Chet and Raven, cx

Raven:She didn't really get into the rave colors much. All she did was put on colorful bracelets and beads, along with green lip stick, which looked surprisingly good on her. Other than that she had on black shorts and a plain Nirvana T-shirt.

Chet: He has a neon green tank and a pair of baggy white shorts. He's arms and face have splatters of color, and the middle of his fohawk colored bright orange. He has on a couple glostick necklaces and a half dozen glostick bracelets. he walks over to the bar and grabs his first cup of beer, and works his way their the crowd of people. He first sees a pair a bright colored lip on a beautiful face and walks over to her, shouting a bit of the music. "Hey there."

Raven: She laid her eyes on the boy and gave him a slight smile. "Hi.." She blushed slighty. 

Chet: "You have a very pretty set of lips there." He smiles back and takes a sip from his cup.

Raven: She blushed, not usually having a boy flirt with her. "Oh.. thank you." She suppressed a small smile.

Chet: He takes another sip and moves a bit closer to her. "Mind if I try them?" He leans in and kisses her softly and sweetly, trying to draw a kisses back from her.

Raven: She freezes completley, the palms of her hands starting to clam. After a few seconds, she slowly kisses him back, doing her best since she'd hadn't been kissed before.

Chet: He feels how unfamiliar she is with kissing, and moves closer to her, wraping his free arm around her lower back and holds her close to him. He continues to kiss her, hoping she follows him.

Raven: She becomes a little more familiar with it and catches on. She wraps her arms around his neck, realizing that she wasn't being herself. None the less, she kept on kissing him. 

Chet: He's happy with the outcome and starts to kiss her a bit more hungerly. His hand slides down her back, cupping her ass gently.

Raven: She moans slightly, and follows the movement of his lips slighlty, still a bit shy about the whole thing. 

Chet: He slowly starts to pulls his lips away, smiling at her with his now green tainted lips. "Your lips are fantastic. Think I can have a name to go with them?"

Raven: She giggles seeing the green on his lips, blushing profusely. "Raven.. You?"

Chet: He grins at her cute giggle. "Chet. Would you like get a drink?" He motions to the bar with his beer.

Raven: "Umm..." she ponders, "Sure." She accepts not really having a drink before.

Chet: "Let's go." He moves to her side, his arm still behind her and his hand still on her ass, as they walk over to the bar. He drinks more of his beer and turns to her. "So do you know what you want?"

Raven: She blushes not knowing the name of one alcholic beverage. "Um.. Anything light is fine."

Chet: He drinks the last of his beer and turns to the bartender. "A pomagranite margarita and a glass of white rum." He first hand her her drink when it's ready and then grabs his. "Cheers Raven." He holds his glass out.

Raven: The drinks smells good, but she eyes it warily. "Cheers Chet." She puts the glass to her lips and tilts her head back. The alchohol burns her throat, but she loves the feeling of it.

Chet: He grins at her enthusiasium and takes a similiar sized drink from his rum, enjoying the buzz it sends down his spine.

Raven: Once she finishes her drink, her ears buzz slightly but she pays no mind to it. "Is it bad I want another one?"

Chet: He laughs and knocks back the rest of his rum, setting the glass on the counter. "Depends, want to try one with a bit more kick?" He nugs close to her, smiling.

Raven: She nods eagerly, "Yes please." She sets the empty glass on the counter next to his. "I kinda wonder how much I can take before I get drunk."

Chet: "Guess we're going to find out." He turn back to the bartender. "After white rum and the margarita with an extra part tequila." He give her her drink and drinks his.

Raven: She drank the substance without a thought and bit her lip wanting more. "Gods this feels great."

Chet: He laughs and drinks again, leaning close. "You know what feels better?"

Raven: She shook her head, "No, What?"

Chet: "This." He leans in and kisses her again. the spice of his rum on his lips.

Raven: She moaned slightly, tasting their previous beverage on his tinted green lips. Raven wraps her arms around him once again pushing him closer towards her.

Chet: He sets his drink down and wraps both his arms around her, one hand one the back of her waist and the other in the middle of her back. He pulls her as close to him as possible as he deepens their kiss. 

Raven: To help, she wraps her legs around his waist and presses herself against him. If anyone were watching not even a sheet of paper could fit in between the two.

