Fire Arena

Fire arena
  • At first glance the arena seems to be hills of lush vegetation surrounded by some sort of fog, however on closer inspection, it is really islands of vegetation and hills suspended over lava rivers and fire beneath, so watch your step, the fog isn't fog at all but steam from where there are streams flowing off the sides of the islands and down onto the lava below.
  • On the top level of the arena it is open to the air above, and has lush green vegetation and hills, lots of shadows, lots of places to hide. Some of the islands are only a few feet across, more like stepping stones, while some are quite large, the central one being the largest with a Greek style building at the top.
  • Within the Greek style building there are a few 6 foot tall Greek statues
  • Beneath the "islands" the lava an fire below are broken apart by rocky areas that are free of lava and fire
  • There are some stone steps leading down towards the lava/fire beneath at various points
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements


Nyxil -Child of Nyx
La Nuitcendre
 Age: 21  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 125 lbs.
  Main Weapon: Chakrams, Daggers, Electrified Sword, Steel Crossbow, Poisons
  And if I just keep talking...

Nyxil leaned against a pillar, fiddling impatiently with a cigarette. He would've rather not went to camp, but after what happened last night... Other demigods were the best way to blow off steam. He'd shadowtravelled into the dining pavilion half way through breakfast, announced where he would be, and left before Alexander could complain. He never actually said he wanted to fight, but it was hard for anyone not to come to that conclusion - what with a couple dozen random campers as well as most of the Nyx cabin immediately muttering about him. "It's that guy that only shows up to pick fights," that kind of thing. Passing rumors weren't detailed enough to let a new camper know he had an uncanny tendency to win, but the implication was there. So Nyxil waited in a little temple in the fire arena for somebody to take the bait. It was the smallest building he'd found in the arena so far. A rectangular shrine in the ancient greek style, with a statue of Athena holding a spear at one end and broken pillars along the sides, supporting nothing. It was barely the size of a mini basketball court like the ones at parks. The floating island it was nestled on barely extended a couple inches outside. Beyond was nothing but sunlit fog, from the lava lake far below. The only truly notable thing about the little place compared to the dozens like it in the arena was the inch of water constantly covering the floor. Other islands had infinite waterfalls pouring down from rivers, but this place just had a perpetual layer of water upon the marble, cascading down from all sides. Nyxil made little splashes tapping his foot. A rope bridge extended into the mist at the end of the temple opposite the statue. Only maybe ten feet of the thing was visible before the fog swallowed it, but it would shake if someone was coming. For a few minutes Nyxil just stood there listening to the water.

Amora Williams ~ Priestess of the Muses
How she found her way into these odd looking arenas was just as hard to solve as what is the purpose of life? Still trying to get the layout of camp, Amora was amazed by the arena she found her way into. Movement caught her eye off in the distance and Amora thought of a way to quickly get to where she saw movement as she tried to get to it.
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single and not looking
 Birth Place: Dallas, Texas  Main Weapon: Two rings that turn into polearm weapons or bladed weapons
 Accent: American

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Erato can fire sound waves, which can hurt an opponent with it’s sheer force.
  2. Children of Erato can force an opponent to dance for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.


  1. Children of Erato can create a protective veil of sound waves. The veil would protect them from damage for a short time
  2. Children of Erato can create a dome of energy around themselves, every sound in it would be greatly amplified. So if an opponent steps through it, their ears could be assaulted by the sounds of their own breath or footsteps. The user cannot move while the dome is in place.


  1. Children of Erato are innately physically fit, possessing the speed, agility, coordination and flexibility needed for dance.
  2. Children of Erato are stronger when listening to music.
  3. The ears of a child of Erato cannot be harmed by loud sounds.
  4. Children of Erato can copy movements after observation, this would make learning dance moves very easy. It can also be used to copy complicated fighting movements. Only movements can be copied, not powers.


  1. Children of Erato are able to use their voices to sing at such a high pitch that it temporarily deafens anyone nearby, but it has the disadvantage of not differentiating between enemy or friends, the longer the pitch is maintained, the more energy is drained.
  2. Children of Erato are able to mimic sounds or the voice of a person or creature they already heard speaking or making noise. The quality of the mimicry depends on the focus and skill level of the user.
  3. Children of Erato can curse someone to sing loudly for a fair amount of time, the target can fight and operate while singing. But they cannot hide and could suffer from a sore throat over time.
  4. Children of Erato can teleport themselves by merging their body with sound waves and travelling along them. Which could be called "sound-travel". To do so, there must be source of sound at where they're leaving and going to. Like someone's singing or any device that plays music. The further traveled, the more energy drained.

