Emmanuel and Desire - BC Babes

Emmanuel: He had on a nice white shirt with nirvana on it, making his abs pop. He has his little leather jacket draped over his shoulder like he owns the place. He even wore his nice black jeans and thick ray bans. His sneakers (Jordans) look great in the light and he is waiting for desire. He even has a snapback to keep his puff down. He even has some neon bracelets ( oyus ).

Desire: She decided to get all ravy with her outfit. She wore a neon pink bra-top and a colorful tutu along with pink lipstick. She had on beads and bracelets along with a snapback. She drinks her soda while looking for her brother.

Emmanuel: He sees Desire and walks over to her . "There you are sis, come on, all the beers are going to run out., he says putting one arm around her. He has a lollipop and sticks it  in his mouth."

Desire: She scoffs, "You are not getting drunk tonight, Manu." She warns, stealing his lollipop.

Emmanuel: "Why not?", he says making a >:P face. "Anyway, your not getting drunk because you have to sober me up when I am drunk."

Desire: "I am NOT taking care of you if you get drunk. Then again, I might have to because even if you're older by two minutes, I still have to watch over your ass." She eyed him with a sly smirk.

Emmanuel: He rolls his eyes. "I have my fake ID to drink so really it doesn't matter party pooper.", he said. "And I have to watch over your ass. I mean remember mom and how many boys got in your pants since we came here?", he says. He then adds without waiting for her to answer, "Exactly."

Desire: She feels her cheeks get hot from embarrasment as she glares at him. "Just, shut up." She snapped looking away, feeling a little nauseous remembering their ill-minded mother. She puts the lollipop in her mouth, not really caring if it was in her brother's before, and sucks on it angrily. ( idek if that made sense, D; )

Emmanuel: Ignoring her sad feelings he says, "You shut up." He pulls another lollipop from his pocket. He sucks on it innocently. "And hey, so stealing my candy will not do anything for you.", he says pulling the lolli out of her mouth. He smacks her butt.

Desire: She squeaks as he slaps her butt. She punched his arm, "You need to stop doing that, Manu."

Emmanuel: "I can kind of do whatever I want.", he says squeezing her butt again. He picks her up wedding style, holding her tightly, "We should head to the rave now....Fake ID?"

Desire: She moans and glares at him while he carries her. "Yeah, it's in my bra." she mumbles. 

Emmanuel:  "Do girls put everything in their bras? They put food, cash, etc, I mean really. Is their bra the bank or something? I was once making out with a girl, she had a bunch of money and oher shit in there! Who puts that shit in there?", he puts her down. He rolls his eyes. "Why wear a bra? We are at a rave, it's time to get crazy. I mean don't you have a bandeau on anyway?"

Desire: She shrugged, "It's convienent and my tutu doesn't have pockets. And FYI, the bra IS my outifit, i'm not wearing anything under this." 

Emmanuel: "So? Get a bag like a normal person. Or a jacket with pockets. Duh.", he says rolling his eyes again. "Wow, dont let the men", he emphasizes men, "feel you up."

Desire: She rolls her eyes, "You're gonna give me a speech about men now? When my legs have been spread since the age of 14. A little to late there, Manu."

Emmanuel: "So now you're explaining how many times you've had sex. Wow. Who took away your virginity anyway?," he says chuckling. "A rapist? But anyway, Desire, men are going to come and go...," he trails off like he's still saying his speech and then says, "But if you act like a woman prostitute, it won't get you no where and boys...", he blanks for a second like he forgot what to says but then says, "like men will use you. Unless a change of heart happens. End Of Story."

Desire: She sighs and shuts her eyes, honestly not wanting to talk about any of this. "Okay, I get that I'm a slut, or a whore, or whatever the f*ck you want to label me as. But shit, what was I supposed to do. Mom didn't teach me how to stay pure, and dad wasn't much of a help either. And now, after so many years, you want to lecture me about how I've been doing my life wrong. And, you aren't so innocent yourself, how many girls have you banged since we got here? 5? 6? 10?" She questions, slighlty getting irritated with her twin.

