Skylar: Honestly Skylar wasn't much bothered about the rave, he'd already been in several other and to be honest they never really appealed to him, clubs in general had became dull and he'd much rather just hang out at the bar arguing with the other drunkards about who was going to win the world cup or even Wimbledon if they had there heads stuck up their arse. Skylar almost always said France was going to win. Tonight he decided to give clubs and raves a second chance although the enjoyment of it was obviously going to drop down into semi-fatal levels as his girlfriend was coming. Skylar got drunk beforehand to spare himself any pain that he slap was going to give him after the came into physical contact with each other.

Rhi: The only reason Rhi ever went to raves was to dance. The music was mostly shitty, the alcohol even worse, but the repetitive beat was easy, and no one looked at her like she was weird. Add to that the possibility to see her almost always drunk boyfriend, whom she hadn't seen in weeks, and it was a sealed deal. Wearing a light blue tank top, jeans and sneakers, she stood by the bar, swaying to the rythm, waiting for Skylar to show up.

Skylar: It wasn't as if Skylar didn't want to see Rhi it was just busy, busy doing Alexander's bitch jobs, bust running the cabin, busy getting drunk, you know the things Skylar usually does. Despite loving Rhi will most, if not all, his heart Skylar didn't really care, he'd forgotten how to care about anything so as he walked towards the bar and spotted Rhi he realized he'd probably regret it.

Rhi: Taking a sip of the cocktail she ordered on random a few minutes prior, she regarder Skylar with a smirk. "Hello, there, stranger!" she shouted over the music, sounding every bit as bitter as she felt.

Skylar: Skylar quickly decides to back out of his decision to sit by the bar and quickly walks back realizing he doesn't want to talk to Rhi anymore and quickly makes his way over to a private area and takes a bottle of vodka out of his coat pocket which he takes a sip of because he didn't want to go near the bar and he always has a bottle on him 'just in case'.

Rhi: She struggles to catch up with him, getting more angry by the second. Coming to a stop right in front of him, she tries to snatch the bottle away, glaring at him furiously.

Skylar: He looks at her with an inquisitive looks before sighing, "Give it back."

Rhi: She huffs and downs some, turning her back to him.

Skylar: He groans and lays his head back.

Rhi: She ignores him and makes her way to the dancefloor, abandoning the vodka somewhere along the way.

Skylar: He gets up and follows her, mostly to find where she was going and who she was going to, starting to feel slight jealousy.

Rhi: Feeling a little light headed due to the alcohol in her system, she easily fits in with the crowd, dancing with girls, boys, satyrs, etc.

Skylar: He keeps pursuing her before he finally gets into reaching distance and quickly lifts her up onto his shoulders against her will.

Rhi: She shrieks in surprise, "Sky-Skylar Timothy L-Lune! Let me down this instant!"

Skylar: Despite her shrieks Skylar still refuses to let her down, "Nope, sorry babe." He laughs to himself.

Rhi: She pouts and crosses her arms across her chest. "You're no fun."

Skylar: He temporarily lets go of her for her to seem like she's going to fall but then grabs her again so that she doesn't, "Really? I thought you were the boring one."

Rhi: She laughs, clutching at his hands, "Don't be a dick, babe."

Skylar: He quickly looks up at her, "I thought you liked that about me, dear."

Rhi: "I did, but then you started ignoring me, sweetie," she glares down at him.

Skylar: "Well if you wanted me that much you would have marched straight into my room and jump on top of me, hun." He flashes a half grin.

Rhi: She grins back, "Don't think I haven't tried, love. You were asleep. I even tried jumping up and down on your bed, but nada."

Skylar: He rolls his eyes, "Shoulda gave me a nightmare, buttercup. You are..." He looks around for mortals and then hushes his voice, "a kid of Morpheus."

Rhi: She attempts to kick him, "I didn't want you to hate me, sweetheart."

Skylar: He takes the kick right in the chest, "You know your kicks hurt, kitten."

Rhi: She smirks down at him, "They are intended as such, muffin."

Skylar: He tuts quietly, "Such a malicious person, bear."

Rhi: "Put me down, I'm out of petnames."

Skylar: "Promise not to run away this time, petal?" He grins realizing he's won.

Rhi: She scoffs, "No promises."

Skylar: "Fair enough." He lifts her down off his shoulders.

Rhi: She stumbles and falls into his chest, "Thanks."

Skylar: He puts his arms around her and squeezes, "You're welcome."

Rhi: "I'm still mad at you," she mumbles, wrapping her arms around his waist.

Skylar: "Isn't everyone mad at me thought?" He laughs, stroking her back.

Rhi: She looks up at him, "I don't like being mad at you."

Skylar: "I'm used to it." He moves his hand over to her cheek.

Rhi: She leans into his touch, closing her eyes. "I missed you, you know."

Skylar: "I miss me too." He tries not to sound arrogant by saying this but it's true, Skylar doesn't recognize himself anymore.

Rhi: She frowns and stands on her tiptoes to kiss him.

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