Diana and Ryan

Diana: She has new light brown highlights in her hair and she looks completely...different. She put pink chalk in her hair. Her eyes are colored with a black eyeliner and she has waterproof mascara on. She is wearing a bright pink bandeau and green neon short shorts. She is wearing high heals with little spikes on them. She looks sexy yet not afraid to kick ass. Her hair is loose and she's wearing a pink barbie necklace.

Ryan: He enters the warehouse after showing his fake I.D. He's wearing a black T-shirt and denim shorts, after dancing around and grinding on a few girls. He hangs by the barstand, after a few drinks he's quite buzzed.

Diana: She shows her fake ID and she giggles as she gets in the place. She dances a bit until she goes and orders a orange soda with vodka. She drinks it and some guys come up to her and flirts with her. She laughs at their funny jokes as he pinches her butt.

Ryan: He looks over and notices, he groans as he continues to drink. Trying to stop caring.

Diana: They start to makeout as the dude starts to pick her up. She doesn't realize she's taken advantage of but she shrugs it off.

Ryan: His left eye twitches as jealousy runs it's course. He walks up to them, snapping his fingers as he forces the guy into a deep slumber. He had fell back, Ryan quickly caught Diana before she did as well. Ryan repeatedly stomped on the guy's nose. "Uhm hey.." He told his ex, knowing things were a little awkward.

Diana: She stares at Ryan. "Oh hey...", she says awkwardly. "You didn't have to do that.", she says after a moment of silence. "We aren't dating anymore.", she says flicking a piece of her hair off her face. She looked different, more grown up. Not like how she looked 16.

Ryan: He grows aroused as he looks over her body, her outfit not hiding much skin at all. He shrugged, trying to keep his cool. "Well yeah I guess, didn't think I'd catch you here anyway toots."

Diana: "Why not?", she says pouting. "Sasha told me I should have came, so doesn't matter." She twirled her hair. "I got a makeover as you could see."

Ryan: "You look sexy as hell." He said in a flirtatious manner, letting his feelings of infatuation and lust overtake him for a moment. He then speaks in a plain tone. "Meh, wanna dance?"

Diana: Diana she smiles plainly and says, "I know I look good. I also don't really want to hang with you to be honest. We are broken up." She turns around but then says, "Doesn't mean we can't dance. But if you think we are getting back together, a compliment will not change a thing."

Ryan: He finally puts her down. "Yeah Yeah whatever.." He walks forward to the dance floor, waiting for her to follow.

Diana: She smiles tiredly. She walks down to the dance floor to go and dance with him.

Ryan: His movements are somewhat wild and erratic, he grinds on Diana a bit. Facing her and smirking a bit.

Diana: She smirks and rolls her eyes. She dances in place but then some guy twist her and she's caught dancing with them.

Ryan: He glares Diana a bit, not wanting to resort to violence like before. He begins to grind on another girl. Attempting to inspire feelings of envy.

Diana: She still dances with the same guy giggling at his joke. She smiles and looks like she's having the time of her life. She gets on his back and woops.

Ryan: He honestly couldn't stand it anymore. Forgetting the girl's existence. He walks up to the guy Diana's dancing with. Ryan glares at him and he backs away in fear. "The hell?" He asks her.

Diana: She falls off of him annoyed. "Really? The hell with me? I fell off the guy's back because you were glaring. So you must be joking with your "the hell"? We aren't dating anymore. Remember? And anyway what's your problem?"

Ryan: "I don't give a f*ck, it pisses me the hell off to see you with another guy. Like he'd even know what'd to do in bed." He rolls his eyes a bit.

Diana: "Ryan. You can't make me not dance with a guy or kiss a guy or have sex with him.", she says angrily. "Who said I wanted to have sex with him? And anyway you are f*cking stupid if you care that i'm with another guy. We are broken up. Remember? I dont think  your previous girlfriends would do that to you. Oh wait not ex-girlfriends I toys."