Chet: He moves his hands to her ass and holds her up, humming at the feeling of her against him. He kisses her hungerly over and over again. 

Raven: She moans onto his lips, feeling more aroused by the minute. Her fingers run into his short hair and tugs slightly. 

Chet: He pulls away from her lips and kisses up her neck to just behind her ear and whispers. "How about a shot of vodka and we head off to a hotel to get a alone together?"

Raven: She moans but also gets a little nervous. "Sure," She smiled at him, re-adjusting herself on the ground.

Chet: He smiles back and gets them the two shots of vodka. He hands her hers and knocks back his. "Ahhh, that's the stuff." He looks at her to finish.

Raven: She does the same as Chet and moans at the burning feeling in her throat. "Why haven't I done this before."

Chet: "Couldn't get to the alcohol I guess." He takes her hand and interlaces their fingers, holding her hand tight. "Ready?"

Raven: "Ready." She's grateful he holds her hand, but also terrified. A small tremble had started in her petite body and she hoped he didn't notice. 

Chet: He walks her out of the rave and towards the nearest hotel. Time Skip He opens the door and walks in with her, never letting go of her hand the entire time. He puts on the Do Not Disturb sign on the door beffer he closes it behind them. He walks her up to the wall next to a bed and stands so she is in between the wall and him. He pulls his shirt off and puts a hand on the wall next to her head. He leans in and kisses her deeply.

Raven: She kissed him back, some of her fears metling away. She runs her hands up his bare chest pulls him closer by his waist. 

Chet: He moves closer, pressing his body against hers, continuing to kiss her. After a minute of making out, he picks her up and wraps her legs around his waist, gently pressing her against the wall. He pours more passion into his kisses.

Raven: Her arousal grows and she kissed him with a little more hunger. (short post sorry>.<)

Chet: He pulls away from her lips, kissing down her jawline and then slowly down her neck. He grips her ass tight and continues to kiss her neck sensually.

Raven: She moans softly and rolls her hips against his. "You're so good with your lips, Chet." 

Chet:  He kisses up to behind her ear and whispers. "I'll show you what else I'm good at." He moves away from the wall and turns to the bed. He lays her down gently onto the mattress and holds himself over her. He kisses her lips quickly as he starts to take off her shirt.

Raven: He succeeds in removing her shirt, but she covers herself. Not because she was shy but because bruises and cuts littered her shoulder and stomach.

Chet: His eyes focus and go wide a bit, and his jaw drops a bit. He sets his hand on top of her hand on her stomach. "Raven, what happened?"

Raven: "I.." She finds it hard to speak since all the bottled up emotions decided to unwind at the time. She covers her face in embrassment, while biting on her bottom lip.

Chet: He places his hand on her cheek and whispers softly. "Raven..." He softly presses his face against her neck and nuzzles her.

Raven: She takes a shaky breathe. "It's.. it's nothing.." she lied. She did her best to push the horrible memories away and focus on Chet. 

Chet: He moves his head and kisses her shoulder all over where it's bruised and cut as gently as he can. "Raven, it's something. Please tell me." He pulls her close to him, hugging her tight.

Raven: "No, no.. It's fine.. It's nothing, really." Her voice cracked as she hugged him back, hoping he didn't feel her shaking.

Chet: With her so colse to him, he feels the trembling of her body. He kisses her shoulder a few time then kisses her lips, very lovingly, and slowly pulls away and looks into her eye. "Did someone hurt you?"

Raven: She nodded before choking back a sob. She can't meet his eyes, her self-esteem had completely diminshed and she was a fragile as china in his arms.

Chet: He puts a hand behind her head and holds it against his shoulder. "Shhhh, It's ok Raven. I promise I will never hurt you." He holds her comfortingly.

Raven: She dug her face into the crook of his neck, enjoying his warmth. Goosebumps rose as she hugged him tighter, pressing her lips to his neck. 

Chet: He turns his head and kisses her on her lips. he gently moves down and kisses all over the cuts and bruises softly.

Raven: She sighs feeling a lot more relaxed then she'd been in a while. "Wow, you're lips really are good." She giggles. 

Chet: He looks up at he and smiles. "I'll show you how good their...and my tongue" He grins wide and kisses down her stomach and...Time Skip

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