drew and jae<3

Drew: He wore white skinny jeans and a neon green top. He walked next to Jae, not sure if he could hold her hand on not so he just kept it in his pocket. He was sipping a beer and was also obverving the scene.

Jae: Jae was surprised. She hadn't actually expected Drew to pick her up and take her to the Rave. She expected to go with some of her sisters, so, she dressed as if she was going on a night out on the town with the girls. Her hair was down, and, it was straightened. She was wearing her diamond earrings, with a matching bracelet and necklace. She was wearing a bright orange dress, her shoulders bare with her sleeves below. Her dress ended on the odd inbetweenness of the upper and middle thigh. Visible white lace can be seen beneath the skirt, and, her orange high heels matched her dress, along with the strappiness of them coming up to her knees. She was gently tossing her hair, slightly bored. Her nose was scrunched up ever so slightly, the smell of alcohol bugging her senses.

Drew:  "You okay?" He asked, thinking she was annoyed. Her outfit really surprised him, but he didn't say anything.

Jae: She raises an eyebrow and shrugs a bit. "A true lady, Drew, is never supposed to truly express herself. Good thing I'm not a true lady. No. The alcohol you're drinking, it wreaks more than the smell of constant death that comes with being a child of Thanatos, not to mention the thought of what it does to your body, or the way the stench smells, and tastes, when you're kissing somebody with alcohol on their breath. Ew." She shudders a bit at the thought.

Drew: He took one last sip of beer and threw it in the nearest trash, "Sorry about that, Jae." He popped a breath mint in his mouth and offered Jae some. "I was thinking we could go out for for some food later?"

Jae: She looks at him and a slightly sarcastic smile appears on her face. "Sure, since we are just friends, and this is clearly not a date, why not?"

Drew: "No! I meant, because Raves aren't usually that food savvy. Unless you're cool with pizza, burgers and all that stuff." He shrugged.

Jae: Her nose scrunches up, and she recoils slightly "My mom said that those are greasy foods and, if I ever want to get a husband, I should never eat those, or even think of it."

Drew: "So can I take you to restaurant after the this?" He looked at her and bit his lip in anticipation.

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