Saphir: They arrive at the entrance, where campers were giving away glowing bracelets that gave them access to alcohol. It was starting to get a little darker.

Bryson: He quickly snatched two, looking quite excited as he took Saphy's hand and entered with her. The loud music, half naked teens and bright lights were the first things to capture his attention.

Saphir: She could feel the rhythm of the music, roaring in her ears like a million heartbeats. A small, genuine smile curled its way up her lips as she looked at Bryson, her what-should-we-start-with expression proceeding itself as a mute question.

Bryson: "There's facepainting, booze, dancing.." He suggested as he handed her a bracelet. He licked his lips slightly as he looked over to the barstand.

Saphir: "I'm up for a drink." She said, putting her hands in her pockets. As much as it was unlike her, she loosened up a bit around Bryson.

Bryson: "Atta girl!" He took a bold move and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He led her to the counter, littered with empty/slightly full glasses. The bartenders struggled to move them around and clean them. As Bryson and Saphy sat down, one of them quickly asked what they wanted.

Saphir: Feeling more or less comfortable about the physical touch, she reluctantly took the glass of vodka that was offered. "So... Where are you from in specific?" She asked, attempting to launch off a conversation to try to get to know him better.

Bryson: His mood takes a 180 as he groans. "I lived on a crappy Amish farm, had to work, practice some religion i didn't believe in and had to hang out with other boring Amish kids. The short version of this being, it f*cking sucked.."

Saphir: She already knew his story, but as she never acknowledged him of it, she nodded. "I lived with my grandparents in Quebec since I was five. It was quiet, but they were nice."

Bryson: Sounds nice.." He's quite jealous, he looks slightly sad about how he never truly felt like family and was at home whenever he was with his parents. "Anyway i didn't want that life and left it, never looked back once.."

Saphir: While she had her own share of unfortunate tragedies, she could still sense a small sense of envy radiating from him. In attempt to comfort him, she placed her hand on his, fiddling with her half-drunk glass with her free hand.

Bryson: He blushed a bit. "Thanks.." Any other questions Saphy?" He asked curious to see her reaction to the nickname. He took a sip from his glass, thinking about how he's never gotten to know a girl before.

Saphir: She didn't appear to react much the the nickname, taking another sip of her drink. "Not really. Anything you wanted to ask me?"

Bryson: "Yeah why'd you get jealous the other day?" After their talk yesterday, Bryson had time to recover his memories about what had happened. He remembered how those two girls were all over him, how Saphy was there and clearly got jealous. Especially how drunk they both were.

Saphir: She tilted her head, trying to find a reasonable explanation. "Why were you jealous of that boy I was with?" She asked, trying to dodge his question with another.

Bryson: "I wasn't jealous, I just... didn't want him taking advantage of you." He blushed faintly. "Now maybe answer my question?"

Saphir: "I was drunk." She lightly raised her glass as a gesture to reinforce her statement.

Bryson: "So was I, they say booze always helps ya do shit you already wanted to do." He finished his budweiser and orders another glass.

Saphir: Finishing her glass, she didn't cease herself from ordering another one and drinking nearly half of it one shot style. A small grin curled upon her lips, though the effects of the alcohol wouldn't get to her just yet. "So they say, do they?"

Bryson: He guzzles his down, partly feeling like he's in a drinking contest with her. "Hmm I like where this is going, don't start whatcha can't finish babe.."

Saphir: "I'm Russian it's my birthright to drink as a child!" She gleefully exclaimed, the booze definitely getting to her. Leaning over to his ear, (as gesture that, dare I say, seemed seductive at it limits), she whispered a few challenging words, catching his drift. "There's no way you could ever beat me in this."

OOC: Did those sentences make any sense? >.<

Bryson: "I've been drinking since i was 13 blondy.." He whispered back, kissing her cheek before ordering a tall shot of vodka. He decided he needed something heavy to show off, he also asked the bartender to leave the bottle. It was a special drink with 80% alcohol content, not something to be ingested excessively..

Saphir: "Try 11." She said, oppressing herself on his chest, inclined on his shoulder, afterwards nearly finishing her second glass.

Bryson: "Nice! Are you a virgin?" He boldly asked he felt himself grow drunk. After being halfway through with his second glass, he takes the bottle and pours it into Saphy's glass. "Try it.."

Saphir: "What?" She drowsily asked, taking a sip of her refill. "Am I a Virgo?"

Bryson: "No dummy Vir..gin.." He said rather sloppily. "It means whether you had some fun with a boy or not." He asked in a bright and bouncy tone as he licks her cheek a bit.

Saphir: "Nooooo, I haven't!" She blithely cheered. "Wanna try?"

Bryson: "I thought you'd never ask!" He stated loudly with vigor. "Say do you like me?" He asked in a teasing manner as he snuggled up to her a bit. Bryson was on his 4th glass of the vodka.

Saphir: She curled her lips into a small pout. "I do but you were kissing other girls."

Bryson: "Well now, if you kiss me you wouldn't have to worry about that..." He hiccuped a bit, before whistling a showtune to himself.

Saphir: She let out a drunk giggle, before tenderly giving Bryson a French kiss.

Bryson: He moaned into her mouth, not realizing she was such a good kisser. His right hand graced her left shoulder and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss.

Saphir: She wrapped her arms around his neck, finding it a shame that they had to do this in public, since she, her drunken little self that is, would have wanted to go a little further, events of which would have crossed the limits of civility. She broke the kiss after a moment, grinning. "I heard they had private rooms here."

Bryson: "Why didn't ya say so sooner!?" He asked as he gripped her thighs and got up. Their torsos touched, Bryson didn't want to break contact with her at all. He easily found the private rooms and stepped into one that didn't have strange indecent sounds on the other side of the door. He kicked the door behind him, kissing her neck a bit.

Saphir: She started feeling a little drowsy, resting her head on Bryson's shoulders.

Bryson: He rested her down on the bed, climbing on top of her. He chuckled as he threw off his shirt. "I know it's not that great..." He expressed, referring to his torso.

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