3 Months After Character Is Made

  1. Children of Erato can infuse magic into their songs and ‘charm-sing’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-song for a few minutes or until control is relinquished, the longer the control is kept, the more energy it drains.

6 Months After Character Is Made

  1. Children of Erato can turn sound waves into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs (Such as animals or golems) and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only one combative item or semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly twice the size of the one that conjured it. The longer they maintain combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive.

9 Months After Character Is Made

  1. Children of Erato can fire incredible sound waves into the ground to create a powerful quake affecting everything within 10 meters of them. The power of the quake can be scaled depending on how long the user wants it to last. A quake that just knocks the opponent over may last 20 seconds. A quake that throws them a few feet in the air may last 5. Finally, the whole quake may be focused into a single shock-wave with the power to bounce a car a half meter or so. This requires several seconds of focus beforehand, lasts only a few seconds, and can only be used once every few hours. During the quake, the user is immobile.


  1. Children of Erato often make great dancers and singers
  2. Children of Erato innately possess mastery over any instrument.
  3. Children of Erato could find themselves often singing or dancing when idle.
  4. Children of Erato normally have an appreciation for music and dance.
  5. Children of Erato tend to excel at writing poetry and literotica.


  1. Priests/Priestesses have a direct telepathetic connection to the god they represent, which is mostly used to deliver messages, for duties and for prayer.
  2. Priests/Priestesses are able to read auras and sense spiritual essences.
  3. Priests/Priestesses are able to see through the mist.
  4. Priests/Priestesses have a telepathic connection with the god they represent's animal symbol.
  5. Priests/Priestesses have the ability to heal minor wounds, and soothe the pain of major or fatal wounds.


  1. Priests/Priestesses tend to have the traits of the god they represent's demigod children.
  2. Priests/Priestesses do not date at any time, and are celibate. If they do decide to date, they lose their priesthood.

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Nyxil: Nyxil cocked his head slightly. His sense wasn't as refined as he wished, despite his training. But... Yeah. Somebody was close. Not close enough to see through the mist around his floating island, but close enough to feel. He focused with pursed lips, but couldn't make out exactly what it was. Definitely demigod, but the hell kind? He shrugged and went back to smoking. If someone heard his announcement during breakfast and was here to deliver, they'd know this was where to find him.

Amora: Going back to when she was traveling to Camp with her friends, Amora remembered that she could teleport through sound. Amora turned one of her rings into an axe and smashed it against the ground. She used the axe making noise and its echo to teleport to where she saw movement, which was right next to Nyxil.

Nyxil: Nyxil turned his gaze toward the sound, and, by extension, onto Amora when she appeared beside him. His eyes narrowed on her absently - not out of even a shred of surprise, just curiosity. A split-second later Nyxil just looked back at the mist and took out his cigarette. "Alright, you've got me beat. What are you?" he asked. Smoke curled from his lips and mixed with the fog.

Amora: Amora took a deep breath as she tried to gain back some energy and made her axe turn back into a ring. "Sounds a little bit rude but I'm a demigod. Daughter of a Muse actually."

Nyxil: Nyxil nodded. Yeah, made sense. She felt like an Apollo kid, minus the antiseptic and glowy-ness. "I haven't met a demi-muse in a few years now. You're a rare breed. Guessing a priestess too?"

Amora: "You make me sound like some sort of animal. Yeah I am, for all the Muses. Probably the first one if my aunt told me right."

Nyxil: Nyxil glanced at her sideways during a smoke. "You're telling me you've got a direct pipeline to nine different goddesses. Simultaneously. All the time." 

Amora: "They picked me, not the other way around. You don't reject family, especially when they are gods."

Nyxil: Nyxil started to mutter something, but trailed off silently. Instead he just looked back to the mist. While a normal person wouldn't be able to tell, even big clouds of steam like these had curls and wisps to them. The rising currents of steam were denser, so they didn't reflect light in quite the same way as the thinner stuff around them. To Nyxil's more light-sensitive eyes, the swirling patterns were mesmerizing. .... At any rate he didn't look like he had anything to say.

