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You should only be in this forum if you have a claimed character to rp with....

This area is for locations specific to the Town near Camp. You can either create new locations below with the authorisation from a member of the Admin team, or go to one of the existing areas below and get started. Both BC and Campers may roleplay in these locations. These locations are also where demigods are not safe from monster attacks.

Town Locations

Type the name you want the location to be called and then click Create a New Location.
Only Make New Locations with The Approval of an Administrator!!!
Nearby Town Locations

These are the current selection of Town Pages to roleplay on....
Location Page Creator Last Edited On Last Edited By
Main Forum/Town Locations/Rave 2014BachLynn2320:03, October 11, 2014TheWondefulMaskedMadame

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