Nayra: Having heard about the rave through the grapvine at camp, Nayra had decided she wanted to go check it out. She dressed in a red bra and black hotpants, her hair worn up in a messy bun and her feet enclosed in thigh-high leather high-heeled boots, intending to cover herself in body paint when she arrived. Before she left for the rave, she left a note at the Poseidon Cabin for Andrew telling him where she was going, assuming he would follow her. With all her preparations done, she teleported herself away to the rave. When she arrived she began slathering her exposed skin in glowing paint, soaking up the atmosphere of the place.

Andrew: Upon seeing the note, he stares blankly at it for a few moments. He loved the idea of spending some time with Nayra. But really hated the idea of going to a party, being a true gamer at heart. He prefered the idea of a night of solitude and Grand Theft Auto. But then, he realized that standing up Nayra would be a really grave mistake and what if she hooked up with another guy at the rave? Andrew did have a crush on the daughter of magic, but even with all their sexual activity they weren't officially dating so she could definitely find another guy and forget about Andrew's existence. So he threw on this shirt and some white basketball shorts before jumping out the open window and sprinting out of camp. He soon reached his destination, but since Andrew wasn't a drinker he lacked a fake I.D and entered without any sort of bracelet and looked around for Nayra.

Nayra: By the time Andrew arrived she had already forgotten about him, grinding against several guys. Once she had realised that you needed a bracelet to get drinks, she had created one with her magic and was now skulling her third tequila shot. The result of her body painting adventures was glowing pink hand prints over her breasts and every colour available smeared across her torso. After finishing her shot she heads back out to the crowd, trying to find a suitable person to dance with.

Andrew: He looks around, observing the dance moves of everyone else. He still feels out of place with the large crowds and such. He enters Nayra's line of sight, seeming nervous.

Nayra: Even though Andrew was in her line of sight, she didn't notice him. She was too focused on grinding against a pretty mortal girl with neon hair, while a guy behind her squeezed her butt.

Andrew: "Uhhh..." He stands there quite nervous. Definitely lacking the stones to punch the guy or say anything to Nayra. Figuring she could make his head blow up or something. He gulps and scratches the back of his head, hoping Nayra will eventually spot him.

Sookie: She was prowling around the rave, her hair dyed to glow bright pink, covered in green handprints. She spotted Andrew from across the rave and stalked towards him, wanting to be near such an attractive person. She reached Andrew quickly and began tracing her hands over his back and shoulders, while purring in his ear, "Hey, sexy."

Andrew: He blushed madly, only having had voluntary sex with 2 girls in his life. He still doesn't feel too confident with women. "Thanks.." he mutters.

Sookie: "Thanks?" She repeats, and laughs maniacally. "Ya know, normally people would say hi back." She moves her hands up his shirt, feeling the muscles along his back. She's beginning to get a bit of a headache, one of her side-effects from her meds, but she tries to ignore it.

Andrew: He feels her feminine touch, somewhat glad he managed to find time to work out. He grows slightly aroused. "Uhm you look great too.." He admits, still looking over Sookie's shoulder towards Nayra.

Nayra:She wants to take a break from grinding, so detaches herself from the girl and guy she was with, and begins heading to the bar. On the way there, someone seems to catch her eye and she turns towards them. Though the darkness it's a little hard to make out, but once Nayra realises it's Andrew she smirks and begins heading over to. However, as she's halfway to him she realises that there's another girl with him. For no reason whatsoever, Nayra grows extremely angry, and maybe a little jealous. Arcane sparks fly from her fingertips, and she stalks towards Andrew as if on a warpath, shoving away anyone in her path. 

Andrew: "She was all over me I swear!" He shrieked as he backed into a wall. Fear and horror runs frantically through his mind.

Sookie: When Andrew backed away from her she pouted, until she realised why. She spun around to see Nayra, looking all voodoo n shit, and began growling at her. She was pretty pissed off at the girl for taking her man candy, but she could tell that, by the looks of it, the guy was property of Nayra. Sookie steps in front of Andrew, a little concerned that the freaky girl would hurt him in some way. "Back off." She growled.