Amora: "Is it a normal thing, people just being in these arenas, or do some actually come in here to fight?" Amora said, going over all the fighting styles she had ever seen.

Nyxil: Nyxil stretched casually. He was wearing his sword across on his back, but upside down, hilt to the floor. When he tried to lean on the pillar again the crossguard dug into his lower back, so he shifted it and left his right hand resting on the pommel. His other hand moved by reflex to over his left shoulder, but the crossbow he used to carry got crushed by a dragon last year. Somehow he still wasn't used to its absence. Instead he just toyed with his hood. Another pointless habit. He couldn't wear it up anymore because of the dead rose laurels knotted into his hair. Every time he tried raising it the thorns tore more holes. Not being able to wear the hood made him feel... exposed, somehow, He'd been compensating by letting his hair grow out longer than usual. For the first time in a while his hair looked natural, instead of a disheveled mess, cut in random handfulls with a serrated dagger. "Both."

Amora: "Then why don't you show me what people are meant to be doing in these arenas."

Nyxil: Nyxil sighed, looking Amora up and down lazily. "Look, I recognize a new camper when I see one. It's clear you don't know what you're getting into," he lied. She held herself with at least a little bit of poise, probably knew her way around a blade. He leaned forward and put his weight on his right foot, looking exactly like he was just about to stand off the pillar. "So I'll hold back. You get the first bl-" In the space between heartbeats Nyxil's sword was free of the sheath and sent to the ground by a flick of the wrist, and Nyxil was already kicked up into a sort of low flip, getting both feet off the ground in the split second it took for the electrified blade to hit the water. A blinding flash of light burst forth from the point of contact, and during it Nyxil vanished through the shadow it cast on his hoodie, leaving the garment behind as he appeared behind Amora - still in the first half-breath of his flip, which he converted instantly into a lunge by kicking off hard with his left foot. He brought the right up, moving - should the first motion connect - to force Amora to the ground with a knee on her back while grabbing her upper arms and converting into a hold by the wrists, as far behind her back as he could bring them without breaking anything, to force her grip to loosen and drop any weapons she might get out in the half-second the whole thing took. The sword would continue to put out volts for the brief moment before his waterproofed hoodie to land on it and cut off the connection.

Amora: Amora's natural instincts kicked in once Nyxil forced her to the ground. She copied most of what Nyxil did and reversed it on him, using his and her's heart beat to soundtravel, putting him on the ground, as she made one of her rings turn into a knife, putting it at his throat.

Nyxil: Nyxil doesn't miss a beat as Amora vanishes from his grasp, picking up the sudden, sublte vibration she made as she did so and narrowing down his theories on how she teleported earlier. He felt her presence flare with power and slip behind him and immediately got his right leg - the one that had been on her back a moment earlier - onto the ground. Amora grabbed his left arm, but the right was free, which meant she was either swinging for his back or about to go for the throat. Nyxil covered both options at once. He lowered his right shoulder while bringing the left up, angling his back so Amora wouldn't be able to get balance with her knee against it, and went along with the pull against his arm. Then, without warning, there was a huge shadow-wing extended from Nyxil's shoulderblade, spread out under Amora's arm and pressed against her side. Nyxil snapped it back with the combined force of both natural movement and direct telekinetic control, while simultaneously using the leverage of his planted right foot to stand up, swinging his held arm for good measure. The wing alone probably would've been more than enough to throw Amora flying, as well as spin Nyxil to his feet. But he'd put his own natural strength into it anyway. By straining his arm against her grip right as he tried to throw her, he'd aimed to twist her arm out of socket hard enough to tear tendons. Amora had repeated his attack nearly identically against him, but he wasn't anywhere close to being in the same position as she was when he'd done so. She had been briefly shocked by electricity, and in a simple standing position. Nyxil was alert and aware, in a perfect stance to get a foot under himself and kneel as she made contact, then put every major muscle group he had, let alone the full power of wingbursts that could bring him near mach speeds, into throwing her clear toward the opposite end of the island at the exact moment his own technique would leave someone off balance.

Amora: She cried out in pain as Nyxil almost broke her arm, making herself turn her knife back into a ring as she did. The adrenaline in her body made it hurt less but that was before she was thrown away, twisting in mid air to land on her stomach while also, her breath being knocked out of her, so she just laid there.

