• Trey: He wears an open black leather vest over a black tanktop. He wears dark blue jeans and converses, he has Stevie around his arm as they walk towards the warehouse. He's quite excited for a moment, but then randomly becomes mopey. And then somewhat pissed off.
  • Stevie: She is wearing a dress very similar to this. She is also wearing high heel ankle boots and she has a smile on her face, hoping to enjoy herself tonight alongside Trey. She doesn't notice that Trey's mood changed and she continues walking, leaving him behind.
  • Trey: "Aw man..." He whined in a self loathing tone as he trails after his lady friend. He reaches the entrance and since Trey makes and sells fake I.D's at camp, he was able to make one for himself and present it to the guard. Claiming a bracelet for himself.
  • Stevie: She managed to get in after flirting with the guard due to her forgetting her "I.D". She walks in to the warehouse and waits for Trey to find her in the crowd of people.
  • Trey: After about two minutes, he finds her in the crowd of dancing people. Neon lights aflare and people dancing and grinding on eachother. He walks up to her holding a plastic cup of beer, gulping some of the contents as he greets his lady friend by kissing her neck.
  • Stevie: She shrugs him off and takes his cup of beer, taking a small sip of it, "Can you please restrain from kissing my neck? I don't like people touching it." She then grabs his hand and pulls him into the center of the dance floor.
  • Trey: He finished the contents and tossed it away, his current mood was a shy and frail one. He gulped as he looked around.
  • Stevie: She notices that Trey is being shy and she turns his head towards her, "Do you not know how to dance or something? or are you just nervous you'll mess up and make me want to leave?"
  • Trey: "Second thing I guess.." He squeaked.
  • Stevie: She shrugs slightly, "Well as long as you don't embarrass me, we'll be fine. But maybe before we start dancing, we should go get painted."
  • Trey: "Awesome!" He quickly got excited at the prospect, taking her hand this time. Unsure of what to even get.
  • Stevie: Once they arrive to the paint station, the painter starts off with Stevie first. The painter draws polka dots all over Stevie's left side, very similar to this, only without the weird face make-up and wig. Once her paint is done, she backs away and helps Trey take off his shirt, he then gets a paint that looks like this. *I asked Hydro if I could say all this in my post >.<*
  • Trey: "Thoughts?" He asked Stevie, admiring the work. Still quite nervous to be shirtless, even with his own set of abs.
  • Stevie: She smiles, pulling herself closer towards him using the waste band of his pants "It looks good, how's mine look?"
  • Trey: His bare chest presses against hers, one hand can't seem to help but wander to her left hip. "Looks fantastic, up for dancing?"
  • Stevie: She shrugs slightly grabbing his hand, "Sure, lead the way."
  • Trey: Once they get on the dance floor, Trey's movements practically emit an aura of pride, confidence and possibly lust. He occasionally grinds against Stevie, seeming to be completely unbeat and not worried about the clothes he left behind.
  • Stevie: After awhile, she gets a feeling from Trey's <insert word here>, against her bum. She turns around swiftly and somewhat glares at him, "What are you doing?"
  • Trey: "Uhhh....nothing!" His eyes opened wide as he stepped back, gulping and expecting a deadly bite.
  • Stevie: She smiles looking down towards his <insert word here>, "Part of you is doing something."
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