Nayra: Nayra was seeing red, and she saw the girl in front of Andrew to be a despicable excuse for a human. The sparks at her fingertips grew into fireballs, and she walked slowly towards the girl, her fiery palms extended. She doesn't even care what everyone else can see at this point, she just wants to get rid of the girl and take Andrew. "Piss off." She says to the girl in a menacing tone.

Andrew: "Yeah ya really should just do what she says.." She suggested to Sookie, still shivering. Not wanting to see the girl burn horribly.

Sookie: She turns around to Andrew quickly and snarls at him, her panther teeth coming through. She quickly morphs into panther form and begins stalking around Nayra, growling and baring her teeth.

Nayra: She begins circling Sookie, only slightly put off by her new form. Thinking she should fight fire with fire, she howls and morphs into a silver wolf, also snarling at Sookie.

Andrew: "Oh boy..." He mutters as people quickly step back. Some people cheering on Nayra and the other being Sookie. Andrew wants to step in and stop it, but at fear of being torn to shreds he dismisses the thought of doing anything for now.

Sookie: She pounches towards Nayra, her claws extended to rip into Nayra's hide.

Nayra: The morph into wolf form cleared her mind a bit, and she was able to step aside and dodge the attack without any troubles. She then lunges out towards Sookie with her paws.

Sookie: Nayra's claws sink into her hide and she hisses in pain. She slinks back into the crowd slightly, growling while her side bleeds.

Nayra: Her eyes begin glowing and she snarls ferociously at Sookie, the fur on her back standing up.

Andrew: He gulps a bit, deciding he's seen enough. Knowing Nayra well enough that'd she tear this girl to shreds. He created a sphere of water around Nayra, hoping to capture and hoped that Sookie would be smart enough to take the chance to run for her life. He stepped up to Nayra and kneeled down in front of her, hoping to calm her down.

Sookie: Once she realises that Nayra is trapped in the water sphere she morphs back into a human and doubles over with laughter. "Oh look," She gasped through her giggles, "You've been caught by your boy toy." She laughing so hard that she falls over and she stays there until a concerned rave member picks her up and drags her out of the warehouse.

Nayra: She just stayed in the bubble, snarling and shaking with rage. She couldn't really get out of the sphere since it was under Andrew's control and she couldn't use her magic in wolf form, so she just watched the scene unfold, her rage building.

Andrew: "I'm a dead man aren't I?" he asked as the bubble began to lose solidity and form, quickly turning into a normal liquid state before quickly evaporating. He backed away, thinking he'd really die this way. His life flashed before his eyes as he lost his balance and fell back on the ground.

Nayra:As the bubbles loses form, she slowly morphs into human form, looking less angry at Andrew and more disappointed in herself. In fact, she doesn't even look at Andrew, but rather turns to the exit and begins walking away from the scene she created. Why? She keeps asking herself. Why would I get that protective? It's not like I have feelings for him... But inside, Nayra knows this isn't true, and she feels the same way for Andrew as she did for Nathan, who left her.

Andrew: "F*ck..." He groaned as he looks off towards her. For a moment, fear paralyzes him. His sense of terror is quickly replaced with worry. He paced after her, calling out her name.

Nayra: She ignores Andrew and continues walking towards the exit, effortlessly making her way through the heaving bodies.

Andrew: "Nayra!" He yelled as he sprinted towards her, struggling to get everyone out of his way. He managed to reach the exit. He stood in front of it, blocking Nayra's way. "Nayra please.. can we just talk?"

Nayra: Her eyes glowed orange for a second and she waved her hand to the side, forcing an arcane force to push Andrew out of her way.

Andrew: He was sent into a nearby wall, next to the door. He groaned in pain, his back and head receiving damage. His head had a strange sense of pain and lightheadedness.

Nayra: Not caring about Andrew's health, Nayra just wants to escape. She's beginning to get teary, something she can't control, and she just wants to be alone and figure out what the hell her emotions are doing. As soon as she's stepped out of the warehouse she begins crying, and quickly teleports back to her room.

Andrew: "It's official I hate parties.." He declared as he slowly rose to his feet. He sighed, thinking about how coming to this stupid party was just a bad idea. He groggily makes his way back to camp, planning to get some ambrosia, get to bed and forget all about this terrible night.

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