Nyxil: Nyxil watches Amora like a hawk for a couple seconds in his low stance, but when she desn't move, he relaxes. Another crack from his wing sends him skating along the wet stones, over to the cloak and sword he dropped a second ago. He starts drying the blade off with the cloak, not paying much attention to Amora on the other side of the little temple/island/thing. "... Oh. Haven't caught your name yet."

Amora: It didn't take long for it to happen, but Amora caught her breath. It wasn't the worst she's ever had. "It's Amora." As she said it, she made a veil of sound waves, slowly getting up and not paying much attention to Nyxil as she did.

Nyxil: "What's the worst hit you've taken so far?" Nyxil asks, as if the question is perfectly normal. Sparks jump from the sword as he cleans it. Nyxil doesn't seem to react at all to them, even when he pulls the sword through one last time and great arcs of electricity crackle between it and the thin CB wires woven through the cloak. Showers of stray volts jump to the zipper on his hoodie, bits of metal on his belt, and more, a few seemingly striking him directly. But each line of energy dies out before it can reach his body.

Amora: "Worst one from you was that one before, where you almost broke my arm. It isn't the worst hit I've ever had though." Amora slowly made her way towards Nyxil before making a dome around the both of them, her voice and footsteps echoing and being amplified. "Guessing you wouldn't like how loud it's getting?" Amora said, yelling as loud as she could

Nyxil: Nyxil faltered for a second, glancing around. That's... new. The soft shshsh of water spilling from the island was louder. He could hear little splashes from Amora's footsteps clear as day. He flipped his sword around and slid it into its scabbard, the sound of metal on metal shreiking magnified through the mist. ... Literally. Nyxil watched the mist vibrate wildly with the sound, and nodded. Not a curse on my hearing. It's affecting everything in the area. Nyxil toyed with the zipper of the cd case on his hip. "If your plan is to make it that much easier for me to make out every little thing you do, I'm not following the logic."

Amora: "My plan isn't that actually. More like put you through things that I can stand." Amora said, her voicing being amplified, before putting the dome down. She looked at Nyxil and started to smile as an idea appeared in her head. She forced Nyxil to sing at a high pitch and dance. "Let's see what moves you have, Shady."

Nyxil: "When all of-" Nyxil cut himself off well before he consciously realized what was happening. It was an ingrained reflex - as soon as he started to move against his will, he materialized a second wing and forced himself to the floor. He beat the wings repeatedly, forcibly his hands and knees down against the stone. Then the lyrics started to form again, and he flooded his mouth with shadows. They spewed from his mouth like some kind of black fire as he stared at Amora. He couldn't talk or move, but his eyes made it perfectly clear how angry he was.

Amora: "Don't like dancing and singing, don't you?" Amora said as she walked towards Nyxil, turning her ring into an axe. "I don't, Amora, please make me stop. I'll do anything." Amora said in Nyxil's voice, coping the way she saw him walk.

Nyxil: The shadows started to fill his lungs and he was forced to cough them out, gasping for air for a few seconds. He gathered his thoughts while his breathing steadied. The only dance he'd ever actually done before was a simple slow dance, in the arms of his girlfriend years ago. Just the kind of thing teenagers would do at prom or something, for people who didn't really know what they were doing. Nyxil certainly didn't. But it was all he had, so it was what Amora's curse was trying to get him to do. And it needed a partner. ... Fine. Oh, gods, you're a dead girl. His wings stopped beating and he reluctantly offered a hand.

Amora: "You're not getting me with that. I hate those kinda of dances." Amora said as she stopped making Nyxil sing. "Just going to have to dance solo." Amora than advanced on Nyxil, swinging her axe over shoulder, down on Nyxil's shoulders.

Nyxil: For some reason Nyxil wasn't expecting her to refuse. It was an odd feeling, and one that he couldn't place as he glanced around, surprised and confused. He swallowed it when Amora's grip clenched on her axe. Whatever the hell this girl was playing at, Nyxil was rapidly losing interest in entertaining it. He gritted his teeth and threw himself down, this time through his shadow. It was too slow; he knew immediately. Amora's axe bit straight into one of his wings on his way down. He slammed down into the stone on the other end of their arena, pooling shadows under his legs and hands to absorb the impact. They puffed out in a cloud around him and hung there for a second before being recalled to his broken wing, slowly repairing it. Amora's blow had mangled it. The "bone" along the top had been chopped clean through, and a large swath of feathers had been rended apart. A child of Eros, or Nike, whose wings were just an extension of their body, would be screwed. Nyxil cursed in a strange language - not Greek - and shook his head. "Alright! That's enough of this. Congradulations! You're free to fuck off!"

