Jasmine and Cameron

Jas: She thought it'd be nice to go and see what the rave was like - it beat sitting alone in the cabin, as always. She sauntered vaguely through the crowds until she reached a bar.

Cam: He doesn't have a band on but he seems to be pretty drunk anyways. He's sitting by the bar, a sad look on his face probably from the break up he had some weeks ago.

Jas: She contemplates talking to the drunken hot guy. Maybe a few months ago she would have been all over him. But then she shrugs and asks "Are you okay? You look kinda depressed."

Cam: He looks up, eyes bagged and tired. "Y-Yeah" He groans "You know how guys are" He sighs as he takes another sip, facing away from the girl again

Jas: She shrugs. "I mean, I guess.....Wanna talk about it?" She asks wearily.

Cam: He turns again, his eyes tearing up "Y-Yeah.... okay..." ((OOC: He was in a relationship with Lazarus who was manipulating him and cheated but made it seem like Cam's fault))

Jas: She placed a palm on his hand, "So what happened?"

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