Emmanuel: He lies convincingly saying, "One actually, i've been going on a pure cleanse. And no need to go crazy. I never called you a whore or a slut. Yet. Mom was a slut too so hey maybe you got it from her.", he says making a bitch dont play with me face like >.>. "God desire you take things so damn serious like sheesh. Maybe the boys turned you into a f*ckin alien, i dont care. I'm just watching out for you!", he says revealing his feelings but instantly regretting it, blushing like crazy.

Desire: A small smile forms when he admits that he somewhat cares about her. "Whatever, dude." She leans her head into the crook of his neck. "Could you maybe walk faster? I don't wanna get there when it's finished."

Emmanuel: He starts walking incredibly fast, super angry at her. He drops hes her right on the floor and doesn't wait up for her. Obviously he's angry at her and he starts to pout. He takes his bracelet at the door after flashing his ID not giving a f*ck where Desire is.

Desire: She falls to the ground with a thud and narrows her eyes at her brother, whom is walking away. She gets up and brushes herself off before catching up to him. "What the hell is your problem?" She mutters angrily before taking her bracelet and showing the guard her ID.

Emmanuel: "My problem? Walk faster. My problem? You freaking out when i'm trying to help. My problem? Ha, the real question is what's your problem you skank.", he says angrily. He rather not fight with her but he's too angry to stop talking.

Desire: Normally she would fight back with her own coice of words, but she honestly wasn't in the mood for any of this. "Glad you feel that way." She mumbled giving him a fake smile, before storming off into the crowd. Not giving a shit if he followed her or not. 

Emmanuel: He walks away from her and starts getting a few beers. He starts to dance to the rock rave music. "WOO," he yells clearly into the crowd. He kind of falls on her and he turns around and kisses her slowly as it is dark and he doesn't see Desire. His lips having a murky feel to them, not at all with acohol as he didn't drink his beer yet. 

Desire: She had started dancing with some random people, swaying her hips to the music. But sudenly feels a pair of lips on heres, she's confused as hell, but goes along with it. She doesn't know who she's kissing either but she needed to get her mind off things. 

Emmanuel: He kisses her a litte more deepy actually enjoying this and starting to forget Desire. He starts to feel her up and squeeze her butt. 

Desire: She kissed back the same way, his hands feeling a little familiar. She puts her arms around his neck and feels a small tickle... All the familarities she pays no attention to. 

Emmanuel: He talks in a musky unlike-him voice and says, "Hello babe, what must be your name?" He starts to lose his fingers rubbing her stomach and below.

Desire: She kissed his jawline and moved to his neck. "Desire.. you?"

Emmanuel: He remembers Desire and says, "Whats your last name?", ignoring her asking his name. "Your a pretty hot kisser mate."

Desire: She's confused because he didn't answer the question. "West..? Not sure why that matters, though.."

Emmanuel: He lets go of her and stops kissing her. "I uh got to go. Um, sorry.", he says starting to try to think, He realizes he kissed his sis and he thinks, "Wow, I truly am a perv. The sad part was I liked it." 

Desire: Her jaw drops when she realized she just made out with her brother. "Dude, what the f*ck!"

Emmanuel: "What the f*ck me? Desire, you kissed me back. God! Desire, I touched you. You act like you're the only victim here. I thought you were some hot girl with boobs and an ass! Man this is awkward."

Desire: "I didn't know it was you!" She squeaked feeling her cheeks get extremely hot. "And gods, I got turned on. Holy shit. This is awkward.." She agreed. 

Emmanuel:  "Well we can't do nothing about it. Like if we both got turned on we can't be like, "Oh let's ignore eachother."", he says using his best dumb voice. "And then again, it's not like we'd be doing incest."

Desire: She stays quiet for a moment before speaking up. "I guess, but we both liked it. So we can either ignore eachother, not ignore eachother and be awkward... or we could try out the incest thing.." She suggested.

Emmanuel: His brown eyes stare into hers for a moment. "Desire, we maybe pervs, but we are not obsessed hoes. We cannot try the incest thing out. Unless your being serious. Then it wouldn't hurt to try."

