Jack and Rayna

Jack: He's alone, with a plastic cub. He stole a bracelet of someone for a chance for a slight drink. He sighs, the rooms dark, noise and bright flashing lights are hurting his eyes. He only really came for a chance to see if he could hook up with someone but everyone seems to have come as couples

Rayna: Dancing with some wind spirit, Rayna is glowing under the black light. Her usually straight hair is in crazy curls tonight, fluorescent paint over many strands; her black shirt is full of shapes and words, as the nymphs in charge of the face painting booth wouldn't let her leave without at least some paint smeared over her. She seems to be having fun, even with the lack of alcohol. (ooc: her outfit is here because I was bored)

Jack: He also has fluorescent paint on him, but they're hand marks on his shoulder as people have passed him and grabbed him. He looks around and takes a quick sip of the... wisky? Jack didn't drink much the the taste made him mouth dry and his faces squirmed. He put the cub on the table close by and blended into the shadows slowly.

Rayna: She laughs at something the guy says, not entirely sure it was a joke because of the loud music. Soon enough she gets bored of him and walks away, heading to the bar. She orders a bottle of water and downs most of it.

Jack: He does the same, ordering water to try and quench his thirst. He looks at Rayna, like dead in the eyes, blushes and turns away not saying a word. He hates confrentation of any sorts. He tries to walk away but trips, pouring water all over his vest and trousers

Rayna: She laughs a little and instantly feels bad about it. "Are you okay?" she shouts over the music.

Jack: He jumps up really quickly and turns to nod "I-I..." He just stops, shaking a bit, staring at her a bit

Rayna: She frowns and tucks some hair behind her ear nervously, "Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry!"

Jack: He bites his bottom lip. It looks like he's trying to say something but he finds it hard to form words. "U-Uhnm.." are the only sounds that come from his mouth. He just met this girl and he hates talking to people just incase they hurt him

Rayna: She unknowingly imitates him, nibbling on her lip. "I take it you don't like to talk."

Jack: He looks down at his convers and shakes his head gently, a sad look on his face. He twiddles his thumbs together and looks up again, trying to smile a bit

Rayna: She smiles back and steps closer, "Do you want to dance?"

Jack: His eyes widen a bit and his grin grows and he nods laughing a bit. His laugh is cute like a kids laugh but it's deeper. He'd never actually danced before, well not with other people, not even infront of other people

Rayna: Her own smile widens as she takes hold of both his hands and dances with him, really dorky.

Jack: He dances as well, looking so jolly as he does so. He's not amazing either but a smile stretches accross his face

Rayna: She giggles, "What's your name?"

Jack: His smile quickly fades away and there's a long pause. His face turns a slight red-moroon and he looks down "J-Jack" He whispers "J-Jack O'Brien"

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