Amora: Amore stopped forcing Nyxil to dance. "I thought you were the guy that always wanted to win because it sounds awfully lot like you want to ice up."

Nyxil: "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into," he growled, the disinterest and exhaustion he'd shown earlier nowhere to be seen. "You have no idea how to handle yourself in a fight, you have no idea how to use your powers well, and you have no idea how to spot the difference between sparring and fighting. I wanna be clear as crystal to you that I'm not here for a good time anymore. Fuck. Off." He stayed low, wings mending silently as he drew his sword in one hand and unzipped his cd case with the other. 

Amora: "I know what I'm getting into and I'm not leaving. I need a decent fight."

Nyxil: "Hades below, the complete fucking lack of common sense campers have," he muttered under his breath. Yeah, yeah, sound strategy, idiot, go ahead and try and bait someone into wanting to fuckin' strangle you, for no reason. The wispy darkness that was coalescing into his damaged wings began spreading out as well, intermingling in lines through the mist that filled their arena. "Yeah, yeah. You need to fight. Gotcha. You just can't get by without being a fuckwit," he spat. "You'll get your fuckin' fight when you've earned it." He stood up and took a half-step back, in what would've been a proper ready stance if he actually lifted his sword.

Amora: "You sound like a massive baby, right now." Amora said in her normal verse. "Ah no. Some pretty girl made me dance and sing." Amora said using Nyxil's voice as she quickly moved, reaching for Nyxil's sword.

Nyxil: "And you sound like a little brat that's annoyed a random stranger doesn't want to run with scissors," he replied. When she broke into a run toward him, not even leading with her weapon, he audibly growled in frustration. The hell is she- She realizes I'm not just going to stand here and get fucked with, right? Rather than taking the obvious-as-shit opening to lunge and cut her in half when she closed the distance, he let her approach, readying for a half-step forward and to make a two-handed swing down. It would've been a logical defense considering the situation - Amora was rushing at him practically defenseless, and if she was going for a hit, the strike would've taken advantage of an opening. But Amora wasn't readying her own weapon, and wasn't going for a hit. The only sensical thing she could be running in like this to do, was to bait out an attack, and use it to disarm him. She was plenty dexterous enough to catch the swing by his sword's hilt or guard, or just his hands. So instead he feinted, half-stepped away as she reached up to intercept a swing that wouldn't come, and swung a tight, downward right hook at her with his free right arm. 

Amora: She was so close to touching Nyxil's sword, a hair lengths away. Amora thought that Nyxil was going to use his weapon, so Shen turned her ringtone into an ax but it didn't help to block the punch. Amora landed on the ground, face down, her ax next to her, and started to cry, in hopes that Nyxil would feel sorry for her.

Nyxil: Nyxil rolled his eyes and shook out his fist as Amora fell away. The punch had connected more solidly than he expected, and now his knuckles were sore. He turned away from the girl and started twirling the sword, waiting for her to go for his back, but stopped when he heard her crying. With a sigh he sheathed his sword. Seriously, I've hit you fucking twice. If this is all you can take, then why the hell pick a fight. In one smooth motion he flicked a throwing knife out of his shoe with a motion of his foot, spun around, and caught it out of the air. It struck the ground next to her head a split second later, clattering harmlessly across the wet marble. "For the third fucking time now, this is your cue to fucking leave. I don't want to fight you. If you keep attacking me, I'm not goint to spar you. I'm going to defend myself. So Fuck. Off. Attacking another camper in cold blood is a good way to get kicked out," he spat, "with a sword in your back."

Amora: She moved her hand to touch the knife, just brushing it, before getting up and grabbing her ax, turning it back into its ring form. She looked devastated and hurt on the outside but inside, she was happy. She had learnt some of Nyxil's firing style. "Fine, mister grumpy," Amora said in her normal voice, tears still streaming down her face, before starting to head towards the exit

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