Kelbie at the Rave *WOOP WOOP*

  • Kip: He is waiting for Welbie at the gate of camp. He is wearing a white leather-ish type of jacket with a black tank top underneath. He is also wearing white jeans and work boots. He checks his phone to see if Welbie has sent him a text telling him that he's coming.
  • Welbie: Having forgotten to text Kipton as he was too immersed in getting changed he sprints to the gate. When he arrives he pants and smiles. He's to be wearing this and waves, "Sorry...for....being....late.."
  • Kip: He smiles slightly as he watched Welbie run to the gate, "No worries. Just glad that you came." He walks over towards him and kisses him softly, while wrapping his arms around his waist. "Should we get going now?"
  • Welbie: He blushes slightly and grins, "I've been waiting for an hour and you're just prolonging it, so c'monnnn."
  • Kip: He smiles as they walk to Kip's car. He pulls the keys out of his pocket and clicks the button. He then opens the door to Welbie's side, holding it open for him.
  • Welbie: As he gets in he raises an eyebrow, "When'd you get a car?"
  • Kip: He gets in and adjusts the mirror so he can see through the back "Persephone helped me get it after she helped my escape, so I could get farther away from the Underworld. Since Hades will probably end up looking for me again."
  • Welbie: He laughs slightly, "And of all places you go to Camp, one of the first places he'll look?"
  • Kip: "It was the only place I thought you'd go to. So of course I'd come here first." He smiles and begins driving into town
  • Welbie: He raises an eyebrow again, "Did you prepare yourself for possible heartbreak?"
  • Kip: He looks confused, but he keeps his eyes on the road, "Why would I prepare myself for heartbreak?"
  • Welbie: He pouts, "In case I wasn't at camp..."
  • Kip: He looks at Welbie while also trying to focus on the road, "Well if you weren't at camp of course I would have been heartbroken, but I wouldn't stay here."
  • Welbie: He tilts his head, his gaze going back to the road, "Where would you go?"
  • Kip: "Somewhere that didn't remind me of the gods... o-or you." He continues driving, looking somewhat upset due to him not wanting to think about it
  • Welbie: He seems to be curious but drops it, "So how fun do you think the rave'll be?"
  • Kip: He shrugs, "I don't know, I'm hoping it'll be fun enough to make us want to stay there, maybe when we get to the rave we can get ourselves painted."
  • Welbie: He stops for a moment and thinks of a portrait kind of thing, since he's never known any different, "You want to get us painted?"
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