Madeleine Perthshire -Child of Thanatos
-Lady Spectral
-Former Lieutenant Counselor
"The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter."

Madeline weaved her way through the many sweaty demigods, her senses writhing at the stench. These people needed to calm it down before they drown in their own pool of perspiration. The blonde grabbed her loose blonde hair and quickly threw it back in a messy bun as she reached the bar, sitting down carefully while adjusting her short dress. A guy to her right glanced at her up and down and then offered a rapist quality smile. She offered a dagger-like glare before turning to the bartender, ignoring the creepy man's existence. He offered her a special drink, vodka on the rocks with a shot of nectar. Madi offered a flirtatious smile and a quick "thank you" before she took a sip, turning the chair around to gaze out into the hot mess of slutty and hormone induced teenagers with mild interest.


Hunter -Child of Asteria
-The Celestial Bastard

 Age: 16  Height: 6'0 
 Sexuality: Straight 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: His sword, Star Saber
 – 04:43, June 29, 2014 (UTC)

He had entered the rave party, mostly wanting to look for Celine. After trying to talk with her, the two ended up yelling at her. He was angry and already somewhat drunk, he sat down. Deciding inebriation was the only thing that could calm his nerves. He demanded a tall glass of vodka with nectar, the bartender getting nervous and quickly going to fill his order.

Role Play

Madeline: Spotting the rather angry-looking man, Madeline got up from her chair and snatched a drink out of another's hand. The guy went to argue but looked her in the eye and just walked away. She smiled and moved towards Hunter, placing a delicate spectral hand on his shoulder. "You look depressed, hon. Here, drink more." She placed her hand softly on the side of his cheek and pushed the rim of the glass to his lips, feeding him the liquor very carefully as her eyes narrowed in amusement.

Hunter: He somewhat blushed, not showing any issues with her feminine touch. He follows her orders and drinks, plotting to get wasted anyway. He takes large gulps, smiling to himself.

Madeline: The daughter of Thanatos smiled pleasantly and then pulled the empty glass back before setting it down. "My favourite beverage out there has to be... apple pie moonshine." She licked her lips at the thought, eyes twinkling deviously.

Hunter: He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Hmm never heard of it, but..least i could do." He said with a chuckle as he ordered her the moonshine. His vodka quickly arrived, much to his delight as he voraciously guzzled it down.

Madeline: She watched the bartender very carefully, taking a sip of the liquor. "I used to be a bartender back where I used to live. I could run this place better than this wannabe." She paused and picked a spec of something off the rim of Hunter's glass and scowled. "See? Good for nothing. Can't even keep his glasses spotless." She begun to take larger sips of moonshine.

Hunter: They always say it's harder to keep secrets when drunk, so the son of stars is willing to share a bit as well. "Lucky.." He whined a bit. "I lived in a trailer most of my life.." he rolled his eyes, finishing his vodka and slamming the glass on the counter. "Can I get your name?" He wondered as he so boldly kissed her on the neck, hoping Celine was watching.

Madeline: "Madeline Perthshire, second in command of Thanatos - sister of the dude over there grinding up on your girl you seem intent of making jealous." She smirked very darkly, clearly a wonderful observer. "This is no way to make her jealous, handsome." She set her moonshine down and then carefully put her legs on either side of him; straddling his lap. Madeline then leaned down and brushed her lips up his throat and to his ear. "Don't be so obvious..." she whispered in a sultry voice, fingers spreading out on his chest.

Hunter: His eyes open up wide, not sure if Madi is psychic or just quite observant. Upon looking at Alex with Celine, he wanted to go up and punch his lights out. But he moaned upon having her on top of him. Somewhat speechless as he kisses her neck a bit, not wanting to get out of control too soon.

Madeline: "If you want..." she whispered softly, hands moving down onto his lower sides, "I can go up and make a scene and pull her off of him and throw her to the ground and drag him away so that you can be the knight to save her." She smirked sinisterly. "Or... we could just... stay here for a bit and leave." With that, she dipped her body down into his, grinding on his lap before stopping abruptly to capture his reaction.

Hunter: He moaned loudly, much preferring Madi's second suggestion. The whole idea of having a not so secret affair was quite arousing for him. He gave her a firm kiss on the lips, before pulling back and smoking. "I think you know what i'll goin with.." He waited in anticipation for her next movement.

Madeline: Madeline placed her hands on his face, one firmly on each cheek as she leaned in and pressed her perfectly shaped lips against his, moving them every so slightly to arouse his skin. She kissed with the passion of a true lover, her fingers ghosting along his arms before she grabbed his hands and placed them onto her rounded bottom, head slowly tilting to gain more access to his mouth. Hunter: He moaned into her mouth, his tongue beginning to twirl with her. While his fingertips explore her lower flesh. His chest grinded against hers as his hands advanced towards her back.

Madeline: She snatched his hand and eagerly got up, pulling him out of the rave and somewhere with more privacy.

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