rave timee, cx

Fervora: She sits at the bar, alone, sipping on some alcholic drink she didn't even know the name of. Her straight hair is in a bun, chalked with red, pink, yellow, and green. She wore dark glasses with a neon green rim. She also had on white shorts and a white shirt which was cut on the sleeves and lower half; exposing her bellybutton. She and her white outfit was splattered with colorful paint but she didn't seem to mind. Her pink-tinted lips sip on the straw as she watches people dancing to the rave music. 

Quinton: Quinnie arrived at the rave, already high, and began dancing his way to the bar. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and his muscled chest glowed with painted handprints and glistened with sweat. He had neon green war paint on his face, and there were dots of glowing paints all down his jeans. He made his way over to the bar, impressed with the huge number of people at the rave, grinned, and ordered a cold beer. He slid onto the seat next to Fervora and waited for his drink.

Fervora: She continue to sip on her booze, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She leans on the cool counter, eyeing the boy sitting next to her for a brief moment before looking away. 

Quinton: Eyeing Fervora next to him, he orders her a beer as well, even though he can see she already has a drink. As the drinks arrive he winks at Fervora. "It's on me." He begins sipping his beer, and the tiny voice in his head tells him he shouldn't be doing drugs and drinking, but he doesn't care.

Fervora: She raised an eyebrow in suspicion and blushed slightly, but she took the extra drink anyway. "Thanks," She wrapped her fingers around the cool drink and set in closer to her. 

Quinton: "So, what's a pretty girl like you doing all alone?" Quinton blurts out, flirting coming naturally to him. He slurs his words a bit, the drugs and alcohol already effecting him. 

Fervora: "Trying not to get raped," she shrugged, pushing her finished drink away from her. She didn't want to fall for the usual flirts, considering what happened last time. She took the beer he'd given her and tried to open it, she was supposed to be strong since she was a bull and all, but she and her muscles were feeling lazy. 

Quinton: He notices Fervora having trouble with he beer and flashes her a little geniune smile, knowing what it's like to act tough to get by. He puts down his beer and reaches over to grab hers, opening it after some difficulty. "It was a bit stuck." He said as he handed it back to her.

Fervora: "Thank you." She smiled back, before taking a sip. "Soo.. Is this your first Rave?" She asked =, hoping to stir a conversation. 

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