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Technology Arena

Technology Arena
  • The arena is a large grassfield with a large building at the center. It is quite tall, possessing many floors above and underground.
  • There are various ways to travel between floors found throughout the building, various elevators, escalators, stairs, ventilation systems, etc.
  • Scattered throughout the building are floors upon floors of various technological items. Anything ranging from computers, robots, machines, mechanical equipment, testing facilities, kitchens, furnaces, top secret rooms, weapons, etc.

Word Bubbles

Alice ~ The Wild Child ♡

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


I'm not crazy, I'm perfectly insane



Character Info

Parent: Iris
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Birthplace: Greece
Owner: Natalia

Bowen Spall ~ Son of Astraeus

"I survived the island now I'm coming for you"
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 1.87m  Weight: 63kg
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Crushing like hell
 Birth Place: Sydney, Australia  Main Weapon: An axe with two CB blades that can turn into a pen, a CB spear that can turn into a small metal pole the size of a pen, a bow and quiver that can turn into a necklace and a bracelet. All weapons will come back to Bowen in their non-weapon forms if he loses them.
 Accent: Australian

Character's Powers

 3/6/9 month powers locked


  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to conjure weapons out of plasma which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Astraeus have the ability to focus an intense beam of plasma which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to summon a cluster of miniature stars directly in front of them which can be used to block incoming attacks; the stars, however, dissipate quickly.
  2. Children of Astraeus generate an orbit around themselves for a short time, all attacks and people near the user get caught in the orbit, causing them to fly around, unable to attack the user. The user cannot move while the orbit is active.


  1. Children of Astraeus are innately stronger during the night.
  2. Children of Astraeus have the innate ability to see in all directions at once during the night.
  3. Children of Astraeus can innately adapt to most natural planetary environments within reason, meaning they're less likely to die of heat stroke and hypothermia.


  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to create temporary light sources, similar to concept of a flare, which will alight an area or blind an enemy for a short time.
  2. Children of Astraeus can manipulate the force of gravity of the planet and change the direction and force of it. They can cause items to float or stick to the ground for a short time or cause them to fly into a certain direction. Once the curse wears off, the item is immune to further use of it for a moderate time.
  3. Children of Astraeus have the ability to use the gravity pull of the planet to slow down enemies for a short time, giving them a high chance to avoid an opponent’s attack or prevent an opponent from avoiding one of the user’s attacks.
  4. Children of Astraeus can limit gravity’s effect on their own bodies, causing them to float up and fly. The longer they fly the more it drains them.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to conjure a small supernova, which will burn at anything in its wake on a 10m radius, as well as producing a loud booming sound coming from the explosion. It cannot differ friend from foe and will affect anyone or anything nearby.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Astraeus have the power to cause up to three constellations to appear in their physical forms to fight alongside them. Each constellation will appear as an enlarged version of the thing it is based on except for human based constellations such as Orion which will be the size of a human. Constellations will dissipate after a short time, leaving the user moderately drained. Ex: If the user summons the Cancer constellation, it will be a giant crab that cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to change the surface and mass of their bodies to reflect the surface and mass of a planet in the solar system of their choice for a short time. For example, if the user wishes to turn their body into flames, they would adopt the surface of Mercury. No matter which planet they choose to assimilate with, they will be extremely drained after the transformation and they can only use the power once per fight. They may switch planets while in this state. Ex: The user is reflecting Earth to reach an opponent and then reflects Mercury to attack them. Once in this state, they lose access to their other powers. Excluding those that are passive.


  1. Children of Astraeus often wield innate knowledge of constellations, space and other planets in the solar system.
  2. Children of Astraeus can tell the time, date and their location simply by looking at the sky.
  3. Children of Astraeus typically dream of becoming astronauts, to explore the stars and other planets.

Owned by: James ~ Posted on: {{{2}}}


Alice: She shifts impatiently on her feet. Ever since she had gotten to camp she had been dying to fight and train. She reached back and touched her spear. Maybe I need a new weapon. I'll go visit the armory after this. She rocks back on her heels, shoving her hands deep into the pockets of her leather jacket. This should be interesting. She looks back at the glass building. I remember this arena... this is the one from when I was being chased by that wolf...

Bowen: Odd thing seeing a boy talk to a piece of jewellery, but that was what Bowen was doing as he walked towards the girl in the arena, talking to his mum's necklace like his mum she was there. With his quiver full of arrows on his back, necklace in his right hand, axe in his left and spear in his pocket, Bowen surveyed the tower, thinking of posbilities the tower could hold, and the pink-haired girl, trying to figure what was her godly parent from how she acted, and looked like during this time of day and how well she could that spear on her back

Alice: Upon seeing Bowen she gives him a look of disdain. She was going to fight a person, who was talking to a necklace. And she thought she was crazy. She waited until he was close before she spoke. "How do you want to fight this out?"

Bowen: "Obviously until one or both of us can't fight any more." Bowen said as he reached the girl, still studying her, still not figuring out what her powers could be. He then looked up at the sky and figured out that it was still a long time until night when he would have an advantage and the girl would never be able to sneak up on him

Alice: She nods. "That sounds fair." She nods her head towards the arena. "Flip a coin, heads goes in first, while tails waits for ten minutes. Deal?"


Bowen: "Give me a second while I look for one." Bowen stuck his hands in his pockets and pulled out a quarter. He then flipped the coin and it came up heads. Bowen gave a stupid grin and flew up to a high window 3 floors above the ground, breaking it with his axe and landing perfectly in the tower. Once landing in the builder, Bowen noticed that he was in a room full of computers and robots with weapons in their hands hooked up to the computers and got to work coding the robots to fight for him.

Alice: She sighs and sits on the ground to wait. After ten minutes she gets up and walks towards the building. She pushed through the large glass doors and into a large foyer. On her right she saw a hall and figuring that a hall meant rooms, she took that path. She walked down the hall slowly, knowing she had time to figure out a plan. She made a mental list of her strengths. She could survive on the streets by herself, she was very fit and strong, agile. She had her powers, and her mind. She could sort of fight with her spear... Maybe she could find one from here, after all, she found one weapons room, why couldn't she eventually find another. In the first room she found a kitchen. In the second was a janitors closet. In the third was a conference room. Where was everything she needed?

Bowen: Going through the computers to find anything that could help him while he coded the robots, Bowen found the security systems and found where Alice was due to motion sensors. "You can't hide from the all seeing Bowen." he said through the speaker system. Finishing coding the robots, Bowen let them go through out the floor that he was on, waiting for one of them to run into Alice.

Alice: She looks up at the sound of Bowen's voice and smiles. So he wanted to play that way. She giggles and points to the camera, sending a bright laser at it. It blows up. She does the same thing to each camera in the hall in turn. Turning on her heel she heads back to the computer room. Heading to an outlet she sends a burst of energy through the circuits, frying everything in the building. I knew those science classes would come in handy one day. Send a burst of energy long enough and powerful enough and it will fry everything it's connected to. She holds up her hand and a bright rainbow appears. "Now then, let's get this over with."

Bowen: With all the computers going dark, Bowen realised what Alice must of done, using some sort of power to overloading the circuits somewhere in the system to fry everything that is was connected to. Time to do this old school Bowen thought as he rushed around the room he was in for any lose or spare parts from broken robots that wouldn't have responded to his command, making a makeshift amour, melting the parts together to make it stronger. After making amour, Bowen turned his pen into its axe form and ran off into the corridors

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