Ryurik -Child of Prometheus
-Russian Bear

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He's wearing a neon purple muscle shirt and orange shorts. he has the one bracelet and a couple hand marks on his face for the nymphs at the painting station. He wades it to the crowd, grinding and touching a few girls.

Hotaru Honda ~ Child of Zeus
She had come with Céline, hoping to have a good time, but somehow she got separated from her. Now she was all alone, sitting on the sidelines by herself. She wasn't sure what to do, and she was far too shy to do... Whatever it was those people on the dance floor were doing.
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More Info:

-The Fearless Firebug

 Age: 18  Height: 5'6  Weight: 120 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Plano, Texas  Main Weapon: Rapier and Buckler
 Accent: Neutral, slightly Japanese
 – ❝He who sings scares away his woes.❞ -Miguel De Cervantes


Ryurik: After seven or so encounters, he goes over to the bar and get a glass of whiskey. As he is about to take off back into the mass of people, he spot a cute girl standing by herself and walks over to her, smiling. "Well hello there."

Hotaru: Apparently she was the cute girl, as Ryurik now stood before her. "Um, hi." Was all she could manage to say. She noticed the drink in his hand, and a red flag shot up on her mind. "Is there, uh, something you need?"

Ryurik: He notices she spots his drink and starting thinking as he takes a sip, then saying. "I'd just like to know you're name. Thought you could use some company, standing all by yourself."

Hotaru: She was apprehensive; she has never had a guy approach her like this. What should she do? She wanted to crawl up and die, but that wasn't a viable option. "My n-name is Hotaru. And I didn't come here alone, I just got seperated from a friend us all."

Ryurik: "I'm Ryurik. And I didn't see anyone else around, my mistake." He puts his hand on his chest and bow slightly as an apology. "Would you like something to drink?"

Hotaru: "I don't drink... Whatever that is, thank you." She wasn't about to get drugged or drunk, especially with some dude approaching her. She'd have to be careful.

Ryurik: He takes another sip of his whiskey. "You don't have to have hard liquor. They have smoother drinks, I'm sure they can make you a margarita or something light if you have to have your alcohol watered down." He smirks at her and takes another drink.

Hotaru: "Excuse me? Was that a challenge? I can handle anything you throw at me." She said. She couldn't let someone show her up, especially not this dude now. She has never had alcohol before, but how bad could it be?

Ryurik: "You could say that. First unable to hold themselves up anymore losses." He knocks back the rest of his whiskey and takes her hand and walks her over to the bar.

Hotaru: She was hesitant, but she couldn't lose. "You're on!" She said, taking her first drink from the counter. Time passed, approximately ten minutes, and she was already drunk as a skunk. "Heheh. *Hic* I lurve to *hic* sjdodhi." She said unintelligibly.

Ryurik: He chuckles, drunk himself but not as bad as her. "You calling it quits yet?"

Hotaru: "Who you callin a *Hic* quitmdddoje." She said, her face slowly heading towards the counter. She was nearly gone.

Ryurik: He reaches out and catches her head and stands her upright, laughing like a little boy. "You're done. no more alcohol for you. And I win."

Hotaru: "I can...Zzz." She said, passing out with her head in his hands. She was now completely vulnerable and pretty much open to anything.

Ryurik: He laughs and shakes his head, standing up straight,  picking her up and setting her on his shoulder and carries her out to go to a hotel so she can get over it. Time Skip He opens up the room after he's paid for it and walks them in, Hotaru still on his shoulder.  He lays her down on the bed and goes to the bathroom with an open door to the bed. He takes off his shirt and starts to clean off some of the paint as best he can.

Hotaru: She was still pretty delirious, and started moaning on the bed. "hrm ahm gah." She moaned, twisting and turning as she curled up on it. She began to remove her dress slowly, as the buckles jabbed at her uncomfortably. She was unaware of who was with her, however.

Ryurik: He looks over at her when she moans then goes back to cleaning himself up. After he's done, he turns to leave and sees her undressing,. He leans against the door frame and watches.

Hotaru: It wasn't long before she was finally able to remove it, and now it lay on the floor next to the bed. She spreads her body across the bed, feeling much more comfortable now.

Ryurik: He looks her over and whistles low. "Damn."

Hotaru: She was too out of it to give a damn, so when she saw Ryurik, she waved at him. "Haaay. Where are wee? *Hic*" She said, still sleepy sounding.

Ryurik: "A hotel about a mile out of town. You need somewhere to sleep this off." He goes to the mini fridge and grabs a Budweiser bottle and cracks it open, taking a few sips then sits down on the bed next to her.

Hotaru: "I don't want to sleeeep." She said, suddenly very excited and bubbly. "Let's have *hic* some fun!" She said, before sitting up on the bed and looking over at Ryurik.

Ryurik: He turns and shes her looking at him. He grins wickedly and takes another sip. "We can have fun, lots of fun. How does fun all night sound?"

Hotaru: "Gre *Hic* at! But what do you h-have in mind?" She said curiously.

Ryurik: He smirks and leans closer to her. "You and me, no clothes, and doing each other like all dirty teenagers do."

Hotaru: Normally in this kind of situation, she would've killed Ryurik. But this time she decided to jump onto him, grabbing hold of him in a tight embrace. "Whatever you *hic* say! Give me the best you got."

Ryurik: He grabs her ass and holds her tight. "Because you asked so nice." He leans in and kisses her deeply and hungerly, After making out for a bit, he stand up, holding her, and wall over to the wall and gently presses her against it, continuing to make out with her.

Hotaru: She was awkward, as she had never done anything like this before. She hasn't even kissed a dude before this. But now she was rubbing against a hot Russian piece of man. As her back touched the wall, she began to grind up against his nether regions.

Ryurik: He hums at the feeling of her grinding on him. Excited to see how eager she is, he pulls her away from the wall and walks to the foot of the bed, gently tossing her onto it, grinning devilishly at her.

Hotaru: When she lands on the bed, a small gust of wind rises up, making a 'pomf' sound. "Wah!" She exclaimed, "What are we going to do on the bed?" She said with eyes wide open, and legs spread to him.

Ryurik: He climbs onto the bed and holds himself over her.  "We're going to have fun all night long." He grabs her panties and...Time Skip

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