dalila...

Daniel: "Yeah, I'm Daniel." He looked at Eddy. "I'm a son of Ares." He looked proud of himself. "Who are you guys?"

eddy: he laughed dude we're thanatos kid you sure you want to do that? he said simply as he cross his arms anyhow we do maybe she's in the infarmary with ryu...

Daniel: "Who's Ryu? Why would she be in the infirmary? She's not sick or ill."

ginny: ryu is a friend of ours she usually go there for fun ...she turns to eddy now that you reminded me its been a looong time since she went to the practice...

eddy: he nodded his head yeah the kids there love her and lina with their tricks and trivia

Daniel: "Oh, isn't Lina her mum of something? And why would she be in there now? She isn't hurt or anything. I'm going to check. Do you guys want to come?"

eddy: he nods yup lina is her mom and where she got half her crazy from...

ginny:she rolls her eyes would it kill you to not be rude for like 5 minutes?

Daniel: He tries to hold back his laughter. "You guys coming?" He starts to go towards the infirmary. Before stepping in the place, he stays near the door for their reply.

ginny:'sees him leave we should tell him...she said turning to her brother whom was already behind daniel

eddy lets go!

OOC:....why you no tell me you've replied >< i'm sorry i always need someone to tell me...

Daniel: He enters the infirmary looking around for Lila. "Lila?" He went around the infirmary looking for her. He turned to Eddy. "Do you know where she might be?"

OOC:Sorry, I'll tell you next time :)

eddy: he shrugs as he open one of the door where he saw ryusei sitting on his desk reading hey ryu did you see dear old lila?

ryu: he looks up from his book you just missed her..she asked me for a carrot....soo i spend like ....(time look) to find one and when we did she left and said she's gonna give it to some dude name daniel...he said simply as he turned the page to his book i think she left through the back door...

OOC:...nice gesture leaving an i.m but it doesnt ping >< anyow sorry for the long wait.. i was updating pages like >,<

Daniel: "Thanks, dude. Come on, dude!" He darted towards the back door.

OOC:Oh, how would I tell you? It doesn't matter,really. Reply anytime you want :)

eddy: he blinks a few times as he look at daniel wait how did i got included into your quest?! he asked as he tried to catch up with him dude!!!

while they were talking lila was at the original spot with her carrot playing with the snow

Daniel: "He looked at Eddy and stops running. "Do you wanna come? You can go now if you want." He opens the back door and looks around for Lila.

eddy: he blinks and stays there why do i have to come just look for where you were i bet she's there!! he yelled out feeling rather lazy

Daniel: "Ok, dude. You can go back. Thanks, you've been a great help. Bye." He exits and returns to the original spot and looked around and he saw Lila. "Finally." He ran up to her. "Lila. You had me worried." He sighs in relief.

lila: turns to him looking all innocent but i was looking for carrot...she said showing the carrots she had

Daniel: "You should have told me. I went everywhere, met twins, met this guy called Ryu. I also bought a carrot already." He showed Lila the carrot in his hand.

lila: she tilts her head much like a child before taking the carrots she had on her hand and eating it we can eat it as a snack! she said happily with a smile still eating the carrots dont worry everything will be ok...she said as she tried to take one of the carrot in daniel's hand

Daniel: "Alright then." He gives the carrots to Lila and keeps one for himself and takes a bite out of it. "Yum."

lila: she took the carrot and looked at the carrot she was eating she grins s she walked to the snowman placing one of the carrot onto the mouthand now the snowman is a part of the family!!

Daniel: "Aw, that's so cute, Lila. We need to give him a nose, though." He walks towards the snowman and places a carrot on his nose. "He couldn't smell before, but now he can."

lila: she laughed and now he's perfect and part of the family! she said happily doing a little jump cause he have a part of you and a part of me!

OOC:it would be funny if a love nymph suddenly came out of the snowman....

Daniel: "Yeah, it's so cute." He smiles. "He is now officially part of our family now."

OOC:I know, right!

lila: she nodded her head and smiled yeah....suddenly she had a thought and her smile quickly became a frown but he cant come with us inside can he...she said slowly looking at the snowman and he's made from snow soo he'll melt right? in spring? and we cant see him again...she looks down onto her feet you could see her tears falling down her cheeks

OOC:awww lila dont cry >,< anyhow if you want you can make the love nymph I give you full power on what you want to do and I'll claim the kid (twins is also acceptable)

Daniel: He puts his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Lila. It'll be fine, I promise." He smiles and wipes the tears off her cheek.

OOC:What should I write? I've never made a love nymph before so I don't know what to do :/

lila: she continues to cry but but but he'll die...she said slowly

OOC:check for lila's history cause you can basically use that or just say "the love nymph was born when lila and daniel was making a snow man their love was soo pure when lila was devastated to find the snowman dying? thus daniel tried comforting her? etc etc and then the love nymph was born!"