Ryan: "What do ya mean by sex toys?! It wasn't all about f*cking you y'know. Maybe if you stopped to think for 5 seconds, maybe you'd notice I actually gave a shit about you?"

Diana: She puts her heart on her cheast like she believes it and then says, "First of all, I wasn't talking about me  but thanks for bringing it up. Second of all, do not tell me I have no point in this shit because basically, and highlight basically, we always have sex. "

Ryan: "Oh f*ck this..." He proclaimed as he walked away from her. Returning to the barstand to sulk, he orders another drink.

Diana: Knowing that she basically won, she smiles in trimuph. She drinks some water from being hot. As she drinks a guy sprays water all over her and she laughs. She smiles at him but decides to cool down. She stands cooly on a bench.

Ryan: He continues to mope by the stand, having ordered about three tall cups of beer and is already on his 3rd. Growing quite drunk, he mutters things to himself.

Diana: As a bunch of boys talk to her she giggles and talks to them. She hugs them all. She's happy but wishes Ryan would f*cking apologize.

Ryan: After the boys walk away, Ryan manages to swallow his pride long enough to allow him to advance towards Diana and apologize. (Ik this sucks, but this whole post is a lil out of character for him so like.. V.V)

Diana: She gets a bit bored and is ready to leave. She sees Ryan coming toward her and stops. She waits to hear whats next. "A fight over how I wasn't a sex toy, classic. This better be good.", she mutters to herself.

Ryan: He looked over her, thinking about her large chest. Remember what's at stake, remember what's at stake... "Look i'm really sorry about... everything. I know I was a major dick when we were dating and just now.."

Diana: "Of course you were. Well whatever I guess it's okay. ", she says smiling a bit. "Is that all? I'm going to go soon, have to feed Bella..."

Ryan: "Can I come? I love dogs." He lied, not wanting to part ways with her.

Diana: "I dont know... will ya get jealous?", she says smirking. She pulls her hair in a ponytail..


Ryan: He enters her room and turned on the lights. He looked around for the shih Tzu, not having thought about the creature existence until now.

Diana: She walks into the room and picks up Bella. "Bella! Did you miss me?", she says cuddling her. She feeds her a healthy carrot. She then says, "Sorry I get happy whenever my wittle cwuddly kwins is around." 

Ryan "Damn that thing's adorable.." He looked over it a bit, standing next to Diana. He kissed her cheek softly.

Diana: She smiles when he says it's adorable saying, "Well of course." As he kisses her cheek she stops. "We aren't back together...we aren't in France. No kissing." She goes to make a food bowl for her dog. After that she goes into her closet and comes out one minute later in her bedtime outfit. Pajamas Outfit  and her hair in a neat high Ponytail.

Ryan: "Well can we be..?" He asks somewhat bashfully, he looks away a bit. Getting slightly turned on from seeing her in le PJ's.

Diana: She huffed. "I dont know. You get jealous easily and you sell drugs. We will have to see about that..." She gets her wipes and wipes the makeup off. She gets up to sit on her bed and fluffs the pillows.

Ryan: "Ugh look I know i'm not the..ideal boyfriend. But I promise I won't get so jealous and douchy again, believe it or not I love you.."

Diana: "Stop the drugs then. Everything. And I mean it. Because if you don't...". she said while getting her tomorrow outfit ready. 

Ryan: "Oh come on! I got clients and makin so much cash off of this shit.."

Diana: "Then no.", she said dusting the chairs, books, basically everything in the room.    

Ryan "Babe come on.." He sighed as he stepped up in front of her, taking her hands and looking down towards her. "Look, no more dealing okay. I'll lose alot, but if i get you back it's worth it."

Diana: She sighs. "If your lying I swear...i'll give you one more chance. If you break it--.", she said making a cut sound with her mouth. "Were done."

Ryan: "Alright.." He took the chance to hug her, somewhat afraid she'd shake him off.

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