CasElla x3

  • Casey: He walks up to the Abandoned Warehouse with Ella wrapped around his arms. He wears his favored black leather jacket and dark blue jeans, hoping to dress and impress. After requesting them, he is handed two glow bracelets at the entrance.
  • Ella: She snuggles into him slightly as they walk, probably finding the air cold, despite the month. She wears this and has her hair in a loose ponytail. She smiles as they get the bracelets, "Can we hurry up and get inside?"
  • Casey: "Course." He replied after putting on his band. "Uhm ever been to one of these before?" He asks as they walk in, revealing that he's somewhat nervous.
  • Ella: As she puts her band on she nods, "I think so. I went to something similar back in the 90s, although I don't think it's the same thing." She looks at him, "Have you?"
  • Casey: He sees everyone dancing, neon lights, items and hats can be seen all over. People getting their faces painted and dirty dancing. "Nothing like this.." He admitted.
  • Ella: She laughs and looks around, enjoying the atmosphere, "No? You were probably to busy doing something businessy, right?"
  • Casey: "I'd consider looking for you businessy." He replied, chuckling upon realizing how cheesy that sounded.
  • Ella: She laughs and shoves him playfully, "Well, you seem to be the only one."
  • Casey: "Uhm.. I'll go get us some drinks!" He told her, quickly vanishing into the crowd.
  • Ella: Although she likes the lights, she stays by the door where they were standing, figuring it'd be easier if she stays put.
  • Casey: He goes to the counter, asking for two beers. The guy there presents two bottles, but there's also a white pill. At first Casey quickly shoots him down, but after some sweet talking. He gives the man a 5 dollar bill and ingests the pill, failing to see how much trouble one could possibly do.
  • Ella: But this time she's getting impatient, yet she doesn't go to find him. Instead, she just taps her foot which slowly becomes some kind of dancing - not sleazy, in between that and acceptable >.<
  • Casey: After a few moments, he quickly got up and ran towards Ella. "Hello!" He yelled excitedly as he picked her up in a tight hug. "We should dance, wanna dance babe?!" He grinned, feeling like he was on top of the world.
  • Ella: Not knowing him to be this happy, she's skeptical but nods slowly regardless, "Sure, lets." Although her tone sounds somewhat strained, she has a grin on her face that almost mirrors his.
  • Casey: Casey's movements are wild and erratic upon reaching the dance floor. Much like everyone else around him. He starts to grind on Ella, feeling his body temperature and heart rate rise slightly.
  • Ella: Although she remains to dance in between acceptable and how Casey's dancing, her pace mimics those of everyone else. As Casey grinds on her she kind of gets uncomfortable, but she figures they haven't seen each other in 100 years so she can let it slide.
  • Casey: He kissed her on the neck for a few times, ignorant of her discomfort. He chuckles a bit, trying to ignore the feelings of his skin tingling.
  • Ella: Her pace slows down and she attempts to get herself away so she could get a different drink. As she manages to pull Casey away from her, an unknown male grinds up against her. When realizing it's not Casey, she gets angry and creates a small tremor, only enough for the man and Casey to feel, before running outside, not wanting to be on the dance floor for much longer.
  • Casey: "Ugh..." The small tremor caused to vomit onto the ground. Much to the dismay of the other dancers. As his forehead became slick with sweat, he realizes that Ella ran off. "F*ck.." he whined as he went after her. Deciding to take a mint from his pocket, just to purge his mouth of any unappealing scents.
  • Ella: She sits on a bench nearby the building, opening fissures and watching the hellfire come out. A part of her gets amused by this and she giggles slightly.
  • Casey: "Woah!" He yells with fear upon seeing the flames. Past experiences with hellfire taught Casey they're not to be taken lately. "What happened..?" He asked her in a concerned manner, wary of the fissures.
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