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Forest/Jungle Arena

Forest Jungle Arena
  • This arena is essentially a tightly compacted jungle/forest, with tall cliffs along the edges of the arena
  • At various points in the forest/jungle there are some small waterfalls and ponds
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements, however due to the tightly compacted nature of the jungle/forest, there are areas where the sky cannot be seen, along with lots of shadows and places to hide
  • At the centre of the arena (jungle/forest), there is a medium sized temple, it is the darkest at this point and there are pyres, full of fire and wood, at the entrance to the temple. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.
  • Inside the temple are various Greek statues, roughly 6 feet tall
  • There are numerous and various species of wildlife hidden amongst the forest/jungle, but none larger than a grizzly bear


Kyle Jones -Child of Dionysus
-The Spectacular Grape-Man

 – 14:05, November 22, 2014 (GMT)

Kyle walked into the arena and unsheathed his celestial bronze blade. "Don't go easy on me," he told Jason, "I want to know what a full-on battle is like,"


Jason Clove -Son of Boreas
Age= 16 Weight= 135 lb Height= 5'11"
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Main Weapon= Two-handed sword Species= Demigod

  "Cold is fun, the North is ours,
so watcha say about icy showers!"

"Okay then. I won't be easy, but I won't be as tough."

Kyle: "That's fine by me," he said, before firing an intense blast of wine at Jason.

Jason: He freezes it before it touches him, and a gient purple shard falls to the ground, but the power of it does get Jason to back up a bit. "You'll have to do much better than that. Be unpredictable." He says as he tries to freeze Kyle's feet to the ground.

Kyle: "Unpredictable, huh?" he asked, just as Jason's ice froze his feet. Kyle responded by summoning vines in an attempt to hold Jason in place.

Jason: "A bit cliché but unpredictable enough." He shrugs as he is held in place.

Kyle: "You could call grapevines my specialist superpower," he said. Instead of attacking Jason, Kyle took the opportunity to summon vines to break the ice around his feet.

Jason: "I could" he said as he freed himself from the grapevines by cutting them with ice and then shooting an ice shard toward Kyle "Think fast!

Kyle: "A tip for you," Kyle shouted as he rolled out of the way. The shard grazed him, scratching his shoulder and ripping his t-shirt. "Don't warn me when you attack!"

Jason: "Like I said, you need to think fast and be aware of your surroundings! If I didn't warn you, you'd probably be half-dead by now." He said as he finally got out of the snare.

Kyle: "I would have seen it," Kyle replied confidently. He tried out a new ability and forced drunkenness on Jason.

Jason: He starts feeling queasy and with an urge to puke. He never drank alcohol, so if this drunkenness was high or low, it still had a great effect on him. But he manages to concentrate again and create a hail storm with hail the size of a ping-pong ball and sends the winds and ice toward Kyle.

Kyle: He was caught right in the middle of the hailstorm but used his abilities to nullify the pain. He then ran forward and swung his sword at Jason.

Jason: He gto to dodge most of it, but did get his right side somewhat grazed by the sword. He winces in pain but then gets his giant two-handed sword and swing it, aiming for Kyle's right arm.

Kyle: Kyle managed to dodge the majority of the attack but the sword had still left an impressive gash in his arm. He fired another wine blast, but he could feel himself beginning to tire.

Jason: This time, he could only deflect so much of Kyle's attack just to fall to the ground without hurting himself too much. When Jason got back to his feet, he threw two lances of ice toward Kyle, but he was getting somewhat exhausted too.

Kyle: He dodged one of the lances but the second pierced his shirt and pinned him to a tree, embedded deep. Between a combination of exhaustion, wounds and the cold of the ice against his stomach, Kyle felt like he'd lost the fight. "Okay okay," he said, "White flag,"

Jason: He slightly smiled and then thawed the lance. He then got a pack of Ambrosia from his back and ate some, then offered "Care for some Ambrosia? It will make you feel instantly better."


Kyle Jones -Child of Dionysus
-The Spectacular Grape-Man

 – 15:32, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

"Go on then," he smiled and ate the ambrosia. "Mmmm, tastes like chicken,"

Jason: He laughs slightly and smiles. "You'll get better at it after time.

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