Leo and Nia

Nia: She's new to camp but she imagined that a party would be the best place to meet new people so she decided to come along with some of her female siblings. This should be fun, she thought to herself as loud music pumped through her ears. She stood by a large column close to the back

Leo: He's quite bored as he sits by the barstand, getting bored with the random airhead he brought and after grinding with a fair number of other girls. His interest in them somewhat faded. Leo was in more of his.. picky moods.

Nia: She makes her way over to the bar aswell, being under-age she cannot drink so she goes to get some water. The whole people in this place made it very warm. She slowly walks over in her blue skirt and pushes the left side of her hair behind her ear

Leo: He can't help but nudge her a bit and smile. "Would you like a drink?" He smiled as he admired her a bit. Glad to be sitting next to her.

Nia: She turn to look at the voice that's calling her. She nods a bit and smiles "O-Oh yeah thanks I'll have whatever you're having" She bit her bottom lip after she spoke

Leo: He quickly ordered her a powerful fruit cocktail. "May I get zor name?" He said with his graceful French accent.

Nia: She smiles sweetly and picks up the glass gently taking a sip before placing it back down "It's Nia... Nia Oakley. And you are?" She takes another sip, feeling the real kick of it this time

Leo: "I'm Leo, where's your date?" He asked, acting like it would change anything if she came with a guy. He drank his wine, using his powers to turn the free water into it.

Nia: She smiles a bit "I dont have one, I'm new at camp so I dont know anyone yet so I just came with some of my siblings." she takes another sip of her drink "where's your date?"

Leo: "Hopefully.. sitting right next to me?" He couldn't help but grin.

Nia: She can't help but laugh a bit "Wow that was smooth fair play" she takes another sip "maybe after a few more drinks" she winks at him

Leo: He rests his arm around her shoulder. "Well I'm a child of Dionysus, getting drinks is easy." He said with bravado.

Nia: She giggles a bit and doesn't feel weird about the arm around the shoulder "Well I can drink a lot so thats a good thing"

Leo: "Isn't it?" Time passes as more empty glass cups cluster in front of the two demigods.

Nia: It's been about 20 min and they've both been chatting for a while. She's had around 2 cocktails so she's a bit tipsy but not completely yet.  She slowly moves her finger around the edge of the glass before pushing her hair behind her ear again "I think I should go soon..." She says in a quite tone but loud enough for Leo to hear

Leo: "Now now let's not be too hasty." He took her hand and kissed it. "The night's still young." He grinned before kissing her firmly on the lips.

Nia: She blushes a bit and gently kisses back. She hadn't really been with anyone before or even kissed a boy because of her step-dad. But he wasn't here now... she could do what ever she wanted

Leo: His tongue began to dance with hers, he pulled her closer and his hand rested on her shoulder.

Nia: she felt the heat of his body pressing close against her. Her mouthed tastes like cherry as she felt his tug upon her shoulder

Leo: "So.." He said after he pulled away from her tongue, drawing saliva. "To my cabin then?"

Nia: She blushes and pushes her hair back "O-Oh okay..." She smiles a bit.

Leo: After arriving at his room in the Dionysus Cabin, moans and other strange noises can be heard behind closed doors. The cabin normally smells like beer and many empty cups and glass bottles can be seen. "Like it?" He opens the door to his own room, which is quite clean and such.

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