Desire: She averts her gaze, finding herself a little nervous and embarrased. "I'm being serious, Manu.." 

Emmanuel: He tries to think and says, "How are we going to do this shit if you were just mad at me 5 minutes ago?"

Desire: "I was mad?! You dropped me on the floor like I was some peice of shit and left." She straight faced him. 

Emmanuel: "Ha, you were acting like a piece of shit. Whatever? I was trying to save you from getting f*ckin pregnant. But if were going to try this, I don't do all the love shit with the hand-holding, I kiss, I makeout, I talk. the end."

Desire: "I don't do that love stuff either.. but we can try?" Her face felt hot so she shifeted her weight on her right leg and fanned herself. 

Emmanuel: He starts to chuckle. "Sure but, why are you so eager to do it?" He then makes a gasp. "Ooo Desire had a crush on her older bro since forevea."

Desire: "I do not have a crush on you, lets make that clear. But I don't know really, I'd say you have a crush on me Mr. I-slap-my-sister's-ass-and-carry-her-bridal-style-for-no-reason."

Emmanuel: He chuckles saying, "Desire, ever heard of teasing?". "And you avoided my statement. So. I win my case."

Desire: "You don't tease people you have no interest in." She stated in a matter of fact way.

Emmanuel: "Again avoiding statement of why are you so eager? And, my best friends who are dudes tease me. A lot of people tease people Desire.", he says using his you-know-im-right-voice.

Desire: "I'm eager because.. I don't know!" She shrugged. "I mean, I kinda wanna try it out." 

Emmanuel: He rolls his eyes. "Crush. On. Me." He kisses her on her lips lightly."Then let's try it out."

Desire: She appreaciates the kiss then nods. "Shouldn't you take me like.. on a date...?" She asked teasily, with a small smirk on her face.

Emmanuel: "Nope. Oh. Fine. Uhm. This is our date.", he groans. "I'm not taking you on a date. No thank you. The last date I took a girl on was to her bedroom. And no way are we having sex. Your my sis. It's weirder."

Desire: "Well.. let's date like um.. lovers? And talk like bro and sis. I think that's how people do it.." She runs her fingers through her curly curls. 

Emmanuel: "Were still not going on a date. Because again the last person that had a date with me ended up not a virgin. And that is how people do it. Duh."

Desire: "You sure? What about that stuff they show on TV?" 

Emmanuel: "The stuff they do on tv is fake. They have sex, have dates, and do shit just for ratings. It's to get popular."

Desire: She pouts, considering what he said. "Alright then, let's just dancee!" She wooped. 

Emmanuel: "But I don't danceeeee.",  he says groaning. "But whateverrr.", he says. He starts to dance with Desire to the loud rave music.

Desire: She starts to dance on him, taking one of the beers from his hands. She moves her hips to the rave music before poping open the drink. 

Emmanuel: He takes a long sip from his beer and then starts to squeeze her butt. He chuckles at the good music and puts his arms around her waist.

Desire: She had a 'omg' moment and gasped. "Manu! We should tottally f*ck with these people minds and give em pain!" She went back to her BC ways, her 'i hate everyone' ways.

Emmanuel: "Sure I guess, whatever makes you happy sweetheart.", he says in his drunk acholic voice. Some girls come up behind him and try to flirt with him but he doesn't understand as he is drunk.

Desire: She somewhat gets jealous over the girls that were flirting with him, and used her powers to shoot em hard pain in their brain. She smirked in triumph while they screamed and run away. 

Emmanuel: He wonders why they run away but decides to go back to his dancing. A bunch of people start to run away screaming because he's shooting hard pain at them. He smirks as they run feeling triumph sore in his heart. He dances with desire a bit more trying to get her to grind.

Desire: She does what he hopes and starts to grind on him. She does it like a pro, smirking while she does so. 