Daniel: "Lila, please, stop crying. It'll be alright. He won't die. You're gonna make me sad now." He hugs her. "I promise, it will be fine."

OOC:Ok, I've got it all planned out, except the appearance and the name. What could they be?

lila:' she hugs him a showing her sadness i miss mommy and daddy...she said slowly they would always be here for winter cause winter is cold and they would make it warm she placed her head onto daniel's shoulder they would always make me some hot chocolate and me then in the spring they'll still be here....

OOC:uhhhh anything you want?? >,< sorry I'm not that good with names....

Daniel: "Aw, Lila. I'll make you hot chocolate. I'll even make one for the snowman so he can have some too." He smiles.

OOC:Is it male or female because I'm kind of confused. The snowman is male but normally arent the love nymphs female?

lila: she hugs daniel you'll never leave me right? she asked looking up into daniel's eyes with purity and hope

OOC:you can have both if you want....

Daniel: He hugs her back. "Of course, I won't leave you Lila." He smiles at her.

OOC:How would the female love nymph be created? At this moment of time? Because the male one is over and done with, I just need the female history.

lila: she kept quite and turned her attention to the little snowman hmmm...she said slowly letting daniel go from the hug as she moved closer to the little mani'm sorry...she said slowly as she bend down to be the same level as the snowman if i had some power i would have made you real and brought you inside...she said in such a serious tone so that you can be my company...she continued slowly cause my room's soo quite...her tone was now like before quite sad showing how much she missed both her parents she touched the snowman's head tracing its every feature

Daniel: "Lila, it'll be fine." He hugs her. "I promise everything will be alright." He looks at the sky. "It's getting dark, we should go home. We'll come back and check on him tommorow, ok?"

lila: she looks up tilting her head a bit where is home? she asked the most obvious question for she stays in the sanctuary where as he stays in his cabin cause...if I go back to my room...its lonely........she said looking down sadly

Daniel: "Do you want to come to my room for the night? I've got a bunk bed so you can sleep in one, if you want of course. I'm sure the cabin won't mind." He smiles.

lila: she hugs your cabin then please?

Daniel: "Come on then." He smiles and held Lila's hand and started to walk towards the cabins. "Do you want the top of bottom bunk?"

lila: she placed her head onto daniel's shoulder as she held his hand thight as she could i dont mind...she said slowly showing how she was in fact tired

Daniel: "Do you want to ride on my back if you're really tired?" He smiles.

lila: she keeps quite she slowly drifts off while walking....probably not the best idea as soon afterwards she fell on the soft snow owie...she said slowly turning to daniel

Daniel: He smiles. He tried to take her hand. "We need to get home because you'll probably fall asleep instantly."

lila: she lie on the snow why cant we just fell asleep here?? she asked childishly

Daniel: "I don't know. We might freeze to death or get kidnapped..." He said mysteriously.

lila: that sounds better than moving...she said slowly as she doze off...

OOC:....lila get off >< dont die...

Daniel: "Lila, please. Let's go. It's not safe, it's getting really dark. Come on." He tries to take her hand.

lila: she was still sound asleep

OOC:i give you permission to carry her (any style) to the cabin

Daniel: He lifts her gently and carries her in his arms. He kept walking until he reaches the Ares Cabin, which took forever. When he arrived, he quietly enters and goes into his room. He put Lila on the top bunk carefully and then he sleeps on the bottom bunk.

lila: after a few hours she woke up and realized she was on bed alone she felt a bit sad as she remembered her mother and father she curled up on the bed feeling sad for herself that is until she realized daniel as below her ehhh ....she said to herself as she peered down from the top bunker sadly for her...she made a misstep and fell down owie..

Daniel: He woke up as he heard the sound. "Lila?" He got out of his bed and sat down next to her. "Lila, are you ok?"

lila:she was rubbing her head no...but where are we?? she asked in a naive voice

Daniel: "We're in my cabin. I couldn't leave you in the snow, you'd have probably died, I couldn't bare that."

lila: she looks down a bit sad but that beats being alone...right? she lookds at daniel a with sadden eyes><

Daniel: "Lila, that's not true. You've got a ton of people who love you even if they're away. You're welcome to stay in my room whenever you want when feel like you're alone." He said kindly.

lila: she kept silent thinking of what he said hmmmmm

Daniel: "Hmm, what?" He ruffles through his messy hair.

lila: she shakes her head and forces a smile nothingshe lied as she looked around I should get back to the sanctuary before I intrude you any more she bows its nice getting to see your room daniel she slowly walked to the door and

Daniel: "Are you sure? Lila, I'll see you tommorow? You haven't intruded me at all. You don't have to go, you know. It's day in a couple of hours."

lila: but you were asleep...