Emmanuel: "Desire want to get out of here? I'm pretty f*cking bored.", he says drunkly. "I want to do fun stuff.", he says giggling. (o.o he's giggling, full on drunk)

Desire: She pulls him by the arm, tugging him on a foreign direction. "Manu, can you climb." SH easked nonchantly.

Emmanuel: "Can I climb whatttttttttt?'", he says drawdling.

Desire:' "I don't know! Can you, though?" She asked nearing the forest.

Emmanuel: "I could climb ass, a wall, a tree...", he says stumbling into the forest. "Where are we going anyway?"

Desire: "Good. We're playing hide and seek, and you're it!" She pecks his cheek and runs off. "Don't forget to count to tennn!" She calls out. 

Emmanuel:  He rolls his eyes thinking about how he thought it was something else (you know boys and there minds >.<). He then starts counting to 10 at first but chuckles as he counts to 3 instead. He runs out to go and find her.

Desire: She giggles while she runs away, she hides behind a larrge tree, contemplating on whether or not she should climb it.

Emmanuel: He goes near the tree looking for her. He puts his arm on the tree, "Where is she...", he mutters. "I better get something good out of this game.", he says chuckling loud enough for Desire to hear.

Desire: "You will!" She yelled, later slapping her hands on her mouth and runningin a different direction.

Emmanuel: He jumps when he hears her voice. He goes in the direction of her voice and shouts, "This better be something good and not stupid." He finally catches up to her but decides to put on a disguise by taking off his shit and rubbing mud on himself. After that he rubs leaves in his hair and puts on a mask. He even adds muck from the trees. He runs over to her and says in his very musky voice, "Hello."

Desire: She screams. "Oh gods. You scared the shit out of me. Who the hell are you?"

Emmanuel: "I'm Vince, but everyone calls me shit man because I shit on girls.", he says smirking. "May I shit on you?" 

Desire: "Um. NO." She scoffs, walking away.

Emmanuel: He catches up to her and smashes his lips on hers. 

Desire: She's about to pull away and slap him, before she recognizes the feeling of the lips. 

Emmanuel: When he realizes shes not pushing back, he runs to the lake. He gets in the lake, cleaning himself off the mud. All the water becomes dirty and muddy, so he goes to another clean lake, this time it stays clean. He's completely naked and doesn't want anyone to see him.

Desire: She giggled and got in the water with him after throwing off her shoes. She didnt want to take off her clothes so she kept he stuff on. (unlike someone>.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

Emmanuel: Him being damn drunk he says, "Desire, unless you take off your clothes into the dirty yuck pool you go into >.>."

Desire: "But I don't wanna." She pouted like a child.

Manu: "Why nottt?", he pouted. "I saw you without diapers, so it shouldn't matterrrrr.", he said pouting even more. Trying to seduce her into doing it he kisses her gently on the cheeks and all over her neck.

Desire: She moaned slightly, "Ugh fine." She gave in, giving her brother the e.e look. She stepped out of the water and removed her clothes teasily, before jumping back in. 

Manu: "Yesss!", he chuckled. "Now the water doesn't seem unbalanced because I was the only person naked here."", as he says naked here he gives her the e.e look basically saying you should have been naked earlier

Desire: "Yeah, Yeah." She waved him off, smirking. She sunk underwater, only to tackle him.

Manu:: He swims fast in the water careful not to hurt himself. His phone starts to beep *beep boop beep boop* because someone's texting him. He goes to check it out and looks at his phone.\

Desire: She rolled her eyes at her brother, and the possible slut he was texting. She used her powers to give him pain in his brain.

Manu: He suddendly has pain in his head. He glares at Desire. "A friend. A friend Desire.",  he says making an e.e face. "Stand up."

Desire: "Why," She groaned, none te less, she stood up. giving him a ._. face.

Manu: He snaps a pic on his phone. "Thanks", he says laughing. He uploads it into his little pod for pics and hides it. "Revenge of Emmanuel."

Desire: She shrieked. "Did you really just do that?!"

Manu: "Do what?", he says being an asshole. "Yes, I just took a picture, it was a few seconds ago. You were there.", he says. He shrugged. 

Desire: "I am so done with you,"

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