Daniel: "It doesn't matter though. I'll be alright." He yawns.

Lila: she took that the wrong way oh umm i guess I'll leave now...

Daniel: "It's only like..." He checks the time on his phone. "6:00. We can go back to the snow area and see the snowman again! We only need to wait for half an hour. That's not a long time. Please, stay, don't go. By the time we get there, it'll be 7:00 since it's ages away."

OOC:am or pm?


Lila:' she tilts her head but but but I'm going back to my room...she looks down a bit sad cause if i saw the snowman melting away I'll be even more sad....she tries to hold in her tears

OOC:how is it part of this rp is fun and yet the other part is soo sad ><

Daniel: "Lila, no please." He stood up and then he stood next to her. "I promise, it won't have melted, it was snowing all night. There hasn't been any sunshine at all lately, so it probably wouldn't have melted. I promise you. Let's go see, ok?"

OOC: I know :( It's so sad but the other part is happy and cheery in a way. We need to somehow make it happy.

Lila: she shakes her head solemlyno thank you i dont want to get my hopes up and then be parents already did that...she said slowly

OOC:....who wants to give lila a hug?

Daniel: "Lila, no. Please, it wouldnt have melted. As i said before, it kept snowing last night and there hasn't been any snow lately. Please?" He kept begging.

OOC:wait why is he begging again??

OOC:Because he wants Lila to stay with him and he wants her to go see the snowman or something.


OOC:I'm not actually sure. I think Daniel wants her not to be sad or something and he knows she wants to be the snowman again or something.

OOC:personally i see this as a flashback for daniel as he sees one of his ex leaving him?? maybe ><

OOC:Hmm... Yeah, I can sort of see it like that. Should we do it like that?

OOC:Sure? your choice cause he's your char

Lila: upon hearing his voice she turn to her with worry why are you sad daniel? she asked bending down to face daniel

OOC:Wait, just to clarify, is Daniel going to be like why has this happened again or is it an actual flashback? Like a dream sort of thing or? I think I'm going too far >.<

OOC:I was just about to ask you that,....

OOC:Oh god. Wait, did the scene between Lila and Daniel happen or was it like a hallucination? As in it was his ex but he saw Lila instead?


OOC:Eh, never mind. I was overthinking >< Is this supposed to be deja vu or something?

OOC:I have no idea what your talking about >,<

OOC:Oh. Hmm. So what do you think it should be? Idk what to do ><

OOC:your char >,< mel no know

Daniel: He looks at Lila and then rubs his eyes. "I... saw her. When I looked at you, I saw her." He stands up. "This has happened before..." He pauses and then sat on his bed. "No, not again..."

Lila: she tilts her head her?? she asked with a concerning voice worried for daniel

Daniel: He put his hand on his forehead. "My ex-girlfriend." He turns to look at Lila. "This exact same thing that broke us up, just happened to us now. Now, whenever I look at you, I see that desperate face of hers."

OOC:Mel, i'm sorry I didn't answer you on chat :( I've been really busy with school and family, etc. I'm so sorry :'(

Lila: she tilts her head but daniel...she said slowly with a smile I'm not her....even my name is different to hers..

OOC:Huh?? ohh?? umm...its ok i forgive you?? *never notice* >,< sorry

Daniel: "I...i don't know anymore. Why is this happening?" He stands up and starts pacing around the room.

Lila: she saw his worried face and felt guilty for doing what she did before thus hoping to 'resolve' this she got up and gave daniel a tackle hug smilling her brightest smile come on be happy! she said with a smile toward the son of ares

Daniel: He gets surprised by the hug, but he nevertheless returned the hug. He smiles and ruffles a hand through his hair. "Where were we... Oh yeah, we need to go and see the snowman. Don't dare chicken out of it, Lila." He smiles once more.

Lila: she pouts why do we have too...she whine cause then I'll see the snowman dying and then I'll be sad and then you comfort me and then we buy ice cream...she said 'foreseeing' the event even if it would not be like that

OOC:its midnight and I now want ice cream...

Daniel: "Come on, Lila. You don't know that. The sun didn't shine so it probably didn't melt. After all, you don't know until you see it." He smiles.

Lila: she nods but I still get the ice cream right?? she asked daniel like a child wanting some money please? with cherry on top.. cherry and strawberry and watermelon and peaches and other stuff??

OOC: we put watermelons on ice cream??

Daniel: He looks puzzled but his face softens into a smile. "Yes, sure!" He grabs some money out of his bag and gestures to Lila to go with him. "Let's go! I'll buy a whole load of ice cream if you want." He smiles.

Lila: she smiles as she quickly got up lets go!! guickly forgetting their ordeal about the luck of their first child/snowman

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